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Exercise 3 Choose the one that is similar in meaning to the given word. 1. humiliate a. impress

b. entertain

c. destroy

d. embarrass

diplomat a. a representative

b. a user

c. a creature

d. a joker

punctual a. hurried

b. on time

c. too loud

d. brave

precede a. to fail

b. to quit

c. to rely

d. to go first

register a. a control

b. a list

c. an apartment

d. a grave

Exercise 4 Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. The circus performer held on to the elephant’s long, curved tooth. 2. The salesman assured me that the artwork was not false or an imitation. 3. At the end of the year, our club will select a new person to join. 4. Janet isn’t able to arrive at the right time at all. She’s late to school every day. 5. It is difficult to follow the series of past events and times of computer programming. 6. DNA can be taken from a part of hard remains from a prehistoric animal. 7. Please stand and read a(an) short piece of writing taken from a larger piece. 8. I took a class at the university where I wrote simple and direct poetry. 9. The Iliad is an wonderful long book about great events. 10. Her mother was a dancer of some quality of being well known for doing good things.

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