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Prevent Yourself from Lung Cancer by Using Electronic Cigarette in Paris Po sted by yasminbridges4u o n September 24, 20 13 at 3:0 5 PM

Lung cancer is a disease characteriz ed by uncontrolled growth in tissues of the lungs. If left untreated the growth can spread beyond the lung and can affect other parts of the body. The most common cause of lung cancer is long- term exposure to tobacco smoke. Smoking, especially from cigarettes is the major cause of lung cancer. The tobacco present in traditional fags produce nicotine in the body and it is a known fact that the nicotine produced by smoking cigs tends to depress the immune response to cancerous growth in tissues. The tobacco present in ordinary fags is processed with harmful chemicals and heavy metals that increase the growth of cancer- causing agents in the human body. A smoker who smokes on a large basis becomes an addict to smoke and cannot quit smoking even if he wants to do so. The body of the smoker demands the supply of nicotine on regular intervals and if it is not provided it makes the person weak. Some people thinks that smoking can help them to stay lean as it decreases the hunger of the person and the person in turn continues to smoke more and compromises with their health. Some people smoke to ease out their stress and thinks smoking is a stress buster without even thinking about its ill effects. Smoking can never be good and it does not matter whether it is done less or more. It will affect the human being in any way though smoking regularly can affect the body more as compared to smoking occasionally. Electronic cigarette in Paris can be a boon for all the smokers. Smoking an electronic cigarette can give you the same pleasure as it is given by the traditional fags but the positive point is that it will not affect the smoker as the normal cig does. The electronic cigarette contains 100 natural tobacco extract which is not harmful for the body it only completes the desire of nicotine. It produces vapour instead of smoke and does not produce any type of ash. It is beneficial for both the smoker as well as the person

standing nearby. The electronic cigarette can be purchased from anyElect ronic Cigaret t e Shop. They can even be purchased online also. A smoker should try to buy a good quality electronic cigarette otherwise; it will not make any difference. Every smoker should switch to electronic cigarette instead of traditional fags to live a better life. Catego ries: No ne Like


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Prevent yourself from lung cancer by using electronic cigarette in paris