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MUSICAA Inspiration

Inspiration from Q and NME The two magazine companies i used in order o contrast and to analyse and to see the Different styles they used and what style, fonts colour, image and colours used suit my Genre and music theme the most. The two most popular music magazines are NME and Q they’re both published professionally Which gives them a higher advantage over MUSICAA because of their use of professional Magazine paper, their use of experience and reputation. Both the magazine’s have helped Inspire me through their use of images used, the variety of angle and camera shots used, the Use of efficient colours that all go well with each other to help the magazine look professional And not juvenile. Another inspiration i gained from Q and NME is the way they’ve chosen to Style out their front cover. The cover lines are all in line with each other using different fonts However at the same time using fonts that go well with each other and make the front cover More appealing then it already is. The different fonts and colours used have helped inspire me to use a different font and colour when i chose to emphasises an important set of information or number. For example 10 Music Albums Free! Here 10 is the most important number in this main cover line. As a result of this the number 10 has been made to stand out from the rest of the cover lines presented on the front cover. This will allow MUSICAA to attract their target market eyes in order to look directly at the number 10 because of the different colour and font used.

Inspirational Magazine Examples

Different font used on the main cover line in order to make it stand out from the rest of the cover lines and the main image. The main cover line is bigger then the mast head which is usually usual however it shows the audience that the ain cover line must be highly significant then the mast head thus attracting their target audiences eye.

Inspirational Magazine Examples

Here their main cover line is yellow. I have gained inspiration from this as the main information stands out in yellow immediately attracting an individuals eye. I have also gained inspiration from the sense that a bold colour should be used when wanting to highlight a phrase or word such as the colours red, yellow, green. The main cover line compared to the other cover lines stands out especially because of its location and colour used (middle of the front cover) this allows Q to emphasising its importance which is exactly what MUSICAA want to do with their main cover line.

MUSICAA Inspiration front cover