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Issue # 117 Jan/Feb 2009

New Year New Career

Make the move to fitness, we show you how

Golden Girl

Emma Snowsill >

Groundbreaking article from Shane Bilsborough


could be your year of change

How to get

Mental Toughness


Swimming Special

$8.95 AUD (inc gst) NZ $9.95 (inc gst)


Diabetes and the GI diet

- prep guide for your first event

Pregnancy special Tips to help keep you fit and strong whilst pregnant How one reader lost 40kg after her pregnancy ULT RA FIT

ISSUE [117]

transform your body and mind



e Pro 2. Xercis

1. 2XU

1. 2XU Compression Race Sock Giveaway

3. THU

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3. THUMP Boxing Knockout Tour 2009

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yarns, 2XU Compression socks

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Christian Marchegiani

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client service delivery and personal

proprioception and reduce muscle

training business administration.

and Advanced courses giving From small studio to global

you hundreds of new ideas,

brand THUMP BOXING is one of

exercises, and combinations for

can be worn during competition

The latest release of 8.5 sees the

Australia’s most successful fitness

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inclusion of suspension training

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exercise sessions.

less fatigue and muscle damage.

amongst the ever expanding

small studio on top of a mechanics

It also channels air, wicks moisture

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workshop THUMP has grown into

These workshops will be run

and boasts a linked toe cage

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10 pairs of 2XU Compression Race Socks ($50 each) are up for grabs!


are a must for anyone wanting to

or phone 1300 558 285.

enhance their knowledge in boxing for fitness.


ISSUE [117]

2 7. Concept

ra 5. Endu

p PT’s nline Hel

4. O

4. Online help for PT’s.

5. Endura Rehydration Endura Rehydration will help you

An exciting new website designed

rehydrate fast. Replacing the fluids

with Personal Trainers in mind is

and electrolytes that sweat takes Operated

out; its patented Magnesium

by Ultra Fit contibutor Andrew

Formula (Meta Mag) helps relieve

Read it was created specifically

muscular aches and pains and

for Australian Personal Trainers

prevents muscle cramping and

to aid their education and social


networking. Many trainers have the technical skills to train people

Available in four great tasting

successfully but lack the business,

flavours, Lemon/Lime, Orange,

marketing and networking skills to

Raspberry and Pineapple.

really excel.

The articles and forums at will accelerate your path

6. Weeride

6. Keep your training up and have fun with your baby.

7. The 2008 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships

If you’ve been too frightened to use

was recently run by Concept 2 in

a baby bike seat in the past, the


WeeRide will make you feel much more confident to give it a try. You’ll

Hundreds of potential champions

be able to talk to your child and

turned up to try and win a coveted

view them at all times whilst riding

ticket to the world championships

with your arms around them. The

in Boston. The distance is set at

WeeRide is available online from

2000m, which is harder than it

sounds and takes the world best

It costs $169 (plus delivery).

just under seven minutes. You can see all the results and training planning advice at

to running your business successfully.


ISSUE [117]




2 glasses of water on rising



2 glasses of water on rising

2 glasses of water on rising

2 glasses of water on rising

2 glas






Bowl of fresh strawberries topped with bio-yoghurt and a sprinkle of roasted almonds

Bircher muesli made from ½ cup organic oats, 1 grated apple, pinch cinnamon, 1 tbsp pepitas and 1 tbsp sultanas. Mix with a little apple juice and 2 tbsp bio-yoghurt. Enjoy.

Healthy Chef scrambled eggs (5 egg whites + 1 yolk) on whole grain toast with 1 sliced tomato + ½ an avocado.

Red papaya stuffed with fresh berries + bio-yoghurt. Add a little honey if you want.

Power ½ cup linseed milk, w

snack Protein shake made with water

snack snack

protein shake made with water

protein shake made with water



Tuna tabouli salad made with brown rice, tuna, lemon, parsley, pepitas, flax seed oil, cucumber, tomato and black pepper.

protein shake made with water

LUNCH bean and tomato salad made with red kidney beans, tomato, cucumber, sweet corn kernels, avocado, coriander, a pinch of cumin powder and a splash of Tabasco.

snack apple

DINNER snack handful of almonds DINNER Chicken Caesar salad made from lean grilled organic chicken breast sprinkled with a little oregano and lemon, roasted tomato, a little shaved parmesan, cos lettuce and yoghurt dressing made from natural yoghurt, and a little orange juice.


LUNCH LUNCH Moroccan salad made from chickpeas, cucumber, rocket, tomato, lemon, cold-pressed olive oil and a little Persian feta. Top with a little avocado and let your taste buds delight.

Rice paper rolls stuffed with organic chicken, lettuce, hoisin sauce, carrot and rice noodles.



DINNER Bowl of chilli mussels in a tomato, chilli based sauce sprinkled with parsley (no bread). Place mussels into a hot pot with a splash of wine or water and steam until open. Add garlic, chilli + napolitana sauce then parsley before serving.


chicke mango lettuce sauce

handful of roasted almonds


piece of fruit

roasted salmon steak with steamed broccoli and soy mirin dressing piece of fruit


Low carb beef lasagne. Layer lean bolognaise with roasted eggplant and steamed spinach in place of lasagne noodles. Top with blended ricotta mixed with a little egg white. Sprinkle with a little cheese and bake until golden. Yum!



tuna fr tuna w 2 sprin panca golden salad



piece of fruit

4 sma dark c

snack scoop or 2 or sorbet

snack piece of fruit

1250 calories

1380 calories

1220 calories

1335 calories

Teresa Cutter “The healthy chef” is one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking. A qualified chef and fitness trainer, she has combined her knowledge on food, diet and exercise to specialize in developing healthy recipes for people who love food, who love to eat and who have made a conscious decision to maximize their health and wellbeing.





Sunday NOTE:

2 glasses of water on rising

2 glasses of water on rising

2 glasses of water on rising




fresh da

Power porridge made from ½ cup organic oats, 1 tbsp linseed, chopped banana, skim milk, water. Cook until creamy.

Power smoothie made from blueberries, banana, vanilla protein powder and low-fat milk.



Egg white omelette with tomato and mushroom. Beat 4 egg whites either by hand or use a milkshake maker until they are fluffy. Pour into a pan of sautéed mushies and tomato then top with a little grated cheese. Bake in a hot 220C oven for 5 minutes until puffed and golden.

ith hoisin odles.

snack piece of fruit

Protein shake made with water

LUNCH LUNCH chicken salad with sliced mango cheeks, avocado, lettuce and a little sweet chilli sauce.

veg frittata made from organic eggs, zucchini, chopped herbs and a little ricotta. Cook like an omelette then finish off in a hot oven.




piece of fruit

tub of yoghurt



tuna fritters. Mix 1 x 185 g tin tuna with 1 organic egg and 2 spring onions. Cook like pancakes on both sides until golden. Serve with a green salad and balsamic.

Healthy Chef barbequed chicken pizza made with a wholegrain flat bread, topped with barbeque sauce, roasted chicken, tomato, capsicum, mushrooms and a little sprinkle of cheese. Bake in a hot 220C oven for 12–15 mins until golden. Serve with a green salad.

satay vegetable kebabs – thread tomato, zucchini, pineapple, mushrooms, tofu or chicken and capsicum onto skewers and cook on a hot plate until brown. Serve with a little satay sauce by mixing equal amounts of lee kum kee hoi sin sauce with natural peanut butter and a little water.

snack protein shake mixed with water


Layer ted pinach es. mixed prinkle ake


snack 4 small squares of really good dark chocolate

snack handful of almonds



1–2 scoops of sorbet

chicken and veg stir fry

snack piece of fruit

1380 calories

1290 calories

1315 calories Recipes from the 80/20 diet

The aim of her company “The Healthy Chef”® is to inspire people take better care of themselves and to give your body what it needs through good food and exercise. The healthy chef way is not about deprivation; it’s a realistic approach to healthy eating which can last a lifetime.

This eating plan is aimed at females, whose recommended calorie intake is about 1200 – 1500 per day. Males can increase their portion size to suit their energy output and metabolism (see end of article for suggestions).

ADDITIONAL LOW-FAT YUMMY SNACKS FOR MALES to reach their recommended daily intake of 1,600-2,000 calories. Choose any one of these per day in addition to the above recipes. * protein shake made with skim milk, banana, honey and blueberries * 2 handfuls of almonds * tub of cottage cheese with a few tablespoons whole fruit strawberry jam * 2 bananas * tub of yoghurt sprinkled with crunchola * 185 g tin Serena tuna with 1/2 avocado and 1 tomato * 3 hard-boiled eggs * 2 tablespoons peanut butter + 1 tsp honey on whole grain bread

She just opened her first healthy chef café in Sydney’s northern beaches of Avalon which will be the base for her healthy cooking classes and freshly prepared take home meals. Teresa’s web site is


“...if I’m not training, it’s not a normal day for me, as that means I’m not working towards achieving my goals” with

Emma Snowsill

B y

M i c h a e l

J a r o s k y


At Ultra Fit Magazine, we are honoured to have Emma Snowsill as our first cover for 2009. Triathlon takes her all over the globe, so we are thrilled that she took some moments to speak about her training regime, Beijing performance and personal experiences that make up Emma Snowsill, Gold Coast girl and Olympic gold medal winner. You endure a hard core training schedule 6 days a week. What motivates Emma Snowsill, the triathlete and competitor? Just six days? Seriously, exercise has always been a big part of my life, and it seems normal to me to get out and get training. My motivation comes from the goals I set for myself each year along with the results I seek at the finish line. And if I’m not training, it’s not a normal day for me, as that means I’m not working towards achieving my goals. there’s nothing I Your sport brings together three disciplines that require very

can do about it!”

different training sessions. What does your weekly training

And when that day

schedule entail?

came, I was there

It is a full-time job, yet it’s not just about the three triathlon

to race and to see

disciplines. Training also encompasses three to four hours of Pilates

what I could do.

a week. I also have massages, ice baths and ensure I eat proper meals and get proper sleep. I never consciously favour any one

What strategy

of the three disciplines, but the overall volume of training certainly

did you employ

increases when coming into a certain race. I make sure my mind

that aided your

and body are ready for the next day, the next session, the next

Olympic victory?

month and the next race. There isn’t time for much else.

I approached the

I make sure my mind and body are ready for the next day, the next session, the next month and the next race.

Olympics like I do During the Olympics, we heard about Michael Phelps’ daily

every race where I have Plan A, B and C up my sleeve depending

caloric intake. You two don’t share the same build, but Ultra

on the course, the conditions, and who’s racing. I envision how

Fit Magazine readers would love to know what nutritional

the race is going to unfold, and then put a plan into effect based on

guidelines you follow during training/competition.

how the race actually evolves. The swim and bike in Beijing was

With the amount of training I do, it ultimately comes down to what

really tight. For me, it was about maintaining control and knowing

agrees with my body. For example, after filling my tummy with lactic

it was going to come down to the run. After getting off the bike, I

acid from a full-on morning swim session, I have to think about

developed the mindset of “10km left in the Olympics – it’s now or

what will agree with my body at that time knowing I still have to run

never”. I knew I had to go for it.

and bike train that same day. During heavy training sessions, my body (not a nutritionist) tells me if I’ve had the right intake or not. By

You and Vanessa Fernandes have traded off as ITU World

choice I enjoy eating a huge amount of healthy food, but I certainly

Champions in the last couple of years. At what point were

enjoy my favourite ice cream and a nice wine.

you finally able to think ‘I’m a minute ahead; I can enjoy this moment now’?

How were you feeling on Olympic race day?

I didn’t want to let myself celebrate too early, as maybe I didn’t

I’ve never been so relaxed before the start of a race. Ironically, Craig

account for another competitor that might be ahead. It wasn’t until

[Walton, Emma’s coach and fiancé] was the one with the pre-race

the final turnaround that I really noticed that I had the time and knew

jitters. In the weeks beforehand, I took the approach of, “At the

I was ahead. At that time, I thought “Wow, this is it! This is what I

starting line, there will be nothing more I can do to prepare. There’s

have been dreaming of.” That amazing feeling is something I still

nothing I can change. Whether my training went the right way, the

can’t explain.

wrong way – it’s the way it went. Today’s the day of the race, and



ISSUE [117]

At certain times in our life we get to the point where we feel like “I can’t go on any further, something has to give, I’m losing control, I need to change”. Whether it’s your health, fitness, occupation or your relationship.

Some people are afraid to change. They are afraid of what change means. It’s the fear of what’s on the other side of change. It’s getting out of a comfort zone and moving in to the unknown. Others are afraid to accept where they are really at with their circumstances. They are in denial and they bury their head in the sand. The situation just gets worse. If you are someone who is ready and would like to make some changes in your life, following are some very useful tips to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


First of all you have to decide what is it you would like to change or achieve with your life?? You need an action plan! We all have an idea of what we need to change. It’s about listening to yourself. Listen to what your heart is saying. Make your own personal action plan. Write it down!

AChange for the


OK, so now we know what we want, the next step is how do we make it happen? How do we make these changes?? How do we go about achieving this?

“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.“ ~Confucius


When you make changes usually you will come across some very challenging times, tough times. It may get extremely hard for you. This is where you need to tap into some extra energy. Something you can think about that will propel you forward. Write down 2-3 things that you can think about in these times that will keep you going. I know whenever I have a tough time in my life and things can’t get much worse (or so I think) I think about my brother who 2 weeks before his 16th birthday had a rugby league accident and ended up a quadriplegic. Now 20 years later even though he has not been able to move his legs or parts of his arms he is still living a successful life. He is married, has his own miracle baby boy and keeps going. I think about him, it drives me to get through the challenge.


I believe the most important thing to remember about change is to take personal responsibility for the things that happen in your life. You are where you are at right now because of what you have done. There is no point blaming something or someone else. You have made your life what it is today.


The first belief we must have about change is that we can all change in an instant. The past does not equal the future. Today is the first



ISSUE [117]

day of the rest of your life. Get excited about life and how you are in control. You don’t have to continue down this path any longer. CHANGE NOW THIS INSTANT!

“Do not wait to strike til the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” William B. Sprague

The second belief we need If we are going to create long term change is we have to acknowledge that we are responsible for our own change not anybody else! It’s ok to have trainers and coaches etc, they are there to help us along and motivate us. I highly recommend using these services. However, if we don’t take full responsibility for the change IT WON’T HAPPEN!


Believe something must change, not it should, or could. It must. There needs to be enough pain or urgency for the change to take effect. I often hear clients say,”I need to do this, I want to do this, I will try and do this” and it never happens. The magic word that is said when change happens is “Jason, I have to do this I must do it. I have no other option that will make a difference” As far as change goes this is music to a trainer’s ears.


You must believe that it must change and “I can change it!” YOU HAVE TO BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR CHANGE Then circumstances surrounding you and your decision will help you change.

10 Steps to creating Change 1) Decide what you really want to change in your life right now! Write it out and make your personal plan.


What’s preventing you from Having it right Now? Write it out and work out how you can prevent these things from hindering your change.


Create massive pain to NOT Changing now and massive pleasure to the experience of having the change right now! Anyone who has ever had a heart attack, then decided to get healthy, is good at remembering the pain of not changing.


Make it urgent. The only way you are going to change now is to create a sense of urgency that’s so intense that you are compelled to follow through.


Use mental energy! Remember the thoughts that drive you forward in tough times. As sure as day turns in to night you will always have obstacles, people and circumstances preventing you from change. Always go back to these and draw energy from them to keep you going.

6) Use Leverage

Use pain that comes from the inside. The pain of knowing you are not living up to your standards. Knowing you don’t look like you know you could. I find that my children are good leverage to stay healthy and lead by example. If you don’t change how will you look in 5 – 10 years? How will your life be?


Interrupt the old habits and Identify vulnerable moments When are they? Write them down. Then work out what else you could do at these times. One of my clients had trouble not drinking wine between the hours of 4 – 6pm every day. Parents will know this time. It’s happy hour with the children. They get restless and hungry and it can be quite stressful. It’s enough to drive you to drink. So once this time is identified as a weakness we can do something about it. In her case hubby started work earlier so he could come home and help in this stressful time which meant my client no longer needed the drink to survive.


Open your mind to new ideas Remember you are where you are because of the decisions you have made in the past. Maybe you need to look at some other options. See if you can find someone who has already been through what you are going through now and come out of the situation exactly how you want to.


Create a new Empowering Alternative Who else has made this change? Why do people drink alcohol? Instead of going for a beer with your mates how about a surf or mountain bike?? Instead of reaching for the chocolate cake because you are bored or emotional try yoga??


Take the 21 day challenge Do it for 21 days and make it a habit.

“Our only security is our ability to change”.

~John Lilly UFM

Jason Chapman is a leading fitness coach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He also runs health and fitness retreats. Visit for more ideas on making changes in your life and the best way to optimum health and fitness.


ISSUE [117]



Ocean Swimming Some

event tips

By Michael Henry

P.86 How to compete in your first Ocean Swim Race by Michael Henry P.90 Swim to a Fijian Island, Race review by Michael Henry P.94 Competitor Profile John Jacoby. Meet a legend by Rosemary Marchese

As with running, there are different levels of swimming. Luckily in Australia most of us learn to swim at an early age and our schools now run programs to aid a child’s grasp of this great sport. My daughters now also attend at their schools regular surf safety classes which equip them with a basic understanding and experience of waves, rips and sandbanks. The next level of experience most of us have is pool swimming and competing against classmates at the annual school carnival. Beyond this, many adults pretty much fall off the tracks and reserve swimming for the occasional bodysurf or backyard pool paddle.

w w w. t a n i t a a u s t r a l i a . c o m . a u



ISSUE [117] 86

However, if you live anywhere near the coast in Australia, you

1. Pre Race.

will not have been able to escape the onslaught of semi-

We recommend you have a buddy to swim with first

clad people all keen to try an ocean swim. Australia has the

time out. Make sure you follow all rules laid out by the

most organised ocean swimming season in the world. It lasts

organisers. Get there early, warm up and even swim out

from October to March and major events attract up to 3,000

prior to racing, to about 50 metres from the shore. Stop

competitors. There is no telling where this great sport will end

in the water to gauge if there is a current or drift that will

up. Let’s face it, it’s very low cost to train and compete, easily

affect your swim. Also, take into view landforms that might

accessible and is very social.

help with navigation. If it is a long race don’t be afraid to apply Vaseline to areas of your body that might chafe -

The sport itself is demanding and should not be taken

armpits, inside the thighs, chin, around your swim suit

too lightly. A good ocean swimmer will have excellent

straps etc. HINT - don’t get the Vaso on your goggles. It’s

cardiovascular endurance and the ability to keep focused on

impossible to get off just before a race.

technique despite unpredictable currents and other conditions. In comparison to pool swimming an ocean swimmer is

2. The start.

exposed to swell, chop, wind, rips, marine life and other

Most swims are beach starts with a dash from the sand

competitive swimmers. (Trust me, it’s the other swimmers that

directly into the surf. We suggest you run out as far as

pose the greatest challenge. Chatting to some of the pros,

you can, lifting your legs high to get over waves, until it is

what goes on out of view in the front pack of some swims is

too deep. ‘Dolphining’ is also good, meaning, diving and

alarming – thankfully, for most of us this is not an issue!)

running out until it is deep enough that you have to swim. If the surf is big, go under the waves every time, it’s the

So let’s assume you are a competent swimmer and have

most efficient and safest way. If you are not confident to

swum up to 2km in a pool environment. You have trained and

do this, don’t do the race. (Once, I should have pulled

built up the endurance you need, and now it’s time to try your

out of a race, but did not and I regretted it. It was a very

first ocean swim event. Here are some handy tips to get you

unpleasant race and I race to enjoy myself, not to be

on your way.

a hero.) Also, once a wave passes over you be on the


ISSUE [117]


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