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Critter Chatter Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Yavapai Humane Society 1625 Sundog Ranch Road Prescott, AZ 86301

Where every animal counts! Dear donor, You’ve worked hard, earned the things you have, and made a good life for your family. Then you looked around and decided you wanted to be more. You want to help make a difference. You want to make the world, our country, our state, our community a better place. You write a check to the people who carry out a mission that matters to you. But then what? Can you trust that those people did the good work they said they would do? Can you believe you really made a difference? You fundamentally believe that people should care for one another, but how can you be certain that you took part in this? We want to make the world a better place, too. That’s why we care for more than 3,000 animals in need each year. That’s why for the last 40 years, we’ve made a promise that we’ll carry out your heart’s work and serve as a guardian for homeless pets. The way to trust that our community was improved when you wrote that check is through full transparency from us as a nonprofit. We want to report back to you. That is why you’re receiving this newsletter. So you can stay connected with your donations in action. So you can see the impact you are making. And so you can celebrate what we accomplish together. When we stay connected and you continue your support, animals are given the second chance they deserve. You can be confident that the good work you are backing actually happens, and that you are making the world a better place. Thank you for reading this newsletter, and staying connected.

Jocelyn Bouchard, Executive Director

Your donations in action: • You can celebrate that together we are finding positive outcomes for as many pets as possible Yavapai Humane Society’s year-to-date live release rate, which calculates the percentage of animals that have positive outcomes at YHS, is 94.7%. • You can trust that this organization is committed to full transparency and accurate records We have joined over 4,150 shelters across the nation to track our data using a system called Shelter Animals Count, which is designed to be straightforward with less potential to influence data points. This allows us to report accurate data and fulfill our pledge to always report the truth. • You can be assured that the mission will carry on Others in the community join you in ensuring that Yavapai Humane Society has the resources to continue to help animals in need. There are those who give general donations to ensure we have the funds necessary for the animals of today. Our 2017 shelter operating fund’s goal is $629,736 and year to date, you and friends like you have donated $269,500—bringing us 43% of the way toward that shelter operating fund. For the animals of tomorrow, other friends plan to leave a legacy far into the future by including Yavapai Humane Society as a beneficiary in their will or as part of their estate plans. Friends like Wanda McCall and Geri Smith. These two ladies worked hard during their lives and decided they wanted their resources to help causes close to them, far beyond their own lifetimes, including Yavapai Humane Society. They have made a big impact on pets in need. So far this year, Yavapai Humane Society has received more than $600,000 in gifts from philanthropic individual’s wills and estates that will ensure a sustainable future for the organization and its mission of promoting and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of companion animals. Read why others are creating a future for animals at yavapaihumane.org/plannedgiving.

You gave 2nd chances to 16 deserving dogs

Earlier this month a group of small dogs was suffering in a hoarding situation. The 11 adults and 5 puppies were in pain from neglect. They were covered in ticks, coated in urine, and frightened. A few of the dogs had fur so matted they couldn’t see and had developed painful hot spots on their skin. These desperate pups had been trying to persevere in awful conditions. Hoping they could stand one more day of Hoarded puppies and their mom discomfort and poor health as they longed for the lives they being cared for at YHS deserve. One where they would be free of distress and could trust people to care for them. These exceptional pups held on long enough for animal control to bring them to Yavapai Humane Society (YHS). YHS has seen hoarding cases before. In the past year alone YHS has treated, rehabilitated, and rehomed 59 dogs from hoarding cases. With this group of special pups we knew just what to do. Our dedicated medical team assessed each dog individually--removing ticks, washing, applying topical medicines, and even shaving the dogs who were painfully matted. Next our behavior team went to work socializing the frightened group in order to teach them they could trust people. You, our compassionate donors and volunteers never gave up on this group of victimized dogs. Your donations and support through time made medical and behavioral treatment possible. Without your help each of these Cover dog Smiley has a forever dogs would have suffered a life filled with fear and anguish. home thanks to you Because you cared, all 16 dogs are medically healthy today. Their days no long include pain and discomfort. The 5 adorable puppies have all been rehomed. Five of the adult dogs have already come to trust and even love people, with 3 of the 5 up for adoption and 2 already finding their forever home. The remaining 6 dogs are completing behavior rehabilitation, and we are confident they will be ready for their forever homes in the next few weeks. Thank you for providing the resources each of these 16 dogs needed to transform from neglected to nurtured.

Janis Best Remembered

Yavapai Humane Society lost a dear friend, Janis Best who passed away unexpectedly from an aneurysm on June 4. Janis was very special to the Prescott community and to our organization. She was an ardent animal lover and served as a member of the Yavapai Humane Society Board of Directors from December 2010 through July 2015. During her time as a Director, Janis partnered with fellow members of the Board to foster our nonprofit’s growth and championed the organization’s annual Gala which raised more than half a million dollars during her term. Janis is remembered not only for her success, but also for her kindness and her unique ability to connect individuals, form new friendships and encourage others to follow their dreams. Janis was a mentor for many women in both her New York City roots and in her beloved City of Prescott. One young woman close to her was her niece, Jenny Frank. Jenny considers Janis to be her role model and was inspired to organize a run in her honor, writing “This race is being held in honor of Janis Best, an intelligent, passionate and inspirational woman who touched the lives of everyone she encountered.” The Janis Best Memorial Run will take place on October 28 at the beautiful Peavine trail in Prescott. The courses offered include a half marathon, 10K, 5K, and a 1-mile fun run. All net proceeds will benefit the homeless pets at Yavapai Humane Society. Join us in remembering Janis by registering for the event at www.active.com/prescott-az. Learn more or donate to at www.yavapaihumane.org/janisbestmemorialrun.

You gave Cowboy a “Happy Tail”

Stubborn. Headstrong. Obstinate. These were some of the words that came to mind regarding Cowboy, a 12 year old palomino-mix horse. His owner had him for just one year, but was overwhelmed by Cowboy’s bad behaviors and unwillingness to change. He would run over his handlers, rear and toss his head, not stand still for grooming, wouldn’t be bridled or led, and was anxious being handled. It was clear to see that Cowboy distrusted humans, and had no desire to obey. He was surrendered to us in September of last year, shortly after Cowboy enjoying time with his new family the opening of our Equine Center in Chino Valley. Supporters of YHS understand the importance of mutual respect between animals and humans. Your generous donations made it possible to fund and staff our Equine Center so that abandoned horses could be sheltered in a nurturing environment while receiving valuable training to prepare them for adoption. It’s probable that Cowboy had never experienced that ideal situation where horses and humans work together in mutual regard. So Lucy Berg, our Equine Program Director, along with her volunteer team of experienced horse handlers made a plan for Cowboy. They worked with Cowboy in short shifts so he didn’t get overwhelmed. The trainers used only positive reinforcement to reward good behaviors and they never punished Cowboy for not knowing what he hadn’t yet learned. Cowboy slowly learned that he could control his environment and the outcomes by choosing good behavior. Cowboy’s trainers also spent time with him, grooming him, and specifically NOT asking him to do anything. These “hang-out” sessions helped Cowboy to learn that people weren’t constantly requiring him to work. Because of friends like you who believe in giving second chances to companion animals in need, Cowboy was able to shake off his obstinate attitude and transform! He learned to trust people, and make good choices — improving his behavior significantly. When he was ready for adoption, Cowboy was in high demand. Five interested parties applied for Cowboy’s adoption! Without generous donors and volunteers like you who faithfully believed in and supported our dogs, cats, and horses in need like Cowboy , he may have ultimately been discarded as a useless horse. His initial bitterness toward humans could have driven an exasperated owner who tried and tried with no results to their wit’s end, leaving them in frustration and regret, and leaving Cowboy with a bleak future. But thanks to you and all our friends who never give up, sharing the conviction that no animal is a lost cause, Cowboy has transformed into a great family horse and has found his forever home!

You gave Sierra “Mew” Hope

On the street, alone and suffering from an injury to her leg, Sierra, the 3-month old kitten’s outcome looked bleak. A kind passerby noticed the little ball of fur on the road and rescued Sierra, bringing her into Yavapai Humane Society. She was safe now and removed from the ever present danger of oncoming vehicles. But her leg was badly broken. We could comfort her, feed her, and keep her warm. But no matter what, we couldn’t save her broken leg because of the severity of her injury. We used our STAR (Special Treatment And Recovery) fund made possible by donors like you to operate on Sierra, ultimately amputating her broken Sierra on adoption day with limb. This little one was a tough girl and proved how resilient even a baby with new mom Robin animal can be. She grew stronger and quickly learned how to adapt to her new way of movement and life on three legs. Sierra now plays like any other kitten, and doesn’t let the fact that she is missing a leg get her down! Without your help to sustain the STAR fund, our budget couldn’t normally support intensive treatment and surgery like Sierra needed. Your donations saved Sierra, and they will go on to save many other deserving pets in need like her. Because you believe that pets shouldn’t be denied a future simply because their medical treatment may cost more than others, Sierra was given a second chance.

You made the 6th Annual Walk for the Animals a success!

It was a big goal, but you were up for the challenge. This year’s Walk for the Animals fundraising event needed to raise $40,000 for the lifesaving programs at Yavapai Humane Society. With your deep passion for the animals and a calling to help charities like YHS in our mission, it had to be possible. Each friend to the animals, like yourself, is deeply committed but sometimes may wonder—how can one person make a difference? It is easy to feel limited in your ability to make an impact. We hear it often from those of you who care so deeply: I wish that I could give more. You know you can’t do it alone. We know how difficult it is to feel that way because Yavapai Humane Society can’t do it alone either! So for the last six years the Walk for the Animals adopted a peer-to-peer fundraising model. Simply put, the Walk participants are given the option to go above and beyond just attending the event, and could raise money toward the Walk for the Animals (we even had a great lineup of prizes to offer top fundraisers!). With this tool, you really stepped up to the plate! You reached out to your friends, Helen Keller family, co-workers, and neighbors who shared your love for animals to donate toward the cause. Some people opted to fundraise on their own, and others banded together in teams to try to earn the prestigious honor of being the top fundraiser. The results were astounding. Just by sending out letters, emails, and/or social media requests to those in your life who support what you care about, little by little, small donations added up to a huge amount raised to help the animals! Your hard work paid off and raised $41,000 to fund programs to feed, shelter, care for, and find families for the homeless pets of Yavapai County!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Stay tuned about next year’s event at yavapaihumane.org/walkfortheanimals

Congratulations to our top Fundraiser:

Susan Bell! Susan has participated in raising money for the Walk since it first began! This year, Susan invited her friends and family to donate as well, and she raised $4,760.38! Like you, Susan’s ability to make an impact may have been limited if she tried to do it all on her own, but by reaching out to others and coming together as a community, look at what a difference she and each of you were able to make! Thank you, Susan- and THANK YOU ALL for your amazing efforts to raise money for our 2017 Walk for the Animals! You made this event a smashing success!

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Thanks to you, Watson’s future is secure and filled with love

At 2 years of age Watson, a black-mouth cur mix, should have been a happy playful carefree puppy, but that wasn’t the case. Watson was experiencing extreme pain in his hip, causing him to limp and making him reluctant to walk much less play. On top of that, Watson never had a home to call his own so he was insecure around most people. Watson wanted more than anything to be free from his debilitating pain and have a home where he was safe with people he could trust. Luckily, a concerned citizen found Watson and brought him to Yavapai Humane Society (YHS). Upon arrival it was clear to our team Watson was battling hip dysplasia and would need a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) operation in order to walk pain-free again. Thanks to wonderful donors, like you, our medical team is able to successfully complete FHO Adorable Watson with YHS surgeries vastly improving many animals’ lives. animal behavior consultant, Ariel After Watson’s successful surgery, a long recovery at the home of a loving foster volunteer, and some time with Ariel, our animal behavior consultant, Watson was physically healthy and more confident around people. Paul and Maria fell in love with Watson at first site and were even more endeared to him after learning of his journey. They knew Watson could be insecure with people and he would need encouragement to build his confidence. But, they also knew Watson was meant to be their dog so they were ready for the task. They adopted Watson, giving him the second chance he deserved. Watson loved Paul and Maria, and he was happy to be pain-free in a loving home. About a year after his adoption Watson developed anxious behavior. He started pulling on his leash during walks and stopped listening to Paul and Maria. Concerned, but fully dedicated to Watson, they called YHS for support. Ariel, who worked with Watson during his stay at YHS, was more than happy to assist the couple as they worked through Watson’s issues. Paul and Maria truly stepped up to the plate and implemented the tools provided to them. Because of them Watson is well on his way to feeling completely secure and his anxiety will soon be behind him. Watson’s journey has been a long one. Without the care of Watson’s medical foster his adopters, and caring friends like you that made his surgery and aftercare possible, he would still be scared, homeless, and suffering in pain. Thank you for giving Watson a future and a family who is willing to do anything for him to feel safe, secure, and loved the way he deserves.

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Want to see what we accomplished together in 2016? View our 2016 annual report online at yavapaihumane.org/report2016

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Summer 2017 Critter Chatter  

Summer 2017 Critter Chatter