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Critter Chatter Spring 2016 / Annual Report





More than a shelter

YHS programs save lives

By Ed Boks

Executive Director, Yavapai Humane Society

www.yavapaihumane.org Administration & Pet Adoption Center

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Lost & Found Pet Center

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Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic

(928) 771-0547 Tues–Thurs By Appointment 2989 Centerpoint E Dr, Prescott


Friday Vaccination Clinic 8-11:30am & 1-4:30pm Toe Nail Trim · Microchipping Heartworm Testing · Vaccines

Many ask how the Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) achieved and sustained “No-Kill” for five consecutive years. YHS defines “no-kill” as applying the same criteria to deciding a homeless animal’s fate that an owner or conscientious veterinarian applies to a beloved pet. That is, animals are never euthanized out of convenience or a lack of resources – which is sadly the norm in many shelters. Instead, YHS depends on creative and effective ways to reach underserved populations with programs that provide spay/neuter services and pet retention support. This is accomplished by identifying the connection between human populations with the greatest need and animal populations at greatest risk. In this, way YHS is able to implement targeted programs designed to humanely reduce the number of homeless pets most at risk of dying prematurely in a shelter. These targeted lifesaving YHS programs include: • New Hope, which maximizes the limited resources of over 60 animal welfare organizations throughout the southwest working together to ensure every shelter animal finds a loving home. • STAR (Special Treatment and Recovery) provides medical care to abused, neglected, injured and sick animals rescued by YHS. In too many shelters, homeless pets with poor medical or behavioral conditions are rejected as adoption candidates even though they are simply reacting to the trauma of an injury or the impact of a new circumstance or surroundings. Through STAR, YHS provides traumatized animals the time and treatment needed to become adoptable with the help and support of volunteers and foster families. • FELIX (Feral Education and Love Instead of X-termination) is a feral cat TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) program. TNR is practiced in many communities across the U.S. and around the world. Feral cats are trapped, sterilized and returned under the care of a Colony Manager (a trained volunteer willing to feed, water, and care for the colony). TNR is the only program proven to reduce the number of feral cats while also serving as an effective neighborhood rodent abatement program; • Safety Net helps pets and their families stay together through difficult financial times, dislocations, hospitalizations, evictions, etc. Many families face crises that prompt the surrender of a beloved pet even though the crisis is likely to be temporary. Safety Net provides foster placement, veterinary help, counseling and other remedies to help prevent a pet from losing its home and family because of a temporary crisis. • The Big Fix provides low or no-cost spay/neuter services to pets of needy families. • The YHS Volunteer Program that includes fostering and animal behavior training prior to adoption. It’s your gifts to YHS that keep these lifesaving programs available to thousands of homeless pets in our community. YOU ensure our community continues to be the safest in the nation for pets. In fact, your financial support has already reduced shelter killing 96 percent over six years. Thank you for sustaining a No Kill environment for pets in need in 2015 and paving the future for even more animals to be saved this year and into the future!

2015 YHS Financials


Above: Breta and her new mom Jennifer. Cover dogs: Puppies Tigger, Andy, and Taylor. Breta, Tigger, Andy, and Taylor were rescued from a hoarding situation. For more info on their hoarding case visit our blog at yavapaihumane.org


Adoptions and Lost & Found Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic YHS Thrift Shop Municipal Contracts



Special Events $89,465 Contributions $889,927


TOTAL EXPENSES Program Services Management Fundraising

Bequests $436,149

$292,523 $451,848 $313,402 $243,504

$2,247,589 $221,967 $305,607


* Complete financial statements are available by request.

Fundraising Management



Program Services


Net Loss $58,345*

Our Miracle Puppy, Trooper In March, we celebrated the adoption of a little puppy named Trooper. Left for dead in a dumpster, Trooper was found by a high schooler who was picking her younger brother and sister up from a park after school. She brought Trooper to the shelter and our Chief Veterinarian Dr. Volkman immediately brought the puppy back to the Clinic to be treated. Trooper was hypoglycemic (dangerously low blood sugar), starving, and blind. The Clinic diligently gave Trooper fluids every two hours and that evening Vet Tech Christine Campbell took him home with her and continued to treat Trooper. Having to work the next day, Christine finally had to go to bed at 1am but thought that she wouldn’t see this little puppy alive in the morning. He surprised her and made it through the night. But Clinic was still worried about this little guy. He was still blind and experienced seizures for two days. We thought even if he made it, Trooper would probably have ongoing neurological problems. But Trooper isn’t called “Trooper” for any old reason. He again pulled through until his seizures stopped and his eyesight even fully returned within that first week. Now it was time to help him gain weight. YHS administrative staff member, Kerry Whaley, Development Assistant, gladly decided to foster Trooper. With a calorie-rich diet he grew stronger by the day. By day Trooper came to work with Kerry and he became the Admin office dog for a couple weeks. He was a happy boy who loved playing fetch and napping in the sun. YHS Behaviorist Ariel Redd came to visit Trooper every so often and even taught Trooper how to “speak”. Within a few weeks, Trooper had more than doubled his weight (from just under two pounds to over 4 lbs.), was experiencing no neurological issues, and he was ready for his neuter surgery. Shortly after, a nice woman came to the shelter interested in adopting 8-year-old Dachshund Penny and decided Trooper should also go home with her to keep them company!



Above: Trooper in the YHS clinic with Christine

Left: Trooper with foster mom Kerry (right) and adopted mom (left)

36,750 Pounds Dog Food 88,704 Ounces Wet Dog Food 1,500 Pounds Dry Cat Food 42,541 Ounces Wet Cat Food

mals in 2015 ni A 7 25 3, d ve Sa y et ci So e an Yavapai Hum & Found Programs e, and Lost Through Our Adoption, New Hop TOTAL ADOPTIONS 706 CATS I 1245 DOGS RETURNED TO OWNERS 17 CATS I 744 DOGS

23% For





13% hest rate in Arizona and one of

live-release rate. The hig 2015 YHS Sustained a 96.94%

the highest in our country.


2015 Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic Report SURGERIES FOR PUBLIC PETS Spays Neuters

Total 1,574 1,479

Dogs 708 641

Cats 866 838

spay and neuters *Of the 1,704 feline feral cats above, 397 were on


rgeries from Total spay/neuter su , 2009 to 17 er open Septemb 15. 20 , 31 December

2015 Clinic Report

1,284 215 462

Spay/Neuter surgeries for shelter pets in 2015 162 cats · 320 kittens 525 dogs · 171 puppies

Animals received foster care from volunteer foster families in 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Phyllis Mr. and Mrs. Scheuerman with Dr. Volkman Scheuerman have blessed Yavapai Humane Society over and again for years and recently enabled the purchase of a portable dental radiograph machine. It is no exaggeration to say that treating an animal’s oral health may save its life. Dental radiographs allow detailed examination of the teeth, tooth roots and the bone that surrounds the roots. Without this equipment, it is impossible to be sure if teeth that appeared healthy on the outside are not compromised on the inside. Periodontal disease occurs five times as often in pets as it does in people. This can cause great pain in animals, resulting in behavior issues due to their discomfort. Furthermore, gum disease deposits bacteria into the bloodstream and can cause heart problems and a host of other fatal health issues. The dental health of an animal is critical to their overall wellbeing. Biggie - Dental Patient Take Biggie the cat for example. When Biggie arrived at our shelter last summer he was a grumpy boy and wasn’t eating very well. We suspected something was wrong with his teeth but could not find the problem without dental x-rays. A local veterinarian was kind enough to give us a sizeable discount to take the x-rays. Though the procedure was still expensive, it allowed us to find a condition causing inflamed gums that is commonly life-threatening in cats. Biggie was in severe pain. After the veterinarian extracted all his teeth, including the root tip (which can be left behind and result in infection without the help of a radiograph), Biggie is a different cat. He no longer has an unfriendly disposition; he became a love bug. It did not take long to find Biggie’s adopter once he was feeling better and he shortly went home with a forever family. Thanks to the Scheuerman’s kindness and compassion, we will now be able to better diagnose, treat, and save animals like Biggie.

Thrift Store S H Y t a s e v li & y e n Save mo

S.T.A.R. Animals*

*Special Treatment and funds to care for medic Recovery, S.T.A.R., provides euthanized for in other al needs that an animal may be shelters. YHS believes Kill Ethic and will continu in its No e fund we go to when weto heal animals. This is the nee d to cov er costs treatments including me dicine, x-rays, medical of and reconstructive surger tes ies that our budget can ts, ’t support otherwise.


New dental machine saves lives

ad, Prescott, AZ 01 Iron Springs Ro 16 e: or St t rif Th YHS

re s at the Thrift Sto ay D e al S ff O % Upcoming 50 Prevention Day l Dog Bite May 16 - Nationa als’ Day nal Homeless Anim August 20 - Natio

Become a monthly donor, help eliminate pet homelessness YHS Compassion Allies are the sustainers to Yavapai Humane Society’s work to care for animals in need and end pet homelessness. Through monthly donations, Compassion Allies provide Yavapai Humane Society with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead. When you join Yavapai Humane Society’s Compassion Allies, you will join a special group of people so we can feed, shelter, give medical treatment, and adopt pets into forever homes. Together, we can be a voice for animals in need and eliminate pet homelessness.

Gifts in Memory of

Kay Derner Charlotte Marshall Sybil Trimmer Marilyn Trimmer Mary Beth McQueen David Manship & Mary Timpany Lief Erikson Bob & Tracy Sine Eleanor JoAnne Mills Elizabeth Thomas

Gifts in Honor of In honor of Eleanor Mills

Maxine Pollock in honor of Grant Thayen’s birthday Donald & Juith Guthrie in honor of J. Balonon

Gifts in Memory of Pets

Steven & Elizabeth Peterson in memory of Morty Jeanette Myrick in memory of Beau miss you everyday Tammy Burns to our Beloved Buster Boy, We miss you boy Deborah Korda to Scotter, in Loving Remembrance In memory of Bugsy Evans, Who knows what it was like living on the streets Anamarie & Gary Cunningham in memory of family past & present & to the furry souls past Judith Ubaldi in memory of Molly In memory of Copper Tobey Levine in memory of ChaCha Catherine Palm-Gessner in memory of Moose our beloved Dog Ozzie & Lucy in memory of Squirtle Jim & Gloria Peterson in memory of "Mac" Big wonderful sweet boy FBob & Constance Thacker in memory of Sam Tarhan's Dog Eddie Donald Socha in memory of Prince Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bridwell in memory of Tonya Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bridwell in memory of Hannah our beloved dog Sue Smith in memory of Our Wonderful Friend & neighbor Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bridwell in memory of Max Joan Banta in memory of Sadie Jan Anderson in memory of Piper Kathy Stevens in memory of Randall

Become a Compassion Ally today and enjoy: • Hassle-free monthly donations • Automatic donation from your credit card or checking account • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately • Complete statements provided for tax purposes • Quarterly newsletters on our progress • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time • Access to tour YHS facilities and meet staff by appointment Become a Compassion Ally by checking the “For a monthly gift” box on the remittance envelope in this newsletter or by selecting a monthly donation at www.yavapaihumane.org/donate.

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Thank You, Volunteers!








MONETARY VALUE OF VOLUNTEER $23.07 (as estimated by Independent Sector)


Thank You Donors

Donor recognition from Jan. 1, 2015 - April 1, 2016

Animal Angel MCS Charitable Foundation Petco Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County Norma Geri Smith Robert D. Ullery Bassett Revocable Living Trust Jutta Blessing David Reed Sr. Prep Nygord Margaret Stidworthy Don Nierling Violet Dietrich Ingebritson Family Foundation ATRS Wanda McCall Solange Charas Harry F. Dise Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Brooks Dreyfus Tech-specialties, INC Norman Staats Banfield Charitable Trust Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Animal Champion Rocwell C Webb Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Arnone Joseph Waesche Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryniak Arizona Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Richard Belveal Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davidson ASPCA Garce Futerer Timothy T Day Foundation Friends of Animals, Inc Bissell Pet Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Heath Animal Visionary Thrivent Financial for Lutheran's Avion Management Corp ExxonMobil Foundation Patrick Lilly Joyce Mackin Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lang Diana Kruglick Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O'Brien Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital Norman Caouette Edmund Optics, Inc. Honeywell International Charity Matching Pets Smart John Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jerry S. Kipp Mr. & Mrs. William Seyfried DJ & T Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stu Horn Donna Bledsoe Gerald & Phyllis Scheuerman George Jacobs


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Melvin Scarbrough Mr. & Mrs. Marc Sauvageau William Rowe James Meredith Warren Smith Collin Smith Hunter M. Bachrach Kathleen Owens Mr. & Mrs. Roger Berndt Joseph M. Gouveia John Gunter Louis Poppler Merle Rice Nancy Hughes Tommy Byrd Richard Odorter Gina Gillman Joyce Huesemann Maria Boedigheimer Heather Carr Sharon Lopez Richard Wood, Jr. Irma Kesler Frank Kaukol Nancy Cusimano Martha Robertson Cheryl Lorenzetti Robert Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Patricia Wyne Mr. & Mrs. Alex Reid Patricia A. Lorenzen Mr. & Mrs. Leon Kelly Prescott Placement Specialits Robert Quinn Norma Larsen Anne Badger Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rogers Duane Heitzman Carrie Cattabriga Harriet Gain Mike & Eve Connolly Linda Vanderbloom Peter D. Grant Mr. & Mrs. Claudia Miner Donald Augelli Marilee Rose Cyndi Hensley Mr. & Mrs. Steven Siegel Marilyn Snyder Haley Construction Laura Kass Brenda D. Purnell Pamela E. Melendez Virginia Promer Julie S. Klene Paul Lohmiller Lory Struver Rita Hundemer Wendy Graham G. Dority Lyndsey Dodd Mr. & Mrs. James Smith Debra Christensen Inc. William Johnston Linda L. Saferite Kelly L. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Trahern Chanel Wheeler Debbie White Marsha Noyes Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Fraizer Alan Servetnick Glenn Haselfeld Robert Thommen Jeanne Morrison Lorraine Muller Inis Sapio Sandra Hoffman Susan Petersen Melody Forster-Antol Donald Gerber Celia Ritter Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Exler Shirley & Mort Goldstein Harris Konstantinopoulos Jon T. Litsey Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kerzman Mr. & Mrs. Judy Miles Marcia Pfeffer Pfeffer Roger Skaggs Christine Davis Wolf Kay Becnel Linda Pratt Jeffrey & Pam Hendricks Jean Earl Fern Heckman Dave Daucher Candace Packard Jo Baumgartner Glenna Montgomery Deanne C. Brewster Karen E. Small David E. Mangan Toni Ryan Patricia Carberry

Karla Traeger Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gantz Connie Sward Carol Kruse Dennis L. Bradford Candie Chilson Martha Linda Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ted Stafford Kim Wheeler Ann & Rich Scala Dorothy Wood Mr. & Mrs. Denise Wolfe Joann Ball Mr. & Mrs. Richard L Brubaker Greg Stein Shirley Espe Rebecca Clark Mr. & Mrs. Nolan Parmer Mr. & Mrs. Neil E. Goodell Mr. & Mrs. John Doyle TimberWoof Pet Boutique Jackie Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tull Dr. & Mrs. Deborah Jane Ayers Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Calhoun Alice Butler Mavis Lavin Robret StiInson Robert Johnson Richard R. Baldauf Mr. & Mrs. Joseph King Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greenberger Natalie Houghton Mr. & Mrs. Ole Thomsen Raymond Michalowski Edythe Mannschreck Sally Parrott Helen Son Stephan A. Huston Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Casillas Norma Gibson Leigh G. Cosby Penny Warner Mary-Margaret Cook Donnald Russell Margaret McConnell David & Karen Babbitt & Spear Mr. & Mrs. James Williams Brad Veek Margaret Ross-Clunis Pat Venuto Mary H Day Cece Raak Mona Colgan Sondra Wilkening Dr. Clifford Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Traci A Klabo Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lester Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bunker Cynthia Eberhart Rudy Arena A. Goudreault Mr. & Mrs. Scott Yoerger William Ware Norman Daniel Barbara Little and David Day Mr. & Mrs. N.S. Mawk Micki Freshour Wayne Smart Linda Barron Monte Anderson Stephanie G. Brown Richard Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Sweet Shelley Rudolph Sandra Arbogast Mr. & Mrs. Phil Gates Mr. & Mrs. Jack Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vanhorsen Georgia Walton Mcgee Stacy Marcus Rover Company Pet Beds Bob & Margaret Bokelman Mr. & Mrs. John Boyd Rosemary Badgett Raymond Parada Carol A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Weber Mr. & Mrs. Cynthia A Clements Eileen M Roberts Keith & Dawn Johnson Gary Chadwick Patricia B. McCarthy Sondra Brunso Mr. & Mrs. Brent Bowen Terry Kempf Lynda Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Patterson Jerry Sell Mortgage Services, Inc. William Wolfe Tara Sholle Lynn Steely Arlene Etzold Ramona Maxwell

Steven & Beth Jaynes Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Radcliff Col. & Mrs. Jack Dillard Richard & Astryd Allen Mr. Manfred E. Poppe Mr. & Mrs. Frank Matthews Mr. & Mrs. L. James Sullivan Peter Korinko Dr. & Mrs. Frank Iorio Mr. & Mrs. Dave Felauer Mr. & Mrs. Duane & Rose Hein Gerald Kieckow Mr. & Mrs. Laura L. Norman Carole Ashworth Maxine Tartt Susan Perry Lisa Suhr Martha Lichlyter Mr. David Parker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sternaman Mr. & Mrs. Donovan Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. James Cristea Mary Jane Harwin Mr. & Mrs. John Van Fossen Ms. Kay Harlan Joy Fleming Jack Spurlock Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greer Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Starin Sara Campbell Jennifer Jordan Johnson Linda Roegge Marcia Sansoucy Ronald Hanson Barbara Gardner Marjorie Hultberg D'Ann Kavanaugh Ronald Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fadness Lavern Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Janet White Ed J. Wesolowski John Weisshaupt Alton Vergote Aleida Vanderpyl Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Van Demark James Turner Oscar & Sylvia Torres John Timmons Mr. & Mrs. Don Thomason Lise A .Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Steiner Nancy Silverstein Helen Shannon Melva Self Martha Schmalenbeck Joseph Rindone Carl Richardson Eleanor Pugh Dorothy Potter Sandra Pickens Mr. & Mrs. William Peterson David Passell Emma Paradise Caroline Palmer Janeen Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Franck McGraw Constance & Howard McClain Harriet Maxwell Dr. & Mrs. Clay C. Maupin Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Manderfield Ms. Ellen MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lofgren Mr. & Mrs. Anne Klever Mr. & Mrs. James Kilbourne Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kaus Brian Hughes Mr. & Mrs. David Hill Karen Hazeltine Mr. & Mrs. Laura Greseth Gayle L. Gregory Mr. & Mrs. Larry Greenway Mr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Gebhardt Luis & Virginia Garcia-Bunuel Mr. & Mrs. William Gallaher Lorain J. Tonnesen Virginia Dubroy Wade Dawson Kathleen Curren Mr. & Mrs. William Culver Harry Bailey Bruce Burwell Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Burtan Thelma Burington Valda Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bourke Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Boufford Richard N Boich Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Boeve Helen Bergquist Lois Battin Homer Batsakis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Basta Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Bailey

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MAY 14 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 8:00 am - Noon


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Prizes and Giveaways Kids Face Painting & Bounce House Dog Agility Pet Adoptions Strut Your Mutt Contest Discounted Vaccines and Microchips

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2015 Annual Report / Spring 2016 Critter Chatter  

2015 Annual Report / Spring 2016 Critter Chatter