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behalf [bihsef]


If something is done on one’s behalf, it is done for that person by another. —> The original speaker was sick, so his son gave the speech on his behalf.


[flaep] v.

To flap means to move quickly up and down or from side to side. —► The tiny bird flapped its wings and ate from the flowers.


tgleijar] n. A glacier is a large piece of ice that moves very slowly. —► The North Pole is covered by a huge glacier.


[gloub] n. The globe refers to the Earth. —► Water covers most of the globe.


[ho:rezantl] adj.

When something is horizontal, it is flat and level with the ground. —♦ The Russian flag has three horizontal stripes of white, blue, and red.


[hAm] V.

To hum means to make a low, continuous noise. —► The man hummed his favorite song.


[inventoiri] n. An inventory is a supply of something. —►Gwen was checking the inventory to make sure we had what we needed.


[inward] adj. If a thought or feeling is inward, it is not expressed or shown to others. -► She had an inward feeling of guilt when she lied to her mother.


[louf] n. A loaf of bread is bread shaped and baked in one piece. —►Could you please buy a loaf of bread for sandwiches?


n. An oracle is person who speaks with gods and gives advice about the future. -* The king went to the oracle to ask if going to war was a good idea. [5(:)rekal]

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