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[ii:s] v.

To lease means to rent property, usually an apartment or land. -» When the family first leased the apartment, the rent was very low.


[msendato:ri] adj.

If something is mandatory, then it is required by law. —►It’s mandatory that everyone be at least sixteen to drive a car in the US. m e n d [mend] v.

To mend something means to fix it when it is broken or damaged. -+ Mother mended the rip in my pants with a piece of cloth.


[md:rgid3 ] n.

A mortgage is a loan for property, especially homes and businesses. —► When they bought their new home, the married couple had to sign a mortgage.


[parsanel] n.

Personnel are employees in a business. -» When business increased, we had to hire more personnel.


[plAmit]] n.

Plumbing is the system of pipes used in a home to supply water. —► When the plumbing stopped working, no one was allowed to use the toilets.


[tenant] n.

A tenant is a person who rents property from a landlord. -» The new tenants moved into the house across the street.


[trendi] adj.

If something is trendy, then it is very popular and new. -* Carlo bought a trendy new car.


[ju:tflati] n.

A utility is a business that supplies services such as water or electricity. —► If you don’t pay the utilities, you may have your electricity turned off.


[ftwearbai] conj.

Whereby means by which or through which. -* The mayor had a new bridge built whereby the citizens could cross the river.

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