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[infer] v.

To infer something is to decide it is true based on other information one has. —►By the position of the sun in the sky, she inferred that it was noon.


[infleit] V.

To inflate something means to fill it up with air. —»I helped him inflate the balloons.


Eineit] adj.

When something is innate, it is something that one is born with, it is not learned. -* He had the innate desire to please his teachers.


[ma:rbai] n.

Marble is a type of rock that feels cold and is smooth when cut. —► The large house had floors made of marble.


[maest] n.

A mast is a long pole on a ship that holds the sail. -» The mast held both sails of the ship upright.


[n6:zia] n.

Nausea is the feeling of being sick to your stomach. —► The doctor said the medicine would help get rid of her nausea. n a v a l [neival] adj.

When something is naval, it relates to a country’s navy or military ships. —► The country sent all of its naval forces to protect them. POUCH [pautj] n. A pouch is a small, flexible bag that is usually made of cloth. —►I keep my money in a small pouch.


[saetjareitid] adj.

If something is saturated, it is completely wet. —► Leigh’s hair became saturated in the rain storm.


[ A p d e it ]


An update is an act of making something more modern. —►I’m doing an update on my personal phone directory.

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