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By Yasmin Chopin, Local Interior Designer

Home & Garden

How to decorate with order to make it work. To create a look that is attractive, comes together well and is easy on the eye you could:Use one motif as this makes it easier to use pattern in a room. You can vary the size (scale) of the motif from very large to very small but limit it to three sizes in one room so the eye can take it all in. Use only one scale of pattern, small have a lot of it and it will look super because nothing works against it. Develop a colour palette from one favourite patterned item in the room and then make sure everything matches the colour palette. This will make the pattern ‘sit’ well in the scheme. Balance the quantity of pattern and plain at roughly 50:50 so the patterns don’t overpower. Be daringly bold and mix different types of motif but keep the scales in harmony;

and the surrounding area, in the hard to see the offending item; a shaped rooms.


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DiscoveringBourne December 2013 How to decorate with pattern  
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