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Donation and special event keep campaign moving ahead.


Meet the YCF Board Members

Connect the names and faces of the people who are leading Foundation efforts.


Colorful New Program


PACE-supported program introduces local students to live theater at the PAC.

8  Philanthropists of the Year

A publication of Yavapai College Foundation

Perry and Sandy Massie honored by multiple organizations.

11 F riends of the Library Q&A

FOL President Patsy Ray is passionate about supporting YC’s wonderful library.

6 On the cover

Megan Dachenhausen, a first grade student at Lincoln School in Prescott, was among the many youngsters enthralled by The Crayon Court during the recent PACE-sponsored performance at the Performing Arts Center. See story on page 6. Photograph by Bill Leyden.

Board Officers William C. Miller, III, President Richard Wright, Immediate Past President Dr. John E. La Tourette, First Vice President Sharon Scanlan, Second Vice President Howard Moody, Treasurer Karen Rizk, Secretary Dr. Penelope Wills, Yavapai College President

Ex-officio Members (con't.) Gary Cassidy, President, FRIENDS of YC Art Steve Walker, Executive Director, Foundation and YC Vice President of College Advancement David Snyder, President, Roughrider Club Julie Larson, President, Greater Verde Valley Chapter Jodi Williams, Alumni Outreach

Board Members Patricia Arntzen Kristi Edwards Martin Gottlieb Pam Haber Ernie Jones Sr. Dr. Bertrand Kaper Perry Massie Bonnie McMinn Jean Phillips (Emeritus) Steve Rutherford Robert Schmitt Oren Thompson Regina Younger

YCF and Development Staff Abigail Biro, Development Assistant Linda Buchanan, Major Gifts Officer, Greater Verde Valley Kim Flores, Coordinator, College Development and Foundation Marcia Jacobson, Grants Officer Paul Kirchgraber, Director of Development Jeanne Welch, Director of Finance and Operations

Ex-officio Members Clint Ewell, YC Vice President of Administration & Finance Frank Fitzgerald (Parliamentarian) Charles Thomas, President, Friends of Music Patsy Ray, President, Friends of the YC Library Janet Salas-Knight, Friends of the Family Enrichment Center Pat McCarver, District Governing Board Liaison

Focus is published by the Yavapai College Foundation 1100 E. Sheldon St. Prescott, AZ 86301 (928) 776-2025 The Mission of the Yavapai College Foundation is to support Yavapai College objectives and activities through resource development and promote community awareness of the College and its programs.

f rom the president Our Yavapai College Foundation Board, featured on pages 4 and 5 of this issue, continues to be an exciting way for its members to serve Yavapai College and our community. Volunteers all, our members bring diverse backgrounds, notable achievements and interesting personal experiences to our efforts. Let me share with you some of what the Foundation is working on and how you can help. Our current major activity is to raise $3 million to build a 3,000-case-per-year winery on the Verde campus. This is to be a teaching winery, and already students are enrolled in a 2-year degree program focused on grapes and grape-growing along with winemaking. Three acres of grapes were planted on campus last spring, and three more will be planted May 4 this year. Economic development is one of the major areas of focus for Yavapai College. Historically, economic development here has focused on growth and tourism. We at YC and YCF believe there are other ways to provide good careers for college graduates. The new winery is one example. YC and YCF are working together to take advantage of other college programs: the nationally respected gunsmithing program and numerically controlled machine tools linked to drafting computers are just a couple of examples. We are exploring ways to help local businesses create jobs for our grads and achieve diversity and growth in our economy. The Foundation depends on donors for the funding we need to support the college, its students and the larger community. Consider the following ways you can support our Foundation: • More than 150 individuals that we know of already have made a commitment in their estate plans to leave a gift to YCF upon their passing. It costs nothing now and is a fine way to leave a lasting memorial.

• More than 30 people have each contributed $5,000 or more to reserve a space in the Southwest Wine Center Founders Wall. There will be a maximum of 100 of these named spaces available. Participants will be part of a prestigious group that will get in on the ground floor of something special. • Endow a scholarship that can generate support for one or more students on a yearly basis. A gift of $10,000 or more allows you to name the scholarship after yourself or someone of your choice. Your contribution of cash, highly appreciated stocks, assigned insurance policies or physical assets are great ways to support our community college through its Foundation. Together we can help our students avoid the huge student loans that are burdening so many in our society. For those of you who have previously made gifts to the Foundation, I thank you. If you haven’t done so, I urge you to consider us in your philanthropic efforts. We will manage your money prudently and work closely with the college to create a better community William C. Miller III YCF Board President

SPRING 2013 1

college being evaluated, the HLC recently developed a new process for accreditation, and YC was selected to be part of the first cohort of colleges to be evaluated using this new review process.

Dear Friends: Under the leadership of Vice President for Instruction and Student Services, Dr. Greg Gillespie, YC faculty and staff have been working for two years on the process of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commissions (HLC). In the United States, colleges voluntarily seek accreditation from nongovernmental bodies. For YC, this body is the HCL. I am delighted to share with you that the HLC’s overall impression of YC was that we are an exceptional community college with strong leadership and engagement among administration, faculty, staff and county citizens. They identified major strengths for YC, including its facilities, strategic planning, online courses, data-driven decision-making, student services, faculty engagement, communication from the leadership team, and community engagement. Best of all, they identified no major areas for improvement. The HLC evaluates and accredits YC as a whole against a rigorous set of standards and criteria. Besides assessing formal education activities, it evaluates such things as governance and administration, financial stability, admissions and student services, institutional resources, student learning, institutional effectiveness, and relationships with internal and external constituencies. Historically, this evaluation was conducted every ten years. In an effort to streamline and improve what has been a very time-consuming and burdensome process for the 2

It is their findings related to community engagement that I want to highlight and discuss further. The HLC team invited letters from the community about YC. Although it is common to receive none or very few, they received 65 letters from Yavapai County citizens, and almost all were positive and very supportive about the roles YC plays in providing quality instruction, facilitating regional economic development, and expanding and enriching cultural and social opportunities. The HLC also praised the College for the condition of its facilities throughout Yavapai County. This is a direct result of the passage by County voters of the 2000 bond program for capital construction and renovation. We can all be very proud that our YC facilities provide an excellent learning environment. Other examples of excellent community engagement and support cited by the HLC include the YC Performing Arts Center programs, relations with northern Arizona Native American nations, the Del E. Webb Family Enrichment Center, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the new Southwest Wine Center. In closing, I want to thank the citizens of Yavapai County for their outstanding support of Yavapai College since its inception almost 45 years ago. It is heartening to know that we have an institution in Yavapai College that is vibrant and responsive to the needs of our communities. More importantly, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you, the donors of the Yavapai College Foundation, who care so much about this institution. It is through your generous gifts that we have been able to provide the margin of excellence at Yavapai College that was so recently showcased by the Higher Learning Commission. Steven M. Walker Executive Director

From left: Southwest Wine Center founders Maynard and Jennifer Keenan and Tim Kinney

$45,000 Raised at Scottsdale Wine Tasting Event Valley of the Sun Shows its Support

The Yavapai College Foundation hosted an evening of wine tasting on March 15 at the Miele Gallery Showroom in North Scottsdale. A fully packed gallery of 100+ guests enjoyed listening to wine maker Maynard Keenan as he talked about the importance of the Southwest Wine Center and showcased three of his Caduceus Cellars wines.

From Left: Southwest Wine Center Founders Elaine and Richard Morrison, Julie Walker with Steve Walker

Ken Colburn (center) with Duffy McMahon (left) and TV host Pat McMahon

Campaign for the Southwest Wine Center Cottonwood Economic Development Council Donates $10,000

(Photo courtesy of Verde Independent)

Yavapai College Foundation campus and community leaders gathered at the future site of the Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus in February to accept a $10,000 capital campaign pledge from the Cottonwood Economic Development Council (CEDC). Casey Rooney, Economic Development Director for Cottonwood stated, “CEDC is totally committed to the success of the wine industry in Cottonwood and throughout the Verde Valley. We are demonstrating our leadership role and commitment to the community by pledging $10,000 to the Southwest Wine Center capital campaign.� SPRING 2013 3

Board of Directors 2012-2013

Yavapai College Foundation

Sharon Scanlan Second Vice President

Jean Phillips, Emeritus


Bill Miller President

Richard L. Wright Immediate Past President

John E. La Tourette First Vice President

Howard Moody Treasurer

Karen Rizk Secretary

Penny Wills President, Yavapai College

Patsy Ray

Steve Rutherford

Janet Salas-Knight

Patricia Arntzen

Gary Cassidy

Kristi Edwards

Clint Ewell, Ex Officio

Frank Fitzgerald Parliamentarian

Martin Gottlieb

Pam Haber

Ernie Jones, Sr.

Julie Larson

Perry Massie

Pat McCarver, Ex Officio

Bonnie McMinn

Robert Schmitt

David Snyder

Charles Thomas

Oren Thompson

Regina Younger

SPRING 2013 5

PACE Supports New Horizons School Matinee Series YC Performing Arts Center sets goal to reach 10,000 school-age children annually by 2014/15.



or over 20 years, PACE (Performing Arts Charitable Endowment) has supported the YCPAC in providing performing arts experiences for school-age children in Yavapai County. Previously known as the Artist in Residence program, New Horizons School Matinee Series will strive to make it possible for thousands of students to attend a matinee on campus and experience a live theatrical performance.

first,” notes Mayes, “will be to address transportation costs, especially for schools that transport students the farthest distance. The second will be to support a reduction in ticket prices for schools with a high percentage of students from low-income families.”

To meet the goal of providing greater access to the performing arts for local school-age children, YCPAC director Randy Mayes will focus on a new initiative to address two important factors. “The

Help unleash the creative spirit of young people. Make a PACE donation today. For more information contact Paul Kirchgraber at (928) 717-7773 or email

Expanding access to the arts for children is one of the primary reasons that Yavapai College Foundation created PACE.

The Crayon Court theatrical troupe thrilled Yavapai County students with their large-scale puppet extravaganza during a March performance at the YC Performing Arts Center.

Photographs by Bill Leyden

SPRING 2013 7

‘Philanthropists of the Year’ Set the Example

YCF Board Member Perry Massie and wife Sandy honored


avapai College Foundation Board member Perry Massie and his wife Sandy recently received two prestigious awards for their charitable giving. The Massies were awarded “Philanthropists of the Year” for 2012 by the Yavapai County Community Foundation at their Fall “Joy of Giving” philanthropic awards dinner, and by the Northern Arizona Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals during the group’s 2012 Philanthropy Awards luncheon. “People like Perry and Sandy are extremely important in helping other donors understand that, in times like these, nonprofit organizations have a very real need for flexible funds to help ensure that their major priorities will be met,” noted Steve Walker, YCF Executive Director. “They recently announced a major planned gift to YCF in the form of a life insurance policy. He took the opportunity to announce this endowment gift in an address to the Yavapai College board at which time he challenged others to think creatively about their own charitable giving and consider what their personal legacies will be to the Prescott community.”

Sandy and Perry Massie with daughter Georgia.


give an inspiring gift in leading by example, Carleton and Arlene Douglas have pledged a future bequest to help establish and endow the Douglas Family Endowed Scholarship in Welding at CTEC


n 1965 when Carleton Douglas first started working as a fabricator in a small sheet metal shop in Southern California, he never imagined that it would be the start of a career in welding that would span 30 years. His work in the private sector would eventually take him into the aerospace industry where he worked on high-profile military programs that included everything from aircraft maintenance to manufacturing vehicles for the space program. Now retired, Carleton knows firsthand that welding is a dynamic industry with a big future. When he and his wife Arlene recently toured the Yavapai College CTEC facility, they met several YC students studying in the welding program. What impressed them was just how excited these young people were about their future. “Not everyone wants to be a paper pusher,” noted Carleton. “Right now, there are so many job opportunities for people to get their careers started as a pipe welder, diver/underwater welder or robotic welder. Arlene and I are very excited that our planned gift will provide scholarships for these deserving welding students at CTEC.” For more information about making a bequest, a gift of life insurance or other ways to include Yavapai College in your estate plans, please contact Paul Kirchgraber, (928) 717-7773 or Linda Buchanan, (928) 634-6530.

TO MAKE YOur BEQuEST to Yavapai College, please use the following language: “To the Yavapai College Foundation in Prescott, AZ i give _____% of my estate.” Or you can name a fixed dollar amount. Tax iD# 23-7232985.

SPRING 2013 9

A Curious Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste During its first year, the YCF Curious Minds Grants program has helped 40 community members enroll in a Yavapai College course that they otherwise could not have afforded.


o you know people in the Prescott area who have curious minds and for whom it would be a financial hardship to enroll in a course at Yavapai College? A local Prescott couple does. Through their volunteerism with area nonprofit organizations, they come across such people weekly. For them, there is nothing more important than providing someone with the opportunity to find out what taking a single college course might lead to. If financial hardship is a person’s only barrier, then they want to help someone with a curious mind overcome it. With a gift of $10,000, the donors worked with YCF to establish the Curious Minds grant program which provides financial support to a person seeking to enroll in a single college or community education course at the Prescott campus. Curious Minds grants are based upon financial need.


Community members are eligible to apply for a grant if: • You lack the financial resources to take a course at Yavapai College. • You demonstrate a curious mind and a commitment to personal growth. • You are 18 years of age or older. • You can commit to the time and persistence that a college course demands. With their application, applicants must submit a one-page personal statement that (a) addresses the reason why they wish to enroll in a specific course, and (b) describes why they have a financial need for scholarship support. For more information, or to apply for a grant, call the YC Office of Financial Aid at (928) 776-2391. For non-credit courses, contact the Yavapai College Office of Community Education at (928) 717-7755.

WiTh PATSY rAY Friends of the library Auxiliary

Patsy Ray is the President of the Yavapai College Foundation Friends of the Library auxiliary. She recently sat down with Paul Kirchgraber, Director of Development, to talk about FOL and her passion for volunteering. PK: You have had a long history of volunteerism. Tell me about a few of the organizations that you’ve been associated with before becoming a volunteer here at Yavapai College. Patsy: Growing up in a military family, we lived in many places around the world, and I have volunteered for more than 60 different organizations throughout the united States, Europe and the Far East. I volunteered for over 10 years with the Veterans Administration in Prescott, founding the Veterans History Project and working with the Pearl Harbor survivors and the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors. PK: The Yavapai College Foundation Friends of the Library (FOL) is one of the newer volunteer auxiliaries. Why was it formed? Patsy: Our college library is a very important community resource open to students and members of the general public. The Friends of the Library was formed two years ago to provide an opportunity for college students, faculty, staff and community members to help support special programs and activities associated with the library. The FOL also supports special literary cultural enrichment activities that benefit all citizens of Yavapai County. The FOL is operated as a dues-paying membership organization that is comprised of persons who support the Yavapai College Library by engaging in a variety of fundraising activities and special literary events. PK: Why should someone volunteer with FOL? Patsy: For anyone who loves books and reading, volunteering with FOL is an outstanding opportunity to meet and work with others who share the same enjoyment. We have volunteer jobs that require only a few hours a week as well as jobs that require a greater amount of time. Let us know your interests and the amount of time you have available to volunteer, and we are most willing to work with you to find just the right fit. PK: What kinds of things do FOL volunteers do to raise funds? Patsy: The Book Sale Room located inside the library is FOL’s major ongoing fundraising activity where we resell donated books, CDs, DVDs and related materials at very reasonable prices. Book donations are always welcome and may be brought to the circulation desk at the library. We will also arrange to pick up books if you call FOL at (928) 771-4864. An annual membership drive also helps to raise funds which are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization…and we welcome new members at any time!

Engineering student Aiva Teskey with FOL President Patsy Ray in the Yavapai College library.

PK: Where does the money raised by FOL go? Patsy: The majority of the money raised currently goes to support a variety of library programs. FOL has also donated a “Books for Babies” basket each year to the Family Enrichment Center to be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser to help support the Center. Funds raised by FOL have also helped sponsor receptions at the Literary Southwest author programs, and next year we will dedicate some of our fundraising efforts to helping the Literary Southwest programs purchase raised staging platforms from which the invited speakers can be viewed better by the audience. PK: How does someone sign up to volunteer or become a member of FOL? Patsy: If you wish to become a FOL member or a volunteer, applications are available at the circulation desk at the library. Or you may call the FOL office at 771-4684, and we will have an application mailed to you. You can also request an application via email at

SPRING 2013 11


eet Abby Biro

ThE YAVAPAi COllEgE FOunDATiOn Endowment Building Campaign This $10 million Endowment Building Campaign will create a self-perpetuating source of funds that will ensure that YC’s educational programs and services will not only continue, but also improve and grow to meet the needs of the region. This campaign will also help insure that education remains accessible and affordable for Yavapai County residents. Student Scholarships Scholarships from more than 104 endowed funds benefit hundreds of students each year, with almost $2 million awarded to deserving undergraduates over the last two decades. These funds have provided a promising future to many students who otherwise would not have had the means to pursue their dreams of success. Campaign for The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College Ambitious capital campaign will raise $3 million to establish the Southwest Wine Center. This academic center will include degree programs, a student-run vineyard, a teaching winery, and data repository on growing grapes in the southwest uSA. Chapters and Auxiliaries The Yavapai College Foundation does more than raise funds for the College. Through the interests of community members and the Board of Directors, the Foundation has developed a broad scope that encompasses several diverse auxiliary organizations and projects:

Since the last issue of FOCUS, Abby Biro has joined the Foundation as the Development Assistant. Her job involves supporting the YCF Board of Directors and committees, gift processing and acknowledgement, and helping with special events and scholarship donor stewardship. “Abby has become a valuable addition to the team,” noted Paul Kirchgraber, Director of Development, “by serving as point of contact between the Foundation and board members, staff and the community needing information about the areas she’s responsible for.” Abby and her husband moved to Prescott from Seattle, Washington in August to live closer to family. In Seattle, Abby was a Development Coordinator at the Overlake Hospital Foundation. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Concordia University in Irvine, California. Abby notes that she has already met many wonderful people through her role in the Foundation and as a member of the Prescott Area Young Professionals, and she is excited to be a part of Yavapai College.

Greater Verde Valley Chapter (GVVC) raises funds for campus programs in Cottonwood, Clarkdale, and Sedona. Recognizing YC’s potential for growth in the Verde Valley, this group of dedicated supporters and investors took up the challenge and created this chapter of the YC Foundation. Friends of YC Art supports students and faculty in the Visual Arts Department. They are committed to raising funds and sharing student and professional artwork with the community. Friends also raises money for the construction and management of the Sculpture Garden. Friends of the Yavapai College Library helps the Library expand its services by providing programs and services that connect the community to the Library as a cultural and literary center. Friends of Music works to benefit and support the Music Department’s students and programs and to help attract new, top-quality students. Friends of the FEC supports and raises funds for the Family Enrichment Center. The FEC offers quality learning experiences to a diverse group of children from both the college and the wider community, and provides invaluable hands-on teacher training to YC early- and elementaryeducation students. The Roughrider Club supports student athletes, teams, and athletic facilities. Performing Arts Charitable Endowment (PACE) supports the College’s ability to offer high-caliber entertainment and bring artistic programs to the community. Each year a special focus is placed on children’s programming in order to benefit our community’s children. The President’s Club through PACE supports the YC Performing Arts Center at the highest level while offering benefits to contributors far beyond the standard ticket. President’s Priority Fund enables the YC President to meet emerging strategic priorities of the College and respond to emergency funding needs. Legacy League members are a very special group of YCF friends who have invested in the college’s future by making planned gifts of any amount. The Legacy League helps to build long-range financial stability for the Foundation by supporting our mission beyond a donor’s lifetime. For additional information, contact the Foundation Office at (928) 7762025 or visit


The Beat goes On at YCPAC!

On the heels of a blistering winter season in 2012-13 – with a record five sold-out shows – the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center is preparing for even more excitement during 2013. Coming May 12 is “Man In Black,” a stirring musical tribute to Johnny Cash. The U.S. Army Band Jazz Ambassadors perform on October 16. Also in October, “Vince,” a moving one-man show about the legendary Vince Lombardi, will take over the intimate Cabaret Stage at the Performing Arts Center for a week-long run. Then in November, look for a one-night only appearance by actor Hal Holbrook with his famous “Mark Twain” one-man show. And, of course, the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering will be back at Yavapai College August 8-10 this year with the best in cowboy music and storytelling. The Performing Arts Center’s 28-foot movie screen and state of the art sound system will remain the best place in town to see a movie, including the jewel of Prescott’s cinema scene, the Prescott Film Festival, July 24-31.

Hal Holbrook performs one-man show, “Mark Twain.”

of the London stage from The National Theatre, or world-famous performers, these are events you’d never see without an expensive plane ticket, brought to you in a comfortable seat here in town. Over the summer, we plan important renovations to improve your experience here, including all-new seating inside the hall, a second Yava Java concessions area and a kitchen area to better support dinners and receptions in the Center. We’ve got a lot planned for 2013, and we want you to be a part of it!

Satellite technology will bring world-class events straight to Prescott. Whether it’s streaming The Metropolitan Opera live from Lincoln Center, the best

SPRING 2013 13

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Prescott AZ 86301

1100 East Sheldon St PMB 6904 Prescott AZ 86301-3297

Permit #125

Help us Grow!

Make a gift to the Campaign for the Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College You can make a difference. Make a campaign gift by visiting, or contact YCF and speak with Paul Kirchgraber, (928) 717-7773 or linda Buchanan, (928) 634-6530. YC136-13

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