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Readi nq Compr ehens i on PART O 1.

Mark each statement T for true or F for false. Rewrite the false statements to make them true.

. The little rock drifted through the debris of broken atoms.


The gigantic planet was in the shape of a sphere.


The ice embedded in the little rock bubbled with all the colors of the spectrum.


The star radiated its light hotter and brighter than ever before.


The little rock wished it had a higher status in the galaxy.

PART Š Answer the questions. 1. While roaming through the gloom of the galaxy, how did the little rock feel?

2. What objects had craters and was in the shape of a shiny crescent?

3. How much larger was the circumference of the planet compared to the breadth of the rock?

4. Why was the little fragment of rock filled with despair?

5. What did the comet’s new tail look like?

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