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a C U te [ekjurt] adj.

When a bad thing is acute, it is very severe and intense. -> When she fell out of the tree, the girl felt an acute pain in her arm.


lagrejan] n.

Aggression is behavior that is mean or violent to others. —► The problem was only made worse by Mark’s aggression.


[b^nkwit] n.

A banquet is a grand formal dinner. —► Both families brought a lot of food for the wedding banquet.


[baiagrafi] n.

A biography is an account of someone’s life that is written by someone else. -* We read a biography about Charles Darwin in science class.


[burst] v.

To boost something means to increase or improve it. -* Lowering prices boosts customers’ interest in shopping.


[klaep] v.

To clap means to hit one’s hands together to express pleasure or get attention. —►After the speech, everyone in the crowd clapped their hands for the speaker.


[kampel] v.

To compel someone to do something means to force them to do it. —» Traffic signs compel drivers to drive safely.


[damanans] n.

The dominance of a person is their state of being more powerful than others. —► Large gorillas hit their chests to express their dominance over others.


[gorc^es] adj.

When something is gorgeous, it is very pleasing and attractive. —* The girl picked out a gorgeous dress to wear to the dance.


[inevitabal] adj.

When something is inevitable, it is certain to happen or cannot be avoided. - » It is inevitable that the days will get longer in the summer.

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