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Word L i s t a lt i t u d e [aeltety'uid] n.

The altitude of a place is its height above sea level. -» The air was thin at such a high altitude on the mountain.


[koustlain] n.

A coastline is the outline of a country’s coast. -> He noticed that most of the cities in Australia are on the coastline.


[ditar] v.

To deter means to prevent or discourage someone from doing something. —* Icy roads deter people from driving their cars.


[divaiz] v.

To devise something means to have an idea or plan about it in the mind. -> The thieves devised a plan to steal the diamonds.


[ekspa:/ti:z] n.

Expertise is the knowledge and skills to do something well. —►John has a lot of advertising expertise. He can sell anything!


[fraektja:r] n.

A fracture is a crack or break in something. —►Don’t stand on that teg because there is a fracture. It might get worse.




To impair something means to damage it or make it worse. -* Drinking coffee impairs my ability to go to sleep.


[implement] v.

To implement something means to ensure that what has been planned is done. —► The school decided to implement a new teaching strategy.


[indid3 anas] adj.

If something is indigenous, it is originally from, or native to, a place. -* Tomatoes are indigenous to the Americas.


[msait] n.

Insight is a deep and accurate understanding of something. -» The physics textbook gave the student new insight about gravity.

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