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Key Traits Every Sales Manager Needs to Have Most people seem to think that the work of sales reps (representatives) and sales managers is the same. But in fact, there are plenty of differences in how they do their job. The traits required for being a high quality sales manager are very different from those required to be a good sales rep.

We live in an age where organizations rely on sales training provider companies to train their sales teams and make them more productive. However, it is the first and foremost duty of the sales manager to look after his sales team and make sure that each individual does his work properly.

Every sales manager who hopes to be successful needs to have the following traits. Positivity Positive and negative vibes matter in the world of sales, especially when they emanate from sales managers. A sales manager who approaches his work with a negative frame of mind does not inspire much confidence amongst the sales reps. But if managers stay positive and crack a joke or two every once in a

while, it is bound to rub off on their subordinates, who would be more motivated than ever before to achieve their targets.

Leadership A sales manager is an undisputed leader of his sales team, or at least, he should be. Leadership does not simply mean calling all the shots. The manager has to lead his team by example. He has to actively participate in the work that his sales team is doing, and he should not be afraid to take risks. Risk-taking sales managers are truly respected by peers and subordinates than the ones who like staying safe in their comfort zones.

Man Management Skills On an individual level, each and every member of a sales team is different from the other, and it is up to the sales manager to understand how each of them functions individually. Quality sales managers are never afraid to know more about the members of his sales team. They put in extra effort to understand individual personalities, and this gives them a clear understanding of how to tackle situations when particular individuals do not function up to scratch.

Listening Ability No manager is a good manager if he is not a good listener. This goes hand in hand with the aforementioned point. Just like a quality sales training consultant, a quality sales manager too, should be open to the opinions of his subordinates. Not welcoming a second opinion on various issues would not go down well with the sales reps, who would feel extremely undervalued, and would lose interest and motivation to do their work effectively.

Spontaneous Coaching An experienced sales manager should always look out for opportunities to coach inexperienced members in the sales team, and these ‘coaching sessions’ should never be elaborate sessions. Instead, sales managers should spontaneously coach them in the flow of conversations and other discussions. From a sales rep’s perspective, this is much more welcome than somebody who keeps delivering elaborate lectures. If there are members in your sales team who need the best coaching to become exemplary sales professionals in the future, get in touch with us. As a reputed corporate sales training provider, we ensure rapid growth and development of a sales team that is not only dynamic, but one that delivers consistent results.

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Key traits every sales manager needs to have  

Most people seem to think that the work of sales reps (representatives) and sales managers is the same. But in fact, there are plenty of dif...

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