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Chosen Photos For Front Cover

For my photo shoot I took many different pictures ranging from different camera angles and camera shots. This then allowed me to pick the most suitable images for my front cover that would most appeal to my target market and link with the chosen genre and theme of the music magazine. The images I have picked all have a piano and headphones associated with it, this then allows MUSICAA to emphasises to their target market that the magazine is specifically aimed at young women who are interested in music.

From picking the 8 most suitable images of Haya, I then went on to pick two most suitable images that would help meet my magazines target market the most and what image will help emphasise the genre of the magazine which allows individuals to gain a higher incentive to purchase the magazine because the magazine looks well organised and presentable which is worth the price MUSICAA is charging for their magazine ÂŁ1.50 as this is the price that would most appeal to the young adults and teenagers in the ABC1 socio economic class. The two best chosen images of Haya (Model)

For my music magazine MUSICAA, the image I have chosen to be the most suitable image for my front cover is shown in the next slide. The image will allow MUSICAA magazine to highlight the genre and who the magazine is aimed at as a whole. MUSICAA’s main aim for the magazine is to allow individual’s to recognise what the genre for the magazine is, who the magazine is aimed at and whether the magazine is for music, dance or gossip. If MUSICAA expresses all the main aspects of the music magazine on the front cover this will give the magazine as a whole a good reputation. Due to MUSICAA meeting their target markets desires this will allow MUSICAA to attract their target audience as well as other targeted age groups and economic classes. Due to more individuals becoming more attracted to the magazine because of the main image on the front cover used, this will play a big role on how attractive the whole magazine appeals to the public. The more attractive the front cover of the magazine the more it will increase the amount of people who purchase the magazine because of its proficient and ordered front cover. This will allow MUSICAA to meet their target markets desires allowing them to purchase the next week issue of MUSICAA. The front cover is the first item individuals view and gain a first impression of which has big effects on whether the individual purchase the magazine or not. This is why MUSICAA must make sure that their front cover image is suitable for their theme ‘music’ and meets their target markets needs such as the use of colour, use of italic and attractive fonts and the use of informal words used throughout the magazine in order to attract MUSICAA’s target market. This will mean that individuals will want to purchase the magazine over and over again allow MUSICAA to become successful.

Final Chosen Image

Pictures that are not Suitable For a Front Cover

 These images are not suitable for a front cover images. A front cover image must be taken

professionally ensuring that the background of the image is either blurred or most preferably white to increase the professionalism of the front cover.

 The image on the left is not suitable for a front cover because you can see the plugs in the

background. The image also isn’t of a high quality thus meaning it is not suitable for a front cover image. While taking the image I also didn't take into consideration the rule of third which meant that the image was not suitable for a front cove4 because the rule of third must be taken into consideration in order to ensure the cover lines of the image can be suitably located on the front cover.

 The image on the right is not suitable for a front cover image because the image was taken

with the flash on. Due to the image being taken with a flash this has led to the image causing Haya (the model) face to look white-yellow which definitely doesn't define the quality of the image. The image also has a blue glass in the background which shows my target audience that the image was taken quickly and without any through which may put the target audience off buying the magazine.

 In all the front covers i have researched about all the images used have a high quality image

with a white or blurred background which allows the model to be the main focus of the front cover. The front cover also takes into account the rule of third as this enables MUSICAA to put the cover lines in an ordered and organised manner that will allow the magazine to look professional and efficient. Therefore giving the teenagers a higher incentive to want to buy the magazine when the next week issue is out.

PHOTOSHOT front cover PPT  
PHOTOSHOT front cover PPT