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More than a shelter

Understanding Our No-Kill Ethic By Ed Boks


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Executive Director Yavapai Humane Society

The Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) celebrated its 43rd Anniversary in March. However, it was only five years ago this month that YHS embraced our No-Kill Ethic. I thought it appropriate to pause and reflect in this momentous anniversary edition of Critter Chatter what this unique ethic has meant to the animals in our community. The No-Kill Ethic refers to Yavapai Humane Society’s commitment to apply the same criteria for deciding a homeless animal’s fate that a caring owner or compassionate veterinarian would apply to a beloved pet. That is, healthy and treatable animals are not killed simply because we lack the resources to care for them. Believe it or not, that was happening just five years ago. Killing animals because of a lack of resources may be the quick, convenient and, at least from afar, the easy thing to do. But I have never, in over 30 years in this field, heard anyone argue it is the right thing to do. After all, the creatures who fill our shelters can hardly be faulted for bringing trouble upon themselves. People who excuse euthanasia in shelters often say we have to be “realistic.” But we contend such realism is best directed at the sources of the problem and at the element of human responsibility. Since applying our no-kill ethic in July 2010, the practical consequences have fallen into place. Our community has reduced shelter killing 94 percent and YHS is successfully placing 97 percent of all the animals we rescue into loving homes (compared to the national average of about 40 percent). Today, YHS’ No-Kill Ethic is not only well established in our community but its gaining attention in communities coast to coast. Organizations in Los Angeles, Mohave County, New York City and even the country of Israel have asked YHS for help embracing our No-Kill Ethic. Thanks to you and your support YHS is fast becoming a world class organization. I’m proud of our community for getting us to where we are today; and I’m even more excited about where we’re all taking YHS in the years ahead.


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Join the conversation and keep up to date on the happenings at Yavapai Humane Society online

Cover photo by Gary Gromer Chloe is a two-year-old Akita/Alaskan Husky who wants to be friends with everyone she meets. But no friend will ever be better than her new brother, who adopted her at the end of July!

Walking for Wags How could simply taking your dog for a walk raise over $40,000 for pets in need? When you do it with 350 other animal lovers who are all as dedicated to supporting homeless animals in need as you are! It’s called peer-to-peer fundraising and it’s exactly what our community did for Yavapai Humane Society in May at the 4th annual Walk for the Animals. Hundreds of pet parents and friends of the animals joined together at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to enjoy a beautiful stroll with their four-legged friends. And not only did they enjoy celebrating the human-animal bond, they also raised awareness and funds for homeless pets at YHS—more than $41,000, in fact. “We are blessed to live in a community that understands the importance of supporting local charitable programs. Yavapai Humane Society depends on local support to care for the thousands of pets we rescue and care for each year. Thanks to your support we are able to save 97% of the pets we rescue. So we appreciate people’s commitment to seeing these pets through,” says Ed Boks, executive director of YHS. The Walk for the Animals offered a 1-mile and 5K walk course and a variety of fun activities including dog agility, a pet communicator, music and food, face painting for the kids, and many fundraising prizes. By all the “awwws” and laughs, it was clear that the crowd-favorite was the Magic 99.1 Strut Your Mutt contest. Dogs competed in three fun categories: best trick, best costume, and Big Paw Sponsor: Hooligan’s Pub owner look-alike. The hundreds of smiling faces at the Walk for the Animals—both human and canine—were a true testament to the Pet Pal Sponsors: Tail Wagg’n Agility, Allegra Printing, Donna’s Pet Salon, Michael Taylor Architects Inc, joy a pet brings and the love of animals this community shares. Whiskers Barkery, Full Swing Sports Center, While it is a fun time, the event also meets a real need, explains Rock n’ Dog, Talking Rock, The Flooring Shack, YHS Director of Development, Bobbi Leverich. “On average it Holistic Veterinary Care, Chronicker Photography, costs nearly $400 to care for each cat and dog that comes through Petlink.net, TimberWoof, Country Bank, Prescott Animal Hospital, JBrooks Wealth Advisors, our doors. The Walk for the Animals is an important fundraiser that Whiskey Row Screen Printing, Doggedly Devoted, helps us fill the bellies and nourish the precious lives of the more Doggie Delight Pet Grooming, Maia Kincaid PhD, than 3,000 pets we help each year.” Since its first year, the Walk TheLegacy at Prescott Lakes, Spiritual Oasis, for the Animals has collectively raised nearly $160,000 for YHS. Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital The event truly impacts the lives of homeless animals with its Media Sponsors: Flagstaff-Sedona Dog, fun and games. See pictures, video, and fundraising recaps online KKLD The Cloud 95.9, KVRD Country 105.7, at www.yavapaihumane.org/walk2015. Mark your calendars to join Sunny 100, Q102.9, Prescott Woman, Prescott Dog, in on the fun at next year’s 5th annual Walk for the Animals on Magic 99.1, Fun Oldies 100.9/1450, KAFF Country 92.9, The Mountain 93.9 May 14, 2016!


Volunteer of the Quarter: John Morgan

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Yavapai Humane Society recognizes John Morgan as Volunteer of the Quarter! Since John joined our volunteer team in late April, 2015 he has given us more than an astounding 170 volunteer hours. With such dedication, John quickly progressed through the ranks to working with our volunteer team that specifically helps dogs who need consistent behavior training. John is a U.S. Marine veteran with a true servant’s heart. He jumped in head-first at YHS and met needs for our shelter that many would not even give a thought to. He has undertaken hard labor projects, paying no mind to the hot summer sun, and helped us dig multiple holes for shade sails in YHS’ campus parks, crushed soda cans that we recycle for extra funds, helped in the construction of YHS’ Behavior building, assisted with numerous community outreach events and moved campus fences. All this done with a smile. John brings an enthusiasm and dedication for which we are deeply grateful. Always willing to help with whatever is asked of him; John is setting the bar to new levels. We could not be prouder to have such an individual as part of our volunteer team.

New Transportation for New Hope It wasn't long ago when 2-year old Oscar the Australian Shepherd mix was rummaging trash cans for his next meal and running the streets of a New Mexico Indian Reservation. But as a pet resident of Yavapai Humane Society, he has starred on a television show, has professional headshots, and was doted on everyday by YHS volunteers and staff. Talk about a rags to riches story! When he was picked up off the streets, Oscar was brought to Blackhat Humane Society. They gave him medical treatment but Oscar had a skin infection that would take time to heal. Blackhat Humane Society specializes in rescuing abandoned and stray animals on the Navajo Nation. They operate their rescue by the kindness of compassionate foster families and consistently deal with the tremendous problem of pet overpopulation. Oscar's time-consuming treatment for his skin condition would mean occupying a foster home that might be able to help 2-3 other dogs that could get adopted during the length of his entire treatment. So they turned to Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) for help. YHS operates a program called New Hope, which does exactly what it sounds like—gives new hope for homeless pets in shelters and rescues across Arizona. Our program coordinator Lisa Snyder heard Oscar's story and the great need for help at Blackhat Humane so she had him transported to Prescott. When Oscar arrived at YHS, everyone who met him fell in love. He is the sweetest, happiest dog. We treated his condition and were delighted to watch his irritated skin transform into soft, supple, no-longer-flakey skin over time. Now he is loved and cared for in his forever home. Without the New Hope program, Oscar, and hundreds of other pets in need, would have never found his way to Prescott. The impact doesn't stop there. Without the program, Blackhat Humane Society also would have over-extended their valuable foster resources, forcing them to turn away other animals in need or euthanize the ones they have. This is truly a life-saving program through which hundreds of homeless pets each year are brought under the caring wings of the YHS No Kill Ethic. But it doesn't come cheap or easy.

The New Hope program needs a few things to keep running: 1. An awesome team—with Lisa—who keeps networking with other organizations across the state (see the areas our New Hope program serves online at www.yavapaihumane.org/newhope) 2. Great partners like Blackhat Humane Society who work with YHS to save lives (We currently partner with 40+ rescues!) 3. Fuel—it takes a lot of gas to get us over the Arizona mountains! 4. Transportation

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That last one — our New Hope vehicle — gave our program plenty of challenges. The Dodge minivan, which was generously donated and gratefully used over the years, was on its last legs. With nearly 200,000 miles on it, the minivan frequently broke down — a less-than-ideal situation when you have a truck-load of animals with you. Thanks to the generosity of Petco Foundation, those days are now over and Yavapai Humane Society has two new, dependable vehicles. The spacious vans safely accommodate quadruple the number of transportation crates that we used to be able to accommodate. The fleet is already being used to save more animal’s lives, across the Southwest, lend a helping hand and share resources with other rescues, and increase adoptions! When every animal counts, it’s great to have resources you can count on too! Thank you, Petco Foundation and all the generous donors who supported the initiative to secure improved transportation for the New Hope program!

The Sun Sets on Reigning Cats & Dogs Gala Since embracing our No-Kill Ethic in July 2010, our community has eliminated the need to euthanize/kill pets in order to control pet overpopulation. This is a rare and remarkable achievement. In response, public support for YHS has been growing by leaps and bounds—and we are so grateful. Our work could not be carried out without your support. Appropriate use of your gifts and donations to effectively care for the lost, homeless, neglected and abused animals in our community will always be paramount; and we will continue to provide the best care because it is a labor of love. It is out of this labor of love and good stewardship of your gifts that support Yavapai Humane Society decided to not host a Reigning Cats & Dogs Gala in 2015. Although the Gala has become a signature and anticipated event for our entire community, the truth is that to force the continuation of this lovely tradition would actually inhibit other areas of growth for the organization. Nevertheless, what may seem like sad news actually presents a vista of new possibilities and we believe the best is yet to come. In that spirit, YHS will present a series of educational lunches about our lifesaving work, and will schedule a series of third-party fundraising events (including an elegant evening on December 12 at the Phippen Museum. See the back of this newsletter for more info and save the date!). If you are interested in learning more about any of these fun ways Gifts in Honor of to help YHS care for our community's homeless pets, or if you have Gene Weisskopf in honor of Alex & Erika Weisskopf an idea of your own to share, give us a call to discuss, Tom Garayoa in honor of Mary Colleen Anderson 928-445-2666 ext. 105. Elaine Martin in honor of Kelly Marie Isbell Anonymous in honor of Thaylor Jr. Together we will spread the mission of our No Kill Ethic and Maxine Pollock in honor of Rhea Thayer commitment to animal welfare, and we appreciate your Maxine Pollock in honor of Denny Harts continued support as we blossom in these new directions.

Gifts in Memory of James Lombard Jackson Mr & Mrs De Jong Machanic Family Bob Stoltz Floyd & Bunnie Waite Ethel Starr James Meredith Nancy L. Griffin-Davis Jeffrey, Natascha Jeremy & Tammie Dorita Seyfried Kathi Brandhagen Dominick Lodato Nancy Lee Bolger Patricia B. McCarthy Carlton E. Hughes Caryl Walti Mr. & Mrs. Schafer Jon Jackson Julie A. Hurt Rose Gunder Frank & Mary Roberts Elizabeth Passell Joy Mason Mary J. Banning Mr. & Mrs. Culler Alice Omey Goodyear Library Staff

Glen Peterson Catherine Forthun Gary & Judith Stansbury Mr. & Mrs. Stansbury Robert Welborn Laurie Ann Smith DuBroy Top Dog Performance Club of N. AZ Dr. & Mrs. Paul Hicks Joe, Yvonne, Bryana & Jacey Allen Esther Landsberg Marlene Armentrout Philip Potashner Alan & Susanne Exler Willy Rubuttom James Riney James Massey Gloria Landis Esther Landsberg Larry & Linda Stiger Rosie Edward Bridwell Hannah Mr. & Mrs. Marello Glen Dale Dwiggins Dave & Luan Jim Jackson Philip Preble

Gifts in Memory of Beloved Pets

Have you seen our YavaPAW calendar and wished your pet had a photo for one of the months? Now is YOUR pet's chance to be a calendar star! YHS is auctioning off monthly calendar photos for January through December along with the cover photo at an auction online. New this year is a second calendar to celebrate Yavapai Humane Society’s new equine program (visit www.yavapaihumane.org/ equinerescue for more info)! So if you have an equine, cat or dog you would like to show off, you can join in the fun in three ways: 1. Feature your pet on the months January through December 2. Feature your pet on the cover of the calendar 3. Mark your pet’s special day (birthday, in memory, etc.) with custom text on the date of your choice!

Visit www.yavapaihumane.org to get bidding and make your pet a star!

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Arlene Freeman in memory of Rio Feeman Russell G Laing in memory of Distal The Draghetti's in memory of Kiki Steven L Yellen in memory of Katsu Wayne Coates in memory of Jasper & Tigger Coates Kathleen Williams in memory of Lucy the Lab Laurie K. McCoy in memory of Scout Laurie K. McCoy in memory of Lizzy Joanne and Bob in memory of Molly Mary B Noonan in memory of Gunner & Serry Cynthia M Ventricelli in memory of Rooney Jeans Bobbi Leverich in memory of Licorice

Your Pet Can Star in Our Calendar!

Thank You to Our Donors Donor recognition from March 2, 2015 to June 1, 2015

Animal Angel

($10,000.00 to $200,000.00)

Anonymous MCS Charitable Foundation Jutta Blessing Ingebritson Family Foundation Circle of Compassion For Animals Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe

Animal Champion ($5,000.00 to $9,999.00)

Anonymous Margaret Stidworthy Timothy T Day Foundation Great Circle Media Prescott Woman Olsen’s Grain

Animal Visionary ($2,000.00 to $4,999.00)

Anonymous Chronicker Photography KYCA AM 1490 Yavapai Broadcasting Hooligan's Pub Joyce Mackin Lembb Chevrolet and Cadillac

Animal Benefactor ($1,000.00 to $1,999.00)

Anonymous The Prappas Co. - DJ & T Foundation Michael & Rebecka Ryniak Whisker's Barkery Garce Futerer Patrick Lilly James & Fawn Hiller Judith Zurbriggen Jenna Miller James Holt Dale Copeland Arthur C. Murray Charitable Foundation Prescott Dog Magazine

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Anonymous Avion Management Corp Scottie Cure Pet Club Doug Wagaman Gene Weisskopf Cobham Management Services Doggedly Devoted Stephanie Sterling Jerry Kipp Mac Hasvold Victor Marpol Gerald & Phyllis Scheuerman Michele Wolfgram Cathlene Wright John Brown Mrs. Sanborn Martin. D. Kinsley Pat Moran Julie Schuler K Michelle Lind Karly Fletcher

Silver Paw

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Anonymous Aetna Foundation JJ 's John Larson Vera Wagner Marie Smith Julie Ellegood Ronda Moffit Deahn Kincaid Larry Cunningham Prescott Dawley Kenneth D. Tenison Shirley Campbell Kevin Rethman Ray & Peggy Ver Velde

John Warren Karleen Hammitt Gary & Karen Kirsner Kirsner Living Trust DTD Frank & Judith Davidson Damon Manomet Peter Lang Alysira Klein Cindy McDaniel Cindy Landon Gayla Krewson Natascha Swihart-Stoltz Julie & Michael Ellegood Steven Frasure Jerry A. Roteman Paul & Norma Browning George Schuler Brian Ray & Paula Green Amanda Hodgson Judith Pearsall Nancy Carnahan Vitality Consulting, Inc. Lynne & Rich Dressen Jennifer Baldwin Brian Bethke Charles E. Carter Jr

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Anonymous Wendy E. LeRoy Susan Morgart Evelyn H. David Wayne & Patricia Wiercinski Wayne Coates Yvonne's Pet Grooming Fred & Karen Lindquist Sarah Lifsey Gerald & Jane Fuller Pamela & Robert Haber Rebecca Hawlish Barbara H. Kennedy Victor Pappas Virginia Pearson Valerie Marsh Guyola Stutzman Thad Crooks Margaret Wells Rebecca Pinkley Charles N. Crowder Mary K. Scherer John Brackman Maxine Pollock Talking Rock Ranch Una Loge Dr. Carol Hunter-Geboy & Michael Geboy Jerry & Lynn Cody Patricia Williamson Jaime Bower Sondra Marcum Sandra Nagy Susan Whitcher Angelo & Peggy Ossanna Dr. Skinner - Prescott Animal Hospital Dixie Green J Brooks Wealth Advisors, PC Tony Winkelman Marci Golden Stanley & Gail Stanley Liss Margaret Norton - Spiritual Oasis Susan Gottlieb Kenneth G. Mead Ellen Hoffman Betty Lillibridge Full Swing Sports Center, LLC Judy Leathers Terese H. Green Jennie Palmer Bobbi Leverich Michael Taylor Architects, Inc Holistic Vet Care & Acupuncture Center Susan Henneberg Legacy at Prescott Lakes Apts Prescott Realty, Inc. Wayne Sisson Louise Wells

IBM Employee Services Center Greg Raskin Raskins Jewelers Kathy & Max Fogleman Jerry & Kathy Cunningham Tammy Harrell Karen Russell James M. Williams G. Dority Alice Butler Brian Buchholtz Evelyn C. Doyle Falyn A. Rieker Girl Scout Troop 248 Sacred Heart Catholic School Cathy Dodd Amazon Smile Diana Butitta Sharon & Glen Steelman Sharon Gates Tania Stinnett Harold & Lorna Watters Edward & Maria Kelley John & Lillie La Tourette Donald Socha James Ginn Janet & Linda Sue Farrer Janet Allen Henry & Beverly Stanton Karen Winton John Field Larry & Karen Axley John Jay McCoy Melvyn Shutz Eleanor Tifft Sukey Waldenberger Jhane Marello Catherine V. Chatlain Linda Lutes Pat Regnier Jennifer Pryor Katlin M. Pennison Amy Saunders Yavapai Title Agency Nancy & James Sexton Kelly Falzarano Network for Good Shawn Marcum Pamela Camacho William Culver Donald & Rosemary Gerber Louis A. Phillips Cheryl D. Seering James A. Earnhardt Donna Holick Wendy Graham Donn Moseley Bob Flores Rob Ratner Diana Dalsass Julia Saltzer Jody Donovan Carolyn A. Smith Dorothy Albertson James Muehleisen Nancy Palazzi Alan M. Exler Robbin Lenardon Michael Drew Edith Sandra Moore Marisa Perreault Philip & Judith Brown Weiss Family Revocable Trust Neil Weiss Lensink Family Trust Martha A. Lensink Joyce Zygmunt Donald & Beverly Shuck F. James Kelty Linda Ralph Cross Paw Foundation Dawn Cumby Thomas & Julie Van Wuffen Naomi Cornelson Jane Whitley Lupe Martinez Sally Miller Robert Goldman Melissa E. WIley

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Lisa Brittany Devito David Mangan Karen Small Glenna Montgomery Candace Packard Nancy Seaman Andrew & Bernice Wallace Larry Plaster Brian C. Fleischman Arlene & Jon T Litsey Harris Konstantinopoulos Shari Daiutolo Al & Pamela Young L.M. Dust Pets For The Elderly Foundation Alan Servetnick Judith Potthast Debbie & David White Tina Rachelle Blake Lory Struver Paul Lohmiller Julie S. Klene Patricia Scott Amy Jayo Keith Gilroy Brenda D. Purnell Joan Kellogg Haley Construction Harriet Gain Monika Vogler Gloria Landis Homer Batsakis Cathy Hunter Hunter Bachrach Kurt Frohna Warren Smith James Meredith William Rowe Joanne Blatt Marc Sauvageau Robert Welborn Top Dog Performance Club of NA Daniel Ott Georgia Osborne Falyn A. Rieker Garrett Goldstein Rena R. Curtis William Schafer William Gazar David Dumeh Daniel Mercado Linda Hughes Stephen Pasco Anthony Genovese Jeannie Jester Roberta Voss Tricia L. Michelson Judy P. Woertz Margaret E. Harris The Klein Team PLLC Nicholas S. Buchholtz Kay Becnel Melvin Machanic Sally Hensley Valerie L. Bellnap Cynthia Bower Katherine Marzec Rex Little Bryan Vanesian Kristin Orahood Jay, Pearl, & Susan Kuhlman Robert Vaught Terri P. Atkins Waitstuff Uniforms Jamie B. Bailey Michele M. England Johanna Eierhoff Ellen R. Buchholtz Ann M. Ferens Robert J. Keltie Robert Trumpfeller Accidental misspelling, omission, or correction? Please accept our deepest apologies and email donate@yavapaihumane.org so we may correct the error.

Loving in Special Need

By Vicky & Michael Rehak

I didn't choose him

In 2008, I found myself without a cat for the because of his breed, his first time in my life and ended up adopting a cat beauty, or his personality. named Percy, who was going to be put down because he was diagnosed with FIV. FIV (Feline I chose him because he immunodeficiency virus) affects up to 4% of cats needed me and I couldn't worldwide and can attack the immune system of say no. cats. FIV is not typically fatal for cats, as they can live relatively healthily as carriers and transmitters of the disease for many years. I couldn’t let him be put down. As it turns out, Percy was my perfect cat! The only difference I found between a FIV+ cat and a "healthy" cat is that I needed to keep Percy inside so he wouldn't infect other cats; he was never sick. Percy was beautiful and talkative and slept curled up with me every night. In 2013, we took in another FIV positive cat at YHS named Benny. YHS does not put down cats just because they are diagnosed with FIV. Instead, they look for just the right homes that will keep their vaccines up to date, and keep the cat indoors so they’re not at higher risk for contracting a disease or infecting other cats. Percy and Benny quickly grew close and were inseparable until Percy passed away in November of 2014. In April of 2015, we visited YHS again, and to our surprise, they already had an FIV+ cat named Jack waiting for us! We fell in love with him instantly and, within two or three days, so did Benny. My perfect kitty was not a certain breed or a certain look or a certain personality. My perfect kitty was not even a certain kitty—instead, I've fallen in love with a chain of kitties, linked by a need for a certain kind of home. Each has a completely different look and personality, and each has become an awesome member of our family. Don't be afraid of offering your home and your love to an animal with special needs. Animals are resilient. Our kitties have not experienced health problems as a result of the virus, nor are they more difficult to care for. All they need is a home with compassion. We would like to extend our thanks to the Yavapai Humane Society for helping us build our kitty family. Jack and Benny are very loved!

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in g


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Could a dog possibly get depressed? One look at Bubba in the first few hours at Yavapai Humane Society and you would know the answer is, “yes.” Bubba didn’t get along with the pets in his owner’s home so he was surrendered to us. He was a 109-lb Mastiff mix who looked like he should be itching to get past the gate to take a lap around the park or play 20 rounds of fetch. Instead, he sat in his kennel, withdrawn and listless. It broke our hearts. Vikki Lane, assistant supervisor in our Lost & Found Pet Center, couldn’t let Bubba feel so alone. She sat with him every day for the first week he arrived at the shelter. Even with frequent visits, treats and coaxing, it took Vikki two long weeks to even get a tail wag out of Bubba. They say time heals the heart. Bubba slowly transformed back into the dog we believe he always was deep down. With so much love from YHS volunteers and staff, frequent walks, rewards for good behavior, and quiet mornings getting petted on the bench by dog walkers Roger, Cece, and others, Bubba’s tail wags grew more and more frequent. Where would Bubba be without the amazing volunteers of the Yavapai Humane Society? His life wouldn’t be the same, that’s for sure! After two long months at the shelter, one dog walker knew that Bubba was supposed to go home with her. Sarah Bliss, Bubba’s new mom and YHS volunteer, signed Bubba’s adoption papers for this 109-lb ball of love after having only small dogs and a cat. She says there are absolutely no regrets! m e Bubba fit in with his smaller-sized fur siblings and is the perfect addition ha pp to their family. y!

st a rri v e d

From Heartbroken to Home

1625 Sundog Ranch Road Prescott, AZ 86301

Christmas Party Yavapai Humane Society’s

Yavapai Humane Society invites you for an evening at the Phippen Museum, honoring the homeless animals of the Yavapai Humane Society. Appreciate the fine art of the museum and celebrate the precious lives of our community’s pets.

Drinks and hors d’oeuvres served; valet parking provided. Entertainment by San Diego singer/songwriter Gene Warren.

Call 928-445-2666 x 105 or visit www.yavapaihumane.org for tickets.

Tickets: $50 per person in advance, or $75 per person at the door.

Be Santa “Claws” for a Cause December 12 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

at Phippen Museum 4701 Hwy 89 N, Prescott, Arizona

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Yavapai Humane Society Critter Chatter Summer 2015  

Yavapai Humane Society Critter Chatter Summer 2015