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o statements Mark each statement T for true or F for false. Rewrite the false to make them true.


Sam’s class is going to study humanitarian efforts since the time of the Renaissance next week.


At first, Sam’s hypothesis is that the assignment is going to be difficult.


When Sam goes into the kitchen, he reads a Braille newspaper.


Sam runs into the baker’s rack on his way outside.


Without his sense of sight, Sam has better spatial awareness and can coordinate his movements more easily.


Answer the questions.

1. What was the premise of the experiment, according to Sam’s teacher?

2. What did Sam realize when he couldn’t specify where the voices were coming from?

3. Why wasn’t Sam able to perform simultaneous activities?

4. What aspect of the flower bud did Sam notice after he realized all his other senses worked fine?

5. After Sam’s theory was disproved, what was the impact the experiment had on him?

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