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editors message Issue Five already? my gosh we are moving quick. Welcome once again to a new issue of Yatta! magazine. Unlike the last few this issue is a bit smaller and holding a new look. We have so much planned for the new year that we have no idea when the next issue will be ready. For that reason we wanted one more issue out for 2011 and so, Christmas is was. Make sure to check out our review of the Captain America DVD and our continued coverage of everything Lolita in a new Lolita article. Oh top of that check out the Christmas card tutorial and make sure to enjoy the lovely snow photos we have in the issue as well. I do hope you like the new design, and the front cover, and enjoy all the content within these pages. I know it’s smaller then normal but we do our best with what we can. Plus, if you want more there is so much to look forward to in 2012 as Yatta is going to be bigger, better and even more awesome!


I can’t give away too much just yet but let me say that your love everything that will be coming from Yatta in the coming months. Oh, and one hint I can give you is this. Look forward to events!

4 - 14m2 Exhibition 6 - Captain america

Now I wish to thank each and every person who has helped in the creation of this issue, it’s been the quickest we have made an issue! A big thank you to everyone who is joining us for the first time and even bigger thank you too those who are running ads with us

8 - Christmas gone retail 10 - Lolita meet 12 - Winter day fun

As always, please enjoy the work of a group of young people and have a great Christmas from everyone here at Yatta everyone. Have a read, relax and enjoy your time with Yatta! Issue Five.

13 - Christmas Card tutorial 14 - Nightmare before Christmas 17 - Let it snow! 20 Onwards - Artwork

If you have any comments on the issue, feel free to email us at Happy Holidays everyone and Happy New Year! Nikholai Koolonavich ~ Editor

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Ellie F. Goulding Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi Bossa Studios 14m2 Bonzo Studio Portsmouth Libraries Our fans, supporters and readers Yatta Issue 4 - page 3

14m Exhibition 2


n Friday 9th, we were called down to Bonzo Studio by a group of students from Portsmouth Uni to help them with an exhibition. A photograhpy exhibition which we were really looking forward to. The name of this even? ’14m2’. Now I’m sure you all know about this exhibition by now. After all we have been promoting it for some time now and even did a quick feature in the last issue as well. If not, allow me to explain. The 14m2 Exhibition is made up of 14 photography students from Portsmouth University studying in their second year. As part of their unit they have to sort out their own exhibition. This includes finding a space, sorting out the books, promotion and much more. being someone who has sorted out whole events myself I can understand how much of a task this can be but, students with a goal in mind they pulled it off. We were ask to attend the event not just for promotion reasons which, up to this point we had done a lot of, but also to help capture and record the event. Happy to help, we got to Bonzo nice and early and started doing our thing. Our to do list was a time-lapse, photography and further promo-

Yatta Issue 4 - page 4

tion. The final time-lapse which includes the set up and the opening evening can be viewed on our Youtube account if anyone wants to see it. Your find the address later in the issue. Being but one person down at Bonzo as Yatta it was a bit of a task but I don't give in easy and got right to work. The work on display ranged in style, taste, meaning and much more, all displayed in their own ways. From simple picture frames to a projector the range of photography on show is great. The idea for the project was just about anything. The students told me that they had a theme of 'Territory' but that was the only information they had. From there each of the 14 went of and did their thing to capture and display some of the most beautiful and stunning photos I have seen in a long time. Portsmouth is always growing and improving on it's creative skills but the University of Portsmouth's art department always blow me away with

Words by Nikholai Koolonavich

every year's work. There is a lot of talent and skill in these students. The opening night went down better then it could have in every way. With the welcoming and friendly faces of the group and the Bonzo staff the guests were happy to be there. Of course the addition of free food and drink added to that with the extra of live music from one member of the team who, for the record was very good at playing guitar. Very good indeed. The mass of people which attended the opening was great and the team told me that it was twice the number they were hoping to get. If you tell me that is a bad result, then I'm shocked. The studio was packed an it filled up very quickly with people enjoying the work and losing them-

selves in the meanings and stories behind each photo. That is how you know your exhibition has gone well when the quests want to ask questions and wish to know more about the photo's. It was a joy to see and a great project to have worked along side. The impact and success of the exhibition is just stunning and with people loving what they see I would say that the Students that make up 14m2 have done a very good job. The exhibition was held at Bonzo Studio down in Southsea, 57 Albert Road, PO5 2SF. It’s open to the public and the studio is very welcoming and a friendly place, so make sure to pop on down and check it out. They not only host events but sell art supply's, have screen printing areas and even hold a series of workshops into many different creative areas. Overall the team behind the 14m2 exhibition did a great job and it was a joy to work along side them for the evening. I hope to see more from these creative and very skills photographers in the new year and can't wait to find out what grade they got for the exhibition. Here is hoping to a 'first' people. Stunning, beautiful and welcoming. Well done.

All imagery property of Nikholai Koolonavich

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here’ve been a fair few comic book films this year, what with X-Men: First Class, Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America. I’m thrilled to say I’ve seen them all and with the DVD’s now out it’s time to watch them again. If I had to compare them, I’d say I liked all the Marvel ones more than Green Lantern, with X-Men coming top perhaps. I just felt that despite being a superhero movie, the Marvel ones are slightly more realistic maybe? I don’t know, they just seem to work better and have a more epic quality in the cinema than Green Lantern did. Admittedly, Batman is a DC Comics character too, but that’s kind of in a completely different class to Green Lantern in my mind. Batman is a classic, a complete classic. Plus some of the older films had input from Tim Burton, who is just amazing. But this review is not about Batman. Overall, the film seems very well planned out, there weren’t any major parts where I was left wondering what on earth happened, like you get sometimes in some films. It explained everything just enough while still leaving plenty of things for you to kind of ponder or guess at as it progressed, which is always great in a movie like this. The film started off somewhat confusingly with the discovery of a large, snow-covered object in the Arctic. To begin with, this had me thinking ‘oh, this is where they discover whatever they use to make Captain America, well, Captain America’. But no. As the expedition inside what turns out to be a spaceship type aircraft progresses, the crew find a strange circular, mod-sign coloured object, with a star on it. Which left me thinking basically, what on earth is happening here. Because I don’t think it told us where or when that scene was, unlike the next scene, which some nice subtitles at the bottom tell us, is set in Norway in 1942. In general I thought the film fits together nicely. v It progresses at a good pace, giving you time to notice little things like “Hey, that guy’s surname was Stark, I wonder if...?” and “Oh, was that Stan Lee?” and things like that in a film are wonderful I think. The action scenes I thought, were awesome. Never before have I wanted a shield but now I’m beginning to see that a shield could actually be a pretty good as an offensive weapon rather than a defensive.

Yatta Issue 4 - page 6

Words by Mysti-Chan All imagery property of rightful owner

In my mind, action scenes that make you think “Wow, that actually makes a really good weapon” are therefore well choreographed, as they show the item to the best of its capabilities. But enough about weapons. The inclusion of Howard Stark and Stan Lee are a really crucial part of the continuity being built up for the upcoming Avengers movie, because Howard Stark being in it especially kind of gives us a bit of a clue as to how the Avengers come together. It was a good link with Stark Sr. and Captain America, and I felt a real sense of acheivement at figuring out who Stark was. The case was very likeable. Chris Evans was really good as Steve Rogers, though I was somewhat bemused as to whether the short one or the muscly one was the ‘real’ him at first, but I have been informed that they used a new cinematography technique to achieve the two different versions of Steve Rogers, having one [the original one] played by a stunt man wearing prosthetics to make him look like Chris Evans. Then each scene was filmed twice, once with each actor, then they apparently motion-tracked Chris Evans’s head onto the stunt man’s body to create the two different Steve


Did you know, bit of possibly obvious trivia here, that as well as playing Captain America Chris Evans also played Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs the World? Awesome, right? Didn’t even look like the same person until you look at his picture on IMDb [Internet Movie Database]. So he played the part really well, as did Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. She seemed perfect, and was an interesting character too and wasn’t just a ‘damsel in distress’. She gave a very good performance in Captain America and you see it through out the film. I often find strong/independent female characters to also be portrayed as quite arrogant and therefore annoying, but I thought that Peggy Carter’s personality was a perfect balance. She was her own person, but she wasn’t overpowering, which was wonderful. Hugo Weaving’s portrayal of the Red Skull was brilliant too I think. He got the contrast between the more normal-seeming first appearance and then the increasing threat after he reveals himself properly. The threat and tension with that character builds up gradually through the film and although it introduces him fairly early on in the film, we don’t find out what his motives are completely until further on. All in all, it was an amazing film, definitely up to the high standards of X-Men: First Class and Thor. I especially liked the set design as there was clearly so much attention dedicated to making it look perfect. No detail was spared and that was great. The actors were just right for the parts, every single one, and the special effects were extremely well done. I wasn’t as enamoured by the soundtrack as I was for X-Men, I wouldn’t actually go out and buy this one, but it still worked for the film. I liked the performance song, “Star Spangled Man”, which was stuck in my head for days afterwards. Overall I’d give it 9/10 I think, for those above reasons. If you haven’t already seen it make sure to pick up the DVD .

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Christmas Gone Retail? Has the celebration of Christmas or ‘Xmas’ lost its meaning?

Are presents the only things that people really care about? I’m going to look into whether Christmas has lost its way and see how different people view Christmas.


hristmas is an annual holiday celebrated by billions across the globe on the 25th December; some regions in the world hold it on alternative dates. It is not a formal holiday everywhere in the world with a handful of countries not recognising it at all. Traditionally Christmas is about commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ in Christian denominations; it also coincides with the Roman Winter Solstice which is on the same day. However

Yatta Issue 4 - page 8

these days, Christmas is celebrated by people of various cultures and religions or lack of. Despite Christian and Pre-Christian history, Christmas has now been bombarded by a new figure, Santa Claus or Father Christmas, who is loved by children everywhere as he gives them all presents. This is good news for retailers. Not only do children get presents, but adults also participate in gift-giving and all sorts of other things over the Christmas season!

Words by Howard Watts All imagery property of rightful owner

Now to see whether Christmas has lost its meaning, we need to know what the meaning actually is. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to pinpoint as it means different things to different people. When you ask someone, ‘What is the meaning of Christmas to you?’, you will get a variety of answers some including:

it! And with being thankful and spending time with family and friends, again if you do it all year round you’ll be thankful throughout the whole year, think of that, happy all year round, of course it takes some will power to always be happy!

vAlthough to many, Christmas is thought of as a religious celebration, I think it’s safe to say • Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ that it is has become a cultural one with people • Being thankful for that year and spending from various backgrounds celebrating it, relitime with friends and family gious or not. • Spreading love around the world and helping those in need I would say that Christmas is a little bit of all • PRESENTS! of the opinions presented, but the one I would like to focus on is showing love to everyone, Of course all of these are answers; it’s just in- friends, family, strangers and whoever needs it, terpretation, although some answers are more which is everyone in this world. Even to people valid than others. However retailers particular- in this world who are deemed ‘evil’ need love; ly like the one with presents, as present means they definitely aren’t getting any good loving money, money, and money. In preparation for from anybody! Has Christmas lost its meanChristmas, they advertise everywhere that it’s ing? To some it has, to some is hasn’t and to coming, and boy do they tell you about it. I’ve some it doesn’t need a meaning. Fancy that! been in shops selling Christmas cards and Not needing a reason to be happy! So Christdecorations in August! Soon it will be Christ- mas should be celebrated all year round in that mas all year round non stop. sense. If we can keep the meaning of Christmas, which I believe is love, and spread that So from this point of view, it’s all about getting all year round, who knows what wonders this stuff that you probably don’t need. As long as world may see in the future. you get your presents then all is well. This is probably the view that children take, that’s certainly what I felt like when I was younger. This is why retailers light up when Christmas is on its way! Now that I’m a little older, I see that while Christmas is for some people the happiest time of the year, for others it is full of pain and sorrow. In that respect while I see no harm in giving children presents to light up this world a bit, maybe not to over do it and realise that people out there have nothing and show them love and help them too. I guess what irritates me is that the people who are really helpful around Christmas and are friendly around this time, are not helpful and friendly all time of year, it shouldn’t take a time of year to make you do

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Yatta Issue 4 - page 10

Words by Wai-yi All imagery property of rightful owner

Yatta Issue 4 - page 11

“Just how do you enjoy those cold, winter day’s?” Hey guys. Hope you’re all having a great Christmas so far! I’m here to give you a couple handy tips on how to spend a nice day out in the winter cold and enjoy every minute of it. I’ve always been a fan of just travelling around the Portsmouth area and grabbing some winter-themed photographs during my holidays, and you guys should definitely take part as well. Whenever you have some free time on your hands, grab a camera and head outside. Simple. The next thing you want to do is find a lovely companion be it friend or family to join you and head out to somewhere you have rarely been before. Last year I travelled around the Fox’s Forest in Cosham with my good friend Becky and we got some awesome photographs. It’s always recommended visiting some woods and exploring everywhere possible; because you can get some fantastic shots from half the things you discover and collect.

Yatta Issue 4 - page 12

The next step is planning ahead on what pictures you would like to capture. It’s always good to think forward on ideas on what you could capture. The two things you need to focus on are where you’re going and what you’ll expect to see. If you have no clue as to where you’ll be heading on this random expedition, then simply take a good look around and see what comes to mind. You’ll be surprised at the amount of inspiration you can obtain from just staring at your surroundings for a good couple of minutes. Nab some photographs of tree trunks, bushes, throw around some leaves, climb a muddy hill. Do anything and everything.

just enjoy the day and be one of those people who aren’t in a constant mad rush to buy gifts and get to/from work. Whatever you do, always be sure to make the most of your Christmas holidays. Always appreciate the small things in life and just have a lovely time.

If photography isn’t on your Christmas list then you could always ar- Merry Christmas! range a day out with your friends and family and go for a nice walk around the town. You can visit the park, look at the animals, chill out with a warm cup of Starbucks and

Words by Michael Steel All imagery property of Michael Steel

Home grown Christmas cards A creative way to spend the Christmas cheer this year.

Need to get a last minute gift sorted out? Don’t have much cash? Simple, make something from the heart with our ‘Home Grown Christmas Cards’. These fun, creative and joyful little cards let you create something special for friends and family. It shows time and effot went into making it and that always goes down well. Just follow the steps below to create your very own! What you need: 1x A4 card. 1x A5 card. Glue. Scissors. Pencil. Pens. Instructions: 1. Fold A4 card in half. 2. Draw and colour a winter/Christmas scene for a background. 3. Draw and colour a picture for the foreground. Keep it simple-you’ll be cutting it out after. 4. Fold small strips of card and glue them to the back of your foreground. Stick the foreground to your A4 card. 5. Add Christmas greeting and there you have it-a homemade Christmas card!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !! Words by Katie Orchard All imagery property of Katie Orchard

The classic Christmas film, with a dark side empty patch causing him to isolating himself and thinking about something new. After yet another successful year of Halloween, he takes a long walk with his dead dog Zero aimlessly into the woods. This leads him to a strange area with a circle of trees, each decorated accordingly to the appropriate season of the year; ie, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and most importantly Christmas.

This film is an all-time classic from the unique producer Tim Burton. This is known nowadays as a “master piece”, which has led to Tim Burton’s well known reputation and reliability from other well known producers. The Nightmare Before Christmas title can not explain the film’s plot any more simThe Christmas door attracts Jack ple than it already is! instantly, and his curiosity leads This modelled clay film is about a him to opening the door in which very famous, “king” of Halloween he gets sucked in. Jack then disland and scariest creature upon covers Christmas land! He finds their strange world - Jack Skelling- the land very wonderfully amazing, ton and the poor looking, isolated filling all his desires and emptygenius Sally. Jack finds himself ness. He searches for the ruler of bored of the same yearly routine this town, which comes across as of Halloween, which leaves him an a frightening huge man with claws, which is then known to the civilians of Halloween Town as “Sandy Claws”. Jack then asks each member of the town to visit him, assigning them each a specific task for Christmas. Oogie Boogie’s three henchmen Lock, Shock and Barrell turn up and are told to kidnap Sandy Claws “nicely”. He also specifies to “leave that no good Oogie Boogie out of this.” However, while this new obsession takes Jack into more isolation, his secret admirer Sally sees a vision of his ‘Christmas’ being a disaster. Warning him of her vision, Jack’s stubborn nature dismisses her vision. While he is being fitted with his new suit, Sandy Claws is intro-

Yatta Issue 4 - page 14

duced to him by Oogie’s henchmen as to which Jack delightfully greets him then entrusts him to the henchmen. Involving the entire town to join Jack’s obsession, creating scary toys and their own version of the season, Jack sets of in his coffin like sleigh and delivers the horrible presents. However, while Jack prepares for Christmas he is left unaware that Santa has been sent to Oogie Boogie. During Jack’s world delivery for Christmas, Sally believes the only way to save him is to free the real Santa which leads to her own capture. Jack causes havoc, which causes human’s to shoot down his sleigh. He lands in a graveyard, then realizing his mistake and makes his way to Oogie Boogie to set Santa and Sally free. After a struggle between Jack and Oogie, Jack pulls on Oogie’s loose thread which unravels loads of insects falling onto the floor. After setting Santa and Sally free, Santa then goes to save Christmas while Jack is suddenly ignited by his love for Sally. The film is heartwarming, joyful and dark at the same time. A classic which should always be part of your Christmas routine.

Words by Jade Cheung All imagery property of rightful owner

Photo by Katie Orchard

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Let It Snow! F

or the last two years, us here in the South and most of England for that matter have experienced heavy snow fall. And with it predicted again this year, we here at Yatta! are looking forward to seeing more of the snow! Of course, till now there hasn’t been much so too make up for the lack of snow we asked around for your best snow pictures with some even from the team. So, please enjoy some lovely if a bit cold snow pictures which is then followed by some great artwork. Happy Hoildays everyone!

Photos by Mysti-Chan

Photos by Sophie Chitty

Layout by Chloe Cox

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Yatta! Issue 5: Christmas Special  

A Christmas speical from the Yatta! Magazine team. Made for young people, by young people. Mascot Design by 'fallenangelsnevercry' ~ fallen...