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I found the material of this project very similar in terms of concept to the Humans aspects in architecture design course. We had to design a luxorious dwelling that revlolved around the client’s daily activities and hobbies. In our housing project, we had to apply the same concept; however, in a generalised manner that can be mass produced yet can still inhabit the inidiviudality of each user.


In this project, we were exposed to the idea of luxorious units and having to build one in an existing familiar context. Firstly, the site analysis made us look at our existing environment in a critical way in an attempt to figure out how it works and what makes it successful. This was also reflected in the analysis of the precedents. Finally, the design had to be implemented keeping in mind the contextual aspect it would be built in and the previously analysed plans of similar projects to come up with a comperhenisve approach that serves the concept.

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FEEDBACK: - Increase fillet radius - Add market place booths - Increase parallel parking radius - Train indications - Remove core indications - Add corrugated sheets in market place


This housing project relates to our design II research phase where we had to define what Contemprary Egyptian Architecture should be like. Through the analysis of different projects around the world we reached the conclusion that it needs to be a mix of the following 4 catgeories: Incomplete, Inclusive, Contextual and Responsible. Personally, I tried to stay true to these elements while designing my incremental prototype.

Quinta Monroy Housing Wissa Wassef Arts centre


New Gourna Village

Children’s cultural Park

Children’s cultural Park

Incompletness: leaving room for people to expand and free-designing their facades. Inclusiveness: different areas and classes in the same building. Contextual: the building reflects the area’s way of building and existing traditions in the area. Responsible: proper ventilation, daylight penetration and solar analysis that abides by sustainable building

Handmade school


FEEDBACK: - Remove one of the prototypes and mirror the worklive prototype - Remove prototype+name legend - Add a floor to the incremental housing in both section and elevation - Decrease the analysis opacity - Match the colours of all the elevations - Structural system - Add urban background

In this project, we were assigned a very new type of design in which we had to redesign an informal settelment. The way we approached the problem was very different than any other project we had in architecture, as we had to figure out ways to not only make a successful design but also use elements existing in the site for the people to accept is as their new environment and not have it fail like previous attempts in moving people from their homes. We had to see what makes these settelments work and implement it in our own architectually professional way that would better their living standards and still make them feel like they’re home.

Housing portfolio final1  
Housing portfolio final1