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By Yasmin Chopin, Local Interior Designer

IDEAS FROM THE HIGH STREET If you enjoy window shopping, (a good holiday pastime), keep an eye out for design ideas to bring home. Here are two examples of how colour is used to prompt people to buy:-

Casa Hogar

This is a Spanish housewares store, Casa Hogar, in Valencia. Items are displayed in colour groups rather than functional groups. This is good signposting; you know that if you want an orange cutlery tray you go to the orange aisle. Cleverly, you might also be tempted to buy an orange tea towel or soap tidy. How can you take this idea home? I think it shows how attracted we are to colour especially when it is so generously displayed. Look around your home and see if you can draw together some interesting combinations. Suddenly that odd pink candlestick looks attractive in front of a vase of pink cupboard beneath, and then behind place the large pink framed watercolour you never knew where to put. Find a few other bits and bobs and you have a little cameo. Grouping by colour makes things work together in a fascinating way and you can change the display every so often. Have some fun and demonstrate your playful side!

Ollie & Nic

This is the Ollie & Nic store in London. Here we see a mass and a mixture of colour with goods being displayed against various coloured patterned wallpapers. Customers linger longer in shops like this and don’t feel intimidated because the pastel colours and mix of pattern is welcoming and friendly. Taking this idea home we can replicate the nostalgic feel using retro wallpaper (use more than one in will make a large hall more inviting; introduce nooks and crannies with open shelving and mirrors. And the old fashioned look can be brought right into your lounge or bedroom with eye for a bargain. Harking back to the past shows we care about the future and cherish our possessions. If this is how you feel inside then share it with your friends and family in the way you style your home.

Yasmin works in the East Midlands and East of England. She also runs courses and workshops and speaks to groups. See her website for details For more decorating ideas join me at my next workshop on 15 June

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Discovering Bourne June 2013 Ideas from the high street  
Discovering Bourne June 2013 Ideas from the high street  

An article by Interior Designer Yasmin Chopin