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[baer)krApt] adj.

If someone is bankrupt, then they are unable to pay their debts. —► The store had few customers and soon went bankrupt.

conform [kanfoxm] v. To conform to rules or laws is to obey them. —► The new student had to conform to the school’s dress code.


[impldi] v.

To employ someone means to give work to them. —► The bookstore employed two full-time clerks.


[ikspel] v.

To expel someone means to force them to leave a place. —►Since he would not follow the rules, the principal had to expel the student.


[ikstenfan] n.

An extension is a part added to something to give it more time or space. —► My parents decided to add an extension to our house for the new baby.


[forekAmir]] adj.

If something is forthcoming, then it is about to happen in the future. -*■ Some economists predicted that the forthcoming world economy would be severe.


[farm/] v.

To furnish means to put furniture in a house or room. —►Most homes are furnished with tables, chairs, and beds.


[haidjiin] n.

Hygiene is the conditions or methods needed for health and cleanliness. -+ People who brush their teeth at least twice a day are practicing good hygiene.


[haicfeinik] adj.

If something is hygienic, then it is clean and unlikely to cause disease. - » My sister works very hard to keep her entire home as hygienic as possible.


[laenc/loird] n.

A landlord is a man who rents property to a person. —► The landlord collected everyone’s rent money on the first day of every month. Ca

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