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Word L i s t a d m i n i s t r a t o r [asdmfnastreita/-] n.

An administrator is a person who controls a business, company, or organization. —»Everyone in the store did whatever the administrator asked them to do.


[cfeflu(:)ant] adj.

If someone is affluent, they are wealthy. -* People in the city are usually more affluent than people in the country.


[6:dit] V.

To audit means to inspect financial records from a person or business. —► The government usually audits companies that report lower than usual incomes.


[5:tameit] v.

To automate a company means to install machines or computers to do the work. -*■ When the bank automated, it started installing ATM machines.


[braib] V.

To bribe someone means to illegally persuade them for a favor with money. -*• The judge was bribed so that she would set the suspect free. C o r r u p t [karApt] adj.

If someone is corrupt, they break the law for money or fame. —» The corrupt policemen didn’t arrest the man because he gave them money.


[dispouz] v.

To dispose of something means to get rid of it. - » He disposed of the can by throwing it into the recycle bin.


[hedkwo:rtarz] n.

A headquarters is a building where the bosses of a company work. -* He drove the long route to headquarters because it was a nice day.


[insentiv] n.

An incentive is what makes a person want to do something. —► The chance of winning a prize was incentive to get people to play the game.


[infrastrAktJar] n.

An infrastructure is a collection of services needed to run a society or business. —* Power lines are important parts of a city’s infrastructure.

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