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Dr. Penny Wills’ thoughts about YC nine months into the job


The Campaign for the

Southwest Wine Center at YC


$3 million campaign for the premier academic center supporting wine growers throughout the southwest United States.


YCF Endowed Scholarship Funds

So far this year, nine new YCF endowed student scholarship funds have been established.

10 Celebrate the 20


Anniversary of the YC Performing Arts Center

Yavapai College Performing Arts Center (YCPAC) will celebrate its 20th anniversary by throwing a party and everyone’s invited!

12 F RIENDS of YC Art Sculpture Garden update


A publication of Yavapai College Foundation

Board Officers Dr. Richard Wright, President Oren Thompson, Immediate Past President William C. Miller, III, First Vice President Dr. John E. La Tourette, Second Vice President Howard Moody, Treasurer Patricia Arntzen, Secretary Dr. Penny Wills, Yavapai College President Board Members Bob Bockrath G. Basil Davies Martin Gottlieb Pam Haber Ernie Jones Sr. Dr. Bertrand Kaper Paul Madden Perry Massie Bonnie McMinn Bob Oliphant Jean Phillips (Emeritus) Karen Rizk Steve Rutherford Sharon Scanlan Regina Younger Ex-officio Members: Clint Ewell, YC Vice President of Administration & Finance Frank Fitzgerald (Parliamentarian) Deb Bentlage, President, Friends of Verde Arts Charles Thomas, President, Friends of Music Patsy Ray, President, Friends of the YC Library Ray Sigafoos, District Governing Board Liaison

Gary Cassidy, President, FRIENDS of YC Art Steve Walker, Executive Director, Foundation and YC Vice President, of College Advancement David Snyder, President, Roughrider Club Julie Larson, President, Greater Verde Valley Chapter Jodi Williams, Alumni Outreach YCF and Development Staff Linda Buchanan, Legacy Liaison, Greater Verde Valley Linda Clark, Development Coordinator, Greater Verde Valley Barbara Claybaugh, Alumni Outreach Director Kim Flores, Coordinator, College Development and Foundation MaryAnn Gallagher, Foundation Assistant Marcia Jacobson, Grants Officer Paul Kirchgraber, Director of Development Jeanne Welch, Director of Finance and Operations Focus is published by the Yavapai College Foundation 1100 E. Sheldon St. Prescott, AZ 86301 (928) 776-2025 The mission of the Yavapai College Foundation is to support Yavapai College objectives and activities through resource development and promote community awareness of the College and its programs.

Community Colleges have long been recognized as the primary postsecondary institutions serving local and regional workforce needs. Here at Yavapai College we focus on aligning our goals with regional economic development efforts and partnering with area industries to ensure a stable supply of skilled workers for employers in the communities we serve. According to Richard Kazis, senior vice-president at Jobs for the Future and author of a report from the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, community colleges are especially critical in preparing students for middle skill jobs which will grow faster than any other category in the next seven years. He goes on to state, “Our more than 1,100 community colleges stand at the intersection of workforce demand and supply, making them a valuable resource for future economic development, but we risk squandering this resource if we do not re-shape state and regional economic development strategies to get maximum value out of our investment.” We take pride in being nimble to quickly address workforce training needs for new and emerging businesses. There are times however when the College budget cannot quickly accommodate these new education and training needs and that is when the Yavapai College Foundation becomes the critical partner to raise the necessary funds. A state of the art lab school for YC early childhood education students was a high priority among Prescott citizens and YCF raised $2,200,000 to build it ahead of schedule. When area manufacturers approached YC about starting a new Computerized Numerical Control Machinist Program, YCF stepped up to purchase the first two machines and then over the past three years raised more than $200,000 to further equip the program. Today, the program has 3 Haas Lathe’s, 4 Haas Mills (one with a 5th axis), 1-Dimension SST 1200es 3D scanner and printer,

and 16 Haas simulators, and every class is filled to capacity. Another dimension to meeting area workforce needs is to ensure that prospective students have the financial resources they need to complete YC certificates and degrees. Thanks to a major gift from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott, YC Financial Aid Department will now have 24 new full tuition and fee scholarships each year for nursing and radiology technology students. Additionally, YCF now offers YC students scholarships each year from the more than 100 named endowed scholarship funds. In the lead story, you read about YC’s plans to establish The Southwest Wine Center, in response to the workforce training needs of the burgeoning wine industry in the Verde Valley and throughout the Southwestern United States. Again, YCF will step forward to raise the approximately $3,000,000 to plant the vineyard and build the new academic winery and knowledge gateway and repository. Like the impressive success stories above, we are hopeful to meet this impressive challenge, thanks to the heartfelt generosity of all of you, the donors who care so much about Yavapai College. Thank you! Steven M. Walker Executive Director

SPRING 2012 1

Message from the YC president

Yavapai College (see cover story). Also, the Resource Enterprise Development Committee is committed to investigating new and innovative projects that have the potential to generate additional revenue streams for YC. When I joined the Yavapai College Foundation Board five years ago I was immediately impressed with the caliber of its members and their dedication to Yavapai College and our community. Over the ensuing years I have watched this commitment continue to grow to the point where today the Board is a vibrant and spirited organization that is fully engaged in fulfilling its mission to the College and community. The Board of Directors has grown and matured into a group of 31 ambassadors and advocates for Yavapai College. We understand clearly that Yavapai College Foundation exists solely to assist YC and the communities it serves. We are much more knowledgeable about YC programs and resource needs and are comfortable sharing that information with our friends and colleagues. We also realize that our role is to raise money and awareness in support of YC and we embrace that challenge. Most of our work is accomplished through highly functioning committees. The Finance Committee ensures that the assets of YCF are protected and its funds invested and managed prudently. The Scholarship Committee has set a goal to be responsible to establish 5 new endowed student scholarships, in addition to those generated by YCF staff members. The Fundraising Committee is overseeing an endowment campaign to grow the YCF endowment to $16,000,000 by 2020, and a capital campaign to raise $3,000,000 in the next two years to build the Southwest Wine Center at


I am also very proud of the YCF auxiliaries and the Greater Verde Valley Chapter (GVVC). Friends of Art recently raised the money to add a beautiful new sculpture and are well on the way to completing Phase 4 of the Sculpture Garden. Although still relatively new, Friends of Music raised $59,767 to endow a scholarship fund in honor of long-time choral director, Dr. Will Fisher. Our newest auxiliary, Friends of the Library, immediately went to work and established a charming used book outlet in the Prescott Campus Library that is bringing in a reliable stream of income for this outstanding community resource. The GVVC Board has grown steadily and matured impressively since it was resurrected 6 years ago. Last fiscal year, it doubled the total revenue as compared to the year before, and so far this fiscal year they have already doubled what they raised last year. Finally, I want to highlight the YCF staff. They are a small group but each team member is highly skilled in their areas of expertise and all bring deep background and experiences to their challenging fundraising and awareness-building responsibilities. They have met and exceeded their goals each year for the past 6 years. As I near the completion of two years of service as YCF Board President, I want to thank all of you in the communities we serve for the many ways you support Yavapai College through the Yavapai College Foundation. It has been a pleasure to serve as your President and I look forward to my continued service as a Board member, volunteer and donor. Dr. Richard Wright YCF Board President

During these past nine months, I have been asked many times… what attracted you to Yavapai College? I must say, everything I had heard about our great College has proven to be very positive. I can assure you that Yavapai has exceeded my expectations in every respect. Our faculty and staff, including the many volunteers, give tirelessly of their professional expertise; continuously demonstrate their strong belief in students; and are living examples of true educators. Yet, that still doesn’t adequately capture what was the attraction for me.

I believe in making a difference in one’s life. It’s not about me; it’s about how can I make someone’s life better. I feel strongly that education is the key to this development. At this point in my life I sought a very tough challenge in my career. I wanted to lead a college which was already known for its strength and take it forward. As we all know, it can be very self-satisfying, as well as easy to identify, colleges that need help. Your tasks are very apparent and one can quickly look like a hero. But to take a strong college like Yavapai and create a culture of accountability, service, and continuous improvement is much more challenging. Our educational programs are now continuously reviewed to ensure that we meet the education and workforce training needs of our communities. Our new program in viticulture and enology will serve not only our county and state but the entire Southwest. Our preengineering program is just one example of the many

critical links we have with our high schools so that our children are exposed to cutting edge careers. Yavapai College is very respected by our communities for our commitment to Economic Development. We believe in Access, Success, and Improving Everyone’s Quality of Life. Our relationships with our constituents are known for transparency and accountability. As I encourage many of our new students to get to know their faculty and to let their faculty get to know them, I welcome you to do the same. Please visit your College soon. Get to know the new Yavapai College. And even more important, let us get to know you! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the months to come. Thank you for the honor of being your president.

SPRING 2012 3


t the center of a movement to strengthen and transform Yavapai County’s rural economy by building on the momentum of the emerging wine industry is Yavapai College. The Southwest Wine Center, located on the Verde Valley campus in Clarkdale, AZ, will be the premier academic center supporting wine growers throughout the southwest United States.

Knowledge Gateway and Data Repository

The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College will serve as a catalyst for knowledge discovery and information sharing. The College will manage a knowledge gateway and repository that will make historical data about Arizona land, soil and water use, as well as new information about grape growing and winemaking in the desert Southwest accessible to the public. The gateway will provide a portal to research, articles, books, videos and websites in digital format, as well as to archived information.

Business Linkages


Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College

The Southwest Wine Center will create opportunities for industry collaboration and information-sharing that supports the economic development of the wine industry in the Verde Valley. It will foster entrepreneurship and serve as a clearinghouse for linking new businesses to the resources needed for success. Social networks created through the Center will facilitate the transfer of knowledge about techniques, emerging technologies, and market trends among industry partners. It will also provide the mechanism to allow newcomers to enter the industry and make connections with local producers.

The need for an The Center will serve as a hub of education, research and rural economic development activity designed to support a young viticulture industry in achieving its potential as a significant US wine producing region. At the core of the Center will be:

Academic Programs

The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College will provide high-quality technical training in viticulture (grape growing) and enology (winemaking) that will ensure that local growers have the trained workforce they need. A one-year Certificate in Viticulture is currently available, with the Associate of Applied Science in Viticulture and Enology scheduled to be offered in the Fall 2012. Non-credit community education and lifelong learning opportunities in wine appreciation will further enhance and encourage the region’s residents to participate in wine activities. 4

Student-run Vineyard

A 20 acre vineyard, planted in the foothills of Mingus Mountain on Yavapai College’s Verde Valley campus, will provide students with handson real world, scientific experience in vineyard establishment and management including, plant science, water management, vine selection, land preparation, and planting and harvesting the grapes.

Full-Production Teaching Winery

Students will learn the concepts of producing wine at the state-of-the-art teaching winery. The winery will have production areas and barrel and case storage to support production of 3,000 cases of wine per year. Students will gain experience in the marketing and business aspects of the wine industry by working in the tasting room with its adjoining trellis-covered tasting patio.

Academic Wine Center


o great wine producing region can grow without a prominent academic partner. Arizona is no exception. Yavapai College is uniquely positioned to assume this role due to its geographic location, history of developing quality education/training programs and a deeply rooted commitment to regional economic development.

A Trained Workforce

For more than 45 years Yavapai College has been providing workplace training and degree programs for the community. The Southwest Wine Center

at Yavapai College will provide wine growers with the trained workers they need for their industry to grow and thrive. Industry partners will be involved in planning and teaching meaningful courses. Residents will have access to local training that leads to a rewarding career in their own community.

Hands-On Experience Combined with Academic Study

The student-run vineyard and academic winery will both serve as teaching labs that will provide students with real world experience that cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting alone. Students will also gain business experience through marketing and sales of Yavapai College-labeled wine.

Good for the Environment

The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College will establish academic programs that promote natural resource conservation as a core value. Wine grapes are a naturally low water use crop capable of creating a sustainable industry well-suited to a desert environment.

Knowledge Discovery

Though grapes have been grown in Arizona for hundreds of years, the commercial wine industry is very young. While off to a great start, there is still much to learn about practices that capitalize upon, and sustain, our unique environment. The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College will provide leadership that advances our understanding of best practices for growing grapes in the desert southwest.

Business Development

As the industry grows new businesses will open or relocate nearby to take advantage of the expanding market. The wine industry will support businesses involved in packaging, marketing, storing, selling and shipping wine, as well as those that provide the supplies and maintain the equipment for the businesses. While total spending by wine industry members with other private firms totaled more than $6.5 million during 2009, regional business expansion will result in a larger percentage of business-to-business expenditures staying in the region. SPRING 2012 5

Wine –

available, the campaign offers a meaningful menu of funding alternatives and financial partnerships.

A New Economic Engine for the Region

To learn more about how you can help, please contact the Yavapai College Foundation.


• Paul Kirchgraber, Prescott campus, (928) 717-7773

ashington State serves as a benchmark for the substantial economic impact made possible by wine industry growth. Today, in Washington, the wine industry attracts over 2 million annual visitors and has a total economic impact on the state of over $3 billion. This is Arizona’s potential!

• Linda Buchanan, Verde Valley campus, (928) 634-6530

Wine represents a new core industry in Arizona, most notably in the Verde Valley region of Yavapai County. In 2009/2010, just three years after the first commercial winery began operating in the region, there were 17 vineyards, 13 wineries and 10 tasting rooms and the total of all economic activity in Arizona related to Verde Valley wine was estimated to be $25 million. Since that time the industry has experienced phenomenal growth. In 2009 there were 78 acres in production. A little over a year later, the acreage had grown to approximately 150 acres. The expectation is that the acreage will again double in less than two years. Further, as vineyards and wineries increase, so will other ancillary businesses involved in packaging, marketing, storing, selling and shipping wine. In addition, significant economic impact will occur as a result of increases in wine-related tourism. It is clear that the wine industry has the potential to create diverse business opportunities that will generate new jobs providing numerous opportunities for local employment to Verde Valley residents. As the wine industry grows, the region’s economy will be impacted by increased wine-related tourism. The verdant Verde Valley sits between historic Prescott and artistic Sedona, two locations that already draw many visitors. A strong wine industry will build upon this natural advantage. An estimated $15 million in additional economic activity is already generated in Yavapai and Coconino counties due to Verde Valley wine sales and Verde Valley wine tourism that takes place outside the wineries and tasting rooms. 6

$3 Million Campaign Goal to Establish the

Southwest Wine Center From Vision to Reality


avapai College has embarked on an ambitious Capital Campaign to raise the $3 million necessary to bring the vision of an academic wine center to reality. Campaign priorities are to: • Build a modern LEED-certified teaching winery • Install a 20-acre low-water use vineyard • Establish the Knowledge Gateway and Data Repository for Viticulture at YC • Develop and implement Viticulture and Enology certificate and degrees programs

Central to the Campaign for the Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College are the planting of 20-acres of vineyards and a state-of-the-art teaching winery located in the heart of Verde Valley wine country in Clarkdale, AZ. These facilities will serve as a gathering place for research and education to spark innovation, fuel economic development, support regional and national collaboration, and provide a catalyst for research. Gifts would help support the construction and outfitting of this facility and would receive appropriate naming recognition. The capital campaign has been structured to provide a variety of opportunities for involvement. With numerous high profile naming opportunities SPRING 2012 7

YCF Passes Historical Milestone – 100 Endowed

Scholarship Funds

Gift Planning – Legacy League ScholarshipPlus+

— Over the past eight years, $1,100,000 has been awarded to more than 1,100 students. So far this year, nine new Yavapai College Foundation (YCF) endowed student scholarship funds have been established. This brings the total to 102 separate scholarships, funded by generous donors over the years that have chosen to make an ongoing and positive difference in the lives of people who aspire to earn a college education at Yavapai College (YC). These endowed scholarships have never been more important. Last year alone, YCF distributed $186,000 to more than 150 deserving YC students. Over the past eight years, $1,100,000 has been awarded to more than 1,100 students. Donors have the ability to work with YCF staff to develop criteria to limit the scholarship to a specific educational program area of interest. As a result, endowed scholarships have been established in many areas of study, including 8

Agriculture, Athletics, Business, Communications, Education, History, Fire Science, Geology, Gunsmithing, Manufacturing, Nursing and Allied Health, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and Visual and Performing Arts. Fifteen YCF endowed scholarships were established by donors that chose to make them “unrestricted” in order to allow the YC Financial Aid Department to select students with the most financial need. There are also endowed scholarships that are for the purpose of YC faculty and staff professional development. Please contact YCF Director of Development Paul Kirchgraber at (928) 717-7773 if you would like to learn more about how you can create a positive legacy in our community by establishing an endowed scholarship fund, named in honor of a loved one, through the Yavapai College Foundation.

ScholarshipPlus+ is a novel planned giving option that is attracting new Legacy League members to YCF. In one easy transaction YC Foundation staff can help you create a scholarship fund today, plus craft a legacy gift that impacts future generations of students. By making a minimal up-front annual investment, a donor can create a named endowed scholarship fund now that provides a deserving student with much needed financial support. With ScholarshipPlus+, we then work with you to craft a legacy gift that directs proceeds from your estate directly into your named endowed scholarship at YCF. With this new option, you can impact a student today plus ...even more students in the future! Call today and speak with Paul Kirchgraber (928) 717-7773 at Prescott campus or, Linda Buchanan (928) 634-6530 at Verde Valley campus to learn more about the ScholarshipPlus+ legacy option.

SPRING 2012 9


he Grand Opening was April 26, 1992. It’s been 20 years and it’s time for a celebration! The newly-remodeled and re-branded Yavapai College Performing Arts Center (YCPAC) will celebrate its 20th anniversary by throwing a party and everyone’s invited!

20 Anniversary th

Yavapai College Performing Arts Center

Join us on April 27th at 6 pm

for a screening of Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars, a documentary about a successful video game developer who dreamed of becoming an astronaut like his father. Watch as he becomes one of the first private citizens to travel into space. Richard Garriott himself will be joining us via the internet for Q&A following the film. Visit for more information or to purchase tickets. Along with a new face and a new name, the YCPAC is bursting forth into its third decade with new and different kinds of programming – something for every age, with more entertainment opportunities than ever before! As a press release previously announced, Professional Facilities Management (PFM) has been retained to secure 12–15 high quality, national performing artists each year. In addition, many lower cost events are being planned – we are excited to bring to Prescott both live and encore (recorded) broadcast presentations in high definition – including worldclass performances from The Globe Theater, Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera. Nowhere else in Northern Arizona will theater-goers be able to view these events. 10

Anna Netrebko as Manon

In early April, YCPAC will present The Met’s presentation of Massenet’s Manon (4/7). Watch for weekly film presentations, too, including a monthly event sponsored by the Prescott Film Festival. Special events will be planned around a selection of cable TV broadcasts, such as the recent Academy Awards party held February 26th, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals on April 2nd and the summer Olympics. Food and beverage service is being expanded, with the introduction of hot and cold appetizer plates and an assortment of freshly prepared desserts. We hope soon to have our own liquor license, under which we will be supporting the local economy by serving Arizona brews and wines, and ultimately featuring products from our own viticulture and enology programs when we are able to serve wines produced at Yavapai College. There’s so much going on! Visit our new website, to view upcoming events and purchase tickets, and sign up for our email newsletter online or at the box office to be among the first to know as events are added. “Like” us on Facebook to receive up-to-date news and special offers. SPRING 2012 11

FRIENDS of Yavapai College Art Brings Expands

Sculpture Garden on Campus


f someone were to have walked through Yavapai College’s Outdoor Sculpture Garden at various intervals over the past year they could literally witness it grow and expand.

FRIENDS’ mission has expanded to now include projects and educational events which assist, support and raise funds for the Sculpture Garden, student scholarships, the Art Gallery, the Art Department, and Art a la Carte, a series of Art Talks presented on Saturday mornings on campus. FRIENDS finds itself in receipt of a most generous donation from the estate of the late Prescott artist Del Decil. Part of this donation consists of forty of Del’s paintings that she intended to be sold to help support Yavapai College’s art scholarships, campus art programs, and the Sculpture Garden.

Seven new trees were planted throughout the garden and two existing trees in front of the Sculpture Garden gained sponsors. Two new benches were sponsored and installed. Five bricks were sponsored and installed around Gary Slater’s The Gathering water feature. And a new sculpture was added among the roses, Synopsis by Constantine Hapaianu, an 8’ 6” tall x 4’ 5” wide x 24” deep work of polished stainless steel. This precisely balanced kinetic work moves when touched by wind, rain or snow and reflects the changing colors of Prescott’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Work has continued on Phase IV in the garden and one can see the shape of the meditative pathway taking form. More fill and detailing along with adding a few more boulders and perhaps a bench and some more plantings and we’ll be able to move on to developing Phases V and VI. This will include the Riparian area to the street on the other side of the creek.

FRIENDS of Yavapai College Art was formed in 1984 to help Yavapai College’s art faculty set up and maintain a gallery on campus.

For more information, please contact Kim Flores at (928) 776-2025, or email

The Yavapai College Foundation's new online giving site is finally here! This new Marketplace site can be accessed from multiple areas within the framework, including the Foundation’s homepage located at Make an unrestricted donation by choosing “Where my gift is needed most” or drill down through “I want to designate my gift” to specify where your gift is to be applied. Renew a membership, sponsor or register for special events, or make a one-time or recurring gift in support of your favorite program area or auxiliary organization. It’s comprehensive, interactive, and help is always available from Foundation staff if you have any questions. Give it a test-drive today!

A new sculpture, Synopsis by Constantine Hapaianu, an 8’ 6” tall x 4’ 5” wide x 24” deep work of polished stainless steel

Talk about a garden growing, since its birth in the early 1980s at about four acres, the addition of the Riparian area and hillside beyond will take our Garden close to seven acres — lots of room for additional sculpture, landscape features and selected plantings. As a reminder to those of you who follow the Garden’s spring bloom, our Dykes Medal iris garden, the highest honor for bearded iris usually bloom around Mother’s Day. So if you wish to see the Garden awash with color we suggest that you make space on your calendar to visit around this time. Seated Woman by Michael Anderson


Helix by Tom McClure

SPRING 2012 13

to the Sponsors of Framing the Future Sodexo Dr. Bertrand & Beth Kaper Dr. Dan Burchfield

Plant-a-Vine(yard) A Community Service Opportunity at Yavapai College We invite you to help plant the inaugural grape vines in Yavapai College’s vineyard on its Verde Valley Campus. Join individuals, business, community, and government leaders from all over the region on this fun filled day as we celebrate the start of something special at Yavapai College – the birth of a vineyard! Our goal:

 aunch the academic vineyard by planting 3,000 L vines on 3 acres – in one day!

Location: Y  avapai College Verde Valley Campus 601 Black Hills Dr., Clarkdale, AZ Date/Time: May 5, 2012 from 8 am – 5 pm


Registration: C  ompany teams may reserve their 1-hour block of vineyard planting time (starting at 8 am) on a first-come, first-served basis. The planting schedule is organized into nine 1-hour bocks of time. An additional 30 minutes of on-site training will take place prior to entering the vineyard. 25 volunteer vine planters are needed per 1-hour block.

Space is Limited. Registration Required. Register Online at Deadline: 

April 20, 2012 - or until all nine 1-hour planting blocks are filled. To learn more about how you can help, or to register employee/volunteers for the event, please contact Linda Clark at (929) 634-6572 or email

SPRING 2012 15

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

PAID Prescott AZ 86301 Permit #125

1100 East Sheldon St. PMB 6902 Prescott, AZ 86301-3297

the Yavapai College Foundation A strong Foundation means a strong College. Since 1972 YCF has been

committed to excellence in education and enhancing the opportunities of Yavapai College’s students, faculty and local communities. The far-reaching scope of the Foundation is evident through its diverse auxiliary organizations and projects.

Scholarships from more than 90 endowed funds benefit hundreds of students each year, with almost $2 million awarded to deserving undergraduates over the last two decades. Establish a scholarship now!

Friends of Verde Arts assists Art Department

programs on the Verde Valley Campus and Sedona Center for Arts and Technology, including the Verde Art Gallery and Verde Sculpture Garden. Join FOVA and support visual arts in the Verde Valley!

FRIENDS of YC Art supports students and faculty in

the Visual Arts Department. FRIENDS also raises money for the construction and management of the Sculpture Garden. Help FRIENDS complete the purchase of two new sculptures for the Garden by making a donation today.

Friends of the Yavapai College Library helps the Library provide programs and services that connect the community to the Library as a cultural and literary center. Join this new auxiliary today! Friends of Music supports Music Department programs and students, including student scholarships, instrumental and choral needs. Show your ongoing support of YC music and become a member today!

Greater Verde Valley Chapter (GVVC) raises

funds for campus programs in Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Sedona. Help GVVC build their much-needed book scholarship fund and Florence Nightingale Nursing Scholarship Program!

The Roughrider Club supports student athletes, teams and athletic facilities. Support YC’s outstanding athletics program by getting involved today. Performing Arts Charitable Endowment (PACE) supports YC Community Events’ ability to offer high caliber entertainment and bring artistic programs to thousands of area school children each year. Give a gift today and help local students experience culturally diverse educational programs in which they may not otherwise participate.

President’s Priority Fund enables YC President the flexibility to meet emerging strategic priorities of the College. Legacy League members have established a bequest or planned gift in the name of Yavapai College or the Yavapai College Foundation. Make a difference in someone’s life at Yavapai College by joining this exclusive club today. As Yavapai County and Yavapai College grow, the need for a strong and financially supportive Foundation has never been greater. Become a member of the Yavapai College Foundation and give a gift today! Donate securely online at Gifts are tax deductible.

For additional information, contact the Foundation Office at (928) 776-2025 or visit

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