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[eseetik] adj.

If something is aesthetic, then it is concerned with a love of beauty. —► The dresses were noteworthy for their aesthetic design.


[aeragant] adj.

If someone is arrogant, they think that they are more important than others. —► He is very arrogant. Even though he’s not the boss, he tells everyone what to do.


[baias] n.

A bias is a person’s likelihood to like one thing more than another thing. -* The mothers had a natural bias for their own child’s picture. C a n y o n [kaenjan] n.

A canyon is a narrow valley with steep walls through which a river often flows. —► The canyon was so deep that the ground inside was covered in shadow.




A creek is a stream or small river. -* Only small fish lived in the shallow waters of the creek.


[dril] n.

A drill is a tool with a point that spins in order to make a hole. —» The carpenter used the drill to make several holes in the wood.


[igzekjativ] n.

An executive is the top manager of a business. —»After twenty years at the company, he finally became the executive.


[fati g] n.

Fatigue is a feeling of extreme tiredness. —►After three days with little sleep, she was feeling a lot of fatigue.


[inklain] n.

An incline is a sharp rise in something, especially a hill or mountain. —> This mountain has one of the steepest inclines in the world.


[naesti] adj.

If something is nasty, then it is not nice or pleasant. -+ The rotten apple left a nasty taste inside her mouth.

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