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yatrik bodhe communication designer selected work

hello I am Yatrik Bodhe. I have been a graphic designer for more than four years. I also craft type, illustrate, and enjoy sketching and digital painting.


My work ranges from extensive visual brand projects to identity designs to illustrations.

communication design portfolio twenty thirteen

All the images used here are only for representation purpose only and are properties of their respected owners, and no copyright infringement is intended.

branding and visual identity design

the park hotels A leading 5 star hotels chain in India, The Park Hotels was looking for a change in it’s brand. The visual overhaul was carried out to reflect its new brand positioning, Anything But Ordinary. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai



Martin Creed Exhibition

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anything but ordinary

mahindra Mahindra, an Indian conglomerate and a major automobile player, recently underwent a brand overhaul. The new word-mark was created to symbolize the shift from a being a modern Indian company to a global force. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

gourmasion Gourmasion is an air catering service by Taj Group of Hotels, a leading hospitality brand. An elegant fluid ‘G’ was designed to represent the aroma of the fresh food served mid-air by Gourmasion. The elegance of The Taj is matched by the classic paintings which play an important role in the look and feel system of the brand. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

zone Zone, a range of hotels for the new India, is targeted at the young and the happening. The visual branding was crafted to represent its brand positioning as a social catalyst. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

by the park

Explore the food zone

azva ​A zva is​ ​a ​b ridal jewelery brand by​ ​​t he ​World Gold Council, a UK based​ organisation. ​​ The identity is inspired the dynamic nature of marriage and the​ ​​t raditional ​s even​ ​v ows taken b​y​​ hindu ​c ouple​s​​​. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai


Kids taj kids ​ hile guests at the Taj Hotels bask in luxury, W ​T heir children too enjoy their m ​ erry ​s tay. Taj Kids is a programme by the Taj Hotels t​ o help the​i r​ young guests h ​ ave even more fun. The visual language is inspired by the programme itself - playful, interactive and engaging. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

Bhansali Gram Seva Mandal Finalised Identity

Identity Option

Insight India


assorted identities

Identity Design

Identity Design

Tork is an automobile company, and teaming up the speed with the force is what the company is passionate about. The passion is well complemented by the undeterred strong will for perfection and excellence. The visual is in a motion, heading in the right direction to cross the unseen milestones. The logotype was developed to embody all the qualities of Tork.

Tork - an automobile automation R&D and manufacturing enterprise

Bhansali Gram Seva Mandal - an orphanage in a rural part of Maharashtra, India

Credit: Yellow Slice, Mumbai

Credit: Onio Design, Pune Credit: Print Bindaas,Bhansali MumbaiGram Seva Mandal is an orphanage. Compassion, love and care

Bhansali Gram Seva Mandal

Insight India, a workshop on design formulation of immersion, the them varied colours that symbiolises dive workshop deals with.

Insight India - a trends forecast workshop

are what the group strives to provide for the needy. The amalgamation of blue and green represents happiness, self sustainability and fosterage.


project bombay ​ roject Bombay is ​m y personal p P ​ assion. It is a series of illustrations depicting e​ veryday ​ images of the ever-moving and thriving city of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay).

​P roject Bombay - For Hire

​P roject Bombay - Your Hand in Mine

​P roject Bombay - Super Traveller

assorted illustrations Following pages showcase my assorted illustrations.

busy bee Digital sketches for a mascot. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

A series of illustrations of global landmarks.

A collage of illustrations

lettering & typography

lyfe Specially crafted lettering for a lifestyle beverage brand. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

unifare A handcrafted typeface for a travel card identity. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

A handcrafted typeface for Azva. Credit: Landor Associates, Mumbai

contact me +91 96197 11497


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