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APRIL 2011

Optimistic Mood Surrounds New York Tabletop Market by Carrie Bui As buyers prepare to attend this month’s New York Tabletop Market, April 12-15, the event hosts are predicting a positive atmosphere with attendees and exhibitors ready to do business. “I think on a high level, there’s going to be optimism and a more educated and focused buyer, knowing what they want and who they want to deal with,” said Chris Collins, Vice President and General Manager at 7W New York. “Suppliers will need to deliver on a lot of levels.” At 7W, buyers can expect a focus on entertaining and outdoor dining, as well as the PrintSource surface and design show on the 11th floor. PrintSource is April 12 and 13, and shows surface and textile design collections for the apparel, paper goods and home textiles industries. 7W paired up with PrintSource last year, and “the two markets marry each other well,” said Collins. “PrintSource offers a healthy variety of artists for prints that will eventually end up on textile or tabletop designs.” Continued on Page 15

Old Meets New in the Do-It-Yourself Housewares Category by Joanne Friedrick The movement to buy local products and support community-based agricultural producers has also given a boost to items aimed at the doit-yourselfer. From meat choppers and bread makers to authentic tortilla presses, many consumers are looking for ways to put less space between themselves and the food they eat. That’s good news for companies that manufacture and sell such products. Howard Kaney, Marketing Manager for the West Bend and Back To Basics brands, said while the boom in home bread makers has passed, there is still an interest, but it is more focused on those who want to specialize in the food they make. Continued on Page 18

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{ headlines } Meyer’s Paula Deen, Rachael Ray Brands Launch Tabletop Collections Leveraging brand equity in its two highly successful celebrity cookware and kitchenware brands, Meyer Corp. entered the tabletop category with the launch of a comprehensive range of Paula Deen and Rachael Ray casual dinnerware collections at the 2011 International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. “We’re very excited to offer retail partners and potential new customers the opportunity to grow their business with well-designed tabletop collections,” said Suzanne Murphy, Vice President of Marketing in a prepared statement. “Introducing tabletop represents a

natural progression for both brands, and we’re proud of the collaborative work we’ve accomplished with Paula and Rachael in creating dinnerware patterns that are fresh, distinctive and true to the spirit and persona of each celebrity.” Both tabletop collections offer dishwasherand microwave-safe dinnerware in a choice of porcelain, a highly durable material that provides a pure white body, and durable stoneware. The two tabletop collections are distinguished by their use of decorative decals that personalize the patterns and effuses them with the style and point of view of each

celebrity. Both collections are designed to easily mix and match colors and patterns. “The dinnerware market has been migrating from formal to casual as consumer habits change,” said Murphy. “It’s more common today to have casual dining in the kitchen than a formal dining room. We believe consumers will gravitate to dinnerware that reflects their celebrity products in the kitchen.” In keeping with Paula Deen’s trademark warmth and Southern charm, new Paula Deen Tabletop offers porcelain and stoneware

dinnerware with a fresh, updated twist. Each plate offers a delightful, personal greeting on the back: “From My Kitchen to Yours, Best Dishes, Paula Deen.” The initial roll-out includes seven porcelain dinnerware patterns that feature distinct Southern-style motifs and hues: Turners Cove, River Bend, Georgia Bounty, Southern Song, Tatnall Street, Blooming Azalea and Low Country Ivy. As the names imply, the porcelain assortment celebrates Paula Deen’s love of Southern gardens. In each pattern, the rim designs, which vary from being contained to spilling beyond their borders, contrast against a body of crisp white. In stoneware, the Paula Deen Tabletop collection features six round dinnerware patterns crafted in a choice of two glaze finishes: Single Glaze and hand-rubbed Antique Finish. Available in soft, solid colors such as aqua, vanilla, saffron, bluebell, sage and latte, the elegant, sculpted bas-relief designs of Chelsea, Joannah, Emma, Ashton, Whitaker and Abigail add interest and a sense of history and tradition to table settings. The new stoneware assortment also includes three square dinnerware patterns with traditional bas-relief rim designs in the choice of a Single Glaze or Antique Finish: Telfair Square, Whitefield Square and Madison Square. Four colors are offered for the square-shaped patterns: aqua, saffron, bluebell and safe. Also being introduced in stoneware is Southern Charm, a round-shaped pattern designed with a classic cream body and colored rim featuring a rich, two-tone translucent glaze. This pattern is offered in three colors: chestnut, sage and bluebell. Passionate about every product that carries her name, and eager to share her home product collections to viewers of her shows, Rachael is personally engaged in product development and design, which shows in the launch of Rachael Ray Tabletop. Her new casual dinnerware echoes Rachael’s unique approach to fusing contemporary and retro styles to create a balanced look of whimsy and elegance that is casual, friendly, yet solidly based on good design. Crafted from durable porcelain and stoneware, the dishwasher- and microwavesafe Rachael Ray Tabletop collection includes seven porcelain dinnerware patterns with distinct motifs and colors that mostly celebrate Rachael’s love of mid-Century American design: Pinwheel, Feeling Groovy, Little Hoot, Bloomfest, Paisley, Fireworks and Curly-Q. In stoneware, the assortment includes three contemporary styles with fresh takes on shapes and colors: Round & Square, Flair and Double Rim. The varied patterns of glossy colors with contrasting white exteriors and rims feature a multitude of bright hues, such as orange, blue and yellow, along with seven warm tones: tangerine, coconut, marshmallow, lemon zest, blueberry, green apple and cocoa.


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

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by Messe Frankfurt





Le Creuset Creating New U.S. Headquarters represents our commitment to the region as we continue to grow,” said Le Creuset Marketing Director Will Copenhaver in the article. “We believe that Charleston is one of the great culinary destinations in the world, and we look forward to continuing to be a valued member of this community.”



{ shorts } Le Creuset, the French cookware company, is investing more than $12 million to combine two South Carolina facilities into one U.S. headquarters facility. The company will merge its Ashley River headquarters with its Hampton County distribution center, according to reports in the Charleston Post and Courier.

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8,400-square-foot facility in West Ashley. The new headquarters will house marketing, product development and global resource staffing, along with a test and demonstration kitchen.


Le Creuset established a U.S. distribution center in Yemassee, S.C., for its proximity to the ports of Charleston and Savannah, Ga. It maintains other sites in the area.



RSVP Closes After 31 Years After three decades of offering gifts and accessories for the kitchen and home, RSVP in Canon City, Colo., closed in February, according to a report in the Canon City Daily Record. Owner Suzanne Wilson said the responsibilities to the establishment’s creditors forced her to make the decision. RSVP was the direct result of a mother and daughter’s dream to open a kitchenware store. Wilson and her mother, Bette Havens, opened RSVP in 1979. Havens

died in 1993, but Wilson continued to operate the store. Through the years she expanded RSVP’s merchandise to include home décor and gift items. “Four years ago when things seemed to get a little quiet, and I felt we needed to change things around in here, beef it up in here—we expanded,” she said. “The same year that we expanded in June, in September the banks failed. While there are absolutely no regrets of expanding, the timing turned out to be very difficult.”

Wilson added the face of retail has changed over the past decade. “We are now competing not only with the big boxes, but we’re competing with the Internet and with people who no longer come inside the store to shop,” she said. RSVP always had two major seasons—the holidays and weddings. “We have seen brides go to the Internet with their registries and people have gone out of town for gifts rather than set up a registry locally,” she said. “We understand it, but it’s been hard to watch.”


PRIME WAY COS. Fridge-Tamer Swing-Out Shelf [tel] 877.792.5831


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BODUM USA Bodum Electric Table Grill [tel] 877.992.6386


ELNIKON Burger Stomper [tel] 416.492.6639


FRIELING USA Zenker Layer Cake Slicer [tel] 800.827.2582


ORE’ORIGINALS Matryoshka Doll Lunch Sack [tel] 800.367.2675



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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011



KITCHENWARE NEWS Housewares Review



As we go to press with this issue, we’ve just returned to the office from the International Home + Housewares Show. As always, the show has given us much to think about. We noticed with much pleasure a fairly steady flow of traffic during the entire time that the show floor was open. Several manufacturer/vendors told us that although traffic on the show floor was lighter than they would have liked, the quality of the sales leads they gathered was high. That’s a good news/bad news kind of comment about any trade show. If there’s one complaint that’s universal among trade show vendors at any and every show, it’s that traffic is a little too light. The rest of that comment is what tells the story—when vendors say after a show that it provided high-quality leads, what they mean is that a high percentage of the people who visited them in their booths are likely to place orders over the next year. We can certainly understand why the buyers who attended the show are excited about the products they saw there. Housewares manufacturers showed us products that are bound to interest retail customers. We saw more vivid colors this year as well as products made with new materials that will perform better for consumers concerned about the environmental and health impacts of the products they’re using in their homes. We at Kitchenware News & Housewares Review look forward to showing you some of the most exciting of those items in our May issue and throughout the next year. Overall, across the several industries where we’re involved as publishers, we’re seeing a renewed optimism about the strength of the American economy this year. There’s a strong sense out there that we’re past the worst of things and have begun to recover, albeit more slowly than we’d like. American household expenditures for household equipment and routine household maintenance were up slightly in the fourth quarter of 2010 over the same quarter in 2009. In fact, household expenditures in nearly every category measured by the government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis were up modestly in the last quarter of 2010. The disaster in Japan is bound to take a toll on the world’s economy, but that impact would surely be worse if it had come while we were in the very depths of the worldwide recession. Those considerations are, of course, of less importance at this moment than the humanitarian implications of the disaster. So right now, let us all take a deep breath, celebrate what we can, say some prayers for the victims of the tragedy in Japan, and do all we can to help.

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Writing the do-it-yourself products article for this month definitely evoked some very fond memories for me and how some of these products fit into my own life. My mom had one of those old-fashioned, cast iron meat grinders that she would attach to the kitchen table and then crank away, making hash from last night’s beef roast, or producing mounds of ham salad that she would serve to her “girls club” when they would come over to play cards and share a few laughs. Even though a food processor could make much quicker work of those recipes, I think my mother actually enjoyed the physical work of grinding the meat and having a little extra time to just get caught up in the task. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to hang out at the table and chat with her. Moments like those may be why many people are going back to some of the time-tested ways of doing things, incorporating the old with lots of the new in their cooking. They may still rely on the microwave or their electric appliances for some tasks, but there is a part of them that likes to take a real hands-on approach to parts of the process, whether it’s sausage making, bread baking or peeling apples for a pie. Of course, one of the challenges today is that retailers may be dealing with a clientele that is less familiar with some of these products, so it’s important to provide an extra level of education. This can come in the form of recipes or classes, or at least displays that show all the opportunities that these products provide when used to their fullest. I regret that the meat grinder that served my mom so well never found its way home with me. But because there are still companies out there that create products for do-it-yourselfers, I know I can start my own traditions by making a small investment in equipment and time. Joanne Friedrick, Editor


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

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column Ambiente Gives Glimpse Into Coming Housewares Trends by Messe Frankfurt, organizers of the Ambiente Trade Fair Ambiente, the world’s largest trade fair for consumer goods products, ran from Feb. 11 to 15 in Frankfurt, Germany. The show welcomed more than 144,000 trade visitors, an increase of almost 10 percent over the 2010 edition. The show had 4,383 exhibitors from 86 countries covering categories such as tableware, kitchen, home furnishings and gifts. Brands, quality, authenticity, functionality and sustainability are very much the trend in the dining sector. People enjoy designing and furnishing their own home as comfortably and luxuriously as possible. It serves as a meeting place for people to cook and dine together. The professional kitchen has found its way into private households along with professional recipes … and of course there is also a need for the equipment the chefs use. At this year’s Ambiente Dining Fair, the celebrity chefs themselves demonstrated some of this equipment. When it comes down to cooking itself, this trend is combined with a deliberately healthy diet. In the porcelain and ceramic segment, authenticity is reflected by products that incorporate traditional elements in their shape or decoration. White crockery is decorated with relief motifs or with delicate colors, especially blue. Articles can also be found in bright intensive colors, with stripes or pixels as décor. And there are new coatings that make it very easy to clean ovenproof dishes and a new type of color glaze that enables firing of colors at high temperatures. Drinking glasses remain functional and classic in design, although more and more exhibitors were experimenting with unusual shapes. Gift articles and accessories made of glass are of very high quality and colorful accents are quite acceptable here. With gifts made of glass, there is a strong trend toward products without any obvious function, to be used as decorations for one’s personal surroundings or in the home. Sometimes the colors can be quite intense.


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

With cooking utensils, the dominant trend was toward new colors on both the inside and outside of pots and pans, with current fashion colors such as lilac, pink, rose and cream. A new design of pan-handle prevents the temperature from rising above body temperature, which makes this kind of cookware very safe to handle. Nonstick frying pans are no longer just black inside; white is frequently offered as an alternative, but other colors can be found inside pots and pans as well. There are now different materials available with ceramic and classic PTFE coatings ranging from stainless steel to aluminum and in a variety of colors. Cooking utensils made of aluminum and copper are now fully induction-capable thanks to the special composition of the base. In the kitchen, colorful accents are to be found on accessories, small electric appliances and knives. The “in” colors are lime, berry, violet, orange and yellow. Traditional products are still much in demand, especially when it comes to kitchen tools. But there is clearly a growing desire to create colorful accents with accessories and tools. Seasoning was another important topic this year. A large variety of tools are available for the preparation of fresh and dried herbs. These range from the classic salt and pepper mill and new varieties of traditional mortar right through to herb mills and herb cutters. For plastic kitchen products, alternative plastics made of renewable materials are now being used. These can also be found in plastic goods for the household, with the ecological argument being provided by the compostability of such products. Colorwise, there are transparent shades in blue and green, along with the intensive trendy colors previously mentioned, such as lime, violet, pink and yellow. Another trend offered by some manufacturers is toward dark, natural colors such as brown, beige and cappuccino.

{ headlines } LuxeHome Welcomes First Appliance Showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart Sub-Zero and Wolf, global leaders in highend built-in appliances, opened the first appliance showroom at LuxeHome in Suite 134. The 5,500-square-foot, state-of-art facility features more than 120 appliances from these brands, including built-in and integrated refrigerators, wall ovens, gas and dual fuel ranges, cook tops, wine storage, outdoor grills and ventilation in a lifestyle setting. Long recognized by designers and engineering professionals as a top manufacturer of premium built-in home refrigerators and cooking products, Sub-Zero

and Wolf ’s new showroom hosts cooking demonstrations and tastings, creative appliance installations, and personalized appliance consultations. “The Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom is unlike any other boutique at LuxeHome,” said Katherine Flaherty, MMPI’s Vice President of Building Products and Special Projects. “Not only will you find Sub-Zero and Wolf ’s cutting edge appliances in beautiful and creatively designed displays, but also a full-time chef, regular tasting

events and working appliances in more than 5,500 square feet of space.” Now, homeowners and trade professionals that shop LuxeHome can visit the showroom’s consumer-friendly setting with lifestyle kitchen designs featuring built-in and integrated appliance options. The heart of the showroom is the live cooking demonstration area and prep kitchen, which accommodates more than 30 guests for evening cooking events. This unique space represents live Wolf cooking appliances,

including electric wall ovens, gas and dual fuel ranges, steamer, warming drawer, gas, electric and induction cooktops, rangetops, and other integrated modular units. The new 54" builtin Wolf outdoor grill will also be displayed. Guests are encouraged to experience the SubZero and Wolf difference first-hand by scheduling an appointment with one of the showroom consultants. “We are really pleased to be a part of LuxeHome. The Merchandise Mart and our companies have a common dedication to providing the best service and products to our customers. We look forward to a long affiliation,” said James J. Bakke, President and CEO, Sub-Zero Inc. and Wolf Appliance.

Zak Designs Partners with Emeril Zak Designs, the company known for its colorful tabletop and kitchen prep products, has partnered with one of the most well-known personalities in the housewares industry–Chef Emeril Lagasse. “Emeril is known for his vibrant brand of cooking, so he is obviously the perfect person for Zak to partner with,” said Irv Zakheim, President and CEO of Zak Designs in a prepared statement. “He has a passion and an enthusiasm for cooking that people really respond to, and that’s exactly what we’re capturing with the Emeril products we’re developing.” At the core of those products will be a functionality that a professional chef like Emeril demands in the serveware and kitchen prep products he uses. From mixing bowls that stand up to the most rigorous use to serve trays that are durable enough for backyard barbecues, Zak’s line of Emeril products will carry the high quality that Emeril demands. And Zak’s Emeril line will definitely include all the color and zest that people have come to expect from one of the country’s favorite chefs. Zak, which is based in Spokane, Wash., launched its Emeril line of serveware and kitchen prep products at the International Home and Housewares show in Chicago in March.

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011


unit be the only item plugged into that outlet because it does draw about 15 amps.

which gives off an audible, but not too loud, whirring sound.

Induction cooking works with only certain types of cookware; specifically, cookware made of ferrous magnetic materials, such as cast iron, carbon steel or magnetic stainless steel.

Because the unit I received also included the interface disk, I tried some nonmagnetic cookware to see how it would fair. The Induction Interface Disk is an accessory that allows cooks to use their other cookware with the unit. The disk is 8 inches in diameter and has a slightly raised handle with a rubberized grip.

In doing this test, I used a tri-ply stainless steel saucepan and a cast iron frying pan. It’s easy to test whether a pan will work— just grab a magnet off the refrigerator and see if it sticks to the bottom of the pan. Be sure to test the bottom as some pans have handles that magnets will stick to, but not the cooking area itself.

Product Review Aervoe Max Burton Deluxe Induction Cooktop

by Joanne Friedrick Whoever said “a watched pot never boils” wasn’t using an induction cooktop. Recently, I had the opportunity to test Aervoe Industries’ Max Burton Deluxe Induction Cooktop and the additional Induction Interface Disk, and I saw water boil in an instant.

according to the product brochure, is that it is “50 percent more powerful than gas stoves and heats nearly twice as fast as electric cooking elements, yet (it) does not require high amperage electric lines or 220-volt power.”

The advantages of induction cooking,

In fact, the unit plugs into a standard 110/120 volt outlet. The brochure advises that the

My first test was to see if the induction cooktop did perform faster than an electric stove. (I don’t have a gas stove, so that comparison wasn’t an option.) Heating a cup of water to a full boil on medium-high heat on my stove (6 on a 1-to-10 scale) took six minutes. Using the same pan and amount of water on the cooktop, also on mediumhigh heat, I saw a rolling boil in less than two minutes. In fact, within seconds of turning the unit on, I could see air bubbles forming at the bottom of the pan. Like my stove, the unit has a heating scale ranging from 1 to 10. At its lowest level, the unit is using 200 watts; at the highest, 1800 watts. There are up and down arrows on the touch pad that control what level of power is being used, and the number is shown on an LED display. If you try to turn on the unit with unsuitable cookware on it, the display will give an error message. There are also error messages for internal overheat, glass cooktop overheat and incorrect voltage. The unit has a 180-minute automatic timer function and a temperature function, so users can cook by temperature rather than power level. The temperatures range from 140 degrees F. to 450 degrees F. Using this mode is suggested when a specific temperature needs to be maintained, such as in candymaking. The cooktop itself is fairly compact, measuring 13.3 inches by 12.5 inches and standing 2.6 inches high, so it can fit easily on a countertop. It has a 6-foot cord. The glass surface is marked with circles to help with the placement of pots and pans. Accompanying instructions note the unit needs to have at least a 4-inch clearance on the sides and back for ventilation purposes. When it is in use a fan operates,

The disk is placed directly on the cooktop and acts as a conduit between the nonmagnetic pot and the unit. I used a hardanodized saucepan to again heat a cup of water. In this case, it took almost 8 minutes to heat—longer than the standard electric stove and four times longer than the induction cooktop using a magnetic pan. The company’s brochure acknowledges that the efficiency will drop when using the interface disk. But the upside is that users can still cook with their current cookware if it isn’t induction-rated. I found in testing my cookware that the majority of it isn’t magnetic, so for certain tasks requiring specific pots, the disk would be necessary. My other test involved cooking on the induction unit. Using a cast iron pan, I prepared a grilled cheese sandwich. I started the unit at medium-high heat as I would when cooking on my stove, but I immediately found that was way too high for such a fast cooking process. The sandwich toasted instantly, so I turned down the heat to the lowest level and allowed the cheese to melt slowly. The result was a sandwich that was nicely toasted on the outside with just the right amount of oozing cheddar on the inside. I would guess that over time, it would become easier to gauge how to cook on the cooktop, knowing that it heats so quickly. Having a piece of equipment that can heat food rapidly—if so desired—and as well as providing a mobile, additional cooking surface makes the induction cooktop a good choice for many people. From Thanksgiving, when an extra burner is always welcome, to church potluck dinners with the challenge of keeping hot foods hot, this unit would prove invaluable. And having the interface disk means users can keep the portability while only sacrificing a bit of the efficiency. The suggested retail price of the Max Burton Deluxe Induction Cooktop Set is $165. PRODYNE METALLA CRADLE SPOON REST This sleek new design keeps spoons and ladles handy and counters clean. The extra large cradle will easily accommodate full-size ladles. The durable, dishwasher-safe polypropylene cradle detaches from the chrome plated metal stand for easy cleaning. The Cradle Spoon Rest is available in black-smoke or white-frost. Suggested Retail Price: $8.99 Prodyne Enterprises [tel] 800.822.4776


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

{ headlines } Building Good Bite’s Retail Website will be building and managing a new online kitchenware store Good Bite, the recipe video website. Through this partnership, will offer a branded and tailored kitchenware and cookware assortment in an online store specifically for the audience. In addition, the store will feature exclusive products developed by and Good Bite. The Good Bite store will feature the tools needed right alongside the recipes it features, and will enhance the overall experience of the site. Tracy Randall, CEO of, said in a prepared statement, “We are excited to embark on this new partnership. We see Good Bite as having a rising presence in the online food space and believe an easily accessible and integrate shopping experience will be a welcome addition of convenience and content to its audience of everyday cooks.” “We are delighted to launch the store with,” said Andreas Biebl, DECA’s VP Marketing. “Providing a comprehensive shopping experience to the audience is a complement to the high-quality videos and recipes offered on the site. is the perfect partner to extend the brand into e-commerce.”

Fiesta Brand Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Custom Cake During IH&HS The Homer Laughlin China Co. celebrated the 75th anniversary of its iconic Fiesta dinnerware brand with a custom cake created by Charm City Cakes, of Ace of Cakes fame. The cake was displayed the first day of the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago and served at a reception later that day.

“The Homer Laughlin China Co. is so proud to have produced the Fiesta dinnerware brand for 75 exciting years,” said Fiesta dinnerware’s Rich Brinkman in a prepared statement. “To see Fiesta dinnerware embodied in cake provided such a fun experience for Fiesta enthusiasts, enabling them to come to see not

only this amazing cake, but also what’s new with the Fiesta brand.” The company introduced several new products at the show, including the 75th anniversary color, a limited edition soup tureen, an expanded holiday collection and more.

The dramatic 3-foot diameter design featured several of Fiesta’s most iconic pieces, such as the signature disk pitcher, butter dish, salt and pepper set, sugar and creamer set and plates of all sizes— replicated in true-to-life size and form in cake, icing and fondant. The centerpiece of the design was the Fiesta “dancing lady,” wearing the anniversary color marigold. “This was such a nostalgic cake for us to create,” said Cake Designer Graham Coreil-Allen of Charm City Cakes in a prepared release. “Many of us at Charm City Cakes collect Fiesta; I grew up eating on Fiesta. As an artist I can appreciate the simplicity and iconic nature of the designs. I was inspired by the concentric circles and vibrant colors of the collection. We are so honored to play a role in this 75th anniversary celebration.” currently operates several branded websites including Food Network Store (, Rachael Ray Store (, Paula Deen Store (, Calphalon Store (, Betty Crocker Store (, Pillsbury Store ( and Marley Coffee ( offers its customers access to more than 60,000 products for the kitchen, as well as recipes, menus, collections and a growing library of member-submitted cooking content. was founded in 1998 and is based in Marina Del Rey, Calif. Good Bite’s recipe video website has a rotating cast of 37 contributors drawn from America's leading food bloggers and others from the food world. Good Bite focuses on easy-to-follow recipes that cut out fancy ingredients and unnecessary steps.

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011


Retailer Profile The Kitchen Table

by Joanne Friedrick

Mississippi native Jennifer McKay and her husband, Kennard, have operated The Kitchen Table in Hattiesburg, Miss., since 2003 with the vision of bringing quality culinary goods to this small city.

these products,” she said.

McKay said often people are forced to travel to bigger cities or order online to find the products they need, so The Kitchen Table helps bridge that gap. Additionally, she said, they now find themselves seeing increased demand as people affected by Hurricane Katrina relocate to this part of Mississippi.

The McKays also offer classes at the store, ranging from topics such as Eat Your Veggies and Mediterranean Cruise to hands-on tamale making and American cooking for young chefs. They also offer private classes and parties.

The store, which has 1,700 square feet of selling space, carries about 7,500 SKUs in cookware, cutlery, tabletop, gourmet food and coffee, tools and books. In looking at what sells best in the store, McKay said within the food category, they have a handful of products that never stray from the top five. These include a local favorite, Flathau’s Fine Foods Snaps, which is a type of cookie, as well as Robert Rothschild’s Roasted Pineapple Habanero Dip and Stonewall Kitchen’s Roasted Garlic and Onion Jam. Gadgets are always popular, and at The Kitchen Table, the best-sellers include the Microplane Zester Grater, Le Creuset spatulas, Rösle Garlic Press and the Cuisipro Can Opener. McKay attributes the steady sales of these products to the staff ’s own preferences. “We as owners and our staff love

In the cookware area, promotional pieces sell well, especially from the best-selling lines of Le Creuset and Viking, she said.

McKay credits the “great team” at The Kitchen Table for its ongoing success. “We pride ourselves on customer service and quality product,” she said. “Our staff creates lasting and dependable relationships with our customers. The know they can count on us to take care of them.” It’s this same high-level of customer service that McKay said is what today’s customers are looking for in an independent retailer. “The feel of knowing the owners or staff where you shop is both comforting and rewarding,” she explained. “The sense of community is here in every sense of the word, and that appeals to our customers.” In addition to the McKays, the store has three part-time employees. The Kitchen Table operates six days a week during the majority of the year, although it does open on Sundays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Competition can come from several fronts, but McKay singled out big box stores and the Internet as the main ones. Again, she said, it is the service element of their business that allows them to respond to the competition successfully. “We strongly believe in our customer service offered at The Kitchen Table,” she said. “This is what sets us apart from the others. We know the answers to most questions and, when we don’t, we have great sales reps to help us through.” The McKays get the word out on their store through traditional advertising, as well as social media. But overall, said McKay, “marketing is tricky.” She said “social media is a great source for advertising” because it is easy to create and distribute on your own and “for a much lower fee, depending on how you direct it.” They also count on the Internet, where they have an active website that features the bridal registry, class listing and online shopping through a link with “We do advertise our bridal registry through our local paper,” said McKay, “but also on our website, with PDF files available for friends and family to view.” She said they have placed ads in some regional publications as well. “Classes are trickier to advertise because of the changes and updates that occur,” she noted, so online and direct mail is the best means for getting out the word for this segment of the business.

HALLOWEEN BAKING CUPS Welcome Home Brands presents a new collection of Halloween-inspired, ovensafe paper baking cups to add visual appeal to muffins, cupcakes and a host of other tasty delights for Halloween parties and seasonal gatherings. Paper baking cups from Welcome Home Brands allow users to bake, store, serve and give in one unit. Decorated with bright orange and black colors, along with some of Halloween’s most classic designs, the collection can be used to create cupcakes, individual cakes or mini candy treats. The Free-Standing Halloween Baking Cups come in two sizes—2.6" or 2.3" diameter, each 2" high—and two designs. Night features a black band with orange silhouette of ghost, jack-olanterns, bats and a moon. The scalloped top adds a decorative touch. Hat is a mélange of Halloween shapes scattered on top of an orange background, including jack-o-lanterns, bats, pitchforks, wrapped candy, stars and a witch’s hat. Each pattern comes in a 12-piece set. Suggested Retail Price: $6 Welcome Home Brands [tel] 914.205.3040

ALADDIN DOUBLE WALL WATER VESSEL The Aladdin Double Wall 16-ounce Water Vessel is BPA free and leakproof. The double-wall insulation keeps drinks cool inside while avoiding sweat on the exterior of the container. It features a two-way lid and a smooth spout. The unit is dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 Aladdin [tel] 800.456.1233 10

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H o u s e w,a r e s R e v i e w S E RV I N G K I T C H E N WA R E



APRIL 2011

tabletop accessories

tabletop accessories HOLIDAY WINE CHARM TREES LSArts introduces a new gold “bling” design to its Festive line of Crystal Holiday Trees. The removable ornaments on these trees combine beauty and function. They can be used as wine charms during holiday parties and dress up an ordinary wine glass to take on a distinctive fresh look. Each tree and accompanying ornaments are hand-crafted. The gold accented tree (XM-614) is available in two different packaging options. There are three additional tree designs in this series. LSArts is a designer and importer of quality art glass products in the wine and housewares industry. There are more than 100 different wine stopper designs available as well as the affordably-priced Bordeaux wine aerators. Suggested Retail Price: $25 LSArts [tel] 877.929.1414

MARLUX MILLS In the housewares market, there are many choices for salt and pepper grinders—some very high-end and some not so. But finding a mill with a really fine quality and precise grinder is another matter. The average retailer might be surprised to learn that Marlux mills, produced in France only for the past 80 years and a family-owned company, created the grinder that has been imitated by many of the other high-end mill companies. Theirs is among the best on the market and so carefully produced that the company offers a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism. The wide selection of mills ranges from

natural woods made from sustainable resources in France to contemporary acrylic grinders that will handle coarse white to large-grain grey salts to colorful, charming and whimsical lacquered grinders in a rainbow of brilliant colors. Pillivuyt USA is proud to be the distributor for these fantastic “giftable” mills in the United States and offers them to the U.S. market as a direct shipment from the factory in France. Marlux brings freshness, imagination and fun to the U.S. housewares market. Pillivuyt [tel] 952.938.1672

WHITE BASICS MOTION Motion is the latest square addition to the white porcelain White Basics collection from Maxwell & Williams. The Motion dinnerware has a waved edge that creates a striking table setting. The Motion collection is made up of a 16piece boxed dinnerware set, as well as open stock dinnerware, platters, a demitasse cup and saucer, mug, sugar bowl and creamer. Suggested Retail Price: $129.95 for the 16-piece set Maxwell & Williams [tel] 800.527.9550

STACKING MILLS Just because people choose to have freshly ground spices doesn’t mean they lose their taste for design and functionality. For that reason, Zak Designs has created the patentpending Square Stacking Mill that allows consumers to season with taste. Available in orange, marine and kiwi, these mills are designed to stack on top of each other for convenient access without cluttering countertops. The clear center allows consumers to quickly and easily identify which spice is stored in which container, and the mills also feature a large top opening that makes refilling the mills a simple operation. Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 Zak Designs [tel] 800.331.1089 12

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

PORCELAIN GRAVY BOAT Amco Houseworks’ new porcelain gravy boat is great for entertaining. The porcelain gravy boat has an 8-ounce capacity and a decorative stainless steel base. It is also dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 Amco Houseworks, A Focus Products Group [tel] 877.310.9102


FRIDGE-TAMER SWING-OUT SHELF The Fridge-Tamer Swing-Out Shelf is designed to make all hidden food in the back of the fridge instantly accessible, without moving any items from the front or juggling arms full of food. It installs instantly onto glass fridge shelves with four heavy-duty suction cups; no tools required. It fits all styles of modern-day fridges, including side-byside, freezer top, freezer bottom and French doors. Consumers can find food quickly before the expiration date and save money and waste. The Fridge Tamer also saves time by allowing users to get to leftovers quickly. It is easy to use by everyone, including kids, seniors and people with disabilities. No more bending and straining to reach to the back of a lower shelf.

The Ironwood Gourmet™ square bowls are perfect for mixing and serving large salads or other foods. These Asianinfluenced bowls are crafted from the environmentally-friendly acacia wood, a hardwood that creates beautiful contrasting patterns and appears to change color and luster in different lighting conditions. The bowls are available in a large 10" by 10" by 6" serving size and an individual 6" by 6" by 3" size. Designed for discriminating tastes and reflecting the love of everything wood. Suggested Retail Price: $34.99 for large bowl; $9.99 for individual bowl Fox Run Brands [tel] 215.675.7700 [email]

Prime Way Companies [tel] 877.792.5831

ALADDIN COLLAPSIBLE SALAD SET Leaky containers and soggy greens have long been cramping the makeand-take lunch routine. Aladdin is fixing lunch for busy people everywhere with the launch of its new Collapsible Lunch Collection. Aladdin’s Collapsible Salad Set takes

freshness one step further with a dualuse colander for packing and rinsing greens on the go. Suggested Retail Price: $25 Aladdin, a brand of PMI [tel] 800.456.1233

tabletop accessories COMBO LIQUOR/WINE BOTTLE LOCK


Users can now safely secure expensive liquor and wine bottles that have been opened with the new Combo Bottle Lock. You also get an excellent bottle sealer at the same time. It can lock up a bottle so that only the combination holder can reopen it. Instructions for using and changing the combo are included. Made of solid stainless steel, the Combo Bottle Lock is 2-3/4" high and 2" in diameter. Packaged in a four-color box, the item can also be laser engraved. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

Prevent your crust from burning. This pie shield is the first of its kind. It is one piece and can adjust for any pie between 8" and 10" in diameter. Simply place the shield on top of the pie and adjust the size to fit the pie. You can leave the shield on the pie throughout the baking process for a perfect crust every time. Easier to use than tin foil. Great for homemade or frozen pies. Made from FDA-approved silicone. Dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price $7.99

Franmara [tel] 831.422.4000

Talisman Designs [tel] 877.546.7995 [email]

FUSION BOTTLE SPIRIT INFUSER/COCKTAIL SHAKER Prodyne introduces the new Fusion Bottle Spirit Infuser/Cocktail Shaker. This unique multi-function bottle is a must addition to any home bar or kitchen. It can be used as a cocktail shaker to shake up great martinis and other exotic drinks, and as a spirit infuser to infuse your favorite spirit with natural fruit flavors; just add sliced lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, pineapple, etc. It can also be used to prepare and enjoy refreshing fruit-infused water or iced tea. The bottle’s removable neck has a molded-in strainer to hold back ice or fruit as you pour. The BPA-free bottle has an attractive stainless steel cap and trim, along with a silicone plug, neck seal and skid-resistant bottom ring. The bottle body has a 32-ounce (950 ml) capacity and will fit on the refrigerator door. The Fusion Bottle Spirit Infuser/Cocktail Shaker is packed in an attractive full-color box. Suggested Retail Price of $24.99 Prodyne [tel] 909.484.1212 14

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

tabletop accessories TABLETOP (Cont. from p.1) Though Collins expects a lot of optimism and high productivity at the market, he suspects most buyers will still be cautious. “I do believe there will be a heightened focus on price sensitivity and sensitivity to raw materials,” he said. He added buyers might also be focused on a distributor’s ability to deliver and meet target dates due to challenges in China and other countries. “I think price and security and delivery will be a little more important this time around.” Buyers coming to 7W New York will be greeted with lines focused on casual entertaining and outdoor dining, including relatively new tenant Red Vanilla and product launches from Home Essentials and Creative Bath. Collins believes retailers are excited to see new products, and ready to introduce them into their stores. “I think it’s optimism, enough doom and gloom, and they want their stores to look fresh. I think consumers are demanding that.” Laurie Burns, Director and Senior Vice President at Forty One Madison, echoed Collins’ assessment of a cautiously optimistic market. “This spring show is exciting; it’s bursting with new product introductions. Canada, U.S., Central and South America buyers are expected. I think you can see an abundance of new products and tenants who ready to do business with them.” Luxe Interiors & Design magazine is decorating Forty One Madison’s lobby table settings for this spring’s market, and Burns said the magazine will be coming at it from an interior design point of view. Bridal Guide will provide a complimentary breakfast and lunch in the buyers’ room. The spring market will include the debut of a handful of new permanent showrooms to Forty One Madison. The new tenants are Michael Aram, in a 4,000-square-foot

showroom on the eighth floor; Maxwell & Williams, an Australian company in a distribution partnership with Fitz & Floyd and showing for the first time in America; and Q Squared, producers of melamine tableware. Cristal de Sevres and Auratic will move from temporary spaces into permanent showrooms, and Prima Donna Designs is enjoying an expanded showroom space because of a complete renovation of the eighth floor.

Burns said she believes the tenants at Forty One Madison are “poised for the future” and that key tenants will be main suppliers. In terms of trends, she said it looks like companies are staying true to who they are and continuing to use their traditional patterns and styles, but updating those patterns to give them a modern twist. She also thinks that the casual dining trend will continue, but in a refined way, as well as a continuance of fine dining at the top income levels. “I think consumers have said what they want, and factories are delivering,” Burns said.

PEHR TABLE LINENS Pehr Designs, a new company based in Toronto, introduces a line of home textiles, including placemats, napkins, table runners and tea towels. The collection, produced in India, is a natural cotton and linen blend that is machine washable. The collection will be available in stores in June. Pehr Designs [tel] 647.343.8024

WILLIAM BOUNDS HOLLYWOOD BOWL The newest addition to the Grainware line from William Bounds is the Hollywood Bowl. With its beveled edges and gently sloping walls, the bowl’s distinctive design captures the light, creating an eye-catching centerpiece that is beautiful for use indoors or out. Made of durable high-quality acrylic, the Hollywood Bowl is the perfect choice for serving fruit, salads, compotes and even snacks. Because acrylic is lighter and more durable than glass, the Hollywood Bowl will be appreciated for special occasions or every day. It measures 9.5" by 9.5" by 4". Suggested Retail Price: $100 William Bounds [tel] 800.473.0504

Over at 230 Fifth Ave., they’re also feeling very positive and experiencing increases in business. “If the show is anything like the most recent Fashion Market in September,” said Matthew Aloisi, Creative Marketing Director, “then this one should be very productive. We received a lot of feedback from our showrooms, as well as the buyers visiting them, and they all agreed that business was fantastic. Even with the economic recession, business is now rising from past markets. We’re seeing a huge rise in traffic compared to past seasons.” New tenants at 230 Fifth Ave. include Signoria di Firenze, manufacturer of household linens and decorative accessories; Trendez, manufacturer of tablecloths, placemats, table runners and more; and The Clean Bedroom, which offers organic mattress, natural latex mattress and organic bedding brands. Buyers at 230 Fifth Ave. will also be able to enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch and giveaways. Free Wi-Fi at the Antique Café is available, and buyers can end their day with a drink at the 230 Fifth Ave. rooftop bar.

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011


tabletop accessories TAKEYA 360 DEGREE CARAFE The 360 Degree Carafe features a nospill lid that pours from any angle. This same lid is airtight when closed to keep beverages fresher. Made of AcraGlass, this carafe offers glass-like clarity and yet is more durable than glass. It is stain and odor proof and dishwasher safe. It is BPA-free and non-toxic. The 360 Degree Carafe holds 1 liter. Suggested Retail Price: $18 Takeya USA [tel] 714.374.9900

WELCOME HOME BRANDS’ DESSERT AND BERRY BOWLS Present berries at their best with the colorful Berry Bowl Sets from Welcome Home Brands. These decorative bowls, each with a matching plate, are gently perforated to allow moisture to drip off the berries so they can dry naturally while retaining their shape and texture. Matching dessert bowls are available for each of the many designs. Made of durable ceramic, these quality artisan crafted bowls are designed for maximum function and style. All Welcome Home Brands ceramics are

microwave and dishwasher safe. The beautiful array of designs includes Wine Country, Field Poppy, Soleil, Garden and Umbria, along with a variety of berry themes: Blueberry, Cherry, Mixed Berry, Raspberry/Blackberry and Strawberry. The Berry Bowls are 7.5" in diameter and 3.5" high, while the Dessert Bowls are 5.5" in diameter and 1.5" high. Suggested Retail Prices: $24.95 and $25.50 Welcome Home Brands [tel] 914.205.3040

CORK COASTER SET Travel the world with Epic Products’ Wine Travel Cork Coaster Set. These coasters are made of durable cork to soak up condensation and feature travel icons, stamps and globes. They are available as a set of four. Suggested Retail Price: $7.95 Epic Products [tel] 800.548.9791


Dynasty (960-1279) in the region of China, located in the Jiangsu province. This province is the world’s only source for the special clay from which these teapots are made. This special clay material is called zisha clay.“Zi” means “purple” while “sha” means “sand”. Zisha clay is also known as five-colored clay because its basic colors are red, yellow, green, blue and purple. The porous nature of zisha clay absorbs the flavor, smell and color of tea that is brewed in it. Another feature of this clay is that the teapot conducts heat very slowly. This means the teapot handle may be always grasped without fear of burn. Over time, Yixing teapots develop a seasoning from repeated use, making the tea brewed from a well-used teapot a special treat.

The Yixing teapot is a part of the ancient culture of China, a true artwork and an item indispensable to tea lovers. Yixing teapots first appeared during the Sung

SCI Cuisine Internationale [tel] 800.966.5489

I LOVE TEA MUG Zrike’s mugs are made of porcelain and are dishwasher safe. The I Love Tea Mug holds 13 ounces. Suggested Retail Price: $7 The Zrike Co. Inc. [tel] 201.651.5158


This unit’s two separate serving utensils lock neatly together, creating a single element for convenient storage. Simply push the two pieces gently apart to toss and serve salad, or keep locked together to use as a single, large serving spoon. Stylish and practical, the set is made from durable SAN plastic, which is also dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $10

Mikasa Parchment Modern offers a fresh update on a classic pattern. Taking inspiration from Parchment, one of Mikasa’s best-selling formal dinnerware patterns, Parchment Modern features an over-sized scroll design that spills playfully out of an ivory border. Made of high-quality porcelain, this timeless pattern is perfectly elegant for formal entertaining. The five-piece place setting includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, a rim soup bowl, a teacup and saucer. Accessories include an oval platter and a vegetable bowl. Suggested Retail Price: $49.99

Joseph Joseph [tel] 866.940.1875

Mikasa [tel] 866.645.2721



Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

lunch bags & totes BUYERS GUIDE

BLUEAVOCADO LUNCH BAG As part of BlueAvocado’s food-on-thego collection, this insulated stuff-n-go lunch bag is ideal for lunch, picnics and day trips. Key features include an exterior holster for a reusable water bottle; PVC-free insulation that keeps items hot or cold for three hours with a zipper closure; an ultra-thin and collapsible design to stow easily in an outside pocket; easy-wipe lining; and an adjustable, over-the-shoulder messenger-style strap. Suggested Retail Price: $18.99 BlueAvocado [tel] 512.904.0351 [email]

MATRYOSHKA DOLL LUNCH SACK This happy pattern pays homage to classic Russian nesting dolls. The bag is fully insulated and has a hook-and-loop closure and a carrying handle. It measures 10" by 6.5" by 4.5". Suggested Retail Price: $15.50 Ore' Originals [tel] 800.367.2675 x 10 or 16

INSULATOR3 REUSABLE THERMAL TOTE BAG SYSTEM The Insulator3 is a three-bag grocery shopping, tailgating, anytime system. The pouch itself unfolds into a large thermal tote that zippers closed to keep food items warm or cold while in transit. This set also includes the company’s signature city bag and expandable bag that allows this system to help eliminate

up to 16 plastic food bags with each use. This three-piece set is made with PVC/BPA-free material, making it safe for food items and safer for the environment. Suggested Retail Price: $34.99 Sacs of Life [tel] 248.313.9542

LUNCH POT The Lunch Pot is the latest addition to Black + Blum's growing lunchbox range. The two pots have an ingenious watertight locking seal. You can separate yogurt and granola, or noodles and fruit salad, making it the perfect vessel for carrying breakfast or lunch to work. It is also has the added benefit of being able to place the small pot into the big pot for compact carrying when empty. Included are a spork and carry strap. The Lunch Pot is made from polypropylene and copolyester and it is BPA free. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $22 Black + Blum [tel] 877.360.9222

BUILT SPICY RELISH LUNCH TOTE The Spicy Relish is an extra-roomy lunch bag that allows users to carry hearty portions of their favorite foods. It accommodates wide sandwich and salad containers with ease—the neoprene stretches to fit all the essentials. Its shoulder strap helps manage the added load and an inside pocket has space for utensils or a favorite treat. Because it’s machine washable, there’s no need to worry about spills. It comes in black and city grid, nolita stripe and scatter dot patterns. Suggested Retail Price: $30 BUILT [tel] 212.227.2044

HANNON GROUP’S KORA LUNCH TOTES The Raya 9-Can Insulated Tote is perfect for taking healthy meals on the go. It features IsoTec™ layered insulation, which provides superior cold retention and a heat-sealed, leak-proof PEVA lining. This 13.25" by 5.5" by 9.25" lunch cooler is made from easy care, PVC-free nylon and polyester fabrics and has a front slit pocket for easy storage. Suggested Retail Price: $8.99-9.99

Hannon Group introduces an economical line of lunch totes called Kora. The Kora line was designed specifically to fit the grocery market. The styles, designs and colors are appealing to students, making this line a perfect addition for the backto-school set, but also very versatile year round. Kora was designed with a food-safe and easy-to-clean EVA interior. Suggested Retail Prices: $10.99-12.99

Thermos LLC [tel] 847.593.6463

Hannon Group [tel] 720.854.5148


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011


DIY (Cont. from p.1) “I think the category has switched,” he said, from the everyday bakers “to people who are interested in playing with ingredients and different flavors.” People are experimenting, he said, trying to replicate some of the artisan experiences they find in specialty food stores.

different sizes to accommodate different needs.

For that reason, he said, while people may not be putting up 12 dozen quarts of tomatoes like their mother or grandmother did, they are instead using similar canning supplies to create a small batch of gourmet red pepper relish. And even if they aren’t growing the food themselves, they are tapping into the locavore movement by buying at farm stands or through CSAs—Community Supported Agriculture. It’s just a matter of looking at these categories in different ways, said Kaney. “People are reacquiring an interest in what goes into their food,” he said.

He attributed the resurgence in the backto-basics mentality to an overall interest in food and cooking. “The passion for local produce and organics has become very popular,” he said. “You can make what you need and you know the ingredients and where they came from.”

At Imusa, some of the top sellers in the doit-yourself category are ethnic products used in traditional Hispanic cooking. President Manny Gaunaurd said on the Internet, the company’s tortilla press is a best seller. “There is no substitute for making your own tortillas,” he said, noting Imusa offers both cast iron and aluminum models. Also popular is the molcajete, a Mexican version of the mortar and pestle made from lava stone. While it can be used in the traditional manner for grinding spices, it also can be used to prepare homemade guacamole, he said. Imusa also offers products such as citrus squeezers and tamale steamers, but has geared them for the U.S. market adding colors or

Steaming tamales runs along the same lines as canning, said Gaunaurd. Traditional cooks will make hundreds of tamales at a time because of the work involved, just as home canners will put up large batches of items.

Home food prep also fits with the economic times, said Gaunaurd, because it is typically less expensive to make something at home than to go out to eat. “In all of our research, the Latina consumer feels guilty when she’s not cooking a home-cooked meal,” he said. There is a sense of pride and healthiness with home cooking, he added, even if the meal is chock-full of calories. To help market these products at the retail level, Gaunaurd said presentation is key. Retailers should think about cross merchandising cookware with food, including spices and everything needed to prepare a particular dish or meal. Imusa offers recipes with its products to give ideas to consumers, he said, and this includes both traditional Latin recipes and Americanized versions of them. West Bend’s Kaney agreed that education is important with some of the old-fashioned tools or even newer models. Retailers should

acknowledge the trend and make it easy for someone who sees a product to think about all the ways they can use it. Bob Triner, Sales Manager at Universal Housewares, said he sees people buying his company’s meat choppers, apple peelers and grain mills because they want to take their time and enjoy cooking. These buyers are also looking to replicate some of the gourmet foods they experience today in the marketplace, he said, and are seeking ways to produce food that is more wholesome because they are controlling the ingredients. The most popular product in Universal’s line, he said, is its range of meat choppers. Unlike electric appliances, the handoperated grinders don’t sear the meat as they chop, but rather help preserve the natural juices and flavor. To make it easier for home cooks interested in sausage making, Triner said they now include all the accessories and recipes with the choppers. All home cooks have to supply is the meat and the casings, he said.

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

The Max Burton® Mr. Max Table Top Burner #8254 is ideal for backyard entertaining, picnicking and camping. Used next to the barbecue as an extra burner or on a buffet to keep food hot, it operates just like a standard gas burner with a piezoelectric ignition and flame control dial for precise cooking control, but in a portable design. The Mr. Max is designed with a heavy gauge metal body with a porcelain enamel finish for durability. The burner comes with a plastic carrying case to make it easy to tote around. The burner has 10,000 BTUs, stringent built-in safety devices and is UL listed for outdoor use. Fuel source: Max Burton® Butane Fuel Cartridge #1215 UL approved can. Aervoe Industries Inc. [tel] 800.227.0196

In an age when everyone wants to do things faster, Triner said there is still a market for products that operate the old-fashioned way, and bring to mind simpler times. MICHAEL SYMON LIVE TO COOK PRODUCT LINE BY WESTON PRODUCTS Weston Products has partnered with celebrity Chef Michael Symon to bring you the Live to Cook line of products. For those who take food seriously, this collection offers products for processing, preparing and preserving fresh foods. The star of this line is a multi-function grinder to transform fresh meat into burgers, sausages and other dishes. With a 0.5 horsepower motor, this workhorse is an essential addition to any kitchen. And its brushed stainless steel finish makes it an attractive appliance to grace any countertop. Additional attachments include a Fruit & Vegetable Strainer, Shredder/Slicer and Pasta Press/Cutter. The Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer is perfect to help store freshly made entrees, extend the life of leftovers or prepare food for sous-vide cooking with the easy-to-use sealer. Its 11" wide sealing tray is the right size for vacuum sealing any dish for extended storage. Making perfect burger patties and mini burgers is easy with the Live to Cook burger presses. The 5-pound Sausage Stuffer simplifies the process of making any style of sausage, and the Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer allows for precisely cut veggies every time. Even French fries come out flawlessly with the Live to Cook French Fry Cutter. Suggested Retail Prices: $299.99 for grinder; $199.99 for vacuum sealer

Weston Products 18


SEDONA FOOD DEHYDRATOR BY TRIBEST Designed for making dehydration simple, the nine-tray Sedona® Food Dehydrator by Tribest® is stylish yet easy to use. Sedona offers a digital control panel used to accurately set and monitor a single temperature between 86°F and 155°F and a drying time up to 150 hours, worry-free. Because not all recipes require nine trays, use less energy and eliminate excess waste by programming Sedona to use only one drying compartment. The ability to divide Sedona into two drying compartments, an upper and a lower, allows for drying up to four, five or nine trays of food at a time. Built with a glass see-through door topped with a piano black finish, Sedona also comes with nine BPA-free plastic open trays, nine BPA-free plastic mesh screens and one BPA-free plastic closed tray. Additionally, Sedona utilizes dual fan technology that allows each fan to operate independently, distributing heated air evenly to dry foods more efficiently. The Sedona motor inverts AC power to DC power, offering quiet motor operation. Furthermore, Sedona can also be set from day mode to night mode for whisper-quiet operation during the evening hours. Suggested Retail Price: $399 Tribest Corp. [tel] 714.879.7150

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011


n e w p ro d u c t s BISTRO ELECTRIC TABLE GRILL Versatile, colorful and extremely functional, the Bistro Electric Table Grill acts as two grills in one thanks to its double-sided cooking surface. The smooth griddle side is perfect for pancakes, crepes, bacon, panini and more. Flip it over, and the ridged grill side cooks meat, fish and/or vegetables. The grilling surfaces are made of nonstick coated aluminum and the handles from heat-resistant,

premium knife block sets, Wüsthof introduces the Classic Five-Piece Studio Block Set. The set features a narrow, customized four-slot light wood storage block that holds essential premiumquality cutlery tools: 3.5" paring knife, 4.5" utility knife, 6" cook’s knife and come-apart kitchen shears. Each of the three knives in the new set features Wüsthof’s Petec or Precision Edge Technology, which includes an edge with equal angles on both sides. This is the result of using guided lasers, a Wüsthof patent-pending technology. Classic knives feature a new handle design made of a highly durable synthetic material, which has a tighter molecular structure to resist fading and discoloration. The shape of the handle is also more rounded for a comfortable and sure grip. Suggested Retail Price: $149.95

BPA-free plastic. The Table Grill features six temperature settings and comes with a dual-ended, heat-resistant spatula. The removable grill surface and drip pan are both dishwasher safe. Colors available for summer 2011 are red, orange, green and black. Suggested Retail Price: $139.95 Bodum USA [tel] 877.992.6386


RACHAEL RAY STONEWARE First introduced in 2008, the oven-totable Rachael Ray Stoneware collection of casseroles, oval bakers, au gratins, dipping cups, ramekins and more expands to include an even broader range of colors and items. Two new colors are grape purple and a soft white, which work alone as well as combined with other existing hues. Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer-safe, the 2011 Rachael Ray Stoneware collection will add eight new items in orange, yellow, blue and red, as well as new purple and white.

A new patented product, the Triple Divided Skillet is designed to be a helpful time-saver in the kitchen. With it, three different foods can be prepared or reheated at one time, while preserving individual flavors. The Triple Divided Skillet is available in stainless steel and an eco-friendly non-stick surface. It is offered in three sizes: 8", 10" and 12". It features an ergonomically designed handle and is made and packaged with recycled and recyclable materials.

Identifying a need in the marketplace for more compact and space-saving

Wüsthof [tel] 800.289.9878

CASABELLA MICROFIBER CLOTHS Casabella’s six microfiber cloths are designed so a consumer can clean any surface imaginable and do so without using caustic chemicals. The 12" by 14" cloths are designed for special tasks, although they all can be used for other surfaces. Microfiber Glass Cloths clean windows and mirrors without streaking or leaving lint behind. Microfiber Stainless Steel Cloths with a flat-looped nap remove dull film and fingerprints from stainless steel and chrome surfaces effectively. They also have an extra thick cut nap that picks up and traps dust, dirt, fingerprints and grime from furniture, woodwork and cabinetry without scratching. Suggested Retail Prices: $9.99-11.99 for a set of two

Triple Divided Skillet [tel] 855.874.7545

Casabella Holdings [tel] 800.841.4140

Meyer Corp. [tel] 800.214.8369


BURGER STOMPER The new Burger Stomper burger press uses a patented technology that keeps meat from sticking to the press. Its design also makes uniform patties because it allows the removal of excess meat when forming the burger. The Burger Stomper is a two-in-one press that has two interchangeable forms that make quarter-pounders or 3" sliders. The unit is compact, dishwasher safe and made of high-quality stainless steel. Suggested Retail Price: $24.99

Zak launches its Family Bowls line of serveware. The bowls all feature fun colors and unique embossed faces on the outside to coordinate with their respective sizes. The 9" Dad Bowl is available in red or kiwi, the 7.5" Mom Bowl is available in kiwi or orange and the 5" Baby Bowl comes in blue or yellow. All of the bowls are made from durable melamine, so they’re ideal for either the kitchen or outdoor entertaining. Suggested Retail Prices: $5.99-11.99 Zak Designs [tel] 800.331.1089

Elnikon [tel] 416.492.6639 20

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

MASTRAD CHIP MAKER The Mastrad Chip Maker allows users to easily prepare homemade chips in the microwave oven. Thinly sliced potatoes are placed on the specially designed Chip Maker tray and within three to five minutes you have made-to-order chips. The 11" Chip Maker is made of high grade silicone that stands up to repeated handling and heat. It is

available in two SKUs: a set of two trays that can be stacked for rapid, even cooking; and a set with one tray and a mini-mandoline for uniformly slicing potatoes or other vegetables. Suggested Retail Price: $20 Mastrad [tel] 800.358.0608 www.mastrad.usa

n e w p ro d u c t s KUHN RIKON LIDLIFTERS Kuhn Rikon goes green with the addition of this vibrant color to its award-winning LidLifter line of can openers. Both the Auto Deluxe Safety LidLifter and the Lefty Safety LidLifter are now available in vibrant green. The Auto Deluxe Safety LidLifter offers a patented design that opens cans without leaving any sharp edges. The cutting wheel never comes in contact with food, ensuring that any dirt on the lid is not deposited inside the can. The unique mini pliers allow for a touchless removal system to keep hands off of the lid. Adding to its ease of use, the LidLifter comes with a sturdy stainless steel handle for easy gripping. It comes in vibrant green, red and black. The Lefty Safety LidLifter (shown here) offers the same convenience, safety and ease-of-use features as other LidLifters, but is designed specifically for left-handed use. It has a unique revolving pumping lever that opens a can without strain on wrists or hands. The Lefty Safety LidLifter comes in vibrant green, red and yellow. Suggested Retail Price: $20

Kuhn Rikon [tel] 800.662.5882


ZENKER LAYER CAKE SLICER With the new Layer Cake Slicer by Zenker consumers can create truly special multi-layered cakes by baking one cake and slicing it evenly into the number of layers desired. Made in Germany to the highest quality standards, the kit includes an adjustable slicing mold, 12" serrated baker’s knife and an 11" cake lifter. The adjustable slicing mold fits around cakes up to 11" in diameter. Slots in the side of this mold are evenly spaced, so the baker’s knife can slide in for precision cutting of layers, first on one side of the cake, then on the other. Once the layers have been cut and the slicing mold has been removed, the cake lifter can be used to neatly lift each layer, making it easy to frost and restack the cake. Made of stainless steel, the slicing mold, cake lifter, and the blade of the serrated baker’s knife are also dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $59.95 Frieling USA/Zenker [tel] 800.827.2582

Elegant, contemporary design and ingenious functionality make the loop teakettle a favorite. A 2006 ADEX Platinum Award winner, the stainless loop teakettle received top marks for innovation, technological advancement, quality, aesthetics and value. The enamel-on-steel version is crafted using AA German enamel, which is guaranteed not to fade. The kettle’s ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring. Available in onyx, red, blue, lime green and brushed stainless steel. Suggested Retail Price: $49.99 Chantal Corp. [tel] 800.365.4354 [email]

CDN TEMPFORK THEROMETER The TempFork Thermometer is the first temperature fork in the CDN line featuring an easy-to-use rotary dial for precision selection of an appropriate temperature. With its ergonomic design and a 3½"- long stem made of highquality 304 stainless steel tines, the thermometer can hold up to 10 pounds of meat. TempFork has a temperature range from 125ºF to 180ºF, making it ideal for grilling anything from thin cuts of meat, to fish, poultry and roasts. The CDN TempFork displays both the current temperature and the target temperature, allowing the user to quickly and easily monitor the food’s progress. Its amply sized display features a torch light to illuminate food and a backlight for display, both ideal for dim or dark lighting conditions. Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 Component Design Northwest [tel] 800.338.5594

SOUSVIDE SUPREME DEMI The Demi is a smaller version of the SousVide Supreme. The Demi features a steel water bath with nonstick coating and a one-touch precision control panel with timer and PID temperature controller. The aluminum lid can also be used as a drip tray when transporting food pouches, and a rack separates pouches to allow for even cooking. The Demi is available in white, gray, red, cobalt blue and black. Suggested Retail Price: $299.95 Eades Appliance Technology [tel] 877.787.6836

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011


{ news in brief } HIC—Harold Import Co. Inc. announced the opening of a 10,000square-foot facility centrally located in the main porcelain manufacturing area of Canton, China. This new showroom, office and warehouse will enhance HIC’s ability to work directly with its worldwide customer base. This will also allow HIC to store and consolidate merchandise to better service customer’s needs. “We are looking for ways to better serve our customer base globally and found this to be an ideal opportunity,” said Robert Laub, President of HIC, in a prepared release. This is HIC’s second China facility. In 2003, the company opened a joint venture warehouse, office and decorating facility in the Fujian Province. Takeya USA has expanded its management team with a promotion and two new hires—Brad Emmerman, formerly Executive VP, has been promoted to President of Takeya USA reporting to John Lown who is now CEO. Paul Cattin has been hired as Product Manager, a newly created position. Cattin is a veteran tea industry executive with more than 12 years experience. Bill Magnuson has been hired as National Sales Manager. Magnuson joins Takeya USA from Snapware Corp., where he served as National Sales Manager for the past 15 years. Takeya USA, a subsidiary of Takeya Japan, is a manufacturer of innovative food and beverage containers.

Sagaform USA has hired Ingerid Mohn as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mohn will be in charge of sales and brand building and will report to Ernest Johnson, Chairman of Sagaform USA. Mohn has worked in the housewares industry since the late ‘90s, most recently with Pillivuyt USA and prior to that, Linden Sweden Inc. Sagaform is headquartered in Sweden and its products can be found in gift and housewares retailers around the world. Bialetti, the Italian cookware and stovetop coffee maker brand, has partnered with Fabio Viviani. Best known as the Bravo’s reality series’ Top Chef Fan Favorite. Viviani brings to America a simple, modern and fresh look at Italian lifestyle. The new partnership will allow Bialetti USA to showcase the No. 1 Italian brand for stovetop coffee makers and cookware through Viviani, as he reaches out to fans and cooking enthusiasts through social media, media interviews and select inperson appearances. “When Bialetti USA first approached me about partnering with them, I couldn’t believe it,” Viviani said in a prepared release. “Bialetti is part of my Italian culture and of course I couldn’t wait to work with them. The Bialetti Moka is what I’ve always used to make espresso at home, so I’m very excited to share a little bit of my Italy with America.” Jura-Capresso has hired April Strogen in the newly created position of Capresso Product

Manager, where she will focus on expanding sales and distribution of Capresso coffee makers, espresso machines, electric water kettles, grinders and automatic milk frothers. Strogen’s responsibilities will encompass marketing, sales support and new product development for all Capresso lines. Strogen will report to David Shull, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Strogen comes to JuraCapresso with extensive experience in product management, most recently as Product Manager for Emerson Radio Corp. Previously she worked for De’Longhi America Inc. as a Product Manager and Market Specialist. In other company news, the Capresso CM200 Coffee Maker and the Jura Impressa ZY One Touch won Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum, the only independent museum of architecture and design in the United States. An independent panel of design professionals and leading industry specialists reviewed submissions from more than 30 countries. Judging was based on multiple dimensions including cutting-edge design, concept, materials, construction, utility, energy efficiency and sensitivity to the environment. Zak Designs was awarded the prestigious 2010 Spud Award—Community at Hasbro’s Ninth Annual Licensing Summit and Awards Event. The award is given out by Hasbro as a way to recognize companies that demonstrate exceptional philanthropic and volunteer contributions. Zak was

recognized because of the hard work and dedication that its employees have put forth in the many charitable activities, including Coats for Kids, food bank, pet food and Toys for Tots drives, as well as events that raise money for the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association. The highlight of Zak’s charitable endeavors is the Zak! Charity Open, an annual threeday event that has raised more than $2.5 million for local children’s charities. Also in 2010, Zak was recognized by Disney when the licensing giant awarded Zak, along with a select group of licensees in other categories, its Marketing Impact Award. The award was presented to Zak for its outstanding achievement in marketing its Toy Story 3 line of mealtime products. Darrin Johnston has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales at Meyer Corp., a newly created position that encompasses sales responsibilities for all brands, including Circulon, Anolon, BonJour, KitchenAid Cookware, Rachael Ray, Farberware, Paula Deen and SilverStone. Johnston will continue to report to the company’s Managing Director, Jay Zilinskas. Before his promotion, Johnston was VP of Sales of the Gourmet Division at Meyer for five years. In his new position, Johnston will continue to oversee the Gourmet Division and also be responsible for the Farberware Division. Vincent Siano, VP of Sales for the Farberware Division, will report to Johnston.

ADVERTISER INDEX Aervoe Industries Inc. .................................... 18 AmericasMart ................................................... 24 Arthur Court Designs ....................................... 9 Corebamboo ..................................................... 15 CucinaPro............................................................. 8 Franmara ............................................................ 13 fusionbrands ...................................................... 10 GLM ................................................................... 19 Parasia International LTD ................................ 6 Parrish ................................................................... 7 Prodyne .............................................................. 23 SCI Scandicrafts .............................................. 22 Signature Housewares ..................................... 14 Talisman Designs ............................................. 12 The Alison Group .............................................. 6 Tribest ................................................................ 21 Zak Designs ......................................................... 2 Zenith Media for Nespresso ............................ 5


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • APRIL 2011

{ t ra d e s h o w b u z z } 2011 TRADE SHOW C A L E N D A R Trade Show Buzz by Carrie Bui

New is the word when it comes to trade shows: new visitors, new exhibitors, new products.

January’s Dallas Market had the strongest opening day in 40 years with more new buyers than in the past five years.

There was plenty of new at last month’s Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings & Holiday Market. Nearly 60 percent of the market’s temporary exhibitors were new to Atlanta. Retailers saw new products in all categories from holiday and floral baskets, tabletop, stationery, home accents and more. AmericasMart also offered its complimentary expert-led business classes and trend workshops through the AmericasMart University program. The presentations are designed to educate and entertain retailers.

Preparations are in full swing for the Summer Fancy Food Show, which moves to Washington, D.C. for 2011 and summer 2012 while New York’s Javits Center undergoes construction. The show will take place July 10-12 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and more than 24,000 buyers and 2,400 exhibitors are expected to attend the specialty food show.

In other AmericasMart news, the Atlanta Apparel Market will combine with the Fall Gift & Home Furnishings Market and Atlanta Gourmet Market, Oct. 13-17. The gift and home furnishings market runs Oct. 14-16. “We have a dynamic offering of products in our Apparel markets and in our Gift & Home Furnishings market, and we continue to see categories evolve and cross over,” said Jeffrey L. Portman, Senior President and COO. “Hosting these markets together is an ideal opportunity to provide more buying power to our retailers, and more retailers to our exhibitors.” Natural Products Expo West, March 10-13, emphasized technology this year by letting attendees enhance the experience through an Expo West iPhone app and a new website,, for complete event coverage. The show also featured education sessions focusing on digital solutions with speakers from Google talking about how to reach customers at the digital shelf, and Entrepreneur magazine discussing social media tactics. The event hosted more than 2,000 exhibitors, including 500 first-timers. Registration is now open for Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Sept. 21-24. Qualified buyers, brokers and distributors can register for free until Aug. 19. The new additions to Forty One Madison are Michael Aram, Maxwell & Williams, Q Squared, Cristal de Sevres and Auratic. Maxwell & Williams is an Australian brand making its launch in the United States, and Q Squared will make their debut at the Tabletop Market with melamine tableware, designed in Italy and produced in China. As of press time, Auratic was awaiting completion of its permanent showroom and set up in a temporary space on the 17th floor. And looking toward the summer, Dallas Market Center is adding a Preview Day on June 21 to the June Total Home & Gift Market, June 22-28. The preview day will give buyers the chance to get a jumpstart on the market. Many of the showrooms will be open and ready to take orders.

APRIL 2011 2-7 International Home Furnishings Market High Point, NC, 336.869.1000

12-15 New York Tabletop Market New York Showrooms, 41 Madison, 7 West 34th, 230 Fifth Ave. New York, NY, 212.686.1203, 212.279.6063, 800.698.5617,, MAY 2011 14-17 International Contemporary Furniture Fair Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

New York, NY, 800.272.SHOW

JUNE 2011 14-16 Licensing International Expo Las Vegas, NV, 888.644.2022 13-15 NEOCON World’s Trade Fair The Merchandise Mart Chicago, IL, 800.677.6278 22-28 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX, 800.DAL.MKTS

Kitchenware News April 2011  

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