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Youth Atlantic  Treaty  Association   Newsletter  2014-­‐1     February  06,  2014    

Dear all,       In  this  newsletter,  the  Executive  Board  would  like  to  share  with  you  what  has  been  going   on  over  the  last  two  months,  since  the  Board  was  elected.  As  stated  in  the  official  Board   Update  on  January  14th,  our  first  meeting  has  taken  place  on  the  16th  of  January.  We  then   spoke  about  the  country  updates,  from  all  the  Chapters  we  have  spoken  to,  and  we   would  like  to  thank  you  all  for  your  cooperation!  We  also  spoke  about  the  international   calendar,  upcoming  events,  new  Chapters  being  built,  cooperation  with  the  ATA,  the   usage  of  social  media,  the  website  and  the  creative  new  initiatives  to  strengthen  the   YATA  network  brought  forward  by  specific  Chapters.       We  are  building  a  database  with  all  the  information  from  the  Chapters,  and  have  an  up  to   date  contact  sheet  with  all  the  addresses  and  websites  handed  to  us.  If  you  ever  need   any  information  on  a  Chapter  or  a  specific  contact  person,  please  let  us  know.   Unfortunately,  we  are  still  waiting  for  the  website  to  go  live,  there  are  some  issues   remaining  with  the  IT  company.  We  hope  that  these  issues  will  be  resolved  swiftly,  in   order  for  us  to  bring  our  website  live  again  this  month,  with  our  new  design.  Ilija   Djugumanov  will  be  in  charge  of  the  content  of  this  site.  If  you  have  any  update,  article   or  activity  you  wish  to  share  on  the  website  as  of  next  month,  please  contact  him.  For   Facebook  posts,  you  can  contact  Francisco  Costa.       All  the  important  messages  will  be  communicated  to  you  over  the  next  couple  of  pages   within  this  newsletter,  but  one  thing  I  would  like  to  highlight  here  in  the  introduction   still:  we  spoke  during  the  General  Assembly  in  December  on  organizing  a  half  year   meeting  for  YATA  members,  to  meet  once  again  and  talk  about  progress.  I  am  happy  to   announce  that  this  event  will  take  place  during  the  2BS  Forum,  in  Montenegro,  29-­‐31   May  2014.  Miss  Bojana  Antunovic,  project  coordinator  for  the  Forum,  has  been  so  kind   as  to  give  us  conference  rooms  for  our  separate  meetings  on  the  29th  of  May.  We  can   then  discuss  all  the  updates  within  the  YATA  network,  and  do  workshops  and  discussion   sessions  to  strengthen  our  Chapter  cooperation.  On  the  30th  and  31st  of  May,  the  present   YATA  delegates  will  join  the  2BS  Forum  program.  I  have  asked  all  the  Board  members  to   reach  out  to  their  contact  Chapters,  to  ask  if  they  will  be  able  to  send  someone  (travel   expenses  will  not  be  covered  –  accommodation  is  available  for  a  specific  number  of   YATA  delegates)  and  how  many  people  will  come.  We  hope  to  see  many  YATA  Chapters   present,  to  facilitate  a  great  and  functioning  half  year  meeting.       For  now,  I  wish  you  all  the  best  in  your  endeavors  for  YATA,  and  look  forward  to  seeing   you  all  again  soon,         Rowinda  Appelman  –  YATA  President      

Looking back  at  previous  YATA  events  of  2013    

1. General Assembly    -­‐  09/11  December     The  18th  General  Assembly  that  was  held  between  the  9th  -­‐  11th  of  December  in  Brussels,   during  the  NATO  Post  2014  Conference,  brought  to  the  YATA  network  a  new  Executive   Board  after  the  resignation  of  the  former  President.  The  timetable  for  YATA  participants   was   divided   into   two   parts.   The   First   part,   was   the   formerly   mentioned   YATA   General   Assembly  that  also  had  the  mission  of  electing  the  new  Executive  Board  and  also  a  YATA   held   activity   about   the   youth   unemployment   and   the   economic   difficulties   that   has   hit   the   young   the   most.   The   Panel   was   produced   together   with   two   youth   targeting   organizations   –   Think   Young   and   the   European   Youth   Forum   and   presented   different   barriers  that  the  young  professionals  of  Europe  are  facing.       The   new   Executive   Board   was   unanimously   elected     by   the   Assembly   with   the   President   Rowinda   Appelman   of   YATA   Netherlands.   After   the   conclusion  of  the  YATA  General  Assembly,  that  has   proven   to   us   that   the   youth   section   can   effectively   hold   panels   and   produce   information   that   effects   the   YATA   network,   the   attendees   of   the   Assembly   joined   the   NATO   Post   2014   conference   that   was   held   by   the   ATA   mostly   in   the   World   Trade   Organization.   Several   high   level   diplomats   and   professionals   have   talked   about   the   future   relationship   within   NATO   and   the   relationship     between  the  EU,  NATO  and  the  US.  The  end  note  of     the  conference  is  that  in  order  to  survive  and  have     effective   power   projection   the   relationship     between   these   three   organizations   and   countries     will   have   to   start   working   together   better   and     reestablish   the   transatlantic   link.   The   panelists     were   looking   forward   to   the   Wales   Summit   that     will  show  us  how  this  relationship  will  be  evolving.           2. YATA  Macedonia  Event  -­‐    18/21  December    

NATO Partnership  Policies  –  Addressing  Insecurities  and  Creating  Security     The   Euro   –   Atlantic   Council   of   Macedonia   and   YATA   Macedonia  organized  the  event  “NATO  PARTNERSHIP  POLICY   –   ADDRESSING   INSECURITIES   AND   CREATING   SECURITY”   for   young   leaders   and   professionals   from   the   18th   to   the   21st   of   December.  The  event  was  held  in  Berovo,    within  the  Republic   of   Macedonia   and   the   focus   of   this   project   was   the   future   of   the   NATO   Partnerships,   with   a   special   emphasis   on   Operational   commitments,   milestone   contributions   and   the   political   significance   of   NATO   Partners   in   international   relations.   Further   information   about   this   event,   the     simulations   and   the   outcomes   can   be   found   through   the      

Upcoming YATA  events:  highlighted    

1. Round the  NATO-­‐EU  Roundtable  discussion  in  Estonia,  04-­‐06  April  2014    

The  event  will  provide  the  perfect  opportunity  to  discuss  NATO  &  the  EU  within  an   international  environment.  The  official  deadline  for  participants  to  enlist  has  been   closed.  We  are  happy  to  see  so  many  YATA  representatives  from  different  Chapters  join!   For  further  information  or  questions  on  the  event,  don’t  hesitate  to  contact  the  Estonian   Atlantic  Treaty  Association  at:  or  +372  6840  681.     2.      Model  NATO  Youth  Summit  –  The  Youth  Mediterranean  Dialogue,  07-­‐12  April   2014     The  Dialogue  is  a  forum  of  cooperation  between  NATO  and  seven  countries  of  the   Mediterranean:  Algeria,  Egypt,  Israel,  Jordan,  Mauritania,  Morocco  and  Tunisia.  Focused   on  this  initiative,  and  celebrating  its  20th  anniversary,  the  Spanish  YATA  Chapter  COAJE   strongly  believes  that  it  is  time  to  call  the  new  generations  to  take  their  seats  at  the   Youth  Mediterranean  Dialogue.  This  program  seeks  to  give  information  and  education   about  the  North  Atlantic  Treaty  Organization,  its  history,  its  values,  its  principles,  its   tasks  and  its  decision  making  process  through  an  intensive  and  comprehensive   academic  program,  but  mainly,  it  aims  to  raise  awareness  on  the  major  political  and   security  issues  that  our  world  faces  today,  demonstrate  the  need  of  working  together  as   one,  and  finally,  determine  the  young  generation  to  get  involved  in  finding  solutions  for   building  peace  and  stability.       FORMAT       A.  Academic  conferences  chaired  by  professors,  officials  and  politicians:  educational     sessions  in  which  experts  responsible  of  relevant  international  topics  will  train  and     stimulate  participants.       B.  Committee  debate:  simulation  of  the  decision  making  process  of  NATO  in  which     delegates  must  defend  the  interests  of  a  country  in  a  Committee  presided  over  by     two  chairpersons.  There  will  be  three  committees  in  which  different  topics  will  be     discussed.       a.  NAC  (North  Atlantic  Council)     i.  NATO’s  Narrative  for  the  Post-­‐2014  Era     ii.  The  Action  Plan  Against  Terrorism  (PAP-­‐T)       b.  Political  and  Partnership  Committee     i.  Enlargement  of  the  Alliance  and  Evolution  of  Partnerships     ii.  Capabilities  Gap  and  defense  budget  difficulties       c.  Security  Committee     i.  Syria,  a  conflict  that  may  threaten  global  stability  in  2014     ii.  The  instability  of  the  Sahel  and  Northern  Nigeria      

C. Excursions:  we  will  be  organizing  excursions  to  public  institutions,  military     bases,  and  other  public  places  of  interest.       PARTICIPANTS     This  program  is  designed  for  beginners  with  strong  interest  in  diplomacy  and     international  relations.  Citizens  of  a  NATO  member  states,  partner  countries,  as  well  as   members  of  the  Mediterranean  Dialogue,  ages  ranging  from  17  to  22  years  old  are   eligible  to  apply  for  this  program.  Furthermore,  there  will  be  a  selection  process  that   will  choose  the  100  most  capable  candidates.  After  accepted,  the  student  will  be   required  to  pay  an  academic  participation  fee.       OFFICIAL  LANGUAGE  OF  THIS  PROGRAM     English.  The  debates  will  be  entirely  in  English.  The  organization  will  address  all   delegates  in  English.     Further  information  on  the  application  process  will  be  provided  on  the  YATA  Facebook   page  soon,  or  can  be  received  by  contacting  the  COAJE  through  the  following  contact   options:  Consejo Atlántico Juvenil Español - Twitter: @coajesp - Email: 3. Norsec,  24  -­‐27  April  2014       This  annual  event  will  once  again  be  hosted  by  the  Norwegian  Army  Military  Academy,   providing  participants  with  accommodation  and  meals  throughout  the  program.   Participants  will  arrive  on  the  night  of  the  24th,  and  will  depart  on  Sunday  the  27th  of   April.  Transportation  costs  will  be  covered  up  to  150  euros,  on  a  case  by  case  basis.  The   registration  process  will  open  up  most  likely  on  the  14th  of  February.  Further   information  will  be  provided  on  the  YATA  Facebook  webpage  soon.       4. 2BS  Forum  Montenegro  -­‐  YATA  half  year  meeting,  29  –  31  May  2014     As  stated  in  the  introduction  to  this  newsletter,  the  half  year  meeting  for  this  year  will   be  organized  during  the  2BS  Forum  in  Montenegro.  The  event  will  take  place  on  the  30th   and  31st  of  May,  but  YATA  representatives  will  have  their  own  day  on  the  29th  of  May,  to   discuss  current  issues  within  the  network,  and  Chapter  and  cooperation  updates.  Please   let  your  Executive  Board  contact  person  know  how  many  representatives  your  Chapter   would  like  to  send,  and  the  Board  will  be  in  contact  with  Miss  Bojana  Antunovic  about   the  accommodation  places.  Transportation  costs  will  not  be  reimbursed.       For  further  information  on  the  event,  visit                      

Upcoming YATA  events:  international  calendar     We  hereby  present  you  with  an  overview  of  the  upcoming  international  events.  We  will   update  this  calendar  whenever  we  receive  new  information,  and  actively  ask  the   organizers  of  the  events  to  keep  us  updated  whenever  new  information  or  date  changes   arise.  We  will  also  post  the  announcement  whenever  registration  opens  up  for  one  of  the   mentioned  events.  Please  contact  the  YATA  Chapters  of  the  specific  countries  for  any   further  information  on  the  events.       Date   Event   Country     4  –  6  April   NATO  –  EU  Roundtable   Estonia   7  –  12  April   Model  NATO  Youth  Summit   Spain   24  –  27  April   Norsec   Norway   12  –  16  May   GYM-­‐NATO   Italy     14  –  16  May   Globesec  (25-­‐35  year  olds)   Slovakia   29  –  31  May   2BS   Forum   /   YATA   half   year   Montenegro   meeting   Mid  June   Croatia  NATO  Summerschool     Croatia   30  June  –  6  July   DAYS   Denmark   Last  week  of  July   PAYS   Portugal   4  –  5  September   NATO  Summit   Wales,  UK   Beginning  of  September   Riga  Conference   Latvia   September   Balkan  SAYS   Slovenia   November   NATO   Parliamentary   Assem-­‐ Netherlands   bly  with  YATA  involvement   November  /  December   General  Assembly     -­‐  unknown  -­‐           NB:    The  Parliamentary  Assembly  Session  in  the  Netherlands  will  be  attended  by  the   Members  of  Parliament  from  the  36  countries  involved  within  NATO.  YATA  President   Rowinda  Appelman  is  now  in  a  far  stage  of  negotiations  to  provide  access  to  this  event   for  YATA  representatives.  Further  information  will  be  provided  on  this  event  in  the   upcoming  months.      

Letter of  Recognition:  official  YATA  Chapter       If  you  need  a  letter  of  recognition,  to  show  that  your  YATA  Chapter  is  the  official  YATA   organ  within  your  country,  please  let  us  know.  The  ATA  Secretariat  and  YATA  President   Rowinda  Appelman  will  then  help  you  receive  one  of  these  letters,  to  use  when  you   contact  government  agencies  and  other  institutions.  Please  keep  in  mind  that  it  might   take  1  day  to  conduct  and  send  this  letter,  so  please  do  not  send  requests  last  minute.          

Introduction of  YATA  Multilateral  Briefs,  initiated  by  YATA   Hungary     In  December,  YATA  Hungary  sent  out  word  to  other  Chapters  and  the  Executive  Board   about  a  new  proposal  they  had  come  up  with:  YATA  Multilateral  Briefs  (MBs).    The   series  will  serve  as  a  tool  for  the  thematic  and  regular  exchange  of  ideas  and  experience   among  YATA  Chapters,  without  putting  much  strain  on  any  team,  and  still  providing   thought  provoking  ideas  for  discussion  that  can  be  carried  on  via  existing  online  forums.     Any  given  issue  of  the  YATA  MBs  would  compromise  of  5  questions  on  current  and   relevant  issues,  which  will  be  answered  with  a  short  a  precise  answer  by  5  YATA   members  from  different  Chapters.       The  Executive  Board  has  discussed  this  proposal  with  YATA  Hungary  over  the  last   month,  and  has  taken  into  consideration  the  feedback  from  other  Chapters  on  the   document,  which  was  sent  via  email.  The  Board  thanks  YATA  Hungary  for  taking  the   initiative  to  further  communication  between  the  different  YATA  Chapters,  and  supports   the  proposal,  knowing  that  YATA  members  will  speak  on  personal  behalf,  not   representing  the  views  of  their  YATA  Chapter  or  government.       YATA  Hungary  will  now  proceed  with  setting  up  the  first  MB,  and  will  reach  out  to  5   YATA  members  to  answer  the  discussion  topics.  The  Board  kindly  asks  you  all  to   cooperate  in  this  great  initiative.  For  further  questions,  please  contact  Tamas  Csiki.        

Introduction of  the  North-­‐American  Action  Group       As  discussed  during  the  General  Assembly,  there  is  a  strong  need  to  stronger   incorporate  our  YATA  Chapters  across  the  Atlantic  Ocean  within  our  YATA  network.  The   Executive  Board  has  therefore  started  a  North-­‐American  Action  Group,  to  help  facilitate   this  process.  Under  the  lead  of  Executive  Vice-­‐President  Daniel  Fazlic,  a  group  of   selected  young  representatives  will  look  into  the  issues  at  hand,  and  how  to  strengthen   the  Chapters  within  the  North-­‐Atlantic  region.  The  ATA  Secretariat  and  the  Executive   Board  applaud  this  development,  and  will  happily  report  on  progress  with  this  project   throughout  the  following  months.       Contact  person  per  Chapter:       1. Rowinda  Appelman:  UK,  Belgium,  Finland,  Spain,  Armenia,  Austria   2. Daniel  Fazlic:    Portugal,  Canada,  USA,  Iceland,  Lithuania,  Turkey     3. Juxhina  Sotiri:  Georgia,  Slovenia,  Denmark,  Bulgaria,  Poland,  Russia     4. Francisco  Costa:  Greece,  Italy,  Albania,  Urkaine,  Germany,  Romania   5. Vladan  Balaban:  Macedonia,  Croatia,  Norway,  Estonia,  Slovakia,  Hungary   6. Ilija  Djugumanov:  Montenegro,  Serbia,  Latvia,  Azerbeidjan,  Netherlands,  Czech   Republic,  Bosnia      

Further Information:  funding  and  publications   1. Funding     The  Board  would  like  all  Chapter  to  know  that  NATO  PDD  has  another  deadline  coming   up  for  project  funding  in  March.  Further  information  can  be  found  through  the  following   link:      The  deadline  is  part  of  NATO’s  Science  for  Peace  and  Security  program.  Deadlines  for   grant  applications  in  2014  are  1  March,  1  July  and  1  October.  Applicants  should  keep  in   mind  that  it  can  take  up  to  9  months  before  they  receive  a  final  offer.  For  further   information  on  a  quicker  process,  NATO  PDD  can  be  contacted  directly,  for  special   projects  involving  the  youth.       As  of  the  next  newsletter,  the  Executive  Board  will  provide  an  overview  of  internships     and  traineeships  for  every  period.  These  positions  will  be  relevant  for  YATA  delegates,   and  touch  upon  Security,  NATO,  International  Relations,  the  European  Union  and   Political  Science.  If  you  come  across  any  interesting  position,  please  inform  the   Executive  Board.       2. Publications     The  December  Edition  of  Atlantic  Voices,  called  “Lebanon  in  the  Middle  East:  The   Struggle  for  Democracy  and  Human  Rights”    can  be  found  through  the  following  link:     Please  keep  in  mind  that  Atlantic  Voices  is  always  seeking  new  material.  If  you  are  a   young  researcher,  subject  expert  or  professional  and  feel  you  have  a  valuable   contribution  to  make  to  the  debate,  please  get  in  touch  with  the  Executive  Board.           A  new  issue  of  the  SEE  Review  will  be  released  this  upcoming  month  as  well.  The  issue   will  be  published  on  our  YATA  Facebook  page.        

Newsletter yata 2014  
Newsletter yata 2014  

First newsletter of YATA in 2014 for YATA delegates