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Being voted the most “sexiest ladies of the year”its not hard to see why the lovely Trio Essence are attracting so much attention. Since 2007 Trio Essence has emerged and their success has done nothing but develop. 5 of there singles have gone to the number one spot with one reaming in the number one spot for 6 weeks. We just cant seem to be getting enough of these wonderful ladies maybe it’s because there so orginal in what they do?, or maybe its because there so down to earth? either way we just gotta love em’ and QU are lucky enough to have them here today to find out the latest. Can it get any better?, of course it can we’ll be asking the question everybodies dying to know. UQ: Hey girls, hows everyhting going? TE: Hey, yeah everything is going good thanks, were just doing what we do best providing you with the best quality music UQ:Yes, theres no denying it you certainly do and we love it, but to cut a long story short were going to ask you the question everyones been dying to know TE:(Laugh), go on UQ:Ok, so what happened to shardonae, where has she gone? Secilia:Well we’ve been together for about 3 years now but Shardonae has always had aspirations of going solo whereas, we wanted to represent girl strenght but she had independance in mind Amiyrah:Yeah at first it seemed like we was going to be together forever but furthur down the line we realised she wanted something completly diffrent to us. At the moment shes just taking some time out but she should be back



on the scene soon, I mean this is Shardonae were talking about.(Giggle) UQ: It certainly is, so has this caused any problems between you, or do you still all remain good friends? Amiriyah:Of course not we’ve been home girls since day and were determined to support each other all the way. This aint gonna phase us. UQ: Ok, thats great to know so what with the group being called Trio Essence that must mean there has to be a new addition to make that title complete and from what we’ve heard it seems are assumptions are correct

to take some time out and we already have a holiday booked and if you must know were going to J.A, cant wait UQ: Ok girls, thank you for taking some time out for us today, its been a pleasure spending time with you but there one more thing UQ would like to ask you and thats is you could take us on holiday with you TE:(Laugh) Amiyrah:Awww, bless yah’s Secilia: We would if we could, but we can definatly arrange it for a next time. Look out for their new debeaut single “time is the essence” which will be out on january 1st.

“always expect the unexpected” Secilia: Wow, new does spread! well obviously theres no one that could replace Shardonae as she is one in a million, but theres no denying it we recently held some auditions for a new member and were happy to say that Tiarna will be joining us soon and will be featured on our new debeaut single. UQ: Well girls it seems as if you really have your head screwed on, now is there anymore secrects you have up your sleeve, or is there anything we should be expecting Secilia: Now that would be telling, but you already know how we stay(laugh) and our motive is always expect the unexpected and to be fair the only things that are coming up at the moment is the the release of our new debeaut single and we hope to start touring next year. Amiyrah: Yeah basically after the release fingers crossed it goes well were just going

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“no one that could replace shardonae as she is one in a million”


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