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More than a shelter

Wags ‘n Whiskers University By Ed Boks

Executive Director Yavapai Humane Society

Yavapai Humane Society is thrilled to announce its new 10-week summer training course for staff, Wags ‘n Whiskers University. The course is designed to further the high quality of care provided for homeless animals at the shelter. To accommodate this training, summer hours at the YHS Adoption Center (1625 Sundog Ranch Road, Prescott, Arizona) will commence June 30 and continue through Labor Day. During these summer hours, YHS’ Adoption Center will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays to the public and open Wednesdays through Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday hours have been extended to 5:00 p.m. from 3:00 p.m., making the weekend a more convenient time for adopters to bring home their new furry family members.

Wags ‘n Whiskers University will include training on numerous animal care best practices such as disease prevention, animal behavior treatment and pet enrichment. The training will enable YHS to raise the bar on the already-high standards of animal care. As our team grows, we want to make sure that YHS continues to provide the highest quality of care for our lost and homeless pet population. The Wags ‘n Whiskers University coupled with summer hours for the YHS Adoption Center will allow our shelter to equip staff with the tools and knowledge they need to keep our shelter the safest in Arizona, and among the safest in the nation. While YHS’ Adoption Center hours will change for the summer, hours for the YHS’ satellite cat adoption center at the Prescott PetSmart store (277 Walker Road, Prescott, Arizona) will remain unchanged from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays, and 11 am. To 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Pet Adoption Center (928) 445-2666

Yavapai Humane Society Happenings

1625 Sundog Ranch Road, Prescott ____________________________________

Summer Hours

June 23 - September 1

2014 Reigning Cats & Dogs Gala September 20, 2014

Join the conversation and keep up to date on the happenings at Yavapai Humane Society online

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yavapaihumane.org yavapaihumanesociety yavapaihumane

Spay / Neuter and Wellness Clinic (928) 771-0547

2989 Centerpoint East Drive, Prescott Exit 319 Granite Dells Parkway on Hwy 89A


Yavapai Humane Society Thrift Store (928) 445-5668 1046 Willow Creek Road, Prescott

New Store Coming Soon! 1601 Iron Springs Road, Prescott

STAR Funds Save Ginger’s Life Everyone knows how cute, curious, and cuddly kittens are. They deserve to be held and played with, fawned over and adored. But Ginger, the two-month-old tabby, was not dealt the good hand that every kitten deserves. A good samaritan rushed Ginger to the Yavapai Humane Society after finding her on the side of the road in Prescott. It appears Ginger had been struck by or fallen out of a car. Her right front leg was paralyzed and it was clear she was blind. In many communities, Ginger would have been a candidate for euthanasia. Thankfully, Yavapai Humane Society rescues many severely injured or ill animals with the help of our STAR (Special Treatment and Recovery) Fund. STAR donations allow us to treat and rehabilitate many animals who would have been euthanized without medical attention. Our clinic team was able to reduce the swelling on Ginger’s brain, and to our excitement, Ginger’s eyesight was fully restored. Her paralyzed leg was amputated, but it hasn't slowed her down a bit. Ginger is just like any other kitten; full of energy to play and full of love for snuggles. The whole world seemed to fall in love with Ginger. We shared her photo on Facebook and our community shared back its unabashed compassion. After she healed, Ginger was quickly swooped up by her new forever family. For them it was love at first sight.




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Ginger would not be alive today without the Yavapai Humane Society STAR program. Donations to the YHS STAR program contribute to alleviating the suffering of hundreds of animals in our community. If you want to help other homeless animals like Ginger, please consider making a lifesaving donation to the Yavapai Humane Society STAR program. Every gift makes a difference.

15,000 Surgeries Closer to Reducing Pet Overpopulation

Critter Questions

with Dr. Jennifer Redmon, DVM Dear Dr. Redmon, I keep hearing about this new rattlesnake vaccine. My fur kid and I hike a lot. What are the pros and cons to the vaccination?

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Thank you, Protective Pooch Parent Dear Protective Pooch Parent, The year so far has been a warm one; rattlesnakes in the area may never have gone into hibernation last winter or have been active early this year. There are 300,000 dogs and cats bitten by venomous snakes each year in the United States. While the canine rattlesnake vaccine won’t make your pet immune to all effects of a rattlesnake’s venom, it can give you extra time to seek medical attention for your dog and may lessen the need for antivenom. That’s a big benefit, for your pet and your pocketbook. Testing of the vaccine showed that less than 1% of vaccinations result in a mild swelling at the injection site. The risk of not vaccinating, if you're an avid hiker or live where there are many rattlesnakes, could be forgoing precious minutes allowing you to reach a vet in time. Sincerely, Dr. Redmon

The Yavapai Humane Society Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic is celebrating a milestone – reaching its 15,000th spay/neuter surgery since opening its doors in September 2009. These services have led to the prevention of hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals born without homes. Since YHS’ public clinic opened, central and western Yavapai County has seen a 40% decline in the number of stray and/or lost animals rescued each year by YHS and a 93% decline in the number of unwanted pets killed each year. Led by veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Redmon, the clinic has made great strides toward reducing the number of unwanted litters in our community. “Each pet we sterilize is part of the solution to animal overpopulation,” says Dr. Redmon. “Every client who gets their pets spayed or neutered can consider themselves heroes who are truly saving an incalculable number of lives.” The Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic performs 30 surgeries a day on average, or an estimated 4,500 surgeries annually (surgeries performed Tuesdays through Thursdays).

Loki (pictured above and to the right), a 6-month pit bull, was YHS’ Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic’s 15,000th patient on June 4th. Her parents Paul and Alison are one of the 15,000 pet parent heroes in Yavapai County!

Behavior Department Welcomes a New Era YHS is thrilled to welcome two new animal behaviorists to our team, Shawn Marcum and Dyann Kruse. After an intensive, nation-wide search for the perfect candidates, YHS was thrilled to bring aboard these two experienced team members who we are confident will usher in the new era we have envisioned for our organization. Shawn Marcum has extensive experience training animals, is currently an equestrian trainer and rider, and has 30+ years coaching people on independent living skills. Dyann Kruse brings expertise as an enrichment director and animal trainer of multiple species for over 20 years.




This new team will help YHS develop enrichment programs for both cats and dogs so that working with the animals at YHS is more rewarding for the pets themselves, for staff, and our volunteers. They are also designing and implementing many initiatives to educate the community on animal behavior and provide additional post-adoption support.


New to the department structure is a closer alignment with the YHS medical team. Marcum and Kruse report to Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Darling, allowing pet enrichment and behavior treatment to be in tune with pets’ health and medical treatment.

ar Shawn M



Volunteer of the Quarter: Ray Bell A bright jewel in the crown of volunteers shines out each day at the Yavapai Humane Society. No one could deny the brilliance of the selfless work given by Ray Bell over the last quarter. Ray has volunteered nearly 300 hours of his time to the Yavapai Humane Society since March on our labor-intensive landscaping project that included creating flower beds, laying railroad ties, planting trees, and more.

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ray’s commitment to beautify YHS' campus and show the public that we take pride in the work we do here for the animals is to be highly commended.

Thank You Donors Donor recognition from April 1, 2014 - July 7, 2014

Animal Angel

($10,000.00 to $200,000.00)

Anonymous Arizona Community Foundation Ingebritson Family Foundation MCS Charitable Foundation Gerald & Phyllis Scheuerman The Walzer Estate

Animal Champion

($5,000.00 to $9,999.00) Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Richard Belveal Ms. Margaret Stidworthy

Animal Visionary ($2,000.00 to $4,999.00)

Anonymous ATRS Ms. Kathy Coleman & Mr. Max Fogleman Fry's Food & Drug Stores Nancy Miser & Larry Davis Renewal by Andersen

Animal Benefactor ($1,000.00 to $1,999.00)

Anonymous Animal Farm Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Conte / Cosmetic Dermatology Associates of Prescott Mr. Timothy P. Hann Mr. & Mrs. Stu Horn Mr. Patrick Lilly Ms. Judy Merante Pets For The Elderly Foundation Petsmart Charities, Inc. Ms. Marie Smith Thrivent Financial for Lutheran's Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe

Golden Paw

($500.00 to $999.00)

Anonymous Susan & Raymond Bell Ms. Susan E. Bettcher Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Lyn DeLano Ms. Sandra Derr Ms. Elena Espinosa Ms. Doris Frechette Mr. & Mrs. Scott Griggs Mr. Stanley Hobbs Moorehead Communications The Razoo Foundation Ms. Jacqueline S. Scott Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sklar Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Tenison Mr. Cory Trapp Ms. Marilyn Trimmer Ms. Cathlene Wright Ms. Judith Zurbriggen

Silver Paw

($250.00 to $499.00)


Ms. Edith Andrews-Bernocco Mr. Craig Bresof Ms. Victoria Cocker Ms. Betty De Jong Ms. Dale Dillinger Ms. Nicki Freshour Ms. Paula Green & Mr. Brian Ray Ms. Mary Hoffmann Ms. Amy Jayo Mr. Gary D. Jeranson Ms. Elaine Kuykendall Ms. Joyce Mackin Ms. Sherrie Orr Mr. & Mrs. Paul Plummer Ms. Maxine Pollock Mrs. Lydia Powell Ms. Brenda D. Purnell Ms. Marcia Reinhart Ms. Deborah Schaaf Ms. Karen Small Mr. & Mrs. Walter Strow Mrs. Mary Supergan / Tails Horse Rescue Mr. Charles K. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Trahern

Bronze Paw

($100.00 to $249.00)

Anonymous Acorn Montessori School Mr. & Mrs. Richard Acosta Ms. Joan Adamak American Express Company Employee Giving Program Ms. Karen Andreasen & Ms. Julie Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. William Andreozzi Ms. Diane M. Andres Ms. Mary E. Andrews Ms. Sharon Andrus-Felker Ms. Christine A. Arbogast Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Arnone Ms. Elizabeth Atkeson Ms. Sherri Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Axley Mrs. Pannarai Bell Ms. Margaret Belson Ms. Sarah Bennett Ms. Helen Bergquist Ms. Martha Bern Ms. Marilyn Blue & Ms. Helen Wright Mr. John Brackman Mr. William Braddy Mr. & Mrs. William Bradshaw Mr. & Mrs. John Britt Ms. Florine Brower Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Brubaker Mr. & Mrs. Michael Buchta Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bunker Mrs. Diana Butitta Ms. Shirley Campbell Ms. Nancy Cantrell Mr. Charles E. Carter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Chesson Mr. & Mrs. Bob Coe

Mr. Richard Cook Ms. Karen Cooke Mr. Richard Covey Mr. & Mrs. Thad Crooks Mr. & Mrs. William Culver Jerry & Kathy Cunningham Ms. Suzanne St. Cyr David Beaty Studios Ms. Eva Decker Ms. Amelia Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ellegood Ms. Charmaine Emerald Mr. John Ferkan Mr. John Field Ms. Martha Flessner Ms. Cheryl Florence Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fornaro Ms. Golda J. Black Fournier Ms. Luanne Frederick Ms. Barb Freund Ms. Althea B. Friedman Ms. Karen S. Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Fuller Ms. Sharon Gates & Mr. Glen Steelman Mr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Gebhardt Mr. David Genther Mr. Keith Gilroy Mr. & Mrs. James Ginn Ms. A. Goudreault Granite Mountain Fitness, LLC Ms. Dixie Green Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greer Mr. & Mrs. Diane L. Greninger / R G Bar Paint Horses Mr. Scott Griffith Mr. & Mrs. James Gross Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haber Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haines Ms. Linda Hammarlund Ms. Karleen Hammitt Mr. David Hartke & Ms. Brenda Dabbs Ms. Mary Jane Harwin Ms. Desari Herrera Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hicks Mr. & Mrs. James Hiller Ms. Donna Holick / Whisker's Barkery Mr. James H. Holt Mr. & Mrs. Roland Hook Mr. & Mrs. James Howard Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hudson Ms. Mae Huff Ms. Rita J. Hundemer Mr. Christopher Hussey IBM Employee Services Center Jamie Johnson Ms. Patricia Joralemon Ms. Irene Karcic Mr. & Mrs. Tony Karcic Mrs. Laura Kass Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kelley Ms. Barbara H. Kennedy & Ms. Carla Jones Ms. Deahn Kincaid Mr. & Mrs. Jerry S. Kipp Knife River Construction Mr. Peter Korinko Ms. Peggy Kredel Ms. Jane Kroner

Ms. Tammy Landry Rev. Wayne Lang Mr. & Mrs. John Larson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lawlyes LibertyGives Foundation Mr. Leonard Link Mr. Jon T. Litsey Mr. Selmer D. Lutey Mr. David E. Mangan Ms. Linda S. Mankel Mr. & Mrs. John Mann Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marchessault Ms. Sondra Marcum Mr. & Mrs. Allan Marks Ms. Valerie Marsh Ms. Andrea Mazel Mr. & Mrs. Howard McClain Mr. Charles McDonald Dr. Anna McFarlin Mr. & Mrs. Gerald McNew Mr. Pamela E. Melendez Mrs. Joan Melquist Ms. Sarah Meyer Mr. & Mrs. James Miller Ms. Judy Miller Mr. Rebecca R. Miller Ms. Stephanie Miller Ms. Barbara Miske Dr. Ronda Moffit Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Bret Moran Mr. Donn Moseley Ms. Melanie Moser / Pawsitive Balance Massage Ms. Darlene Neberman Ms. Betty Newell Ms. Rosemary Noble Ms. Janet Noriega Mrs. Marsha Noyes Mrs. Wanda O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Ossanna Ms. Nancy Palazzi Ms. Janice Palmer Mr. Raymond Parada Mr. & Mrs. David Paradise Mr. & Mrs. David Passell Mr. & Mrs. William Peterson Cameron Pierce Mr. Manfred E. Poppe Ms. Dorothy Potter Prescott Animal Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Raskin Mr. & Mrs. William Rayl Mr. & Mrs. Gill Read Mr. John Reding / Full Swing Sports Center Mr. Duane Scott Reed Mr. Ronald Reega Mrs. Suzie Rethman Mr. Richard Rhodes Mr. Joseph Rindone G.E. Roberts Ms. Linda M. Roberts Jackie Robinson Ms. JoAnna Rosciam Ms. Linda Rothlisberg Ms. Joyce A. Rozanskas Mr. Donald G. Russell

Mr. & Mrs. Trent Russell Ms. Suzette Russi Mrs. Karen Sable / Pet Sitting By Karen T. Sable Col. & Mrs. Art Saboski Ms. Mary E. Sachse Ms. Tamara Sampson Ms. Sandra Sandersfeld Mr. Steven Scheibel Ms. Martha Schmalenbeck Ms. Linda Schreiber Ms. Sandy Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Clay Seaman Mr. & Mrs. James Sexton Ms. Tansy S. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Rowle Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Janice L. Snyder Mr. Donald Socha Mr. Robert A. Kinsman Sr. Mrs. Nancy Stamile / Stamile Heavy Truck Parts Ms. Deana Starkey Mr. Chuck Sterling Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Steyer Ms. Carolyn Stone Mr. Stephen Straussner Ms. Lory Struver Ms. Guyola Stutzman Mrs. Kristi Sullivan Mr. Alex Szecsody Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Tanko / Chuck Tanko Racing Ms. Maxine Tartt Mr. James Taylor Ms. Elizabeth L. Templeton Mr. Richard J. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Thorpe Ms. Jeanette Treuel Mr. Robert C. Trumpfheller Ms. Roberta Tyler Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Van Demark Ms. June Vance Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ver Velde Ms. Kathryn Vines Ms. Amber Hurley Vinje Ms. Glenda Wagner Mr. Wanda Waldenberger Mrs. Marjorie Wamboldt Ms. Pennie Jo Wamboldt Mr. John Warren Mr. & Mrs. Harold Watters Ms. Diana L. Weedon Mr. & Mrs. Neil Weiss Mr. & Mrs. William S. Weiss Ms. Cheryl Williams Mr. & Mrs. James M. Williams Ms. Patricia Williamson Ms. Veronica Wilson Ms. Barbara Wing Mr. & Mrs. Martin Wisniewski Ms. Michele Wolfgram Al & Pamela Young Mr. Charles Zunker Accidental misspelling, omission, or correction? Please accept our deepest apologies and email donate@yavapaihumane.org so we may correct the error.

We PAWS to Thank You Critter Chatter Page 5

It is impossible to believe we are mid-way through this year already. We would be remiss to not take a moment to PAWS and say thank you for your support. The Yavapai Humane Society welcomes each animal in need with open arms every day. Lost pets and families are reunited, life-saving medical procedures are provided, animals find their furrr-ever homes. None of these things would be possible without the generosity of this animal-loving community. Please join us throughout the second half of this year to make a better life for each homeless animal that comes through the Yavapai Humane Society’s doors. Every gift counts. yavapaihumane.org/donate

Gifts in Honor of Denny Harts' Birthday Honda (the awesome wonder dog) Jacque Pollock's Birthday Rhea Thayer's Birthday Mark Wallace's birthday

We are incredibly grateful for our sponsors who helped make our year-round life-saving programs possible!

Gifts in Memory of Shirley Berger Roger Bessette Callie Harriet Hogan Frank Lampson Suzanne (Sue) Marchessault Sandi Markham Carolita Mentz Cindy Miller's Mother Buddy Moeck Jahala Noble Ford David Palmer, Jr. Prince Shawn and Shane Pat Starling Dawn Turner

Ranchero Raffle Buy a ticket, save a life.

Saturday, September 20 The Prescott Resort

Look for the invite soon! More details coming soon to www.yavapaihumane.org.

Purchase your tickets online at www.yavapaihumane.org

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Save the date for the furriest celebration in town. Join animal lovers for a royal evening of good food, good friends, and a great cause.

Thanks to a generous donor, we are excited to launch our 3rd Annual YHS Car Raffle! Purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win a gorgeous, fully restored 1966 Ford Ranchero for only $10! With your help, we are ready to make 2014 the most successful, life-saving year in YHS history. Help us get started today by buying a raffle ticket and providing a day of shelter for an animal in need. There are only 2,500 tickets available so buy yours before they sell out!

1625 Sundog Ranch Road Prescott, AZ 86301

Secure your ticket now!

Tuck this information form into the enclosed donor envelope with your payment information and we’ll take care of the rest. Your gala tickets will be waiting for you at the check in table.

We will be honored to attend Reigning Cats and Dogs. Number of Tickets at $100 each = ______

$ _____________

Table of 10 at $900 each = ______

$ _____________

Additional contribution to help save local animals

$ _____________

Additional gift to save local animals / contribution in lieu of tickets $ _____________ Total $ _____________

Dinner Choice (please provide quantity of each dinner preference): ___ New York Steak

___ Southwest Chicken

 Enclosed is my check payable to Yavapai Humane Society.

___ Butternut Squash Risotto

Vegan, Vegetarian, & Gluten Free meal.

 Please charge my: Visa



CARD NUMBER _______________________________________________EXPIRATION__________ SECURITY CODE___________ NAME ON CARD________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________CITY________________________STATE______ZIP _______________ PHONE_________________________________ EMAIL ________________________________________________________________ NAMES ON TICKET(S) __________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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