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Music magazine name:

Music Magazine Name My music magazine will be called Musicaa. I wanted my magazine to be original from all of the other magazine titles that are already part of the magazine industry. To make my magazine title unique I went on Google Translator and translated the word ‘music’ and into two different languages, Spanish and Portuguese. Both of these gave me the result Música. To make it even more unique I added a double ‘A’ at the end of the word to make it more approachable to my target market teenagers as it makes more sense to add a double A to the word musica to make it look more eye-catching and more appealing for my target market as when teenagers usually socialise with each other they tend to add double letters to the end of a word to make it look more attractive and more casual. The reason why I chose to translate the word music is because the theme and the base for my magazine is Music. Music plays a big role in my magazine this is what lead me to translate the word music as it is the theme of my magazine and my whole magazine is based on music. So why not translate a word that plays a big role on my magazine as a whole.

Target Audience for my Music Magazine The target audience for my music magazine will be teenagers aged around 14-19 as 45% of my results collected from my questionnaire was answered by 14-19 years old females and males. This is also an advantage as I can relate my interests and the fashion and trends 14-19 year olds share as I am 16 years old meaning I know what the target audiences needs are. Because I am 16 years old it is also an advantage that I make a magazine for 14-19 year olds as I can easily access anyone who is aged 16 years old (friends) to ask them any questions related to the making of my magazine front cover, whether it will be a question about what font is most attractive or last minute decisions such as how much they would buy the magazine for however given the fact that I have market research on some of the questions I am planning on asking my friends I can also make sure I get specific and personal interests of people who are close to me instead of having a general response from a wider age group (because my questionnaire was handed to most age groups children-adults) by doing this it will help me meet the specific needs of my target audience. As each age group will enjoy different things such as music genres and magazine prices. Furthermore it will be easier for me to access any friends who are around the age of16 years to ask them any last minute decisions on any choices I am finding hard to make and ask them what their personal desires are. This will have an overall positive effect on my magazine as I can make sure my magazine front cover gives out the most accurate design and information for my target audience.

Music Magazine Colour Scheme The colour scheme I have chosen for my magazine front cover is red, black and white. A magazine front cover named ‘Q’ (can be found on my mood board) inspired me to use these colours as I found the magazine very attractive and simple. Another advantage of this magazine is that it didn’t use a whole load of random colours on the cover which would of put me off selecting it to add to my mood board. I also enjoyed viewing the magazine as it only used a maximum of three colours meaning that the magazine wasn’t overloaded with colour and didn't look cheap and adhesive (if I follow this colour scheme I’m sure my magazine will be attractive to my target market). If the magazine cover did give of that impression it will most likely lead to people not buying the magazine as they would view it as ‘not worth their money’ so the magazine cover is important in terms of making sure it meets the target audiences desires. To make sure that the three colours I was choosing to base my front cover on where most preferred in my target market I went around school and asked people what three colours they believed went well with each other. After gathering all the answers I found out that black, red and white where the most demanded colours. My market research showed that all of the teenagers aged 14-19 said at least one colour of the three colours I planned on using. Showing that those colours are the most attractive and utmost suitable colours that should be used on the front cover of my music magazine.

Music Magazine Fonts For my magazine front cover the fonts I would like to use will vary given the different parts of the magazine such as the mast head and cover lines wont have the same fonts and font sizes. For my mast head I am planning on using a bold font to make sure the mast head stands out from the rest of the magazines that will be on display along side mine. The font I chose will be simple but at the same time appealing to my target market (14-19 year olds). An example of a font I would use is because it fits in with what I want my mast head to look like. My target market will tend to want a mast head that has trendy and ‘funky’ look to it however I am going against that and I’m making sure my mast head has a simple text with not too much trend to it as not every 14-19 year old will agree with a ‘funky’ mast head so by having it simple I know that it could still drag peoples attention. Having it simple means it lies in the middle of teenagers who want it funky and teenagers who want it simple. This way I can meet both the needs as with a ‘funky’ mast head the magazine will give the impression that too much is happening on the cover which could lead them to buy another music magazine. The mast head needs to be the most attractive piece to my music magazine as this is what represents my magazine as a whole and if the mast head is not represented in a good approach then the audience could have the sense that the whole magazine is ‘rubbish’ because their first impression is not positive. The mast head also needs to make sure it stands out from the rest of the magazines to make sure the target audience pick it up and buy it.

Music Magazine Information  
Music Magazine Information