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I chose to use this tool a lot throughout the making of my contents page. I needed to use the type tool in order to make various texts such as the texts I have for every image on my contents page, as well as the page numbers on the images, the page numbers at the bottom of the contents page in order to indicate to the audience that there are other pages they can view in the magazine if their not interested in the present pages presented on the contents page. When I selected the text type tool I then had to chose the size of the font I wanted it to be that would make the font either stand out or not. I then had to chose the most appropriate colour for the texts on my contents page that varied depending on what text type it was. For example if the text was page numbers, I would select the type tool, select the colour red and lastly select the appropriate font that I have used for each to my page numbers that allowed my contents page to attract my target audience as it doesn't use different fonts and colours which will make the contents page look to over done. As a result wont allow MUSICAA to target their target audience effectively.

The red box was created using the rectangular marquee tool on Photoshop. I used it in order to draw the size of the box that I wanted and found was most suitable for my contents page. After doing that I also looked at various contents pages such as NME and gained inspiration on the colour the box should be covered in. I soon found that red was the most suitable colour as it suited the masthead of the contents page as well as the page numbers making the whole contents page have an evenly flow throughout. I then filled the see throw box in red. Another reason why I used the colour red to fill in the box for my contents page is so that the main information in the box is read by the audience. The colour red also helps draw my audiences attention to the box as it allows it to stand out from the rest of the conventions I have used on my contents page. Both the name of the magazine and the percentage of which the audience can save up to is highlighted in black to further make the main information stand out from the box.

I copied and pasted my editors note. Originally I wrote my editors note on publisher which made it easier for me to edit the text and format it in the way that would suit me best. After writing up my editors note in order to paste the text from publisher to Photoshop, I had to save the publisher editors note as a JPEG file which then allowed me to open it up and access it onto Photoshop and paste it into my contents page. I also had to use the shift bottom in order to make sure the editors note ‘image’ was not stretched out and blurry which would decrease the professions of the contents page and of MUSICAA as a whole.

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