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Exercise 1 Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. Which of the following means the closest to mend? a. Repair b. Highlight c. Exchange

d. Plant

2. Which of following would NOT be considered part of an office’s personnel? a. Cleaning staff b. Technicians c. Executives d. Referees 3. Plumbing involves work on_______ in a house or building. a. electrical wiring b. plants and bushes c. water pipes

d. interior design

4. If something is trendy, then it is ______ . a. outdated b. in style

c. almost empty

d. very cheap

5. Which is NOT considered a utility? a. Room service b. Electrical service

c. Water service

d. Gas service

Exercise 2 Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. His company gives work to about 100 people in the community. 2. Joan was forced to leave from the auditorium for her hostile comments. 3. Mv new apartment in the city was complete with bed, sofa, and TV. 4. The prisoner’s condition for health and cleanliness was absolutely terrible. 5. I’m going to rent the apartment for only six months. 6. I need to fix the hole in my pants. 7. He was lucky to find employees who are honest and hardworking. 8. We need to have our system of pipes that brings water into our house checked. 9. The popular and new fashion these days for men is boots. 10. Did you remember to pay the company that provides our water?

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