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[no ti] adj.

When children are naughty, they behave badly or do not do what they are told. -* The boy had to go to his room because he was being naughty.


[norm] n.

A norm is a way of behaving that is considered normal in a particular society. —► Wearing a heavy coat all summer is not considered a norm in the desert.


[oireenutasn] n.

An orangutan is a large ape with red and brown hair and long arms. —* Orangutans use their long arms to swing from trees. E r i '*


[ouvarloud] v.

To overload something means to put more things into it than it is meant to hold. —►If you overload the truck, it might crash.


[filaenerapi] n.

Philanthropy is the act of helping others, without wanting anything in return. —* The wealthy business owner is well known for his acts of philanthropy.


[proub] v.

To probe into something means to ask questions to discover facts about it. -» The bank probed into his financial history to see if he qualified for a loan.


[risipiant] n.

A recipient of something is the person who receives it. —* I was the recipient of four phone calls today.


[reptail] n.

A reptile is a cold-blooded animal that lays eggs and has skin covered with scales. - » Lizards are my favorite type of reptile.


[eraiv] v.

To thrive means to do well and be successful, healthy, or strong. —* He may be an old man, but he continues to thrive.


[Altamit] adj.

When something is ultimate, it is the final result or aim of a long series of events. —>By trying hard in school, I will reach my ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.

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