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WHY I CHOSE THE COLOUR AND THE FONT USED… This is my final layout for my first draft front cover school magazine that I chose, I have used the colours yellow and orange-red in my fonts for the different stories my magazine will consist of. The two colours go well with each other thus creating a simple look that will attract the target audience to buy it because the colours go well with each other and doesn’t look too over done (too much is going on). The cover lines are put on either side of the magazine front cover. This means that the overall image will be focused on the centre of the magazine. The centre of the magazine contains the image that will summarise the school magazine. The image I have chosen to put on the front cover is an image of a girl and a boy reading some notes from a blue folder. I feel this image suits and best describes the overall magazine theme. I have put the words ‘PLUS!’ in capital letters, and in a different colour to the rest of the cover lines. I have done this because I want the PLUS to draw peoples attention and to attract the reader to look at that information and story first. The PLUS is used in order to make the readers eyes be drawn to that story which I feel will drag the attention and make people buy the magazine because they are interested and want to find out more about the story. I found that the layout I used to set out the front cover is the best that will suit my target audience because I have made it spaced out, and maximum of two stories on the front cover which will mean that it wont over do the front cover which could put some people off buying the magazine. The layout is simple and easy to read this is best pleasing for the target audience because 13-19 years olds wont want a lot of information to be shown just simple information that will meet their needs.


These are my different font options I have used to highlight and make stand out the important information and the information that will drive people to buy the magazine. The words used ‘Special Issue!’ and ‘Plus!’ these words will help draw the readers attention to the most important information and the most interesting ones. When the reader sees these words being used and then a cover line at the bottom of it, the reader will automatically know that they should read the bottom cover line because they will be drawn and wanting to read it to find out more about the story. The words need to be bold and stand out in order for the readers to know what type and different information the magazine consist of. Also on the front cover there is a ‘Free CD inside’ logo (as seen on the far left). This logo helps the reader to understand that there is a free CD inside. This freebee will also encourage readers to buy the magazine as people are always drawn to freebees. The magazine will link to the topic theme The fonts used helps blend In with the rest of the magazine because of the colours used. White, orange and a yellow background. All of these colours have been used previously on the magazine cover. Because the colours are the same it means that the logo will stand out but it will also blend in with the other cover lines being used.


I chose a simple font for my magazine title as it grabs the readers attention. It is a simple italic font. The less detail a font has the better as a magazine cover you don’t want too much detail, as it will make the magazine look overloaded and could event end to put people off the magazine which will lead them to chose another magazine. The more colour the more childish and less professional the magazine will look. The colour of the title is white. I have chosen to use the colour white as it blends in nicely with my font colour text white/black (I have chosen to use both colours for my cover line). These two colours contrast nicely which has an effect as it doesn't give off the impression that the magazine is using too many different contrasting colours on the front cover for the title and the text. The more colour being used the more it doesn’t attract someone to pick up the magazine as it gives of an impression that the editor is trying extremely hard to drag attention to the magazine, which will then lead to people being put off by it.

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color explanation PPT

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