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Double Page Spread Chosen Images

CHOSEN IMAGES  My Double Page Spread images where taken along side an alley way as this is where I felt the most suitable background and atmosphere for my image can be found. An alley way also allows MUSICAA to meet their target markets needs and wants of ensuring a cool and fashionable atmosphere was created through the use of how the model was posing, her body language, the cloths she was wearing and the background. I went searching for a place where it fit this description the most.  I took several images of my model Rebecca and narrowed it down to four images that fit the description I was looking for.


took the image of Rebecca using a Cannon Rebel XS camera which enabled me to take pictures of Rebecca professionally. Taking a picture with a professional photographic camera enables me to have a professional looking image that needs less editing when it comes to editing the face and taking away any problems faced with the background.

 When

planning my double page spread image I found that the most suitable background would be a brick wall. When searching what my background should consist of I searched different images and previous double page spreads in order to give me an idea of what would suit my double page spread background the most. One image that inspired me the most was from a previous double page spread that had a brick wall. The brick wall further enhanced the whole double page spread and suited the overall double page spread as the information and the title had a background of a brick wall.

 Due

to the image being taken professionally, the image doesn’t need to be edited that much. The only editing I will be doing is enhancing the image. I will be changing the levels of brightness and contrasting the image as this will further enhance the bricks in the background giving it a darker editing. Due to the image being darker than it originally was taken, my double page spread article is going to be hard to read because the text will not be able to be shown. This has then lead me to add a white box in the double page spread that allows my audience to be able to read the article. The opacity of the box will be around 75% allowing the information to be readable.



The most suitable double page spread image for my theme and for my target audience is the image presented above. Although the image has nothing to do with the theme music. I thought that making my double page spread nothing to do with music would suit my overall magazine because my article wasn’t specifically targeted at music however it was more targeted at how Brita Rita started her music career. I also didn't think to make my double page spread image a music base because my contents page and my front cover all have an images where they are music base. I thought making my Double Page Spread different and unique would be the best choice.


• These are my two non suitable images that I wouldn’t make my final double page spread out off. The image on the left will not be suitable as I took the image ready my model was not ready for the image to be taken of her which meant her body language wasn’t suitable for what I wanted it to be and her hair wasn’t fixed at the time a long side her hands where about to be placed on her legs. This means that the image would not suit a magazine as the model has to be ready for an image to be taken of her ensuring that her body language, hair , facial expression is all suitable for a magazine double page spread. I.e. it must look professional in order to increase its efficiency. • The image on the right was also not suitable for a double page spread image as the image was not landscape. Using this image would mean that I would have to edit the background or add another image in order to fill all of the white areas that would be left seen on the double page spread. Her hair was also covering her face which meant that the image will decrease the professional levels because it looks like I took the image in a rush without planning how the model should pose which may allow my target audience not to want to demand the magazine again because of its lack of efficiency.

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