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Exercise 1 Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. What thing is a result of heredity? a. Eye color b. Clothing style

c. A haircut

d. A job

2. What process is biological? a. Walking to school b. Taking a test

c. Producing tears

d. Getting dressed

3. What is something that is prescribed? a. A car b. A report card

c. A cold medicine

d. An illness

4. What might be transplanted? b. A liver a. A file

c. A can

d. A shoe

5. What does a surgeon wear? b. Thick boots a. Gloves

c. A swimming suit

d. Goggles

Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. The child received treatment for his mental condition after he became depressed. 2. The medical students learned which processes were occurring inside living things. 3. Unicorns only exist in a situation people think about but will not happen. 4. When he begins his rule, people will have to change to the new situation. 5. At the relating to cells level, plants and animals are quite similar. 6. We thought his rules were too severe because they cannot be changed. 7. The lively and creative scientist invented a new formula to help stop aging. 8. The creative inventor was a first person to discover the process of electricity. 9. There is a specific number of events that come in an order in which to use the tools. 10. The brilliant doctor brought back to life the dead patient.

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