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Education and Technology Increase Thermometer Usage by Karen Martin, Managing Editor If there’s anything that Peter Chapman, Jan Murtagh and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) want you to know, it’s that the color or firmness of food is not a reliable test for doneness. You can almost hear them beating their heads on the table as they repeat this information. Chapman, executive vice president of Maverick Industries and Murtagh, president of CDN, The Time & Temperature Company® know their way around thermometers and timers. They are both veterans in an industry that develops high tech instruments while debunking cooking myths. As Chapman explains, “Several years ago, USDA tried to put together a council of manufacturers to discuss food safety and the Continued on Page 15

Specialty Stores: Internet Valued for Investigation Rather than E-Commerce by Jenna Crisostomo, Associate Editor Two years ago, Lisa Allen put down her pencil and paper and began emailing. Last Christmas, she had no other choice but to shop online for gifts because she was at work assisting customers in her own store. Currently owning Columbus Cooks, a Georgia-based specialty retail kitchen store, she took on the added task of operating the existing website. “I was afraid of the Internet for so long. I’m an example of how a person can be changed and become obsessed with the Internet,” she said. “If I didn’t jump on board, I was going to miss the boat. I’m still holding on to the edges, but I’m learning more and more each day.” Continued on Page 21

w w w . k i t c h e n w a r e n e w s . c o m

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s h o r t s HWI USA Takes Over Scanpan US Distribution SCANPAN Denmark appointed HWI USA Inc., in Torrance, California, as the new SCANPAN distributor in the US. HWI USA Inc. took over the SCANPAN business in the US effective July 10, 2008. “HWI USA offered a very attractive package for me to continue managing SCANPAN sales in the US, and I

appreciate that offer. I think, however, that a fresh start for everybody is in the best interest of moving the business forward”, says George F. Bente, President and CEO of SCANPAN USA since 1987. Bente will stay on with SCANPAN USA’s holding, Joerck & Larsen A/S, Them, Denmark, through the end of 2008 to oversee an orderly closing of operations and will retire at 60.

WMF/USA Merges with Kaiser Bakeware WMF / USA, Inc. announced a merger with Kaiser Bakeware, Inc., a member of the WMF Group. The merger offers the opportunity to leverage the distribution of its combined brand portfolio of functional and design-oriented products for the home and kitchen. WMF/USA will now be known as WMF Americas, Inc. “We are pleased and excited to welcome our Kaiser Bakeware colleagues, clients and shareholders,” said Markus Glueck, former vice president of WMF / USA. “WMF Americas now has superior size and scale, a comprehensive and balanced product portfolio, greater distribution penetration and geographic, market and earnings diversity - in short, the company is extremely wellpositioned for even greater growth in the marketplace.” Stefan Nisi, president of WMF / USA will be returning to Germany after 18 years with WMF. Markus Glueck will be stepping in as president of WMF Americas, Inc. Mark Harris, former executive vice president of Kaiser Bakeware and now vice president

of sales and marketing of WMF Americas consumer division stated, “The merger of Kaiser Bakeware with WMF / USA provides an exciting platform to increase the visibility for our brand portfolio in our key markets, and take advantage of the synergies in the distribution and supply chain. We will focus on our core sales channels with creative lifestyle oriented products that represent the basis of our brand portfolio’s equity.” WMF Americas, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WMF Wuerttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG, based in Geislingen/Steige, Germany, founded in 1853. The WMF Group employ 5,700 associates worldwide with sales of $1.2 billion in 2007.

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Kaiser Bakeware, Inc. was a wholly-owned subsidiary of W.F. Kaiser u. Co. GmbH, based in Diez/Lahn, Germany, founded in 1919. WMF Americas, Inc. will be headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with offices in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida and Farmingdale, New York.

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AMERICAN INNOVATIVE Klip! Kitchen™ Timer [tel] 866-663-2393 #173


COMPONENT DESIGN NORTHWEST Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer, Direct Entry Timer [tel] 800-338-5594 #174


DMD-KITRICS Candy/Deep-Fry Thermometer, Grill Button Thermometers [tel] 314-991-8494 #175




d c



b e


f a


c b


ESCALI Digital Scale with Timer [tel] 952-469-1965 #176 MAVERICK INDUSTRIES Roast Alert Digital Thermometer [tel] 732-417-9666 #177 POLDER INC. BBQ SafeServe Instant Read Thermometer [tel] 800-431-2133 #178

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ROBINSON HOME PRODUCTS CIA Masters Collection [tel] 716-206-1100 #179

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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008


news on The new Jura-Capresso ENA 5 automatic coffee center has recently been named #1 for energy savings in two separate independent tests. The ENA 5 received the prize for the most energy efficient automatic coffee machine in the “Excellence in Energy Efficiency 2008” contest sponsored by the German Energy Agency (DENA). The ENA 5 was additionally cited as #1 in energy savings in a recent test of 12 automatic coffee centers on the world market by, a Swiss consumer testing website. Germany and Switzerland are the two most highly developed automatic coffee center markets in the world. The Jura-Capresso ENA 5 was introduced in the United States in August, 2008. TNS Retail Forward ShopperScape™ data support anecdotal evidence of weaker

traffic at many retailers and across most types of shopping venues. Shoppers continue to pare retailers from their consideration set, with the average number of retailers visited during the past four weeks close to all-time lows in June. Additionally, the shares of survey respondents shopping most shopping center types monthly— either for any kind of merchandise or specifically for clothing—again declined in 2008. Monthly shopping incidence remains strongest among the two youngest shopper segments—i.e., those age 18 to 24 and 25 to 34—and tends to increase along with household income. eBay Inc. announced executive changes to its global Marketplaces business. Effective in October, Rajiv Dutta, President, eBay Marketplaces, will retire from the company.


Succeeding Dutta as President, eBay Marketplaces, is Lorrie Norrington, who most recently was President of eBay Marketplaces Operations. She will report to eBay President and CEO John Donahoe. (Source: Yahoo!) The Private Label Manufacturers Association has announced that it will devote a new section of its 2008 Private Label Trade Show to the industrial ingredients, including raw materials, flavors and fragrances that make up today’s store brands. “Private label in America has reached new levels of quality and consumer acceptance. Future growth will depend on keeping up the flow of the best ingredients, flavors and fragrances, so that retailers can offer consumers the most innovative and creative products possible,” predicted Brian Sharoff, President of PLMA. Ingredients

have taken on additional importance recently as products featuring organics, high fiber, low salt, omega-3, zero trans fat and gluten-free, among other new and innovative qualities, have appealed to growing consumer interest in health and wellness, nutrition, and ecology. Retailers like WalMart, Kroger, and Safeway have been quick to respond with new store brand offerings. PLMA’s Private Label Trade Show, has been the starting point for many of the initiatives in ingredients, flavorings and fragrances. Held annually since 1980, the venue showcases new products and trends. “Large national brand-makers have had access to this type of information for many years,” said Sharoff. “PLMA’s new section will permit the private label industry to see the latest ingredients without waiting for national brands to introduce them first.”

Gourmet Housewares Show® Returns to San Francisco in August 2009 White Plains, NY, August 6, 2008—The Gourmet Housewares Show® announced both location and date changes, beginning with the 2009 edition. After a four-year stint in Las Vegas and Orlando, The Gourmet Housewares Show will return to San Francisco, where it first launched in 1977. The annual show will move into a summer time slot to better serve independent retailers fourth quarter buying needs, while also allowing vendors to preview 2010 collections. Dates for 2009 are Saturday, August 8 through Monday, August 10.

The Gourmet Housewares Show will be held in the North Hall of the Moscone Convention Center, and is expected to attract a steady flow of buyers and industry executives from high-end independent retailers, specialty chains, department stores and leading direct-to-consumer marketers in all media. In addition to drawing attendees from across the country, the Show will also take advantage of crossover attendees from the summer edition of the San Francisco International Gift Fair®, taking place in the South Hall and Esplanade of the Moscone Center from August 8-11.

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GLM vice president and show manager, Penny Sikalis, is confident the repositioning of both the location and timing of the Show will create dynamic results. “After much research and analysis of the evolving specialty housewares marketplace, feedback from our constituencies pointed to the need to move away from the previous timing. Combining strong industry support for the summer timeframe with relocation to San Francisco, we believe the changes are a win-win for all,” said Sikalis. “The timing and venue makes a lot of sense, and we at Lifetime Brands support the move...

absolutely,” said Jeff Siegel, president and ceo, Lifetime Brands. Janis Johnson, ceo of Gourmet Catalog Buying Group commented, “The timing provides a double benefit for both store and vendor GC members. The August 8 – 10, 2009 dates will accommodate fourth quarter ordering, as well as afford spring planning and preview opportunities.” Additional programming, celebrity appearances, and other updates concerning the 2009 Show will be announced shortly. Please visit for further information.

Circle #104 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008



James S. McNeil


Karen D. Martin









“As Rubbermaid goes, so go the rest of us.” Rubbermaid, the company that launched their first plastic product, a dish pan, in 1956, has enjoyed terrific brand recognition, right up to today. Now, with their stock down 40% and resin costs up 60% how do they proceed?

Gas prices have finally reached the point where people are changing their behavior. Factor in the desire, no the need, to be more respectful of our natural environment, and you have a sea change in consumer behavior.

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that Rubbermaid has announced their strategy, and there may be some lessons for all of us.

Analysts are watching us consumers like K a r e n M a r t i n we’re aliens in a glass cell at Area 51. (Sorry, the new X-Files movie has just been released). Continuing on the movie theme, even the darlings of consumerism, the trend setting women of Sex in the City, had a new attitude about spending and acquisition.

Yasmine Brown Jenna Crisostomo

In applying this to a specialty store, I think we need very little in the way of alterations to make this plan applicable.

Alex Landeen

1. Don’t stop advertising. Yes, have a budget and spend your dollars wisely, but do not retreat.

65 W. Commercial St., Suite 207

2. Look at your inventory. Are their categories or product lines that are not providing enough in margin or turns? Be tough on your assortment, demand more.

Valerie Wilson

Portland, Maine 04101 [tel] (207) 775-2372

3. We will have to raise prices. Of course, we all have to be competitive in the market place, but it is likely your competition is raising prices too.

Going with some real facts, as opposed to movie scripts, the TNS Retail Forward ShopperScape™ report for June indicated that shoppers were narrowing their “consideration set” of retailers. This phrase is just an interesting way of saying that shoppers were visiting fewer stores on a regular basis. Whether people are limiting their regular “rounds” of shops due to gas prices, general economic concerns or environmental concerns is not clear. No doubt it’s a mix of all three. The question of the next year is – what do these conditions mean to retailers? We will be revisiting this question often over the next year. Our anecdotal experience with specialty retailers has been that the successful ones keep an eye on the national trends, but make their decisions based on a deep knowledge of their community and their customers. This still seems like a great strategy.

James S. McNeil

4. Evaluate your staffing. Does it fit the business needs? Should you be open an hour earlier or and hour later?

[tel] (207) 775-2372

5. Lastly, train your staff and treat then well, they are your #1 asset.

This month we’re looking at one aspect of retail strategy - internet retailing. I’m thinking that shoppers still want the experience of wandering through a great store – but I’m a baby boomer. My 24-year-old niece, an avid cook and baker, thinks that a great website design is equally satisfying.

Jim McNeil, Publisher

Karen Martin, Editor


From the Editor

First, jettison products that aren’t performing, even if it means giving up some sales. In their case, about 8% or $500 million in annual sales. Secondly, invest in research and advertising for new and innovative products that create more value for the consumer. And, continue to build the Rubbermaid brand. Raise prices, as much as 22% in some cases. And finally, unfortunately, lay off employees.

[fax] (207) 775-2375


Jim McNeil

From the Publisher

Alice Cassidy

[fax] (207) 775-2375

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SUPERSESSION Prominent Retailers To Lead Panel at 2008 Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession Three prominent retailers representing different channels will present a panel discussion to conclude the 2008 Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession (CHESS), a senior-level conference for housewares industry decision makers set for Sept. 9-10 in Chicago. CHESS is open to all chief executive officers of IHA member companies. Chris Nielsen, vice president, Home and Garden Store at, Rod Ghormley, senior vice president and GMM—home of ShopKo Stores and Dominic Cimilluca, chief executive officer of Dominic’s Kitchen Store, will explore how suppliers can best meet the needs of each channel. They will answer questions, including: What are retailers looking for from housewares suppliers in terms of product, delivery and service? How important is innovation? What collaborative role can retailers play with vendors in developing new products? How does a vendor make it to the top? How is sustainability impacting retailers? In addition to the retail panel, the two-day program will feature sessions on critical industry issues, including China, consumer trends, product design and innovation, sustainability, the state of the retail environment, the Vietnamese market, protecting intellectual property and factory compliance and product safety. Keynote Address to Focus on China’s Futures China expert and author Peter Navarro will give the keynote address, “China’s Futures—From El Dorado to Armageddon,” to open the conference. Navarro is a business professor at the University of California-Irvine, a regular CNBC contributor and author of the bestselling book, “The Coming China Wars.” His video series, “The China Effect” appears on YouTube. Navarro’s other books include the path-breaking management book, “The Well-Timed Strategy,” and the bestselling investment book, “If It’s Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks.” His articles have appeared in a wide range of publications from Business Week, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, to the Harvard Business Review, the Sloan Management Review and the Journal of Business.

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September 9-10, 2008 Chicago, IL USA

Consumer Trends, Design, Sustainability & Retail Environment Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group, Inc., will give an update on “Consumer Trends: Home— The Place to Be, Again.” Cohen will look at the new economy and the new consumer, explaining to housewares suppliers where they can find new opportunities. “We have seen more changes in the past six months than we have seen in the past six years with consumers,” the noted consumer expert says. He will provide specifics of those changes and how suppliers can effectively communicate with consumers both directly and indirectly. Gregg Davis, IDSA, founding principal and president, Design Central, will present, “Design: Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!,” where he will discuss what innovative design tools companies can use to come out ahead in the competitive landscape. His talk will include new tools in Neuroeconomics and marketing, consumers’ emotional buying habits and using innovation as an engine for change. Steve Belletire, IDSA, associate professor of industrial design at Southern Illinois University/Carbondale, will explore “Sustainability: Creating Retail Opportunities with Sustainable Design.” His presentation will feature an overview of how sustainable design and development connect to ongoing challenges and opportunities in retail housewares markets. It will also include a glimpse at Okala, an innovation tool being used by new product teams to create concepts that meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, consumers and the environment. A panel of financial experts will examine “The State of the Retail Environment: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly,” focusing on bankruptcy, insolvency, dark stores and debtor-inpossession financing. Panelists include Tim Cropper, senior vice president and chief customer credit officer, CIT Commercial Services; Richard Heller, partner, corporate revitalization, Carl Marks; and Thomas Scotti, managing director and chief operating officer of appraisals, appraisals & valuation division, Gordon Brothers. These experts will offer their thoughts on early warning signs of retailer financial problems and ways suppliers can protect themselves and give guidance about what a company can do after its products are on the retail shelves and the invoices are late. Three breakout sessions will offer attendees up-close access to experts: “Vietnam: An Emerging Market for Sourcing” with Dinh Tran, president of North America-Vietnam Trading Agency Inc. (NAVTA); “Protecting Intellectual Property on a Budget: How One Small Company Battles IP Pirates Globally” with Robert Engel, president, Angel Sales Inc., and “Managing Factory Compliance & Assuring Product Safety” with Gene Rider, president, Intertek’s Consumer Goods North America operation. To register for CHESS or for more information, contact Judy Colitz of IHA at or visit IHA’s website at Circle #106


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

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DOWN TO EARTH’S BAMBOO ECOTOWLS The reusable Bamboo EcoTowl is a natural fabric made from 82% bamboo fiber and 18% corn, both fast growing and sustainable resources. It provides long lasting service without losing its strength or absorption power. Washable, durable, super absorbent,

and biodegradable, this “green kitchen” necessity greatly reduces the use of expensive disposable wipes, petrochemical microfibers, and paper towels. When dirty, simply hand or machine wash, then air dry or tumble dry with no heat.It can also be sanitized in a dishwasher or microwave. And when it’s ready for disposal, the Bamboo EcoTowl can even be

composted. Each pack contains two 20”x12” towels. Down to Earth Distributors, Inc. [tel] 800-234-5932 [fax] 541-485-7141 Circle #130


POMEGRANATE’S PEPPERMENT HOLIDAY APRON Pomegranate, Inc. introduces a vibrant collection of table linens and accessories for the Holiday season! The collection is a fresh, fun and festive way to bring holiday cheer and spirit to the home. These coordinating patterns, in a range of colorways, include the Pepperment motif. Seen here in a full apron, pepperment candies on white linen make this charming pattern great for any home. Suggested Retail Price: $36 Pomegranate Inc. [tel] 800-948-5188 [fax] 859-293-5659 [email] Circle #131

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Crosby & Taylor, a sister company to Tin Woodsman Pewter, introduces a new line of stoneware and pewter.The highquality, artisan-made stoneware is being produced for the company by a local potter, and then embellished with artisan pewter accents.The pieces will be available in three richly-colored glazes - “pistachio,”“butter pecan,” and “whipping cream.” The first release was in July and included a fleur de lys motif. Other designs to be released in the coming months include a dragonfly and a fish motif. The Tin Woodsman Pewter Co. [tel] 888-683-1196 [fax] 541-683-5906 Circle #132

Circle #109

BLOMUS FLEX TRIVET With the innovative KNIK, FLEX and LAP trivets from Blomus so much more becomes manageable and easier. In this design for the kitchen. FLEX is a flexible trivet. This flexible rod can be bent in any direction as far as is required, shaped into a spiral or question mark. In any way you need to use FLEX can be used for large

or small saucepans, plates, platters and much more. The FLEX trivet is coated in silicon, making it easy to grip. You can even use FLEX to unscrew a lid in a flash. Blomus - SKS USA Corporation [tel] 618-395-2400 [fax] 618-395-2900 Circle #133

JURA-CAPRESSO’S ENA 5 AUTOMATIC COFFEE CENTER With demand growing for eco-friendly products, one of the key selling points of the new Jura-Capresso ENA 5 is its smart energy-saving features. This automatic coffee center has recently been named #1 for energy savings in two separate independent tests. One of the slimmest automatic coffee centers, the ENA 5 was designed to be spacesaving as well as energy efficient. Its patent-pending Zero Energy Button lets the machine finish any beverage already in progress and then completely disconnects from the electrical outlet. The optional Energy Save Standby Mode can reduce power consumption up to 40 percent. The Jura-Capresso ENA 5 will be available in Ristretto Black, Blossom White and Coffee Cherry Red. The company is introducing three different ENA models. Suggested Retail Prices: $899 - $1,199 Capresso [tel] 800-767-3554, 201-767-3999 [fax] 201-767-9684 Circle #134

ROBELY SERVING DISH Featuring an aerodynamic design, this square shaped serving dish is perfect for making a statement while serving fruits, appetizers and even bread dips. This arched dish is available in two sizes and is made of a bright, durable porcelain. Microwave & dishwasher safe. Sizes Include: 11.25”x 8.5”x 2”& 15”x 12.5”x 2.5”. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 - $49.99 Robely Trading Inc. [tel] 800-567-8768 [fax]800-676-2359 [email] Circle #135 Circle #110 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008




Norpro’s Gripping Flexible Cutting Mats come in 4 bright colors that are lightweight, flexible, and easy to use on any surface. To reduce risk of cross-contamination use a different color mat for each food group. The mats are non porous, won’t retain odors or dull knives, and have a non-slip backing keeps them in place. Use to cut up meat and chop fresh vegetables and then use to funnel prepped foods into pans and bowls. Protects countertops, is FDA approved and is dishwasher safe.

Everybody needs a little extra to hold onto™ especially when handling hot pots and pans in the kitchen. TheLovehandle is the most versatile silicone kitchen grip around and the only grip with a Built-In Utensil Rest. The flexible handle grip fits a variety of pan handles, pot lids and pans. The split-design allows you to quickly and easily snap theLovehandle™ on and off in those hot situations. Compress the grip over your pot or pan handles and theLovehandle™ will conform for a sure cool grip every time. Available in red and black.

Norpro, Inc. [tel] 425-261-1000 [fax] 425-261-1001 [email] Circle #182

Suggested Retail Price: $8.99 Fusionbrands [tel] 404-523-0675 [email] Circle #136

RSVP’S NEW STONEWARE COMPOST PAILS Compost collection couldn't be any nicer than with these 2-3/4 qt. stoneware compost pails from RSVP. Dual charcoal filters fit neatly inside the lid and last up to 2 months under regular use. The snug fitting lid has an added gasket to keep odors in and the large handle makes it easy to carry the pail to the compost bin. These are greens new “BFF”. Suggested Retail Price: $36 RSVP International, Inc. [tel] 800-275-7787 [fax] 206-282-1047 Circle#183

Circle #111 10

Circle #112 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

t o

m a r k e t

NYIGF’s New Online Catalog Gallery Benefitted Buyers and Exhibitors WHITE PLAINS, NY, Taking advantage of a sophisticated new Internet planning tool, more than 2,500 qualified leads were generated from the New York International Gift Fair® (NYIGF®) Online Catalog Gallery in advance of the Summer 2008 market. Since going live in April 2008, this new feature, which is available through the NYIGF website at, received more than 1.5 million catalog page views. Designed to save considerable product sourcing time, the Online Catalog Gallery enabled buyers to view product assortments prior to attending the market. A total of 138 exhibitors loaded their product catalogs into NYIGF's Online Catalog Gallery, offering retailers access

to information about some 50,000+ products that were featured at the August show. By using a keyword search, retailers found information specific to their needs and interests. “The Online Catalog Gallery creates tremendous efficiencies for buyers and exhibitors,” said Dorothy Belshaw, NYIGF director. “Buyers can source product, set appointments and arrive prepared to place orders. Exhibitors gain valuable exposure before and after the Fair, extending the value of their participation and generating immediate and measurable results.” Response to the online planning tool was positive from both buyers and exhibitors, according to GLM. “The Online Catalog Gallery is the

next ‘power tool’ for us to connect to buyers,” said exhibitor Sunny Lim of The Homeport. Lim explained that he received leads from potential overseas and domestic buyers in advance of the show. “We definitely made the right decision in being part of this program,” said Lim. “We are very pleased with the results of the Online Catalog Gallery,” added exhibitor Tom Zimmerman of Two's Company, Inc. “Best of all is that we can tell exactly what each prospective customer was looking for when they were inspired to contact us.” The Online Catalog Gallery used the Active Merchandiser™ technology from Whereoware, which enabled individual exhibitors to quickly and easily load their own catalogs directly to the NYIGF website. Exhibitors could change or update their information in real-time making the Online Catalog Gallery keeping information up-to-date.

Weak Dollar, International Growth Opportunities Attract Leading North American Companies to UK's Autumn Fair UK's Autumn Fair returns September 7-10, 2008 to Birmingham, England's National Exhibition Center offering North American and other international retailers an opportunity to preview exclusive product launches for 2009 from more than 2,000 exhibiting companies. With the U.S. dollar at a record low, Autumn Fair also provides tremendous opportunities for leading North American companies to export to the UK. “Autumn Fair is perfectly timed for U.S. companies looking to expand into Europe and in particular the UK,” said Adam Ash, president of White Hound Advertising and North American Agent for show organizers Emap TPS. “For the first time in more than 30 years, the pound is worth more than $2 making American goods

and services more competitive in foreign markets, which is encouraging more American manufacturers to send more goods overseas. And for distributors, Autumn Fair offers the opportunity to bring unique products back to the US that have not yet found a market here.” San Francisco, California-based Cavallini Papers & Co. Inc., producers of Italian stationery and paper products says their decision to exhibit at Autumn Fair was based on the company's tremendous success at other international trade events. “Our UK and German customer base is very strong so we thought this was a good time to branch out,” said Mindy Carpenter, creative director, Cavallini Papers & Co. “Plus the Euro is so strong against the

dollar that it is less prohibitive for European customers to buy from us.” Networking with other UK exhibitors and distributors at other trade events convinced footwear manufacturer OKA b. to exhibit at Autumn Fair. “Autumn Fair came highly recommended from many of the UK distributors we've spoken with. The cost to exhibit is reasonable based on the ROI we anticipate from the show through leads and new business,” says Melissa Evans, marketing coordinator, OKA b. “We are convinced that Autumn Fair will prove beneficial for our brand and our UK distribution.” International visitors may also take advantage of the new Autumn Fair buyers club. The Seasons Club is a new initiative that

GLM Promotes Schachter to Vice President, Canadian Gift Shows WHITE PLAINS, NY, GLM®, a dmg world media business, has announced the promotion of Anita Schachter to vice president, Canadian Gift Shows, effective immediately. In this role, Schachter is responsible for all aspects - including sales, marketing, management and operations - of the semiannual Alberta Gift Show, Montreal Gift Show and Vancouver Gift Show. She will report directly to Dorothy Belshaw, senior vice president, GLM. “Anita's in-depth knowledge of the Canadian gift market, combined with her leadership skills and tradeshow expertise, make her a natural fit for this role,” commented Belshaw. “Under her guidance,

the gift shows will continue to prosper and serve the evolving needs of Canadian-based retailers, distributors and wholesalers.” Schachter joined dmg world media in 1998, and has held various sales and management roles during her tenure. Most recently, she served as group manager, Eastern Gift Shows, with direct responsibility for the Montreal Gift Show and Toronto International Gift Fair. Prior to joining dmg world media, she managed industrial trade shows and conferences for Kerrwil Publications. Schachter was a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM) for nine

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

years, and served as the Association's president, from 2003-2005. She was named CAEM Member of the Year, in 2000. Schachter is a graduate of York University, and currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario. The Alberta Gift Show will took place August 17-20, 2008, at the Northlands Agricom, Sportex and Rexall Place Coliseum, Alberta. The Montreal Gift Show took place August 24-27, 2008, at the Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec. The next edition of the Vancouver Gift Show will take place September 7-9, 2008, at the BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, BC. Additional information is available online at

In addition to the Online Catalog Gallery, also offered a powerful Directory Search feature, which allowed users to search for exhibitors by company name, product category, keyword or NYIGF division. This advanced planning tool was helpful to buyers wishing to pre-plan a shopping strategy which allowed them to maximize their time at market. The Summer 2008 market took place on August 16-21, at New York City's Jacob K. Javits Center, Metropolitan Pavilion and Passenger Ship Terminal Piers 92 and 94. NYIGF is held concurrently with EXTRACTS® at the Javits Center and Home Textiles Market Week® at NYIGF (at the Javits Center Metropolitan Pavilion and Piers 92 & 94), 230 Fifth Avenue and 7 West 34th Street). The next NYIGF show will take place January 24 - 29, 2009 (Saturday - Thursday).

allows Fair exhibitors to nominate their most important customers to be eligible to take advantage of exclusive on-site opportunities and benefits while they are at the show. Amenities include: Access to the Season's Club Lounge featuring a bar, cafe, cloakroom and wireless internet; opportunities to socialize and network with other buyers, discounts at select bars, restaurants and attractions in Birmingham; and fast track entry to the show upon arrival. Additional Autumn Fair promotions include: Ethical Brands - an initiative spotlighting companies selling accredited green or responsibly traded products; Autumn Fair Exclusives - an initiative highlighting innovative new product ranges; and Creative Britain, which puts the spotlight on high-quality, British-designed products. Exhibitors participating in these categories will feature a corresponding logo on their stand throughout the show. Autumn Fair is conveniently divided into two core selling zones: Living and Giving, for optimum buying expediency. Within the two buying zones, the Autumn Fair layout will contain the familiar product categories: Kitchen and Dining, Home Interiors, Toys, Design-led Gifts, Greetings & Stationery, Jewelry & Fashion Accessories, Gifts and Volume. Attendees will also be able to attend free seminars and networking events, as well as explore trend resources. Show hours for Autumn Fair 2008 will be from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 7 through Tuesday, September 9 and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, September 10. Volume halls open on Saturday, September 6 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For attendees, pre-registration is free to all overseas visitors. To pre-register, visit the website or call Adam Ash: 609-921-0222; fax: 609-921-0292 or e-mail:




SWISSMAR’S NUSCÜP IN 3 SIZES The original, award-winning Nuscüp measuring tool, manufactured by Dalla Piazza of Switzerland, is now available in three sizes – designed to handle any kitchen task! The Nuscüp adjustable measuring tool for the home cook measures both liquid and dry ingredients. The Nuscüp Mini, the second addition to the line, is able to accommodate smaller measurements with the same versatility as its forerunner, while maintaining the same durability that’s expected from the original. The most recent addition to the Nuscüp family is the Nuscüp Spice. This brand new size is smaller than the Nuscüp Mini and is perfect for fitting into a variety of herb and spice jars, and includes all of the same great features of the Nuscüp and the Nuscüp Mini. Suggested Retail Price: $10-$19

Swissmar Inc. [tel] 800-387-5707 [fax] 905-764-1123 Circle #137

IMUSA’s MEASURING SPOON SET As part of its expanding line of gadgets, IMUSA is expanding its lines of kitchen tools with the introduction of a new 6pc piece measuring spoon set. Made of durable, dishwasher safe plastic, the set is available in blue (with other colors available by special request). Suggested Retail Price: $2.50 IMUSA [tel] 305-640-3000 [email] Circle #138

TYPHOON PLUS THERMOMETERS Typhoon Plus, Inc. introduces new kitchen essentials with a bit of a twist by way of colorful dial faces and new packaging.You cannot always rely on the accuracy of the built in fridge thermostats, and it is essential to make sure that the refrigerator, and food inside it, remains at the correct temperature. Typhoon’s new Refrigerator Thermometer is just perfect for the job; made of stainless steel with a blue color dial face, it features a handy hook for hanging on interior racks or a nifty little stand for fridges with glass shelving. Similar in design to the Refrigerator Thermometer, but differentiated by a striking red diall face, Typhoon’s new Oven Thermometer makes sure that the interior oven heat remains consistent and accurate.All oven temperatures vary so an oven thermometer is a must when the temperature has to be just right. It also features a hook for hanging from an oven rack. They are supplied in a counter display unit containing 6 pieces. Suggested Retail Price: $8 Typhoon Plus, Inc. [tel] 415-884-9060 [fax] 415-884-9085 Circle #139 Circle #113 12

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

CUISIPRO FAT SEPARATOR A new fat separator from Cuisipro makes healthy gravies, stocks and soups by separating out more fat from meat juices then other fat separators do. The secret to the Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator is a plug that blocks the spout preventing fatty liquids from splashing into it and leaving a fatty residue. The plug, attached to the lid, snugly blocks the hole at the base of the gravy spout when the lid is closed. The spout remains empty and plug securely in place until the fat and meat juice have separated and the lid unsnapped.

The measuring cup is also oversized, 4-cup capacity, and features easy to read measurements.The cup features a large handle that is easy to grip and comfortable to hold when pouring and a large spout that is particularly useful for pouring large batches of gravy or stock. The Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator is dishwasher safe and backed by a 25-year warranty. Suggested Retail Price: $15 Cuisipro [tel] 302-326-4802 [email] Circle #140


Zak Designs [tel] 800-331-1089 [fax] 509-244-0704 [email] Circle #141

Circle #114

Zak Designs is expanding its offering of kitchen prep products and increasing the color options that retailers can present to their customers. As part of that mission, Zak is launching two new sizes and colors of Colorways Batter Bowls along with a wide selection of kitchen prep products that coordinate. All the Colorways products are all made from heavyweight, 100% melamine that’s durable enough to stand up to whatever cooks can dish and practical enough to use in everyday baking. And with the color options that are available, consumers can pick the products they want in the colors that will create an individualized statement in their kitchens.




Rosle presents a universal digital thermometer for measuring temperatures in solid foods and liquids in a matter of seconds with a high degree of accuracy. The 5-inch sleek thermometer inserts into solid foods such as meats and poultry, liquids such as tea, milk or frying oil,or in soft foods such as baby food,melted chocolate or custard. The thermometer displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius from temperatures as low as - 40º F up to 392º F. Suggested Retail Price: $40

Taylor’s Programmable Thermometer is equipped with 2 Probes and 2 Timers. You can cook two different meats or dishes at the same time. This programmable device also includes common presets. The unit beeps when food is in the range of the target temperature. It features a temperature range of 16° F to 302° F.

Rosle [tel] 302-326-4801 [email] Circle #142

Tayor Precision Products [tel] 630-954-1250 [fax] 630-954-1275 [email] Circle #143

TERRAILLON SUB SCALE Terraillon introduces a super fun kitchen scale. With a weight capacity of 6.6 lbs., the “Sub” weighs in fine increments of 1/8 ounces. It boasts full features such as dry/liquid measure and automatic zero (tare) as well as unit weighing conversion (pounds/ounces and kilograms/grams). It’s fun design features a handle for easy storage and comes in three upbeat colors. It uses 2 x lithium batteries and comes with a 10 year warranty. Suggested Retail Price: $30


Terraillon [tel] 919-573-6039 customerserviceusa Circle #145

Circle #115 14 14

Polder’s Opus Triple Timer & Clock has a brushed stainless steel button dial that will look stylish in any setting. The timer gives you a choice of three sound-alert alarms including church bells, songbird or rooster. The timer displays a 24 hour clock when not in timer mode. The timer is designed with a perfect angle for tabletop reading. Batteries are included. Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 Polder Inc. [tel] 914-937-8200, 800-431-2133 [fax] 914-937-8297 Circle #144

Circle #116 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

THERMOMETER (continued from cover) industry, but none of us were too excited about sitting around and discussing technology with our competitors.” While they may not have had a meeting of the minds on manufacturing, they did get a wake-up call about how few consumers actually use a thermometer to test doneness – about 15to 20% according to USDA. Chapman recalls a meeting down in Washington where USDA brought in some experts to talk about cooking temperatures. He said, “They brought in some people with PHD's in food safety to prove to us that color and temperature were not related.” According to Chapman they really demonstrated the point about color having nothing to do with doneness. USDA also tossed around some astounding numbers regarding food poisonings. Chapman walked away a believer. Training the consumer to check for doneness with a thermometer has become even more important in today’s market. Chapman pointed out, “Twenty or thirty years ago local stores did there own butchering - now it’s mass processed. One little bit of E. coli can contaminate hundreds of thousands of pounds of meat.” Manufacturers of thermometers took these USDA warnings to heart. While USDA focused on consumer education, manufacturers concentrated on technology. The industry wanted to make thermometers easier to use. The theory being that the easier a thermometer is to use, the more likely consumers are to use them.

Speed is one of the ways that the industry has made thermometers easier to use. At Maverick they’ve also developed what Chapman calls the “anticipation” thermometer. Through a series of logarithms, the thermometer can actually predict when meat or poultry will reach the proper temperature based on the characteristics of your oven and the change in temperature of what’s being cooked. Imagine knowing that the Thanksgiving turkey will finish in 1.5 hours rather than two hours. Murtagh has been in some of these same meetings and has a similar agenda - helping protect us from contaminated food. At CDN they are also focusing on the use of thermometers to save energy. They have a new selling opportunity for retailers that involves publicizing refrigerator thermometers for saving energy. According to Murtagh, refrigerators are the single biggest energy user in most homes, so a small investment in a refrigerator/freezer thermometer is good investment. “Our experience is that whenever high energy costs become an issue for consumers, our sales of our refrigerator/freezer thermometers increase. Everyone should have two, one in their refrigerator and one in their freezer, to help them conserve energy by maintaining the optimal temperature,” said Murtagh. CDN offers seven models of refrigerator/freezer thermometers and alarms, with suggested retail prices ranging from $2.99 to $17.49. CDN is promoting them with consumer outreach and on its website, where refrigerator thermometers are included in its Time and Temperature Essentials List for food safety and energy savings.

This list is a must-read for any retailer. Tips include everything from the warning about not using color as an indicator of doneness to tips on how to place the thermometer in the food to get the correct reading. In these tips, Murtagh points out that your refrigerator should be 40°F/-15°C or below for safe food storage and that perishable food, whether homemade or take-out, should never be left out of the refrigerator or freezer for more than 2 hours. In hot weather – above 90°F/32°C – return items to the refrigerator after one hour. “When in doubt, throw it out.”

technology, what role does the retailer play? Chapman’s hoping the retailer can pull it all together for the consumer. If the retailer can talk about the importance of a thermometer and demonstrate how to use the thermometers in different situations, they will be providing a true public service. Chapman’s hoping they can do a little cross merchandising of thermometers with grilling and seasoning displays, too.

Chapman added, “Basically people are not aware that refrigerators fluctuate constantly in temperature – opening the fridge constantly can increase the temperature 5º which can take a week off the life of food.” If food safety isn’t enough of a reason to buy a good thermometer, perhaps our egos will get us interested. If you want that delicate dish to turn out perfectly, you’ve got to know the actual temperature of your oven, not just what the setting indicates. Chapman is amazed when people don’t check their oven temperatures with an oven thermometer. “Most people don’t understand that their oven fluctuates 25º plus or minus. Thermostats in most ovens are calibrated to the low end of the scale, he said. “The oven cuts off at the set temperature and doesn’t come back on until the temperature drops by 15º-20º.” If the USDA is working on education and the manufacturers are working on

Manufacturers Add Features to Timers We caught up with Adam Hocherman from American Innovative to learn about state-of-theart timers. Here’s what he had to say about the demand for timers and the features that make a cook’s life easier.

Have you seen an increase in demand for kitchen timers? In terms of units sold/projected for 2008 vs. 2007 we have seen an uptick in demand. However we added a entire second line of kitchen timers (the new Klip! Kitchen series) at a price point that doesn't directly cannibalize from our high-end Quad-Timer line, so it's likely that this is equally the cause. Is the demand influenced by the emphasis on food safety? In the case of our product lines, which are designed for use with the stove/oven, I would say no. I have seen some new products in recent years designed to track the age of items stored in the fridge. I don't think eating spoiled yogurt will hurt you but it certainly can't help so in that sense, food safety might drive demand for those products. How does a kitchen timer differ from other timers - what types of features should a cook look for in a timer? Interesting question. The feature that jumps to mind immediately is one that we call "batch". This is a very simple quick-recall function - particularly useful for repeated timing tasks such as baking cookies. Multiple timers is another feature that's useful for cooking. Our

Quad-Timer product was designed for more sophisticated home chefs who may have 2 or more items going on the stove at one time. Specific to that product are the "stovetop burner indicators" which are very kitchen-specific in nature. Finally, I think the feature desire that we heard about the most last year was portability. Indoors or out, our customer wanted to be able to leave the room and have a convenient means by which to take the timer with them. This is the key selling point of our new Klip! line which features both a belt/apron clip and a detachable lanyard for this purpose. Your new Klip timer has a graphic indicator as well as a digital indicator – what gave you the idea for this feature? This feature was inspiration for the Kids Klip! Teaching & Time-Out model of that timer which we do for the specialty toy market but is equally useful for adults. Believe it or not, a three year-old finds the bar graphics on the product engaging enough that it helps them to get through their "time-outs" with fewer complaints. From a kitchen timer perspective it seemed an obvious benefit that we could incorporate without raising the cost of the product to the consumer.

Circle #117 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008


CROCK-POT® ELUME™ PROGRAMMABLE SLOW COOKER The Crock-Pot® brand introduces the new Crock-Pot® eLume™ Programmable Slow Cooker with a modern design featuring new touch screen user interface, polished stainless steel exterior and stylish metal handles with a silicone wrap. The seamless design is free of knobs, cracks and grooves making it easy for you to wipe away dripping sauces. The removable dishwashersafe stoneware and lid make clean-up a breeze. This Crock-Pot® slow cooker conveniently prepares homemade meals with a single touch. Simply touch and go! This 6.5 quart oval slow cooker features a countdown control panel and an autoshift to warm function that displays the amount of time the unit is kept on the KEEP WARM function for up to 4 hours. Also included with each unit is the Crock-Pot® slow cooker cookbook with over 80 recipes. Suggested Retail Price: $99.50 Jarden Consumer Solutions [tel] 800-323-9519 Circle #147

RESTON LLOYD CREATES DEDICATED PREPCO™ WEBSITE Reston Lloyd created a dedicated PrepCo™ Brand Website: PrepCo™is a new Housewares brand whose focus is to offer ‘products with features’; each product is designed to give the consumer excellence in design, functionality and quality. The new website introduces the brand as well as the products currently available to consumers in North America. Visitors to the site also find 6 delicious recipes which can be prepared with PrepCo’s Bake Porter™ line. In the product section visitors can find information on all available items as well as use and care instructions.PrepCo’s Bake Porter™ line was a finalist in the cookware category for the Gourmet Golds Awards at the 2008 Gourmet Show. Judged by a panel of trade and consumer press, the Gourmet Golds highlight the show’s best products in different categories including Cookware and Bakeware. Reston Lloyd [tel] 703-437-0003 Circle #148

Circle #118 16

Circle #119 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

SMITH’S CERAMIC PULL THROUGH KNIFE SHARPENER Smith’s, introduces the Santoku/Straight Edge Ceramic Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener The new combination Santoku/Straight Edge Ceramic Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener features pre-set crossed ceramic rods that provide the perfect angle every time for edge maintenance and a razor-sharp finish.The white ceramic rods provide the proper sharpening angle for popular Santoku/Asian edge knives and the brown ceramic rods for all straight edge knives. This functional design incorporates an ergonomic soft grip handle for comfort and control and non-slip rubber base for safety. Smith’s® [tel] 800-221-4156 [email Circle #149

FAGOR’S 3-IN-1 ELECTRIC MULTI-COOKER The New Fagor 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker offers maximum versatility. The 6 quart Electric Multi-Cooker is a pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker all in one providing maximum convenience of one-pot meals. Fagor's Electric Multi-Cooker has a warm and brown function for truly onepot-cooking. A self locking lid & automatic pressure release system make this cooker easyto-use. The removable, nonstick cooking pot is dishwasher safe. A delay timer adds convenience. Suggested Retail Price: $119.99 Fagor [tel] 800-207-0806 [fax] 201-804-9898 [email] Circle #150


One Touch Products [tel] 852-27563862 [email] Circle #151

Circle #120

One Touch Products designs, develops and markets a new category of small kitchen appliances that operate with a touch of a button. The automatic Vegetable Slicer is great for slicing onions, carrots, zucchini and more. The hidden safety switch activates only when the plunger is in place. The slicer offers a variety of mandoline style slices. The blade comes in its own interchangeable safety cassette.

Circle #103 17

VIETRI’S PALATINA Vietri’s design team searched countless “European fabric houses” to find the damask pattern handpainted on the Palatina collection. To create Palatina’s golden rim, artisans combine flecks of gold leaf with glaze and handpaint the edge of each piece, firing three times to ensure the collections beauty for years. Made of terra bianca, the pieces are handpainted in Umbria. Handwash only. Vietri [tel] 800-277-5933 [fax] 212-679-8050 Circle#152

LODGE ADDS EMERALD GREEN TO LODGE COLOR LINE Lodge introduces gradated Emerald Green to the Lodge Color: Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron line. Moderately priced Lodge Color originally hit the market in the Spring of 2007. The line includes a 6 quart Dutch oven, 3 quart Dutch oven, 3 quart Casserole,11 inch Skillet, 4.25 quart, and a 17 x 10-5/16 inch roaster. Imported from China, Lodge Color also features three other gradated colors – red (Island Spice), brown (Café), and blue (Caribbean). Additionally, the base of the Dutch ovens and Casseroles have looped handles for ease of use on the stove top, or placing the cookware in the oven. Lodge Manufacturing [tel] 423-837-7181 [fax] 423-837-8279 [email] Circle #153

CADCO’S MOBILE BUFFET WARMING CARTS Roll your entire buffet right into the dining room, onto the patio, porch, etc. The top shelf keeps your foods piping hot for hours, while the lower 2 shelves give you plenty of storage space. Variable heat control (155 - 205 degrees F) and 1 on/off switch make these warming carts practical and easy-to-use. The pans, lids, and pan frame(s) are included with buffet cart. The cart has 4 casters - 2 with brakes & 2 without brakes. The carts are shipped assembled with the exception to the casters/wheels. Cadco, LTD/BroilKing [tel] 860-738-2500 [fax] 860-738-9772 [email] Circle #154 Circle #121 18

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

KYOCERA’S FK REVOLUTION SERIES PARING KNIFE The FK Revolution series is another line of exceptional ceramic knives from Kyocera Advanced Ceramics. A lower price point and more knuckle clearance are key features of this distinctive line. Comfortable ergonomic handles provide precise control. Offered in 5 new colors, these sleek, ultra-sharp knives are designed to complement – not compete – with traditional cutlery. The Revolution series is designed for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. The Zirconium oxide blades stay razor sharp at least 10 times longer than traditional cutlery, making them ideal for everyday use. No home maintenance is needed. When knives eventually do need sharpening, it is complimentary; customers pay only shipping & handling ($10 for up to two knives). Availabie in: White blade with blue, green, yellow, orange, red and black handle or black blade with black handle. Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 Kyocera [tel] 800-537-0294 [fax] 714-428-3605 [email] Circle #155

AMERICAN METALCRAFT’S ENDURANCE™ MELAMINE COLLECTION American Metalcraft added 21 new pieces to its Endurance™ Melamine Collection offerings for 2008. Lighter weight and more economically priced than porcelain or ceramic, Endurance Melamine is proving its value with long-lasting performance in everyday operation. There are 13 bowls in various designs including wide rimmed round and square. The wide rimmed round bowls fit into American Metalcraft's 3-tiered Ironworks wrought iron stand for an attractive display. Straight edged square bowls, in 4 different sizes, complement the most popular of the new melamine products - 4 slanted round bowls. The capacities of the Endurance Melamine Bowls range from 11 oz. to 230 oz. In the platter category, American Metalcraft offers 14 different styles including wide-rimmed rectangular (the largest of which fits American Metalcraft's 2-tiered Ironworks stand), contemporary-styled square and rectangular, wide rimmed oval, funky wavy/textured styles, and a simulated black granite look in a triangular or rectangular design. American Metalcraft [tel] 800-333-9133 [email] Circle #156

Circle #122 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

Circle #123 19

ABBIAMO TUTTO’S POMPEII COLLECTION Abbiamo tutto has created a new collection, Pompeii. Unveiled at the August NY International Gift Fair, the new collection was developed with the National Gallery of Art to commemorate the exhibition, Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples. Pompeii and the Roman Villa presents some 150 works of sculpture, painting, mosaic, and luxury arts, including recent discoveries on view in the United States for the first time and celebrated finds from earlier excavations. The design for these ceramics—which were entirely produced in Italy—was inspired by an ornamental lithographic found in a nineteenth-century rare book. The collection includes a letter holder,pen/desk tray,wine bottle coaster and cork, mug and rewritable memo board/cutting board. The collection will be sold only through Abbiamo tutto retail customers. Abbiamo Tutto [tel] 866-714-9161 Circle #157

ACCOUTREMENTS ROADHOUSE CAFE PLATES Even grandma’s liver, onion and brussel sprouts casserole will look good on one of these Roadhouse Cafe Plates. Each set of two 8” melamine plates is decorated with the logo of a classic restaurant from the 30’s or 40’s. Plates are sold in sets of two and packaged in illustrated window boxes. Suggested Retail Price: $13 Accoutrements [tel] 425-349-3838 [fax] 425-349-5188 [email] Circle #158

MICHIGAN MAPLE BLOCK HOLIDAY GIFT SET Michigan Maple Block Company (MMB) has partnered with Lamson & Goodnow to produce the gourmet enthusiasts’ favorite gift set – the Emmet’s Epicurean Cutting Essentials Kit. The kit, which invites home culinarians to “Prep Like a Pro”, includes a professional grade edge-grain Wood Welded solid maple butcher block cutting board, a bottle of Emmet’s Elixir Hardwood Cutting Board Conditioner (the only NSF-certified, anti-microbial conditioner on the market), and a LamsonSharp 7” Santoku knife with a Rosewood handle. Suggested Retail Price: $99 including gift boxing and domestic shipping Michigan Maple Block [tel] 800-678-8459 [email] Circle #159

ROSLE’S EGG SLICER A good egg slicer cuts boiled eggs without smushing them. A great egg slicer does the job and is attractive enough to place on the table. This new egg slicer from RÖSLE does both. This sleek egg slicer is 3-inches tall x 4-inches wide and is made of stainless steel and POM. The egg slicer features cutting wires that are positioned at alternating levels so they turn out neat egg slices that don’t fall apart. Eggs can be placed in the holder to be cut lengthwise or widthwise. The egg slicer handles other foods of similar consistency such as Mozzarella Cheese for the perfect tomato, mozzarella and basil salad. Suggested Retail Price: $30 Rosle [tel] 302-326-4801 [email] Circle #160

J.K. ADAMS’ WINE & DINE PLATES IN CHERRY These larger sized wine and dine plates are designed to hold a stemware glass and an ample amount of appetizers at one time. Made from beautiful, solid, Vermont Cherry, these lovely plates are elegant party plates to use and give as hostess gifts. The 9-inch x 5.5-inch rectangular plate and the 8-inch x 6-inch oval plates feature a carefully sculpted slot to cradle wine glasses so party guests can hold and carry a sampling of hors d’oeuvres and a wine glass in one hand. Suggested Retail Price: $10.50 J.K. Adams [tel] 800 451-6118 [fax] 802 362-5472 Circle #161 Circle #124 20

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

INTERNET (continued from cover) As the store’s second owner since its establishment in 2002, Allen took over operations June 2007, adding a variety of newness such as a full time chef, cooking classes, dinner parties and a Gourmet To Go section with prepared food. The website is also undergoing a redesign, but will continue to offer shopping online for products. Allen also sends out a daily email to almost 2,000 subscribers, listing upcoming events, cooking classes and product information.

Silverman, executive director of, in a prepared statement. “But the fact that online sales will increase substantially this year demonstrates the resilience of the channel and is a testament to the value and convenience most customers find when shopping online.”

“We utilize the website for many things, but the main thing that’s brought much success, is just letting people know what we sell,” she said. “It’s been a research tool for the company, but also a great advertisement.”

Up and running for 13 years, Kitchen Classics’ website offers customers the ability to shop and purchase items online from the convenience of their homes as well. Avid cooks can also register for cooking classes through the site.

Allen admitted the Internet can hinder businesses in some ways, but its presence hasn’t affected Columbus Cooks. Sales have gone up, with the company website alone bringing in almost 20 percent of the store’s revenue. “The Internet is going to be the way of the world for shopping,” said Allen. “It’s been a big success.” Continuing to shine bright in the retail industry, online retail sales will increase 17 percent this year to $204 billion, according to The State of Retailing Online 2008, the 11th annual study conducted by Forrester Research, Inc. “From higher shipping costs to changes in consumer shopping habits, online retailers are not immune to the current economic climate,” said Scott

Though the internet’s presence for Columbus Cooks has been a positive reinforcement for the company’s growth in sales online and in the store, the same is not true for Phoenix-based Kitchen Classics.

Kitchen Classic’s owner, Shauna Halawith, explained, “A lot more purchases are made in the store, instead of online. Cooking class registration on the site has gone up, but not sales of items. We get an order or two a day online, but we used to get 20-30 a day.” With the decline in online sales, Halawith said at some point online shopping will no longer be available on the website. However, cooking class information and registration on the site has been a “big boom” for the business. Though utilizing the Internet for shopping has not been a successful revenue tool for Halawith’s store, oth ers view it as a simple exploring method for consumers.

Circle #125 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • SEPTEMBER 2008

“People will do more of their investigating online,” said Dave West, chef and owner of Florida-based Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium. “There’s a huge amount of people that love to touch and feel things, they want to buy it from a place where they can take it back to, that there’s a human connected to it.” West’s website does not offer online shopping, but he has noticed his expanded customer market with the sites presence alone, which has directly boosted in-store sales. The site includes information on featured cooking classes and events, a monthly, interactive calendar and recipes. “Our objective is to be the community’s resource,” he said. As Iowa-based Kitchen Hearth’s third owner, Kelly Bandstra agrees that even if customers aren’t shopping online, “it’s a great base for investigation.” Bandstra’s website went live in June, and in the short time it has been up, she feels as though sales will not increase without giving customers the ability to shop online. “Ordering online is a goal of ours and that would be a huge asset for people not only in the community, but to those farther away,” she said. “I have products that people need, and I just want to showcase that on my website.” Up for three years, Texas-based Faraday’s Kitchen Store’s website has brought more

Karen & Dave West - Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium

in-store sales. “If you have no Web presence, then you are losing a large consumer base even if you only serve a single community,” said Tony CurtisWellings of Faraday’s. “Just having a website to tell people what you do, sell and/or provide can be enough information to get people to come to your store.” Welling’s does, however, have a projected plan of offering customers online shopping and cooking class registration for spring 2009 to push sales even higher. While specialty food and kitchenware retailers may have different approaches to internet sales, just getting information out to consumers is a solid consensus for not only these stores, but retailers nationwide. “The Internet provides information to consumers, which in turn creates interest and that interest turns into income,” said Welling’s.

Circle #126 21

c a l e n d a r SEPTEMBER 2008 6-9 Boston Gift Show, Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA, 800-272-SHOW, 7-9 Vancouver Gift Show, BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, British Columbia, 800-633-8332,

7-10 UK's Autumn Fair, National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, England, 609-921-0222 14-16 Fall Gift & Home Furnishings Market, LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA, 800-LAMART4,

OCTOBER 2008 22-24 New York Tabletop Market, New York Showrooms, 41 Madison, 7 West 34th, 230 Fifith Ave., New York, NY, 212-686-1203, &


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Bring good luck to the table with this bright, cheerful Porcelain Tea Set from the Unity Collection by Old Dutch International, Ltd.The rich black interiors are a dramatic counterpart to the glossy red exteriors, which are embossed with the Chinese characters “Shuang Xi”, meaning “Double Happiness”. Often associated with the New Year, the “double” nature of the symbol also makes it particularly appropriate as a wedding or anniversary gift. The cups feature special double-walled construction, to keep the tea hot while the outer surface remains comfortable to the touch.The iron handled 26 oz. teapot and four cups come handsomely packaged in a presentation box suitable for gift giving. Suggested Retail Price: $55 Old Dutch International, Ltd [tel] 888-826-7737 [email] Circle #170

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EMILE HENRY’S JAPANESE CUP Inspired by the shape of Asian rice bowls, Emile Henry softened the edges, added beautiful glazes and finished if off with the potter’s stamp on the bottom, The Japanese Cup makes a sensational statement in the bold Mediterranean colors of azure, cerise, citron and vert or a sophisticated, soothing table setting in slate, sand, sky and fique. The Japanese Cup is also available in the classic fashion colors of white and black. The cup is 4-inches in diameter and holds 7oz. The cup is modern, elegant, casual and refined and works as a bowl, cup or individual baking dish. The vessel is sized right for baking individual cobblers, cakes, puddings and potpies. It is made from Burgundy clay so it retains heat longer at the table. It can be placed directly into a preheated oven or in the microwave so soups, stews and beverages can be heated directly in the cup. Emile Henry [tel] 302-326-4800 [fax] 302-326-4810 Circle #171

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