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Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Agency Overview What we strive to accomplish

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) has been changing the lives of New York City’s at-risk youth through the power of one-to-one mentoring since 1904. Our mission is to provide children facing adversity in New York City with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships with adults that change their lives for the better, forever. The youth in our program are ages 7-17, from low-income, single parent households in all 5 boroughs.

The agency has three primary objectives:

1. To offer safe mentoring experiences to

2. To provide support services to youth

3. To provide training, technical assistance,

low-income youth to improve youth development out comes enrolled in our programming

and professional development services to staff of other youth-serving agencies in the New York City area

Evaluations of our one-to-one mentoring programs have shown them to be effective tools for reducing problem behaviors, promoting healthy psychological development, and improving educational outcomes.

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Strategic Planning Steps to achieve our goals

Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Hector Batista, BBBS of NYC completed a strategic planning process to refine our goals and develop a vision for the future. This process was led by former trustee, Michael Rosenthal, who was, at the time, Principal at McKinsey & Company and had extensive experience in strategic planning. The strategic plan was approved by our board of trustees in September 2012, and below are some highlights of the process and areas of focus.

Strategic Planning Process Staff members throughout the organization as well as members of our board of trusteeswere involved in the strategic planning process. Staff members participated in workgroups focusing on the following areas: program, infrastructure, and fundraising. Participants conducted a situation analysis and developed a five-year strategic plan for the agency using goals-based planning. This process was an opportunity to re-examine what we do and why it matters, and to set ambitious aspirations for the future.

The situation analysis did not result in a strategic plan that changed our primary goals and objectives as an organization. Rather, it was an assessment of what we do well, what we need to do better, what new initiatives we want to take on in the next five years, and a set of goals for which we will be accountable.

Our Vision of Success in 5 Years Currently, we reach over 2,200 youth through one-to-one mentoring programs and serve an additional 1,300 youth through one time youth development opportunities. In the next five years, we will increase the number of youth served by 30%. Currently, BBBS of NYC has many tailor-made programs designed to meet the specific needs of New York City’s youth. In the next five years, we will reassert our leadership in the mentoring sector and be an accountable and innovative partner in addressing the educational challenges facing New York City’s youth.


How We Will Get There Alumni Network We will create and launch an alumni network of our volunteer mentors, “Bigs” and the youth we have served, “Littles.” This will enable us to track long term outcomes of our alumni Littles of all ages and reengage them as part of our supporter network and potentially cultivate alumni Littles to become future Bigs.

Community Impact We recognized that we work with schools, communities, and other community-based organizations separately. We will develop and launch a new initiative that will have a community-wide impact. We will work with a targeted middle school, making a greater difference within one community. We will provide safe, impactful mentoring experiences to youth who attend this middle school. Additionally, we will partner with other community-based organizations to provide group activities to the Littles and Bigs that are focused on community service, leadership, and education. We aim to pilot this initiative in FY14, ( June 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014), and if it is successful, we will replicate this with other schools throughout NYC.

Enhanced Education Programming In response to the New York City school dropout crisis among at-risk youth, we have been supporting Littles by helping them set and achieve educational goals with the team support of their Bigs, parents, and BBBS of NYC program staff. Our staff and Bigs advocate on behalf of Littles to help them learn about and gain acceptance into locally available programs, while also identifying available resources to assist our youth with academic needs that range from tutoring programs to SAT prep courses. In addition, we provide educationally-themed workshops on topics of interest to Littles, for their parents, and for Bigs interested in helping Littles succeed academically. Through various partnerships including the City University of New York (CUNY), we will enhance and expand our educational offerings , to better equip our Littles with the knowledge and support to apply to college, or trade/vocational schools with the goal of helping them ultimately succeed in life. We will also equip Bigs and families to better guide and advise their Littles through their


Measurable Impact


In an effort to improve our evaluation measures, we have engaged Philliber Research Associates, an independent research and evaluation firm, which specializes in outcome-based evaluation and program planning services, to evaluate our current programs.

We continue to focus our recruitment efforts to increase our Bronx volunteer pool with the launch of our Bronx Volunteer Coalition. The Bronx Volunteer Coalition is made up of organizations that serve Bronx residents through the use of volunteers. The goal of the coalition is to create a unified targeted marketing message to increase overall Bronx Volunteerism.

The evaluation will use an empirical approach, with a control group of 185 Littles, to examine impact of programs as well as the service delivery process. Findings will help to ensure that BBBS of NYC continues to provide a strong program model that prepares youth for a successful transition from pre-adolescence to adulthood. The evaluation is focused on four dimensions: educational outcomes; behavior; self-perception; and peer/family relationships.

As the lead and founding agency, BBBS of NYC has received funding from two separate grants and have engaged twenty partner organizations to date that have become active members in the coalition. This initiative has helped BBBS of NYC build partnerships, provide us relevance as an organization that serves the Bronx, and will as the campaign unfolds drive much needed volunteers to the organization.


Infrastructure We plan to make improvements to better support our staff with advancements in technology, human resources, and real estate. One of our goals in this area is to develop a formal staff training and development program. Building off our expertise in our Center for Training and Professional Development, we plan to launch this program in FY14. By establishing a formal staff training and development program, we will offer staff an opportunity to further develop their skills and

leadership abilities. This will allow BBBS of NYC to attract and keep the best talent, allowing us to play a part in cultivating that talent for the betterment of the youth we serve.

Community Partnerships BBBS of NYC currently partners with corporations, schools, and other communitybased organizations to provide our youth with mentoring experiences. Our Center for Training and Professional Development has given BBBS


of NYC global reach for mentoring and youth development best practices, touching over 1,455 organizations since inception. In the next five years, BBBS of NYC would like to further develop and deepen partnerships and relationships with other youth-serving organizations, government agencies, corporations, foundations , and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to continue to be the largest mentoring agency in NYC. We continue to find unique opportunities to further engage partners while identifying new collaborations through our board of trustees, staff, and volunteers. Along with our Our Center for Training and Professional Development and partnerships with our National office and affiliates throughout the country, we continue to strengthen relationships and work together to change the lives of young people.

Board Governance The Board of Trustees at BBBS of NYC is committed to the success of the organization and recognizes that effective board governance is integral. As part of the Strategic Planning Process, the board members participated in a self-assessment survey in order to help identify areas of corporate governance practices that offer opportunities for enhancement.

The assessment was conducted by a third party agency and focused on the following three categories: 1.Board Structure and Composition

New Media Over the next five years, BBBS of NYC will continue an increase in social media engagement as it relates to volunteers and our advocates across all relevant social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). With a new website design, we will create scalable features to allow us to more easily evolve with technology, continue to promote the agency to an even larger audience, engage our constituents and cross over more effectively to fundraising.

2. Communication and Information 3. Practices, Processes and Policies Detailed results were presented based on feedback received about the following areas: board structure and composition, communication and information, and practices, processes and policies.


Big + Little Javon

Why We Do What We Do It starts with passion

Let us introduce you to Big Sister Heather and her Little Sister Rashida, matched for five years at BBBS of NYC.

Originally from England, Heather, 44, was excited and thrilled about the opportunity to mentor a child in New York City. In her operations role within the food service industry, Heather mentored former colleagues and wanted to make a difference in a young person’s life. When she was matched with Rashida, Heather knew the two of them would have much “fun.” They both seemed up for everything! Rashida is a Caribbean-American 14 year old girl who was born and raised in the Bronx. She joined BBBS of NYC’s Bronx Borough Program at the age of 10. At the time of her application, Rashida was quiet, soft-spoken, and shy. She received average grades in school and shared a dream of

becoming a nurse. As a parent of six children, Rashida’s mother wanted Rashida to receive individual one on one attention from a positive, female role model. With limited access to resources to explore avenues of interests, Rashida’s mother hoped that her daughter could expand her horizons and learn about the world within and outside of her community. Heather and Rashida are now on their fifth year as a match. With their similar easy going personalities, Heather and Rashida quickly formed a bond. This strong bond has allowed Heather to support Rashida through challenges and milestones in her life without hesitation. Over the course of their own friendship, Heather and Rashida have explored New York City through cultural, recreational, and educational activities including: the MET, Rockefeller Center, Cupcake tasting, and Coney Island. Heather noted that through these activities and more, they have been able to share their own interests with each other, gaining appreciation for one another’s commonalities and differences.


As a parent of six children, Rashida’s mother wanted Rashida to recieve indiviual one on one attention from a postive female role model. With limited sccess to resources to explore avenues of interests, Rashida’s mother hoped that her daughter could expand her horizons and learn about the world within and outside of her community.

Through her conversations and outings with Heather, Rashida has expanded her horizons. She has learned more about the world, nourished and developed new interests. Rashida has also gained an understanding of what it takes to pursue her goal of becoming a nurse. Over the years, Heather has encouraged Rashida to express herself and meet new people. Just recently, Heather witnessed Rashida introduce herself to an adult, wherein she shook the person’s hand and smiled. According to her mother and Heather, Rashida is a lot more talkative now. Five years into their match relationship, Rashida continues to reach out to Heather to discuss issues that arise at school and with her peers, allowing Rashida to maintain her motivation in school and healthy friendships with peers. Rashida’s most recent report card reflected a 91 grade point average. She attributes this grade point average to her hard work and Heather’s support. Although Heather expressed that Rashida has always been a great person, she is certain now that she will not only be a wonderful woman, but will contribute great things to this world one day.


Our Second Century of Service For the Childern of New York City

As you can see, much can be achieved in five years. In our second century of serving the children of New York City, BBBS of NYC is thrilled to be at the forefront of mentoring and remains committed to providing the safest and most impactful experiences to help youth develop into independent and productive young adults. We will expand our reach and deepen our impact as we empower the children of New York City with the support and tools to achieve success in life. We believe that every child has the capacity for success, and through the power of mentoring, we unlock their potential. We invite you to watch as we strive for higher in the next five years and keep moving the power of mentoring forward! The success of BBBS of NYC is the success of thousands of children across New York City, and we thank you for being a part of our journey. Best Regards,

Hector Batista Executive Director 12

Hector Batista Executive Director

Senior Staff:


Julia Baldassano Deputy Chief Program Officer


Charles Bozian Chief Administrative Officer

Jewish Child Care Association 555 Bergen Avenue, 4th Floor Bronx, NY 10455

Danielle Brown Fuller Chief Program Officer


Michael Coughlin Chief Quality Assurance Officer Wendy DeMarco Chief Marketing Officer Shannon Snead Chief Development Officer Geraldine Thomas Director of Communications and Board Liaison

Main Office 223 East 30th Street New York, NY 10016

Queens Child Guidance Center 89-56 162nd Street, 2nd Floor Jamaica, NY 11432 Brooklyn Good Shepherd Services 444 Fourth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Strategic Plan Executive Summary