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Talking Interiors at The George March 2013 Four meetings were held on Tuesday evenings during March 2013. Each was slightly different and every session was terrific fun. Interiors enthusiasts came from far and wide (well as far as Wellingborough and Peterborough anyway!) and many people came to more than one meeting. A number had never been to The George at Spaldwick before and it was a real hit so I am sure my ‘local’ will enjoy new business as a result. After the meetings I conducted a short survey and without exception everyone enjoyed the chat and would like to do it again. I received a request to run some sessions during the morning for people who couldn’t get away in the evening - and I would welcome more comments on this. In the meantime I hope this newsletter will keep you informed but also join me on Facebook for daily shots of inspiration. We talked about anything and everything to do with home interiors just as I imagined we would! These are just some of the subjects we touched upon... The best colours to use in a kitchen, how to deal with a dark hallway, being brave with colour,

understanding neutrals, where to buy interesting accessories, lighting, using eco-friendly materials, using texture to create interest, building your own house, space saving ideas, carpets, curtains, blinds, the effectiveness of advertising, the Ideal Home Show, flexible furniture and room layouts. My thanks to local sponsors for their support: • A hand-made Scrabble picture was specially made and donated by • A £25.00 voucher was kindly donated by “I enjoyed these relaxing evenings discussing a subject that we all were obviously interested in.” “I came away with lots of ideas and tips to use in my own home.” “A very good evening, and nice to meet other people with an interest in home furnishings.” “I am really motivated to get things done!” “Very good location, I couldn't fault it.” “It really got me thinking and looking at things with a fresh eye!”


Mood boards What are they? How can you make them? Here is a mood board (bottom right) I created whilst doing my Interior Design training at the Inchbald School of Design in London (Diploma project). The task was to create a scheme for a new hairdressing salon. We had to devise a name, plan the internal space on two floors and make it look appealing. Before we could design anything, we needed an idea in mind of how it might look and the impression it would give to clients as they approached and then entered the salon. The mood board came first but I thought you might also like to see a bit of the project as it developed, as shown in these elevation drawings. I hope you can appreciate how the mood board focussed my attention... So what is a mood board? If there is a simple answer it might be ‘a place where ideas are shared through images’. If it were a real situation I would have had to share the mood board with my client to get the ‘OK’ before starting on the design. If you are designing your own room schemes you might wish to share it with those you live with before progressing further. It is important to note that the digital image collage below was not my first attempt but the result of agonising hours at the computer screen getting the pictures I wanted in the right

colours and sizes. Even now I know I could make it look so much better, but of course the need for the mood board has passed and it did its job. It isn’t a work of art in its own right but more a means to an end. Despite my frustration that it isn’t perfect I am happy to share it with you here. When you produce a mood board at home for yourself there isn’t quite the same pressure but the technical difficulties remain. The big dilemma is the editing. You will find lots of images that you like, lots that you think will work and even more that you wonder about, but which ones do you finally choose? Using the computer to produce a digital board is useful for resizing and even recolouring but you will waste a lot of time browsing. Most people, especially when first attempting a mood board, like to work with paper and glue. A traditional collage is, after all, a piece of work you can prop on the table and keep looking at every time you pass by. If you would like to put a mood board together for your own home and have some fun working in a small group, join me at my next workshop, details below. “You have the potential to create a mood with every design decision you make.”

MOOD BOARDS: A ONE-DAY WORKSHOP Saturday 15 June 2013, 10.00 - 16.00 Conference Suite, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, just off A14. £45.00 pp includes sandwich lunch and refreshments.

Limited places so BOOK NOW! 07831 231 664


INTERIORS LONDON A TRADE ONLY EVENT MAY 2013 I will tell you more in the next Newsletter If you cannot wait, see more for yourself on FACEBOOK Yasmin

Kelly Hoppen to join Dragons’ Den Queen of taupe The popular BBC 2 programme will be graced by Kelly when the new series is aired. She replaces Hilary Devey, who is reported to have said, “I don’t know very much about her other than that she likes taupe. I hate taupe. I’m quite flamboyant and over-the-top in my interior design.” I hope Kelly doesn’t bore the pants of us her interior designs are sophisticated, calm and interesting but reliant on neutrals. She is so dependent on her prescriptive formula you wonder if this will allow her to take a gamble. Kelly doesn’t account for her wealth in the same way as

other Dragons so the press seem to think she isn’t in the same league. I don’t suppose that matters considering the small amounts Den applicants ask for. I bet Kelly will be tanned, and wear something black that shows a safe amount of flesh. What do you think? Taupe is a form of beige if you were wondering and beige is a tint of brown. What makes Kelly’s designs so sought after? See my book review for more details.

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