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Exercise 1 Choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the given word. 1. remedy a. island

b. instance

c. movie

d. poison

2. latter a. first

b. rough

c. temporary

d. trivial

3. terminal a. brief

b. chilly

c. pleasant

d. curable

4. commence a. rescue

b. finish

c. require

d. twirl

5. precise a. moist

b. insane

c. messy

d. hungry

6. synthetic a. natural

b. rhythmic

c. shiny

d. harmless

7. extract a. manage

b. anger

c. insert

d. explode

b. privacy

c. bravery

d. energy

b. music

c. revenge

d. plan

b. noisy

c. fertile

d. awful

8 . publicity a. gravity 9. impulse a. truck 10 . fabulous a. rude

Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank. ..........................^

subsequent astonished

fabulous assess

Word Bank $ ................................................

impulse terminal

publicity essence

extract ongoing

The patient’s illness seemed like it might be 1_____________ . To save him, doctors had to 2______________the infected tissue. On an 3____ It led to his 4_

he kicked the wall and it revealed a secret pass. escape from the prison.

It was difficult to 5_ . in which direction the forest fire would go. One reason was that anything could happen while the fire was 6_____________ . The 7______________of the mayor’s speech was about building the new library. The building would be a(n) 8_____________ addition to the scenery downtown. His amazing skills during the last half of the game 9 _____________ the crowd. Then that night, he received a lot of 10 ______________from all the news shows.

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