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Issue four and halloween? no way we could miss this. Welcome once again to a new issue of Yatta! magazine and this time one which is bigger, better and more dynamic then ever before. We have worked as hard as we can to get this beauty out in time for halloween and we have done just that. We have all the normal good stuff and lots more theme content this time around as well. Check out the Halloween cooking for some nice snack ideas. Touch up on your Make up and Fashion to be ready to dress [dead] gorgeous and of course, the halloween anime to know what to watch for a good shock. As always, check out the artwork and interviews and of course take a look at the winner of our mascot content! I want to thank each and every person who has helped in the creation of this issue, it’s big a hard task but we pulled through. A big thank you to everyone who is joining us for the first time and even bigger thank you too those who are running ads with us for the first time. I’m looking at you Bossa Studios! As always, please enjoy the work of a group of young people and have a great halloween everyone. Have a read, relax and enjoy your time with Yatta! Issue Four. Happy halloween everyone! Nikholai Koolonavich ~ Editor

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It appears, by the increased use of these picture boxes that the fresh youth coin ‘televisions’, and the unruly utilisation of the intraweb that our society has undergone change, throwing our morals to the four winds. Halloween quickly approaching, I have crafted this list of books while will tantalise your taste buds, your immense thirst for literature and a great story to endulge in while slicing up your pumpkins. Beware however, these novels are for the brave and will truely spook you. Books of Blood ~ Cliver Barker Appearing totally harmless, Clive Barker establishes a number of plots within his omnibus of volumes, each story more horrific than the last. If we delve deeper, a number of his famous tales including The Midnight Meat Train feature characters such as Leon Kaufman, who encounters a secret station containing a mysterious megalomaniac who seeks to kill Leon, only to cover up a wide network of underground creates who are secretly profiling and manipulating his world. Forced to kill innocent passangers, Leon is forced to dehumanise himself in order to endure his new profession of murderous content. The Books of Blood are a volume of short novellas, and are an enticing collaboration of stories for those who are compelled to literature which makes the heart throb for more horror. Haunted ~ James Herbert A cliche title is perhaps the only downfall to this novel, as Herbert creates a disturbed alcoholic who is sceptic about the paranormal, his iconic character David Ash seeking out phoney psychics of his era while veiled by the games of his patients. On a deeper level, I find this novel to be particularly fascinating as it incorporates a paradox; David Ash attempting to investigate fake psychics while lured into the world of the paranormal. This novel might be a quiet read, alone and undisturbed, as to gain the full effect the reader must be integrated into his world. A definite 9/10, as this underrated writer explores what many would fear. The Shining ~ Stephen King While an awe-inspiring movie in itself, Stephen King explores the life of Jack Torrence, an aspiring writer who departs for a job as a caretaker in a menacing hotel. Soon after, Torrence later finds the hotel a psychic lens, manipulating the living and dead and possessing members of staff. This story seems the cliche paranormal narration, but the unique style in which King delivers this episode simply illuminates the chilling aspect to this tragic story.

Yatta Issue 4 - page 4

Words by Josh Carson All Imagery property of their rightful owners

The Invisible Man ~ H.G Wells I can only describe this novel as compelling, as it ventures through the life of a man who arrives at The Coach and Horses wrapped in bandages, and encompassed in a gruelling fate. His state of becoming invisible, his body dissolving apart, seemed to drive him to find a cure. However, when he ventures to his old friend Kemp for an answer to his problems, he has been emotionally tested, void of personality and encased in finding the antidote to his disease. Without any help, Griffin, the invisible man, devotes the last moments of his physical being to wreaking havoc on those who opposed him. Truly gripping, this novel marks the pivotal change from man to murderer. On a personal level, it would be advised not to read this at night! The Bad Place ~ Dean Koontz Our saga through the most prolific horror novels of the contemporary era drawing to a close, I thought I would end of an intense horror, which not only questions the reader, but questions the narrator, the scene, and even the state of the writer. Koortz creates Frank Pollard, a man without any indication of his whereabouts. His blood-drenched hands his only guidance, he seeks the help from private detectives to discover why, when he wakes up, there are mysterious objects placed on his person, and blood smearing his body. The team of detectives closing in on his actions while he sleeps, the double-act quickly find themselves in danger after they reveal the truth about his amnesiac fugues. This isn’t for the faint of heart, as there is many twists, psychotic characters and heart-pounding plots while interlink and create a jaw-dropping story which will indeed haunt your mind for many Halloween’s to come.

Now, when you think of Halloween, the classic ‘Trick or Treat’, the poorly crafted costumes and candy loving teens who seem five or six years too old to be knocking at doors, you’ll be sure to remember a truly gruesome story, which puts raving zombies to shame.

Yatta Issue 4 - page 5

The Japanese have long been known for their scary side, evidenced in movies and videogames. But anime is a seemingly rare medium for them to show off their scariness. Well, this coming Halloween will be your scariest yet, as we take a journey through the River Styx to find the Top 5 Scariest Anime. Well, my five at least! Number 5 ~ Death Note Death Note is not a conventionally scary series, but theres still enough creepy factor there to warrant a place here. The series is about a teenager called Light, who finds a notebook that would kill whoever's name is written in it. Light starts writing the names of criminals on the run, thinking he is doing good. However, as the series progresses, he develops a God Complex, and starts to believe he can decide the fate of everyone, not just wanted criminals. However, despite this, in his heart he still believes he's doing good. This raises a really scary moral question – What would you do if you had this book? Would be able to avoid temptation? Or would you succumb to the same Complex's that Light ran in to. These scary themes are the tip of the iceberg however, as there's also the Death Gods who inhabit the world. While the God's themselves aren't scary, their large, dark character designs aren't exactly playful. Newcomers to Death Note can still expect a chill down the spine. Number 4 ~ Ghost Hunt The cool thing about Ghost Hunt is that it seems to be a fairly conventional set-up for a lot of anime. Girl get's roped into helping a Ghost Hunter, afterwards he hires her, they run around fighting ghosts with a poorly developer romantic subplot. Hell, there's even the recent Psychic Detective Yakumo which is pretty much word for word that plot. However, the difference with Ghost Hunt? It's actually scary. In a Hollywood sense, not in the usual anime sense of “Blood everywhere are you scared yet?”. In Ghost Hunt you can expect slow build-ups to jump scares, you can expect creepy undertones, and you can even expect paranoia between the various characters as they blame each other for the strange goings-ons. While the series declines in it's latter half, and the characterisation is a bit naff, this series is still commendable for being scary. It'll be one of the few series that'll make you hide behind your sofa crying this Halloween Season. Yatta Issue 4 - page 6

Words by Jamie Dickerson All Imagery property of their rightful owners

Number 3 ~ Elfen Lied Now, I know in the last entry, I said that Ghost Hunt was brilliant because it shied away from the anime usual of “BLOOD EVERYWHERE!”, but trust me, despite the initial appearance of Elfen Lied, there's more to this series than blood. While the majority of the series features limbs being torn off, hearts being ripped out and various other extremely gory moments, the series reaches a fearful height towards the end, when the character Mariko is introduced. A girl in a wheelchair who is the most powerful being in the world? That's cool. She's incredibly evil? Evil little girls are kinda overdone. But somehow you feel sorry for this girl from hell when she gets knocked out of her wheelchair? Now you're making me scared of my own feelings Elfen Lied. While Mariko is obviously the fever pitch of fear in the series, there's plenty of other stand-out moments to make it warrant this spot. The fact that the main romance story is a love triangle between a guy, his cousin and the murderer of his parents is a tad creepy. Just trust me on this one, it’s scary. Number 2 ~ Higurashi no naku koro Ni Again, Higurashi is a series that's easily dismissable as just a gory anime with no real fear factor. However, people that do think that about Higurashi are wrong! You see Higurashi is actually terrifying. It all takes place in an endlessly repeating summer, where something different happens each time. However, the outcome is usually exactly the same – everyone dies. But what makes this set-up interesting is it allows the writers to come up with creepier backstories to every character. Rather than setting up the backstory for one person to go nuts, through the series we find backstories for all the characters to go nuts. However, the creepiest part of the series? Mion and Shion. Twin sisters. This is how even the viewer is getting paranoid about the characters. Last “Summer”, Shion went crazy and killed everyone. Now in this arc Mion is being all friendly with the main characters. Is it really Mion? Or is it Shion pretending to be Mion? Will Shion go crazy again? Your head starts to hurt as the fear for the characters grips you and pulls you in, making the edge of your seat the preferred place of watching throughout the series. Number 1 ~ Perfect Blue Perfect Blue is a film so scary that I sat up most of the night after watching it. I'm assuming most of you have heard the stories about how Black Swan ripped this movie off to high heaven – and that's pretty true. Except Perfect Blue seems a lot more sinister. The stronger focus on split personalities and the rapid fans portray a much creepier environment for our protagonist, and it really does get to the point where you simply don't know who's who anymore. In fact, the chances are you will not see the ending coming until it comes, as it literally comes out of nowhere, in a good way. The film comes packed with scenes to give you nightmares, from the infamous stabbing scene to the downright creepy sex scene. The film excels at making you feel uncomfortable whilst watching, but also making you want to watch more. Perfect Blue is easily the scariest anime I've seen, and potentially one of the scariest films I've seen. If it's not on your Halloween Watch List, then you need to amend that list. Yatta Issue 4 - page 7

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Facebook game? Is it something casual? Something too do with animals? How about something where you can only do so much every 24 hours? If I’m honest, I think the same. This was until I got an email from Bossa Studios asking if I would check out their new game, a Facebook game. I was a bit worried at first but given they had ask, I felt I should and I was in for a shock. A good shock. Bossa, a London based studio said that their game was a real-time experience where you do battle with your friends and they were not lying. The name? Monstermind. Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time on Facebook. However, I have always had something against Facebook gaming. I find them cut down builds of current games, way to casual for my hardcore PC gaming ways. That and normally your very limited to what you can do without having to pay real cash to get more ‘energy’ which is way overpriced. Monstermind stands out from the rest and offers a game which is well worth your time. The basic idea is that you build your city, manage the business’s to get money and link up with friends and check out their city. This is all fun on it’s own but what makes it stand out is the main feature, releasing monsters to bring their city to the ground! All of which, may I add, happens in real time!

“It’s very addicting and fun to play, even better when your destroy your bosses city!” After about an hour of playing around with it, I sent out a message to the Yatta! team asking them all to get on and within a few more hours I was having to hold off against attacks from all my team members. It was more fun then it should of be, but I’m not saying that is a bad thing because the fact is we all loved it. The game is just so much fun!

The game is themed around the old ‘B-movie’ films with the outer of this world monsters. We have your 40ft tall women, your brain in a jar on legs and of course, waves and waves of zombies! The visual style is just beautiful and somewhat ‘cute’ at the same time. It’s easy to see a lot of time was spend on this and it really pays off. After all it was the visuals that drawn me in to start with. The audio is fitting, creative and very effective. Your know when your under attack just from the sounds alone, which is a nice feature to the gameplay.

“Love it. Simple, fun and very addicting! Best game on Facebook!” Gameplay is really simple and user friendly but at the same time can be so much more. Building and running your city is as easy as a few simple clicks making this simple and fun. One feature which mixes things up a bit is that everything needs to be next to a road which links to the town hall. This means that you need to think carefully about how to place your city in order to keep it running and ensure your defences methods are powered up. Money comes in from your businesses which you can collect after so much time so your be waiting at first for that nice gun but soon, your have so much your be saving for war. Attacking your friends is the best part of Monstermind and you should aim to do this a lot in order to show the others who is boss. Attacking is simple as just picking a friend, buying some monsters and away you go. Each element within the game has it’s own weakness and your soon find out what they are. The developers have said that a lot of pro gamers are coming to Monstermind and finding ways to attack their friends which even they didn’t think of. Given I play a lot of Real-time strategy games, it’s nice to see I can use my skills and planning from them in Monstermind as well. The game is just great and allows for a lot of flexible options as well as a whole range of items and content. With more to come and given how much time the team and I have put into the game already, i can happily say you should all check Monstermind out! Monstermind is a simple, fun and addicting game with a beautiful art style that anyone can enjoy. A must play and one of my favourite games. Make sure to check it out.

Words by Nikholai Koolonavich All Imagery property of Bossa Studios UK

Yatta Issue 4 - page 9

Ah, Halloween. There is nothing better than celebrating a night of mischief and horrors before the world gets into the festive mood. The problem is… how do we celebrate? Are you type of person who enjoys sitting in the dark, getting wrapped up in a blanket and watching some scary anime videos to accomplish your night? Then Highschool of the Dead is perfect for you! Highschool of the Dead is a manga and anime written by Daisuke Sato, illustrated by Shoji Sato and produced by Madhouse.

Take Takashi, for example. At first you notice the easily noticeable traits about him; a 17 year-old secondyear student and the main protagonist. But there is more than meets the eye… He is also a strong character with a powerful mind of common sense. He proves to us and the group of survivors that he is fit to become a leader, and helps everyone through the struggle, and, like many other boys out in the world, holds a romance for the girl of his dreams. During the struggle we find out a lot about our fellow survivors, and come across not just gory situations, but also ‘private’ moments in their lives.

The plot is set in the present day, beginning as the world is struck by a vicious pandemic that causes humans to turn into zombies. The story follows a group of high school students, the school nurse, and a little girl accompanied by a puppy as they fight their way dangerously to safety and refuge through the If there is one thing I love about a good horror series, streets of Japan during the worldwide catastrophic it’s being able to find love within a moment of panic event known as the “Outbreak”. As the group tries to survive against the zombie apocalypse, they must also face the additional threats of societal collapse, in the form of dangerous fellow survivors, and the possible decay of their own moral codes. Throughout the entire journey of the anime and manga you will feel emerged with the group as they

and horror. Within the series you’ll have moments that focus on the violence, the gore, the struggle, the journey and the relationships of the characters. You’ll follow everyone on a fight for their lives, and their youth. While the first series of the anime has already been aired and finished, a second series is well on its way very soon, giving you a chance to catch up on this fantastic anime. Or, if you prefer to read manga, you can catch up and continue the journey as the struggle through the world crisis and try their abso- manga releases a new chapter every week. lute hardest to survive. They’ll come across and face many dangerous situations, thrilling twists and pos- This series is highly recommended for zombie lovers sibly personal problems as they continue to push alike, and also proves to be a brilliant series to peoon for hope. The series features a diverse range of ple who love to see something more ‘serious’ precharacters, and as the story progresses, they begin sented in front of them, but also witness a sense of to reveal who they really are to both the other survi- comedy too. vors, and you, the audience. You’d be insane to miss it. Yatta Issue 4 - page 10

Words by Michael Steel All Imagery property of their rightful owners

I like to call myself a hardcore PC gamer. My early years of gaming where spent on games such as Unreal, Half Life, Deus EX and of course, Counter-Strike. For that reason when I learned of a new Counter-Strike game being made, I just needed to find out more and what better way to do so, then to speak to the project lead himself, Ido Magal. PS3 controller and just get right into it. Is that something your seeing happen a lot? Yes, we are getting a lot of CS players who are big PC gamer who come to the console and get a bit worried, but they end up topping the score board because the skills just transfer over so quick and easy. Even if you have never played a console before, it’s still CS and we are working hard to make sure anyone can just pick it up and play it, but still keep it fun. So at this year’s Eurogamer I made it my mission to get even just ten minutes with Ido and I did just that. Before talking to Ido, I got my hands on a full game of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in which I had a lot of fun. From here I was able to get ten minutes of Ido’s time and jump right into an interview. So, without any more delays let’s get right to it! Given that I just played CS:GO on the PS3 and had a great time, I want too know, when the team agreed ‘Let’s take CS to consoles’ were you at all worried or just really looking forward to doing so? Both, we are always worried and i think that is why we take great care on the products we work on to make sure they end up really good. We think it’s going to be the best CS ever and we are slowly making sure that happens. What I’ve seen today is that everyone is pretty happy and it looks great, one thing I personal found good was how easy it was to pick up the Yatta Issue 4 - page 12

One thing that I have been looking forward hearing more of it the cross-platform feature. I love that I can sit on my PC, playing against a PS3 owner. Is this a feature you wanted from the get go or something you came up with later on in development? It was never really an option before. We shipped CS for the Xbox in 2003 and it wasn’t an option then but we are looking into it now and of course we have Steam on the PC which has been great and we are looking into the feature. We can’t promise anything but we are looking it to it a lot. Given that CS:S came out in 2004, and the fans have wanted a new game for so long, for how much time now has CS:GO been in development? More or less about two years. The first thing we did was a straight out port of CS:S to Xbox on the XBLA and when we saw it working we got really happy about it so we made the choice to just keep working on it and here we are today.

Words by Nikholai Koolonavich All Imagery property of Valve Software

Awesome. I mean from everything I’ve just seen you have taken all the good elements of CS:S and just made it twice as fun, new visuals, new sound i mean it just looks and plays really well. Even on the PS3! Will there be small extras for the long term PC fans at all or the same across all platforms? Well we will be able to do more on Steam but it will be the same game across the map and will still be the same CS you all know and love. That’s great! I mean, I just had a great time playing it and it’s good to see the old DUST map back. Have you kept the old maps or are there new ones as well? There are seven classic maps in CS:GO, those include DUST, DUST 2, NUKE, INFERNO and many more. We looked at the ones people played the most and just pulled those right out and updated them for the new game. We also have eight new maps and two new game modes. Arsenal: Arms Race and Arsenal: Demolition which are gun game modes. That’s good to see that gun game is coming back into the core game. Can you tell us a bit more about the new modes? Sure. So you have your normal gun game which is the fast re-spawn where you level up through the weapons which we have a load of maps for. Then we have mission based ones for gun game where we have these closed, tight maps where you have one spawn and the game last maybe, less then a minute. Just really fast paced and high action and a lot of fun. No need to buy weapons, no need to learn the map you just run forward and own!

Epic! Last question is, when can we look forward to playing it? Next year. The Beta goes up next month, and once the beta goes good we will lock it down and start the shipping process. All great. Thank you very much for your time and best of luck. Can’t wait to play! Welcome and thanks, we can’t wait to see everyone playing.

“So much fun. Once the beta is up, I think the whole team will be round the editors house playing.“

The beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is set to come out within the next few days. As soon as it’s live you can look forward for an in depth review. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is set to be one of the best selling games of next year and all of us here at Yatta! can’t wait. Mind you, once it’s out I don’t think any work will get done...

Yatta Issue 4 - page 13

As Halloween approaches the shops and television are swamped with horror related themes in the form of vampire, ghouls and zombies. Comics books are no different. Within this article I wanted to share some of my favourite horror related comics. Brace yourself true believers this is going to be a great ride! various encounters with zombie hordes Rick finds his family with a group of other survivors. Too make things even more complicated he ends up being elected to lead the group to safety. Robert Kirkman's writing is superb, giving each character a unique voice and having a huge focus in the way the group interact and deal with this terrifying situation. This is one of the best comics being published today period. It gives the reader such a rewarding experience and I couldn't recommended it enough. This book is still on going which means that new readers would be better off going back to the start and picking up the volumes graphic novels. I would suggest going and buying issue 1# but that's a bit hard now that it's going for almost £1000. Although the first issue can be read for free on Newarama. com go check it out! The first book I’m starting with has grown in popularity over the last year with the success of the recent TV series of the same name, if you haven't guessed yet I'm talking about “The Walking Dead”. The Walking Dead was first published in 2003 by Image comics written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Tony Moore, even when this book was first released it was obvious it was going to be a huge success. Tony Moore's art is beautiful; capturing the characters emotion but reflecting the grim situation the characters find themselves at the end of each issue. The decision to have this book in grey scale was a great one as it captures the mood perfectly. Art duties were later past on to Charlie Adlard who has his own distinct style but sticks to the atmosphere created by Tony Moore. The story starts similarly to 28 Days Later following a man called Rick Grimes, waking up from a coma to find that the world has succumbed to a zombie plague. Seeing the chaos of the new world the only thing on Rick's mind is to find his family who have left the family home to seek refuge else where. After Yatta Issue 4 - page 14

My second book was one of best selling books from last year an event that the writer had been building up to for almost five years! Of course I talking about Blackest Night. Geoff Jones brings a unique twist

Words by Joseph Kay All Imagery property of their rightful owner

on the zombie genre replacing the conventional theme which usually involves some kind of virus or spiritual essence. Instead Jones chooses to use a ring; but not just any ring a Black Lantern Ring! As you can probably guess from the use of the words “lantern” and “ring” this event mainly is linked to the character Green Lantern. While this is true the event also had an effect on the rest of the DC universe. These rings were sent all over the galaxy resurrecting beings all over the universe including both heroes and villains from earth. These Black Lanterns also appear to be invincible regenerating their decomposing form after kind of attack. These zombies don’t crave flesh they crave emotion. The rings use the undead to create an emotional response from their friends and family in the form of hope, will, rage, fear, advice, love or compassion the same emotions used by the other corps. Once the victim has given an emotional response the Black Lantern will rip out their heart charging their Central Black Battery by 0.01%. The story becomes a race against the odds to find away of defeating the Black Lanterns and preventing the Battery reaching 100%. This is such a great story as Geoff Jones had been building up to this since he brought Hal Jordan back in 2004. Ivan Reis art is spectacular, every character looks perfect he can create spectacular splash pages that feature so much chaos but it is all masterfully controlled. With this event comes a countless number of tie in books, this allows the reader to follow their favourite character deal with horror’s that came within the Blackest Night. This was great as it meant people could follow specific heroes although new readers jumping about may feel a bit intimidated by the shear number of books. New readers may have a hard time with some of the themes this book holds such as the various different emotion corps but the story is self contained enough to jump straight on board. This event would go on to lead into the DC relaunch through Brightest Day and Flashpoint. So for anyone who is interested in seeing how it occurred this is a good starting point.

Did someone say Zombie Batman? Last but not least is one of my personal favourite books, first published in December 2005 being written by Robert Kirkman (seeing a theme here) and illustrated by Sean Phillips.

This book would go onto create multiple sequels and spin off are final book is Marvel Zombies. The book opens with The Sentry attacking the earth’s heroes under a zombie plague. The origin of the infection is unknown but only effects humans with super powers. The plague quickly speeds over the super human community leaving the world in great turmoil. The virus makes the carrier immortal not feeling any pain and surviving mortal wounds although with this comes an uncontrollable hunger. This book is great and just a lot of fun; while The Walking Dead and Blackest Night feature a lot of drama, this is light hearted and makes fun out of itself although don’t mistake this comment by thinking that’s all the book is. Robert Kirkman makes the most out of this book being out of continuity by throwing lots of interesting concepts such as the zombie heroes trying to take down Galactus (the devourer of worlds) and the Silver Surfer. Sean Phillips art is wonderful I couldn’t picture anyone else drawing this book, giving all of the heroes a truly terrifying look. Sean Phillips perfectly captures the tone of this book. The other advantage of it being out of continuity means that anything goes, anyone of these characters could die and nothing is out of the question. I won’t tell you how exactly the book ends but I will tell you that the zombies find a way to travel through space in search of more food. This book works so well because Marvel let Kirkman do his own thing and he runs with it going onto knock it out of the park! They’re are several sequels to this book that fill any unanswered questions. Marvel Zombies 2 explores the idea of the zombies losing the urge to constantly feed and brings up the question “What is a zombie without the constant hunger?”. This is a great series which works well due to the fact its all self contained, anyone can pick up this book and easily read it whatever knowledge they have. Yatta Issue 4 - page 15

When I was little I was always fascinated with the books my mum got for me. I was engrossed in the multiple worlds and fantasies that I drunk in, so engrossed that I started penning my own stories with fantastical characters having brilliant adventures. I have nearly finished a book, at over 100,000 words long, but one day, I started a new story. I often started new stories to keep me from getting too bored of writing my book all the time. I have a myriad of stories on my hard drives that might never be finished, a galaxy of different worlds and characters that might never have their lives forfilled. But one story stuck. One story kept growing, the characters kept developing and they became embroiled in my life.

Katie, Diago, Dae and Kyo are my much loved characters and since the creation of other original characters, they were a bit abandoned. But now, they are coming back again, and all I can talk about sometimes is them and High School Horrors. If you were to ask me in person to talk about them and HSH, I wouldn’t be able to explain myself and stumble with my words. But in writing about them, I could go on for ever. Katie, my lovely, naïve, heroine, her feelings for some of the male characters, will they make her make the wrong decisions?

High School Horrors: A world of Angels, shadow beasts and summoning. Katie the main character is carted off to a new and unheard of school at with her brother. At the age of 18, their mother leaves them at a strange school, and they are left there to find out for themselves what is going on. They meet their friends and they discover, not everything in this world is as it seems... Diago the ever faithful brother, quiet and almost shy who stands by her and protects her. Could anSplit into two parts, High School Horrors will take ything make him abandon his sister? Dae the quiyou through their lives of discover and fate, to build et but determined handsome young man; whose up to an ending I have been excited about since I eyes light up at the sight of someone special. Will thought it up. Their world has been turned upside he have to fight against his feelings or will fate down and their fate cemented into writing. choose his path in life? And finally, Kyo. Lovable, childlike Kyo. Though superficial on the surface, Any of my friends can tell you, how extremely Kyo sees everything that goes on around him. He passionate I am about High School Horrors. It has a brain and he knows how to use it. Will he has become my baby, my favourite writing project ultimately be for ever faithful to his best friend? and I will do anything to promote it, to seek out new people that will enjoy it! The passion I feel High School Horrors will continue to go on till its for HSH is immense, and is my main project that I end. An end that has already been planned and love to work on. At the moment, I am trying to ex- put into motion. Will you follow these four friends pand beyond deviant Art, where there is often not and find out what happens to real bonds in the that much love for writing, to other places, where I face of some truly unique hardships? might reach those who are willing to take the time to sit down and read High School Horrors. I truly appreciate every comment people leave and I love Find out more and read the story at hearing when people enjoy it!

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Words by Kate Jones All Imagery property of Kate Jones

Earlier in the year, Ele, also known as Elemental, quit her position as a student in the Academy of Heroes and left to pursue an outside life. But the young Elemental was not yet ready for outside life and had not fully completed her training at the Academy. Her friends only heard silence of her whereabouts and of what was happening to her. One day, a report filtered across the nation, even into the Academy. An assassin was going from city to city, taking down people for money. It was said it was female, and carried a heart of fire in a glass and silver container, her fire like wings and red stripes tinged with blue. It was said she was emotionless and mechanic in her killings. What YOU must do: YOU have been charged with hunting down The Assassin or The Sorceress. You work out, the only way to defeat her (and turn her back to normal) is to either take her heart off her (Assassin) or find her heart (Sorceress) and force her to take it back. How you do it is up to you. As The Sorceress, her heart is hidden in a cave. Once you have the heart, you have to make her accept it, and when she does, you must place it on her chest so she can absorb it back. For this competition, you can draw a comic, a single drawing, write a short story, whatever you want! But it must depict you either stealing the heart, convincing/fighting either Ele or placing the heart on Ele’s chest. If you do all three, you will get bonus points. Romance is allowed too! For more details about rules and such, visit my user on DeviantArt, as shown below. The Deadline for this contest is 15th December 2011. So get creating, Ele’s fate is in your hands!

Prizes FIRST PRIZE: 3 month premium membership, 100 points, full piece of art from me, a coloured chibi from Katie, a month long feature in her journal, a journal entirely dedicated to you kept up for a full day. Also, you could possibly get a feature in the next journal of the Yatta! DA Group, as well as seeing your work in the Issue 5 of Yatta! SECOND PRIZE: 1 month premium membership, 50 points, sketch art and a coloured chibi from Katie, as well as a 2 week feature in her journal THIRD PRIZE: 1 month premium membership, 20 points, a coloured chibi from Katie and a 1 week feature in her journal Peoples Choice (poll result): 1 month premium membership, a coloured chibi from Katie, alongside a 1 week feature in her journal

Visit http:\, and click the Contest Journal for more Info

Everyone knows about the epic franchise that is Final Fantasy. Spanning a total of 14 years, 14 main series games, and countless spin off’s, sequels and prequels, Final Fantasy became Square’s flagship project, saving the company from gaming industry oblivion. If you ask anyone what the most popular Final Fantasy is, most would probably say 7. Square even work with other companies on other games to create epics such as the recent Deus Ex: Human Revolution game.

As an avid Final Fantasy fan, I have followed the series since I first knew about it. It was 2000 when I first bought my first ever Final Fantasy. That game has been cemented in my mind ever since and is thoroughly my favourite. I might have been a late comer to the immensity of Final Fantasy, but it hooked me from the first play. Final Fantasy IX (9). From the moment I popped that disc in my PS1, my life changed forever. I said good bye to Spyro and Crash, and embarked on a new journey with Zidane and his crazy crew. Once I played the other Final Fantasies, I knew IX would be the last ever proper Final Fantasy. Since then, it has been a steady downhill slide for Square, in my opinion. But we shan’t focus on the negative just yet.

“The artistic style of FF is beautiful, you can tell what game it is from the art a mile away” – Abbie Cooper Why do I love Final Fantasy so much? I have a vast imagination. I read a lot of fantasy books when I was younger (I still do now) and I loved escaping to new worlds and interacting with new characters. Final Fantasy is like those book, but thoroughly interactive. I never stopped reading books, and I will hopefully never stop playing Final Fantasy. At the moment I have Final Fantasy IV and XIII on the go!!! After playing other Final Fantasies, IX was cemented as my favourite and always will be. Controversial as it is, VIII didn’t impress me so much and VII was good, but it was more ‘other gamers’ friendly. This is why I suspect so many people like it. It was simpler. But it wasn’t so much Final Fantasy. As someone who has played I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII and XIII from the main series, I know what is Final Fantasy. Up until VI, Square had hit after successful hit with the same mould in each game.

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Words by Katie Jones All Final Fantasy Imagery property of Squareenix

“The FF Franchise is a series of games that will not and cannot simply be thrown aside in place of other titles, everybody can remember their first FF game, empathising with the characters and getting lost in the amazing world, and will ALWAYS be my favourite series.” – Andrew Waterfield Despite the success of VII and VIII, they reached back to the old school style of Final Fantasy in IX, and it worked so much better than VIII ever could, for me. X veered off again on a new line, a weird and new world that was so much different, again, to the original mould of FF. To be honest, X was a disappointment. It was a fun game, and the characters were engaging, but it was just not working for me. Tidus went from being hyper and like a child to serious moments and it didn’t flow well. I was worried for the future of FF.

Did Square finally succumb to the horror that is becoming ‘new gamer’ friendly. What’s worse, is that they are bringing out a XIII-2. This angers me. I just hope that Versus will be some salvation to the train wreck that was XIII. After XII, I expected so much, but has Square sold their soul to the consumer devil? We shall see. I hope not, I hope for a game to bring back hope. And I hope it comes out soon.

Then I got my hands on XII. I praised the lords of Square and thoroughly enjoyed playing through the game. It reached back to the ideals of the old Final Fantasy, though the fighting style had changed; I thought it was a brilliant Battle system. I am not one to complain about ability learning either, as each Final Fantasy has had its unique way of learning abilities and magic.

“…the fact people call X their favourite FF actually angers me. It’s like XIII, pretty, but it is NOT FF. For one, it has similar linearity to XIII, but luckily not as bad. Although it was obviously a forewarning!” – Katie Jones And now, the negative. XIII came out. A game I had been so excited about, followed updates religiously for years. Excited to see a first proper FF game with a female main character. And then I played it. I have tried to like it, I really have. But it’s just not Final Fantasy. I have only played a few hours and I bet I can describe the entire game to you: Cut-scene, run, battle and repeat. The graphics are beautiful, just like X was when that first came out. But, like X, it failed. And it failed so much worse.

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As you should all know, Yatta! has been looking for a mascot. A few weeks back we ran a contest to see who would be the new face of Yatta! and today we are happy to show who took the 1st place. The contest was open to the world and the feedback and designs we got sent were all super epic. It’s been hard for the time to pick the winners. Once agian, a big thank you and don’t forget to check out more from each of the artist! Please enjoy the art! Yuki by Bethany-sensei



Yoko by Soul-ReaperX

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Kinme by Digi-rocker

Yamako and Takayuki by mysti-chan

All Imagery property of their rightful owner



Youko by fallenangelsnevercry The overall winner of the Yatta! mascot contest is ‘Youko’ by fallenangelsnevercry with her epic design. We here at the team feel this captures everything Yatta! is in a beautful and cute design. So would everyone please welcome our new mascot, Youko. Your be seeing a lot more of her in weeks to come. Yatta Issue 4 - page 23

Always wanted something a little different to watch? Welcome to the wonderful world of the anime series that is Redline; an insane, adrenaline-fuelled racing animation film produced by Madhouse. The film is set in the distant future, where a man who goes by name JP takes on great risks for the chance of winning the titular underground race. Following his dream, JP became a racer and achieved a large fan base because of his retro-style sense of fashion and his madly frequent and spectacular crashes towards the ends of his races. He is able to get by with money the mob pay him for losing, regardless of the fact he is out on bail for something possibly related to match-fixing. During a qualification raced called Yellowline, JP’s engine explodes, causing him to lose another race. On the verge of giving up and calling it quits, he learns that popular vote, he has qualified for the prestigious no-rules-held race called Redline after two other drivers dropped out. The reason behind their retirement was because the government of Roboworld, the military planet the race is to take place on, is opposed to the race and threatens everyone participating in the race with death. Oblivious to the dangers and risks ahead, JP dives straight in and accepts the challenge. The beautiful thing that I love about Redline is, through all the confusion and madness within this movie, you’re always smirking and cheering silently during the ridiculous but insanely entertaining races. I came across this movie online when the English subtitles were finally completed, and I’ll admit, I was completely blown away! Redline will feature anything and everything that you’ll love in a futuristic, sci-fi, racing genre anime. It has sexy cars, cool characters, intense showdowns, daring disasters and beautiful, beautiful detail. You definitely cannot give this movie a miss! You can follow “Sweet” JP and the other racers in this insanely epic race online now. Be sure to check it out ASAP!

Words by Michael Steel All Imagery property of their rightful owners

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It's always fun to try something new, so why don't you get in the ghoulish spirit and magic up some yummy Halloween biscuits!! This recipe can be used for any shaped biscuits you want, but this time, it was used for ghoulish purposes. They come out almost tasting like short bread, very nommy! Ingredients: 100g/3 ½ oz of unsalted butter, softened at room temperature 100g/3 ½ oz of caster sugar 1 large egg 275g/10 oz of plain flour 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract To decorate: Icing sugar mixed with water and food colouring

STEP ONE: Preheat the oven to 180C/375F/Gas mark 5 and line your baking tray with greaseproof paper. Then mix the butter and the sugar together till combined! (Make sure the butter is very soft otherwise you will find your mixture will be lumpy! Leave your butter out over night to get it soft enough!) STEP TWO: Beat in the egg and the vanilla extract


STEP THREE: Mix in the flour till it becomes dough! Once it starts firming up, you may need to get your hands dirty and rub it together with your hands! STEP FOUR: Flour up a surface and a rolling pin and roll out your dough till its about a centimetre thick, then have fun with making shapes! Use your imagination, you don't always need a cutter, I used a knife for some Yatta Issue 4 - page 26

Words by Katie Jones All Imagery property of Katie Jones

of mine! These circles were for pumpkins, the easiest ones you can make! Once you have decided on your shapes, pop them on the tray and pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes (keep an eye on them) till they are golden!!


STEP FIVE: Take your nommy biscuits out and leave them for five minutes to harden, before popping them on a wire rack to cool. Then either decorate them or leave them as they are! As you can see, I made a spider, a witches hat, a broom, a bat and ghostie!!


STEP SIX: Eat and enjoy!

make? u o y d l u o isculit w b f o d n i W hat k Follow this tutoiral and send us a picture of your outcome at



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If your like me, you love your Vocaloid music but hate having to search for it. Think about how much time you spend online looking for your favorite Vocaloid songs and their music videos. Done that? good. you should of ended up with at least a few hours. YouTube is one of the main places to find new Vocaloid music but sadly, can be a pain and take some time. You even end up with a lot of content which is unrelated to Vocaloid.

It’s fast, simple and easy to you and allows you to keep track of all your favoutire Vocaloid videos in one place. Now it’s linked into YouTube as all the videos are played from there, so you can always jump over and look at more work from that artist.

It’s currently in Beta stages, which means they are still adding features, but from what they have hinted So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of finding new as new features it’s set to get more epic! Vocaloid songs and keeping track of your favorites in a simple and easy way? Well the good news is that MikuBook is free and only takes a few moments to the people over at Crypton Future Media, who made sign up. If your looking for a simple way to find Vocaloid music without dealing with all the bad eleHatsune Miku have done just that! ments of YouTube, including those ads then MikuBook is the one for you. In my short time of using it I would like to welcome you to MikuBook! I’ve already made over twice as many favouites to I found this website on a random google sreach and that on my YouTube account with no sign of slowing was at least, very lost with what it could be. A fan down. MikuBook is just prefect for any Vocaloid fan! site? kind of. A forum? kind of. Something just like YouTube? kind of…well no, more yes then anything. Oh, and every time you add a video to your faIn fact MikuBook is the YouTube of JUST Vocaloid vorites, Miku says ‘Thank you’. Which may well be music. It’s a simple idea and a simple site to use but the cutest thing on the internet! it really helps Vocaloid fans find their favorite music and great new ones! You start by signing in with your Facebook account, which if you so wish will post an update to your wall every time you favorite or comment on a video. From there, just start searching! You can look at what’s new, what’s hot or even what MikuBook thinks or like from your current favorites.

Check it out over at today!

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Words by Nikholai Koolonavich All Imagery property of Crypton Future Media

Hey guys, Mika here. Hope you all had a good summer. I’m going to quickly fill you in on what’s been happening whilst I’ve been chilling during these (cold) summer days… Some of you might’ve heard about my recent freelance group known as ‘Vestiige Photography’, yes? No? Fair enough. Well, Vestiige Photography was something I formed up over the summer holidays in hopes to build up a nice portfolio of work in professional photography and design. It’s been a good work in progress so far, and to kick it all off I asked a few friends of mine to gather together at Portsmouth and help model for my very first photo shoot.

to my online portfolio profile on DeviantArt, and also received positive feedback from a range of people from all over the world. In the end, I was very grateful to those who came and helped me with this photo shoot and thought they were absolutely fantastic! So once more; a big thank you to everyone who came out and helped kick-start Vestiige Photography’s portfolio. And remember; always keep an eye out on the Yatta! Blog and Forums for more photo shoot events and never be shy to come on down and have a great time. Enjoy the rest of your year, Mika. Check out more over on Mika’s DeviantART.

The theme for this shoot was Rebellion and Individuality. To help make this idea a reality I kindly asked people to gather together at the Portsmouth Guildhall and just be themselves. Gothic, punk, nerd, cultural – whatever and whoever you were, this was the perfect opportunity for people to gather together, be themselves and show off their personality through the camera lens to the rest of the world. We started off with getting casual shots across the guildhall steps, letting people get comfortable with the camera and opening up more to who they were and how they wanted to be portrayed in their photographs. I had six wonderful people come down and help me out for the day, and boy were they wonderful. I had our very own editor and founder of Yatta! Magazine Nik-Chan join us, along with the beautiful and quirky group of Wai-Yi, Mysti, Mike-San, River and Charlee. We soon proceeded around town and found some really interesting spots to get more shots, and also managed to grab a few fantastic silhouette shots too. I don’t know about you guys, but Mike-San can definitely make a convincing zombie! As we progressed around town more and more, we had finally reached the end of the day and it was time for everyone to head home. I got home, uploaded the photos, received brilliant feedback from friends and family alike and began editing my favourite shots. The edit shots were then uploaded Words by Michael Steel All Imagery property of Michael Steel

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Ever felt like you just need someone to talk too? Even just to get things out there? Well we are here to help. My name is Kitty! If you follow me on my other blogs, I try to be happy all the time and help people out, or on twitter, you will know me and who I am, but if but I do suffer with depression, so I do know what it you do not, or are completely new to me, here's a is like. few bits of info about me!! I don't often advertise my depression, but on twitter, you may notice I sometimes post depressing • My name is Kitty! updates, though I try not too!! Depression can be • I live in the South of England, in a little coastal a very personal illness, and one you do not want to share with everyone, but sometimes you just need to city called Portsmouth write out your feelings. • I am currently studying Beauty Therapy Sciences I have opened this blog to reach out the those who BTEC Level 3 Diploma at college need advice, help or just someone to talk too!! I fully • I am a Peer Mentor and part of the Welfare Com- respect every bodies opinions and problems, from boy trouble to depression to self harm to family troumittee at my Student Union bles to pet bereavement. If you would like to ask my • I have a boyfriend called Nate, whom lives in advice, please either leave a comment in any of my blog posts on here (this is the first post!) or email me Hull, many miles away at and put • We have been going out for five and a half years! in the subject title "Ask Kitty" so I know you are not spam! • I have no pets, my gorgeous black moggy died I will ask you if it is okay to post your letter on my last year after 18 years together blog, and the answers I give, as you might suffer the same problem as others, and it can be reassuring to • I am 23 (going on 17 sometimes!) know you are not the only one!! If you do allow this, but want to remain anonymous, then I will respect that too!! If you do not want it to appear on my blog, do not worry, I will answer you no matter what and be respectful of all your wishes!! Please do contact me if you ever need a chat about anything, I am here to help!! Remember, you are all beautiful, no matter what

The blog is: The email: And the form spring is:

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Words by Kate Jones All Imagery property of Kate Jones

The 14m² exhibition consists of 14 photography students from the university of Portsmouth. As part of our degree we are required to curate an exhibition from scratch; picking and gaining a location, raising funds, organising the display and all the other elements required for such an event. The work featured in the exhibition is based around the theme of territories; these spaces can be as large or as small as we wish, with the dimensional, territorial and geographical boundaries flexible. The various photographers will be displaying their work in ways that best narrate their idea, including projections, installations and prints. The exhibition will be on display for 7 days at Bonzo studio, an open access studio on Albert Road that offers a welcoming environment for artists and art lovers. On the opening night preview, expect a friendly atmosphere at Bonzo studio where you can chat to the photographers and enjoy entertainment in the form of an acoustic set by one of the exhibiting photographers, Alice Chidgey. Portfolios of each photographer will be on display for you to browse through, allowing you the chance to enjoy a wide variety of their work. During the following week, the exhibition will be open to the public and each day at least two photographers will be at Bonzo studio to talk about the work and answer any questions you may have had. These times will be available from the opening night at Bonzo or found on the 14m² facebook group.

The exhibition will take place from the 10-17th December at Bonzo studio, with an opening night preview on 9th December from 6 – 9pm.

The Joker ~ Connor Miles

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Teen Kristeen ~ Danny12346

Death in a Sand Storm ~ LastCapeStanding

Yatta Issue 4 - page 35

London Set Billie Cawte

Yatta Issue 4 - page 36

...:::Lollipop Angel:::... ~ tagl

Yatta Issue 4 - page 37

Above Cadet Attack - Bethany Sensei

Left Paper Child: Spicer - ArcticNoir

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Yatta! Issue 4: Halloween Special  

A Halloween speical from the Yatta! Magazine team. Made for young people, by young people.

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