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SIDE BY SIDE IMAGES School magazine contents page

Music magazine contents page


During the process of creating my school magazine contents page and music magazine contents page I learnt many different skills that I then enforced into the production of my final contents page. As you can see from the previous slide I have used a much wider variety of conventions on my music magazine contents page in comparison to my school contents page. This is due to the fact that before producing my school magazine contents page I had no previous skills of Photoshop, i didn't know how to use the different tools present and I also didn't know what tool was used for what. I found it difficult however, producing my school contents page made it easier for me to then process my skills onto my final contents page and make it more attractive and to a magazine standard.


Before the research and development process I also didn't have an idea on what the contents page layout should be. I didn't know how to present my images or where to place my cover lines. As you an see in my school magazine contents page I used no cover lines due to the lack of research and understanding I had on contents pages before. Moreover I realised that cover lines where a main convention used in contents pages and as a result I learnt the suitable tools and the places on where the cover lines should be placed to increase the attractiveness of the final content page and to make sure I didn't make the same mistake I made when producing my school magazine contents page.

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