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I legislate

[Ie d 3 is le it]


To legislate means to make laws. -* Senators have to legislate fairly, so most people will enjoy the benefits.


[Iid3 itamit] adj.

If something is legitimate, then it is acceptable according to the law. —*She found a legitimate plan to raise extra funds for her vacation.


[manipjaleit] v.

To manipulate something means to skillfully or unfairly control or affect it. —► The Dr. manipulated the data to make it look like the cure was working.


[marrtfandaiz] n.

Merchandise is goods ready to be purchased or sold. -* The store added more merchandise because there were more shoppers.


[rfiteil] n.

Retail is the activity of selling goods to the public, often for personal use. —» Though cheap to make, once a t-shirt reaches retail, it costs ten times as much.


[revanju:] n.

Revenue is the income made by a company. —► The new products really increased the business’s monthly revenue.


[rAbiJ] n.

Rubbish is trash or waste. —» The floor around the garbage can was covered with all kinds of rubbish.


[sAbsidi] n.

A subsidy is money given by the government to companies to assist them. —> The official gave the company a subsidy, so it could open two new factories.


[trasnssekjan] n.

A transaction is an act of buying or selling something. -* Because the clerk was new at the job, the simple transaction took a long time.


[vaialeit] v.

To violate a law, rule, or agreement means to break it. - » I was given a ticket because the policeman said I violated the speed limit.

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