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Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. What is something that is astronomical? a. A planet b. A book

c. An ant

d. A movie

2. What is something you’d find in a galaxy? a. A pear b. A broom

c. A star

d. A motorcycle

3. Which would help you see through the gloom of a day? a. Glasses b. A telescope c. A candle

d. A cap

4. Which of the following is a sphere? a. A globe b. A bat

d. A television set

c. A golf club

5. What describes someone whose waist has a large circumference? a. Tall b. Fat c. Strong

d. Skinny

Exercise 4 Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. The night was extremely dark because little light came from the curved shaped moon. 2. They moved without a purpose around the mall while waiting for their friend to get off of work. 3. The moon has large holes on the surface. 4. The distance from one side to the other of a baby’s hand is very small. 5. Mom couldn’t fix the bowl because a small part of it was missing. 6. A lot of energy is stored within just one simple smallest unit of matter. 7. The bee’s stinger was placed firmly within the skin of his right hand. 8. Guarding the camp was a lonely job, so he gladly accepted the young man’s company. 9. When it’s low on fuel, the heater emits a small level of heat. 10. He was so concerned about his position to others in school that he studied very hard.

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