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li k e w i s e [laikwaiz] adv.

If someone does something likewise, they do the same thing as someone else. —►If Joe is staying away from school to go swimming, I want to do likewise.


[maeinju :trijan] n.

Malnutrition is the condition of not getting enough nutrients. -» After eating only a meager amount of food, she suffered from malnutrition.


[medakeijan] n.

Medication is medicine or drugs given to people who are sick. —* The doctor gave me medication to treat my illness.


[miskansepfan] n.

A misconception is a wrong idea about something. —►People once believed the misconception that the Earth is flat.


[abskjuar] adj.

If something is obscure, it is not well-known. —* The old man travels the world in search of obscure books. O p p r e s s [apres] v.

To oppress someone means to rule over them in a cruel and unfair way. —►Free speech had been oppressed in his country.

peel [pi:i]


To peel fruits and vegetables is to remove their skin. —» l/l/e peeled the apple before eating it.


[priskripjan] n.

A prescription is permission from a doctor to get medicine. —► The doctor gave me a prescription for my medication.


[respareitar] n.

A respirator is a machine that helps weak or sick people breathe. —*■The man needed a respirator to breathe.


[straiv] v.

To strive is to struggle to achieve something. —>People who strive to succeed often do.

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