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Ya Wen Chou Born in Taipei Taiwan. I started to explore my interested in art and design from foundation course to BA degree in Textile Stitch in Chelsea College of Art and Design. During and after graduated BA degree, three pieces of my works were sold to J. CREW, Calvin Klein Underwear and Kenneth Cole in New York via Indesign Company textile and fashion agent in London. Graduated from Royal College of Art Textile Mixed Media in 2012. My expertise area is to seek different combination of materials and find their potential of variations in color and materials to create 3D objects. Now I am collaborating with Anthropologie New York for their 2013 fall hardware collection. Also had different experiences of casting with resin, silicon, plaster, clay and metal clay; equipment in wood workshop, paint spraying, vacuum forming, CAD/CAM milling, laser cutters; coldshop equipment in glass workshop: diamond and stone sander, belt grinders and linishers, sand blasters, paint glazed ceramic; electroforming copper, silver and gold, drill for metalwork and glass.

Light box collaborated with Design Product student Lu Tsung-Yu from Royal College of Art.

Combs People used combs when seasons changing, status changing, keeping stories or as an symbolize for well life in wedding ceremony. Nowadays the capitalism stepped in, comforts were brought into our lives in expense of our gratefulness and old traditions. We must rediscover the beauty and restore our beliefs from the processed, material reality.

Traditional patterns Taiwanese aboriginal people believe that when people passed by their ancient will recognize them by pattern of tattoo on their face. Their spirits inhabit everything, thus adopted the philosophy of a harmonious coex- istence of humanity and nature, hoping that in the afterlife they can become one of the sacred existences watching over their offspring, that’s their paradise.

Collaboration with Anthropologie hardware collection fall 2013

CAD/CAM Milling

The Hidden Beauty It is curious about the powers of minuscule. Changing people’s dimensions and enter a world in which the eyes will awaken and disclose the most un- imaginable beauty in nature.

Materials Silicone, resin, glass, latex, pasta, plaster, fabric and glass domes made by Sheng Tsang Chen graduate from Royal College of Art 2012.

Catalan The work is inspired by Gaudi’s natural forms and Catalonian culture which is full of the passion of love. Gaudi’s architecture used lots of shapes from natural elements such as flowers, spring onions, bones and leaves etc. Every form and structure of the architectures is free and almost nothing is straight. Selected by Indesign London fashion agency and sold to J. CREW in New York during August 2009.

Rainbow trout Drawing from rainbow trout created my own mark. I combined PVC with polyester fabric. One of the samples sold to New York Calvin Klein Underwear by Indesign London fashion agency during February 2009. Drawing from rainbow trout created my own mark. I combined PVC with polyester fabric and punched them to make lots of dots, as per the feeling of my drawing. I melted the PVC to create the organized pattern.

Notes I collected different foreign notes then tried to fold or made the shape like fan. From the drawing I tried to use various materials and bonded pattern fabric then cut or folded them by sewing machine. Sold to Kenneth Cole in Feb 2010.

YaWen Chou portofolio  
YaWen Chou portofolio