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Introduction‌. In this assignment I will be describing the legal and ethical issues in relation to the use of business information for McDonalds.

McDonalds is a popular fast food restaurant which serves 68 million customers in 119 countries. In this eBook I will be discussing the laws and ethical issues relating to McDonalds. I hope you will find many useful information in this eBook.

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CONTENTS: Page 3: Explanation of 3 laws – (Computer Misuse Act 1990, Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Data Protection Act 1998)

Page 4: Analysing how the laws relate to McDonalds

Page 5: Explanation of ethical issues (use of email, whistle blowing and use of internet)

Page 6: Analysing how the ethical issues relate to McDonalds.

Page 7: Explanation of how McDonalds sponsors for the Olympics?

Page 8: Explanation of operational issues for McDonalds.

Page 9: Fun Activities on everything learnt in eBook (word searches, quizzes, etc.)

Page 10: Conclusion

Page 11: Bibliography


COMPUTER MISUSE ACT 1990 What is Computer Misuse Act? Computer Misuse Act is when someone in a company uses a computer which is not work related. They may be looking at something which they shouldn’t be looking at. It is a criminal offence if you commit a crime linked to computer access or if you are planning to commit a crime with friends and you communicate over the internet (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Anyone who breaks this law will face consequences, they will have a 6 months’ imprisonment sentence or more, or they may be face with a fine, it depends on what they have done.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 What is Freedom of Information Act? Freedom of Information is a law when people have the right to access all types of recorded information which could be held by the public authorities. The public authorities are allowed to publish information about any activities and the members of the public should be allowed to request information from the public authorities. The recorded information will include; printed documents, computer files, letters, emails, photographs and video recording.

DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 What is Data Protection Act? Data Protection Act is a law which controls how personal information which is used by businesses, organisations, and the government too. Anyone who is responsible for using data has to follow rules which are called “data protection principles” they should make sure that the information they use is:        


Used fairly and lawfully Used for limited, specifically stated purposes used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive accurate kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary handled according to people’s data protection rights kept safe and secure not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection

HOW DO THESE LAWS RELATE TO MCDONALDS? COMPUTER MISUSE ACT Recently, a British McDonald’s worker hacked into personal emails between two celebrities, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and has been jailed for 12 months. Computer Misuse in any organisation is a criminal offence so people who are involved in it must face the consequences. It states on the Daily Mail website that “Former McDonald's employee Crosskey, who was 19 at the time of the hacking in January 2011, was jailed for 12 months after admitting two offences under the Computer Misuse Act.” For more information visit this website

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT In 2012, BBC news has been consulted by the government to bring its role in awarding qualifications under the Freedom of Information Act. In other words the fast food restaurant could find it has to distribute answer request. Visit this website for more information on this relation to McDonalds.

DATA PROTECTION ACT At McDonalds, personal information may be collected from anyone working in the organisation when they register and they will also have the opportunity to give back any feedback on websites and products. McDonalds Corporation will need to share personal information within the company .If you want to read more about this, you can do so by clicking the link below.



Email is a form of business communication, as business colleagues and others will share basic information. Emails can be easily hacked into or if someone leaves their desk, someone else can read any personal information sent to and received to their email address, they can then spread any news around the organisation linked to that email, so it is always important to make sure emails are kept safe and secure by logging out every time just in case of security.

WHISTLEBLOWING Whistleblowing is when someone in an organisation reports any suspected activity of any employee doing something wrong in the company; anyone can report things that aren’t right in the organisation for example;     

if someone’s health and safety is in danger damage to environment a criminal offence if the company isn’t obeying the law covering up something which is not right


All businesses should always research on the internet for business related websites or the company’s website, if they are caught looking at other sites which are not work ethical for example; pornography and others it could lead to some serious trouble as all websites will be checked on the history file whether or not you have deleted it, it will always be kept somewhere.


HOW THESE ETHICAL ISSUES RELATE TO MCDONALDS? Use of email On the McDonalds website, it says that “McDonald's only gathers personal information, such as, first and last names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. When a product is purchased through this website or through marketing / promotional activities (e.g. via this website, in a store, over the telephone etc.), personal information may be requested (such as name, phone, email and address – Visit this link for more information

Whistleblowing McDonalds have a very high standard for Whistleblowing for example the Suppliers are responsible for prompt reporting of actual or suspected violations of law, this Code, the Standards of Business Conduct for McDonald’s employees, or the McDonald’s Supplier Guidance Document. This includes violations by any employee or agent acting on behalf of either the supplier or McDonald’s. Visit the link below for more information regarding whistleblowing at McDonalds. er_Code_of_Conduct.pdf

Data Protection Act It states “McDonald's may collect personal information from any applicant and, unless it has first obtained the applicant’s consent, McDonald's: will not collect more of the applicant’s personal information than needed for the purpose of administering the Scheme (including carrying out security/identity checks as stated) will only use the applicant's personal information for those purposes” For more information visit this website


How does McDonalds sponsor for Olympics? At McDonalds I have noticed that whenever customers are ordering for food items there is a small box for sponsorship for the Olympics it raises money so that it helps McDonalds also gain many customers and generate a profit. For more information visit this website The Olympics is the biggest catering operation in the world. The International Olympic Committee needs a restaurant partner that can successfully operate at this scale around the world, with the highest levels of food quality and with great customer service. There aren't many businesses in the world that could rise to that challenge - and do so in any country that the Olympics and Paralympics choose to visit. McDonald's can and has been doing so since 1976.

The Olympics is one of very few truly global events and we are a global company, operating in over 100 countries around the world. Many of our customers and our staff love the Olympics and our sponsorship means that they can get involved.


Does McDonalds sponsor for Fairtrade?

McDonalds does sponsor fair trade as they have announced that they certify 100% fair trade coffee.

The benefits of McDonalds introducing fair trade products, i.e. It will protect the environment and make it a better place. It will make customers aware and the coffee will taste better because of the organic ingredients as the coffee is from ethical sourced growers, e.g. South and Central America. The company sells 143,000 cups of coffee in its 1,200 UK restaurants daily.

The global sales of coffee and chocolate and bananas are certified by the organisation of Rainforest Alliance. This is the organisation that provides fair trade products for McDonalds.


OPERATIONAL RESOURCES BACK UP What is back up? Back up is when someone in a company should save any personal data or information about anyone or for the company in case anything gets lost or misplaced and it will become easier for the company and safe, because anyone could be viewing private documents about anything. McDonalds always needs to back up any work they do using technology resources, e.g. internet, computers etc. because if someone in the company access information about someone it could lead to big trouble for the company.

SECURITY OF INFORMATION What is security of information? Security of information is when any personal data or important files should be kept private, even if it is for the company as anyone from outside the company could view anything about the company and can take any ideas or plagiarise or whistle blow. So it is important for the company to secure their company’s information by putting passwords or passcodes so no-one can access it. McDonalds need to do this in order for the information to be safe and secure within the company and they need to be careful with who they employee as they could access personal data. Business continuance plans What are business continuance plans? Business continuance plans are when a business plans for the future, e.g. if they want to expand and grow, or introduce new menus for the restaurant or to change how the business looks, e.g. colours and designs, creating more space etc. McDonalds should consider this as recently they have changed how the restaurant looks because they sponsored the Olympics and it attracted nearly everyone.


FUN ACTIVITY Complete this word search to test your knowledge.


CONCLUSION For this assignment, I have learnt a lot on ethical issues and operational resources and how they relate to McDonalds and I have been taught many lessons based on these resources and I also learnt how to link it into McDonalds. It has taught me a valuable lesson for the future. I hope you have learnt a lot in this eBook.



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