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Exercise 3 Choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the given word 1. violate a. borrow

b. respect

c. approve

d. explain

2. affluent a. smart

b. quick

c. poor

d. evil

3. dispose a. keep

b. make

c. feed

d. speak

4. administrator a. singer

b. student

c. mother

d. worker

5. legitimate a. free

b. pretty

c. wrong

d. alert

Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. Getting to play with her friends was something to make her want to clean her room. 2. The act of selling something took place right before the shop closed. 3. By the end of the meeting, they had made into law the repair of the highways. 4. She illegally persuaded the guard, so he would let her into the secret meeting. 5. It was a good year for the banks, but it was a bad year for places that sell things to the public. 6. The person who controls the company is a very efficient manager. 7. The papers that she needed were at the building where the bosses worked. 8. The law-breaking company was stealing money from many of its investors. 9. Shawn is working for a law-following organization in a bad part of town. 10. The money made by our company was even better than last year’s.

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