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Groom Creek Fire District firefighter Chris Derosiers is pictured in the 2017 Heroes and Hounds Calendar with YHS pet resident Jared, a German Shorthaired Pointer mix who was adopted in September.

More than a shelter

Announcing Our New Executive Director The Board of Directors of Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) is pleased to announce Jocelyn Bouchard has been named our new Executive Administration & Director, effective December 26. Bouchard brings a wealth of Pet Adoption Center experience to her new role. (928) 445-2666 Working in animal welfare for more Open Daily 11am-6pm than 30 years, she has served the 1625 Sundog Ranch Rd, Prescott industry in a variety of capacities, from veterinary medicine, to building Equine Center volunteer teams, to fundraising and (928) 350-8688 development, to operations, and 3731 N Rd 1 W, Chino Valley has led animal shelters in an executive role since 1999. It is a real honor to be The Board of Directors Lost & Found Pet Center offered the opportunity to carry conducted a national search in (928) 515-2379 on the great work that Yavapai August which generated 150 Open Daily 11am-6pm Humane Society does in the applicants. In addition, YHS 1625 Sundog Ranch Rd, Prescott requested input from the community. I am truly looking community through a survey forward to working with the regarding future leadership for the talented and dynamic organization, which provided Thrift Store individuals that make up this valuable insights such as 60 (928) 445-5668 wonderful organization and I percent of respondents agreeing Mon-Sat 9am-5pm am confident that together we that the new leader should have at 1601 Iron Springs Rd, Prescott least nine years of experience in will continue to provide animal welfare leadership. excellent programs and “After an extensive interview services to Yavapai County’s process with a number of highly Spay/Neuter and citizens and animals. qualified candidates, the Board Wellness Clinic and the YHS leadership team was (928) 771-0547 thrilled to bring Jocelyn on board. Her experience, knowledge Tues-Thurs By Appointment of the animal sheltering industry, and vision for the future made her the 2989 Centerpoint E Dr, Prescott ideal choice for YHS and our community,” said Jerry Kipp, Board President. “The positive response and sincere interest from a wide pool of Friday Vaccination Clinic talented professionals is a true testament to the good work YHS is doing 8-11:30am & 1-4:30pm as an organization.” Toe Nail Trim · Microchipping Bouchard joins YHS from the Hawaiian Humane Society where she Heartworm Testing · Vaccines was Director of Operations, contributing strategic insight, implementing progressive ideas supporting more than 23,000 homeless animals on Oahu each year, and overseeing the build of a $10 million capital improvement project. Prior to the Hawaiian Humane Society, Bouchard yavapaihumane headed the Maui Humane Society as CEO for 11 years, where she created financial stability and significantly decreased animal euthanasia to the lowest rate in the organization’s history—a benefit to the 9,000-plus yavapaihumanesociety pets admitted to the shelter annually. She has been a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator by the Society of Animal Welfare yavapaihumane.org Administrators since 2005. Join the Bouchard says of her new appointment, “It is a real honor to conversation be offered the opportunity to carry on the great work that and keep up to date YavapaiHumane Yavapai Humane Society does in the community. I am truly with Yavapai looking forward to working with the talented and dynamic Humane Society YavapaiHumane individuals that make up this wonderful organization and I am online confident that together we will continue to provide excellent programs and services to Yavapai County’s citizens and animals.”





Helping Heroes and Hounds (cats and horses, too!)

If there is anything we Prescottonians love, it’s our firefighters and our pets. That’s why Groom Creek Fire District and Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) have teamed up to put on a fundraiser benefiting both nonprofits: a 2017 calendar called “Heroes and Hounds,” featuring YHS adoptable pets and the Groom Creek firefighters. They’re available for sale now at $15 a piece at www.yavapaihumane.org and at the YHS Adoptions Center, Thrift Store, and Spay/Neuter Clinic. Both Groom Creek Fire District and Yavapai Humane Society work for worthy causes on a limited budget, relying on the support of the community to help fund our lifesaving programs and services. Our organizations will split the proceeds of calendar sales. The calendar’s stunning photos were taken by Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography. Castigliano, well known for his viral photo series “The Whimsical Woodsman,” donated his time and talent to the project. “I am proud to help YHS and the Groom Creek Fire District come together to create a calendar that will benefit a wonderful humane society that protects animals and a fire department that protects lives. Together these two organizations are pillars of our community and should always be supported by citizens and governments alike,” says Castigliano. Together, we hope to sell 1,000 calendars which will raise $7,500 for each organization, thanks to the sponsorship of several philanthropic local businesses that covered the cost of printing. One local business, B&M Painting, Inc. based in Chino Valley, is even donating $1 per calendar purchased, up to the first 250 sold! YHS and Groom Creek Fire District thank the following sponsors: Allegra Prescott, Manzanita Outfitters, Addictions Bar & Grill, Cartridge World, ZebraScapes, National Bank of Arizona, Snickertales Children’s Stories with Heart, Prescott Valley Pet Clinic, B&W Fire Security Systems, Helken & Horn Advertising Agency, Barrett Propane, Haley Construction, and Nexus Southwest Registered Land Surveyors. The critical need for fundraisers benefiting our two organizations is undeniable. In the face of the economic downturn, Groom Creek Fire District has faced a loss in property value resulting in a deficit in funds. Groom Creek, the heavily-forested unincorporated community neighboring Prescott, benefits tremendously from the Fire District. Without it, no municipality would have a duty—or the resources—to provide fire service to the area. The District already runs lean operations, with just a two-man fire engine, and cannot reduce their budget any further. The community relies on its fire and paramedic services to more than 150 calls per year, 60 percent of which are medical emergencies. Firefighter Josh Krueger said, “We are super excited to be part of this project. Yavapai Humane Society has gone out of their way to offer us the opportunity to be part of this fundraiser. The guys were a little apprehensive at first but after a little interaction with these awesome critters they lightened up and got some really great photos. The funds raised will help support our daily operations while serving our community, visitors and neighbors.” As a not-for-profit 501c3, YHS also relies on the community to fund operations. Each dog and cat in its care costs $400 on average (equines can cost many times that)—from sheltering costs, to medical care, and behavioral rehabilitation. The photo sessions were entertaining with many laughs, silly poses, and—not to hurt the tough guys’ reputations—but the animals got a lot of cuddles, treats and petting from the firefighters. We think it turned out amazing and can’t wait for our community to see all the great photos! Please add the “Heroes and Hounds” calendar to your list of unique holiday gifts and support two great hometown organizations.

2017 Heros and Hounds Calendar Order Form NUMBER OF CALENDARS__________ x $15 EACH = $__________ + $3.50 SHIPPING = TOTAL $____________________

 Enclosed a check payable to Yavapai Humane Society.

 Charge my: Visa


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CARD NUMBER _______________________________________ EXPIRATION__________ SECURITY CODE___________

ADDRESS___________________________________________CITY________________________STATE______ZIP _____ PHONE_________________________________ EMAIL ______________________________________________________

Please mail this calendar order form to: Yavapai Humane Society, 1625 Sundog Ranch Road, Prescott, AZ 86301

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NAME ON CARD______________________________________________________________________________________



“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” Those are the wise words of H. Jackson Brown Jr., New York Times bestselling author. In essence, the sign of a person who is living a life of selflessness is the happiness that radiates from their being. This is Margi Jacobsen, Yavapai Humane Society volunteer since May 2015. In her short time with the animal shelter, Margi has made a BIG impact to the tune of nearly 300 volunteer hours. Were Margi to have been paid by YHS the wage value of volunteer time, she would have earned thousands. Instead, she has given her time freely, and touched the lives of many animals in need. Margi has been volunteering this past year as a lead at our dog adoption weekend events at the Prescott Petco store. In her charge, more than 20 dogs have been adopted and countless more have enjoyed a much-needed break from the kennels, and t hundreds of people have been reached with the mission of YHS. She stuck with us M op d ar a gie and led us through a time of understaffing and changes in volunteers. Nonetheless, et h e lp sg g i o n g d she has stayed resilient and selfless, causing her volunteer friends to call her their YHS “fearless leader.” Our staff member working with Margi, Terri Davis, echoes our gratitude and the joy of having Margi on the team, saying, “We are so lucky to have Margi on our volunteer team. I always know if I need help Margi is willing to step up. She is a great ambassador for our adoptable dogs and a joy to work with.” How will you know which person is Margi? Stop by any Friday or Saturday at our local Petco store—she will be the one wearing an enormous smile on her face, and an air of happiness which is proof that giving as better than getting.

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Volunteer of the Quarter Margie Jacobsen

Gifts in Honor of

Gifts in Memory of Pets Carol Ryan in memory of Scruffy Jakie & Ken Kimsey in memory of Alex Wayne Coates in memory of Buddy Marcia Sansoucy in memory of Jake Edward Bridwell in memory of Luke Donald Socha in memory of Prince Patricia Colin in memory of Roman E. Paul Browning in memory of Sienna Donna Graves in memory of Kiki Geraldine Garrison in memory of our pets Beverly Risdon in memory of Boston Sharon Sechrest in memory of Brook Richard & Connie Bass in memory of the good times with Marley Jeanette Myrick in memory of Beau Karen Leeds in memory of Cholla Carberry Audrey, Michael, Elli & Alex in memory of L.P. Judith Myers in memory of Snoopy, Jake, Abby, Dutch, Sam, Rabbit, Esther, and Hershey Rebecca Clare in memory of Madelyn Patrick Lilly in memory of Annie

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In Honor of Kali Paul & Diane Nault Al & Cherly Brown Dave & Leslie Barrett Chuck & Sally Allen Mike & Sharon Popowniak The Hansen Barnett Family Jim & Barbara Patton Brad & Cindy Pfeffer Colleen Pouquette The Dave Peterson Family The Tom Vanhusen Family Tere & Annette Spivey Tere Espina Iris Wolfe Tony & Virginia Valdez Kair Mastrocola Kevin Mellon & Peggy Nies Bob & Carolee Aulicino

In Memory of Mary Grace Boice David & Jill Bonewell Phyllis Carson Gary Goodman Elaine Kearney D. & Lynn Krigbaum Ed Neal Robert Hoffman Virginia Marshall Kurt & Susan Voigt Shelley Caniglia Prescott College The Gaintners Carolyn & Roger Diamond Mary Bradly John Hinchey Mark & Kelly Sifferman Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Slack Mark & Melissa Moore

Anette Burlingham in honor of Rocky Bahai's of Yavapai County says Happy Birthday Starla Linda & Joe McLargin-Riddle in honor of Buddy James Slack in honor of Gunner Martin & Sherri Michaelson in honor of Holly Victor Weiss in honor of Rocky our beloved Pug Michal Rebecca Goodling in honor of Patulia Joralemon Evelin Clabes in honor of Ute Rosine

Gifts in Memory of

Bill Pumphey Birgit Loewenstein Dara Currea Jim & Wisman Wisman Loeta Barn Alfred & Leslie Qoyawayma Diana Tucker Kathleen & Steven Brant John Tarro Michael & Kari Westwood Linda Kay Gannaway Janet Gotland Alex Saxerud Eugenia Stone Phylis Memmer Garce Futterer Brad Daniel Jerry & Lotte Roberts Gertrud C. Motzek Michael Fischer Brigitta Gugel Lowell & Jeanne Zander JoAnn Meyer Annette Fletcher Karen Kowwin John Tarro Maxwell & Kathy Fogleman & Coleman Susan Morgart Wanet aOfferman Loeta Bahn Dorothy Grimm Mary Stein

Jack Ingebritson Kerry Whaley Howard & Nikki Susan Myers a friend who was devoted to caring for others

Helen Berger Manfred Poppe Althea B. Friedman V.S. Phillips Rebecca Nicassio Gordon Bean Roger Skaggs Oscar Ruiz Ruth Rivard Paul Bollinger John Laraway Paul & Donna Hudson Dawn Kane Jack Luruway Regina Williams & Blue Andrea Mazel Robert Twynham Thomas Simplot Michelle Twynham Steve Jones Margie Jones Vera Keehey Veronica Wilson Barbara Marsh Garce Futterer Gordon Bean Roger Skaggs John Lawson, Jr. Christine Fite

Generous Petco Foundation Grant allows YHS to remodel dog adoption wing

YHS te am cel eb ra tin g



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on oliti em rd te af

Yavapai Humane Society was awarded a $125,000 grant from the Petco Foundation in May 2016, to support our work in sheltering animals, providing vaccinations and medical treatment, spaying/neutering. These are always needed as we prepare our dear furry friends for adoption. In addition to preparing animals for adoption, this grant is providing for a needed remodel of one wing in the shelter’s Pet Adoption Center to facilitate adoptions of dogs who need a quieter area to recover from surgery, or who are more fearful of a shelter environment. Ryan Stringham, YHS’s Safety Officer and Facilities Manager, and in charge of the retrofit said, “We take our responsibility of donor stewardship seriously; this gift from The Petco Foundation makes it possible to do things right for the needs now and for the next generation of homeless animals. We are committed to the vision of continuous improvement regarding the protection of the animals in our care.” Vendors and local contractors also share in the mission by helping YHS stretch our donated dollars in the way of reducing costs or donating their time and product in full. An example related to this project is B&M Painting based in Chino Valley, generously donated significant labor and worked with Sherwin-Williams located at 435 Miller Valley Road in Prescott, to supply all the paint at no charge. Many supporting contractors have adopted new family members from YHS as well. The discounted rates and donations of time and material have made it g in possible to keep the budget for the improvements to about $52,000, leaving enough Pr elp esc h funds to prepare 175 pets for adoption. o tt P es etco e m ploye During October and November, the adoption wing was painted, received new lighting and had 16 no-scratch/no-break glass kennel doors replacing the former chain-link gates. Industrial grade epoxy was applied to the floors and kennel walls greatly enhancing safety and sanitation for the animals’ health. The entire project will be completed and in d alle t s use by mid-December. Be sure to stop in the Adoption Center for a visit, and in ing to tour the new ‘Petco Adoptions Wing’ and the great work being done at e b YHS for homeless animals. rs



ma in t





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New ken ne l

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Foundation Dog Petco Ado ptio nW ing

Dogs rescued from difficult situation

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s in g do

g s o n s it e

In late November, YHS came to the aid of 12 dogs in crisis. We were asked by Blackhat Humane Society to help a group of dogs that were kept outside without adequate shelter, little food and water, and suffering from severe mange. A resident was doing his best to help stray dogs around the community but ended up with more than 30 dogs that needed resources well beyond his means. As a result, many became emaciated and sick. With limited resources, Blackhat Humane Society knew their best chance of saving these dogs was to ask other shelters to aid in their rescue efforts. Our team made an 8-hour round trip to help the dogs, which were on the Navajo Nation Reservation. YHS’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Egar; New Hope a YH r, Coordinator, Matt Buchholtz; Behaviorist Ryan Elliot, and Vet Tech Gabe Alexandar SC ga E r. hief brought our two cargo vans, which were funded by a grant from Petco Foundation, on the Vete rin arian, D trip. We also brought 100 pounds of food with us to give the starving dogs. The team rounded up 12 of the dogs that were in the greatest need of medical treatment. It was not an easy sight to see. New Hope Coordinator Matt Buchholtz said, “As we drove down the long dirt road to the property and saw a couple dozen dogs along the way scavenging the barren land and finding nothing, I thought, ‘Wow, these animals really need us.’ They were truly starving—one dog added 20 pounds to his bodyweight in the first week and a half at YHS. I was very proud of our team. Dr. Egar sprang into action and quickly identified the dogs that needed us most.” The team worked efficiently and with the utmost compassion, completing the intake process and administering first rounds of medication on site before the dogs were even loaded into the van. The dogs were in bad shape, suffering from malnourishment and severe mange. They will remain under our treatment (possibly up to six weeks) until they are healed and can be prepared for adoption. YHS plans to provide medicine to the resident to begin treatment on the rest of the dogs, and will rescue additional dogs from this situation as possible. While the dogs currently suffer from malnutrition, severe mange, and torn skin from scratching to relieve the pain, these dogs are friendly and social and will make great family pets when they are healed and healthy. This was a difficult circumstance and we are grateful for help. Blackhat Humane Society’s Board Member and reporter for Navajo Times wrote YHS to say, "It is impossible to convey what a load off my mind this is. You and your crew were so gracious and professional. We have been trying and trying to make a dent in that case and you did it in one fell swoop. You are amazing." This rescue effort was funded through YHS’s New Hope program. The New Hope program partners with other animal organizations in order to share resources d nt and find the best possible outcomes for animals in our communities. YHS turns to our ee de rs ee New Hope partners in an effort to raise the profiles statewide of long-term or hard to n giv in g M uch place pet residents. In addition, we take in animals facing challenges for placement from ur p h y a m other animal rescues seeking help, just like the situation with Blackhat Humane Society. Thank you to our supporters who keep important programs running like New Hope and others at YHS in order to help these 12 dogs and other pets in need! u

Don’t know what to get that “hard to buy for” person on your list?

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Give the gift of love!

Make a charitable donation in their name to the Yavapai Humane Society. Give your gift today at www.yavapaihumane.org

Thank You to Our Generous Donors Donor recognition from June 29, 2016 - November 1, 2016

Animal Angel

($10,000 to $200,000)

Arizona Community Foundation Estate of Dorothy Groves

Animal Champion ($5,000 to $9,999)

Eva Angetter ATRS Charter Materials Kathy Grendell

Animal Visionary ($2,000 to $4,999)

Avion Management Corp B&M Painting, Inc. Caballos Del Sol Trail Ride, Inc. Clark O'Brien Daniel Fennessy Deirdre Livingston Joseph Astromowize Michael Ryniak Michael Geboy Pets For The Elderly Foundation PetSmart Charities

Animal Benefactor ($1,000 to $1,999)

Bassett Revocable Living Trust Cathlene Wright Dave Palmer Dean Wilson ExxonMobil Foundation Fred Greger Garce Futterer Homer Batsakis Larry & Emma Hall Peter Lang Roberta Schamber Stu & Sally Horn Thrivent Financial for Lutheran's

Golden Paw ($500 to $999)

Ann Crawford Price Bahai's of Yavapai county Barbara Kult Betty De Jong Carla Wales Cheri Arnold Claire Hutt Deahn Kincaid Donald Karl Eagles Eltie Davis Frank L. Harris Hannelore Butterfield Honeywell International Charity Matching Jack Mathis Janet Noriega Janet Corrigan Jennifer Macias Judith Zurbriggen Kathleen Curren Leo Egar Linda L Saferite Lynn Ebsen Lynne Jackson Marie Smith Michael & Gretchen Spitz Nancy Lee Brenfleck Patricia Rankin Patrick Lilly Ray Zeek Richard Belveal Richard Stringham Robert Sinsheimer Robert & Anna Marie Ansbach Shannon Glau Vanessa Johnson-Smith William Weidner

Silver Paw

($250 to $499)

Allan & Eileen Davis Ann Herrington Audrey Wilson Ball John Barbara K. Borbely Blunch Caryl Walti Charles & Suzette Conrardy Chino Valley Lioness Club Chuck Sterling Darlene Janich Darrell Henderson

Dave Anderson Donald & Beverly Shuck Donna Holick Donnald Russell Doris Frechette Ed & Jeanne Coyle Edward Kelly Eileen Murray Eleanor Tifft Emily Newman Frank & Carrie Lou Deak Fred Charlton Gary Cosentino Gordon Mohr Greg Daun Grubert Jeff Hai Chi Keng Howard Jenefskey IBM Employee Services Center James Mini Jane Johnson Jenn Ramsey Jerry Lawson Jerry & Judith Powell John Brackman John Marcus John Warren Joseph Rindone Joy Fleming Joyce Mackin Julie E. Ellegood Kevin Rethman Larry Cunningham Lenny Koll Leroy & Kay Ostrowski Lisa Devito Lowell & Jeanne Zander Lynette Tritel Lynn Turck Manzanita Outdoor Marita Callaway Marlanne Laupp Martha Linda Smith Mary Morsch Mary Houghton Mary Sachse Mary Lynn Doyle Nancy Palazzi Norman Caouette Prescott Printer Ray Miner Ray Ver Velde Richard Heath Robert Trumpfheller Robert Redford Robert & Deborah Robinson Sandra Derr Sandra Nagy Sandra Sandersfeld Selmer Lutey Shirley Campbell Stacy Marcus Susan Morgart Susan Brown Terry Smithly Thad & Norma Crooks Top Dog Performance Club of NA TRUIST Costco UW Campaign Valerie Marsh Valley of the Sun United Way Vincent Carter Walter Strow William Peterson

Bronze Paw

($100 to $249)

Adrienne & Kelly Wallen Adventure Auto Glass Addictions Bar & Grill Alan Edwards Alan H. Wittenberg Alan M. Hendrickson Aleida Vanderpyl Alesha Gamez Alfred & Leslie Qoyawayma Allegra Marketing-Print-Mail Althea B. Friedman Amazon Smile Amy Jayo Amy Johnson Angelo & Peggy Ossanna Anne-Marie Kraus Annette C. Skellenger Barbara McClymonds Barbara Miske Barbara Rosebrock

Barbara Buetemetster Barbara Henderson Barbara Wing Barrett Propane Ben Wyne Beth Swain Billy Bond Birgit Loewenstein Bob Coe Bruce McCollom Bryan Whipple B&W Fire Security Systems LLC Candie Chilson Carol Black Caroline Palmer Carrie Cattabriga Cartridge World of Prescott Caryl Spears Catherine Degroot Cece Raak Cecilia Cutshaw Charlene Dahl Charles Crowder Charles Marx Charles McDonald Charles McMullen Charles Pollock Charlotte & Justin Earegood Cheryl Poole Christine Witzel Christine & William Bohannon Chuck Van Demark Clay C. Maupin Clifford Morgan Connie Barnett Cyndi Hensley Cynthia Reynolds Cynthia & John Booth Cynthia M. Ventricelli Dan Carlson David Foote David Lohman Deanne C. Brewster Deborah Green Debra Christensen Inc. Delbert Hopkins Denise Meyers Denise Derda Dennett Patricia Dennis Phipps Diana Stamper-Boyle Diane L. Tenison Dolores Mantione Don Arnold Don & Wanda O'Neill Donald Socha Donna Graves Doreen Letson Dorothy Wessels Dorothy Wood DoTopia Wells Fargo Community Support Duane Heitzman Duane & Maureen Jozwiakowki Edward Rausch Elizabeth Munsell Eric Jensen Eugene Chesson Evelin Clabes Everett D. Hendricks Feathers Foundation, Inc. Florance Kik Florene Brower Frank Vitamante Frank Roberts Fred Schmal Gail Spivey Gary Adams Gary & Hanna Robyn Gayl Lamoureux Gayle L. Gregory George Garoutte George Marchessault Gerald McNew Gerald Kieckow Gerald & Jane Fuller Gerry Winey Glenda Wagner Gregory Gayle Borchert Hal Krizan Haley Construction Co. Harold Watters Heather Carr Helen Son Helken & Horn Advertising Agency, Inc. Henry Stanton

Hopkins Delbert J. A. Harrington J. Scott De Arman J.A. Rau Jack Spurlock Jack Heisey Jackie Robinson James Taylor James Williams James Gross James Kilbourne James & Joan Miller James & Nancy Sexton Jane Whitley Janet Gotland Janet Julien Janet & Howard Quinlan Janice Nethercott Jay Baker JC Penny Jebco Building Systems, LLC Jeanette Myrick Jennifer Bowyer Jennifer & Benjamin Holland Jerri Pulido Jerry Cook Jerry & Lotte Roberts Jim & Wisman Wisman Joan Adamak Joanne Thorpe John Larson John Siegel John Field John Britt John Simonsen John Carey John La Tourette John Walker John & Deborah Huff & Morrison John A. Tarro Jonne Markham Joseph Flanagan Joseph Hall Joseph King Joy Vogt Karlene Fischer Katheryn Pecht Kathleen Sherman Kathryn Davidson Ken & Valerie Gambill Kenith Boyer Kenneth J. Paris Kenny Bienlich Kevin Scott Kirsten & Stephen Olson Kingham Kristi Brubaker Kristi Sullivan L. James Sullivan Larry Axley Larry Plaster Laura Kass Lauren Lasecke Lavern Wolf LeAnn Pickett Lella Lerwick Leon Kelly Lewis & Evelyn Shedd Linda Lutes Linda Roegge Linda & Joe McLargin-Riddle Lisa Mack Lorain J. Tonnesen Lyn DeLano Lynn Cody Lynn Steely Malcolm & Wendy Calhoun Marc Sauvageau Marci & Tony Golden & Winkelman Margaret Sidwell Margie Jones Marilyn Blue Mario & Sandra Nardini Marjorie Hultberg Mark Timm Marleina-Chickie Hampton Martha Schmalenbeck Marva & Robert Pennington Marvin Hofman Marvin & Judy Haney Mary & Bob Supergan Mary Ann Williams Max Campbell Maxwell & Kathy Fogleman & Coleman

Melva Self Michael Galbreath Michael Fischer Michael & Jennifer McFerron Michael & Lesley Nystrom Michelle H. Caniglia Micki Freshour Mike Stevens Mona Colgan National Bank of Arizona Nancy Cantrell Nancy Peterson Nancy Cusimano Nancy Koski Neil Weiss Neil E. Goodell Nexus Southwest LLC Norma Gibson Norman Daniel Norman Peirson Onan Coppage Patricia Williamson Patricia Welch Paul Plummer Paul Lohmiller Paul & Donna Hudson Paula Cupples Peggy Russell Peggy Wickersham Philip Brown Prescott Valley Pet Clinic Rayman Duauta Redick & Debra Bryan Richard & Sharon Cook Richard H. Martin Richard R. Baldauf Rick Flora Robert Powell Robert Rheinish Robert & Mary Fulcher Robert J. Keltie Roberta Tyler Robin McCabe Roger Skaggs Ronald Smith Samuel Aiuto Sandra Adams Sandra Gurstein Sandy Kukol Saverio Barone Scott Armstrong Shari & Glenn Daiutolo Sharon Sechrest Sharon Gates Shawn Sandberg Shelley & Hoyl & Heather Belt Snickertales Children's Stories with Heart Sondra Marcum Sondra Brunso Sonja Hull Spencer Jurney Stanley Liss Stephen Hudson Stephen Lopez Steven Harbeck Susan Yanish Susan McElheran Tania Stinnett Ted Stafford Terri Ann Dymeck Thomas Simplot Trudy Huddleston Valarie J. Isley Real Esate Veronica Wilson Vicki Brogdon Victor Pappas Virginia Promer Vitality Consulting, Inc. Wayne Lovett Wayne Coates Wendy Weber William Mccollum William Banit William Garnes William Hass Wilma Bethel ZebraScapes Landscaping Accidental misspelling, omission, or correction? Please accept our deepest apologies and email donate@yavapaihumane.org so we may correct the error.

1625 Sundog Ranch Road Prescott, AZ 86301

MAY 20

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Critter Chatter Fall 2016  

Critter Chatter Fall 2016